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A Gang Bang Sex Story


She gazed through the small window on the bus, looking at the small buildings and on-campus housing that she was now entering. It wasn't what she had expected, but she hoped it would be her home for at least four years. When the bus had stopped, she stepped off and waited at a nearby bench. She had been told by her friend that she would meet her there when she got off.

"Hey, Kristen!" a familiar voice called, Kristen turned around to see her sister running up to her. She had been at college for a year and a half now, but she still had the same hairstyle, long blonde hair slightly curled and the same look, short dresses and large shoes. Kristen, however, was a little more conservative, she usually kept her long brown hair tied up on top of her head, and wore fitting jeans and a tight white sweater.

"Hey Sis!" Kristen called back, just as enthusiastic to see her sister again, they greeted eachother with a hug

"I have soo much to show you, Kristen! You'll be staying in the same dorm as me and my other friend, it will be soo great! Actually, we are going to take you to your first college party tonight!" Kristen already didn't like the sound of that.

"But Amy, I just got here and I don't really know anybody..."

"This is the best way to meet people!" She assured her. "Come on let's go to the dorm."

With one arm over her shoulder, Amy lead her sister Kristen to her new home in college.

* * * *

Amy pushed open the door to the small dorm room, but not too small for three college girls as Amy had assured Kristen. Kristen noticed a shapely girl sitting cross-legged at a computer, with black hair falling to mocha-colored shoulders.

"Dana, this is my sister Kristen." The girl at the computer turned around a smiled at the new arrival.

"Hey Kristen, Amy has been talking about you all week, nice to meet you." Kristen smiled in return.

"Now I'll show you your room!" She grabbed her by the arm again and led her into a different part of the room"

The room was small, but Kristen wasn't going to complain, "Look's great," she managed with convincing enthusiasm.

Amy smiled at her again, "Now, unpack and then get dressed, the party is in a few hours and there are lots of people I want you to meet!"

She left her as she walked back into the main room.

Kristen opened some of the drawers in the dresser and began to pack away her things, wondering what she was going to wear to the party tonight.

* * * *

"You almost ready Sis?" Amy called into Kristen's room.

"Almost," she yelled back. She quickly slipped into a black velvet dress that stopped at her knees, she decided not to wear nylons with it.

She walked into the main room where Amy and Dana were waiting patiently. Amy was dressed as she usually was, with a tight, short black skirt that halted a good four or five inches above her knee, and a tight tube top. Dana was more sophistacated in her style, wearing a long black skirt with a red camisole. "Good, let's go." Amy said. Kristen put down her hair and they left together.

They walked for a few minutes towards the house on campus where the party was being held, when they arrived, there were already several people there, although Amy had assured them that they were early. Dana had quickly found her boyfriend hanging around on the porch, and soon they were busy flirting with eachother. Amy and Kristen walked inside together, and they were greeted by loud music and a crowd of people.

Amy was greeting almost everyone they ran into, she must know almost everyone on campus, Kristen had concluded.

"Come on Kristen I'll introduce you to Kevin and Tom, they live here!" She yelled into her ear, laughing and dancing along with the music. Kristen smiled and nodded in acceptance of the invitation, and Amy led her into the kitchen. They quickly found the two there, unpacking more alchohol for the long party ahead.

"Hey Amy-Baby!" Kevin called to her as she walked in, Tom also yelled something to her from the garage.

"Hey guys!" she replied as she brought Kristen closer to them, "this is my sister Kristen, she just got here." Kevin and Tom both smiled at her. "Hi," Kristen replied, almost embarrased. She noticed they were both very sexy, and her still being a virgin, she felt very uncomfortable around them, knowing they, were definetely, not. She wasn't saving herself for anyone, she just never found anyone who wanted to have sex with her, as funny as that sounded.

"You girls want to head upstairs to the private party?" Tom asked. Amy knew what this meant in this fraternity, but she knew Kristen didn't. She wanted Kristen to experience college in the best way she could think of, with guys.

"You bet," she answered for them. Amy led Kristen upstairs as Kevin and Tom followed. They entered a larger, empty room with large plush furniture. Amy grinned to herself, "I have to go catch Brian downstairs, you guys have fun." She turned and headed back down the stairs.

Kristen was beginning to get nervous, "So where is everyone else?" She asked softly. Both Kevin and Tom smiled warmly at her, "It's just us three," Kevin answered. Before she knew what was happening Tom had closed his mouth around hers, his tongue sliding around her mouth, out of the corner of her eye she saw Kevin begin to undress, and he was soon nude. Seeing she wasn't struggling, and actually began to return the kiss to him, he laid her on one of the large couches. As Tom shed his clothing Kevin took over, laying gently on top of her, sliding his large hands down her toned legs, sliding her shoes off and causing her to gasp with the new feeling. He began to kiss her neck, sliding his hands up her small body and cupping her breasts through the thin velvet. Tom was busy with himself as he watched the two kissing on the sofa.

* * * *

Amy knew what was going on upstairs now, and she always had the motto, "The more the merrier." So she told two others, Brian and another guy she knew named Rob about it, and they eagerly agreed to go upstairs with her.

They quietly reached the top of the stairs. Kristen was moaning louder with the new pleasure as Tom was now beginning to slide the straps of her dress down her shoulders and stopped as half of her firm breasts were uncovered. He kissed them softly and was sliding up her thigh and to the waits of her panties.

"Go get her boys," Amy giggled, "she won't mind, trust me." Amy watched as the two new guys crept over and quickly removed their clothing, Amy felt herself becoming extremely turned on over this and as she sat down on a large chair in the corner, slipped one hand up her skirt and began to massage her soft, pink clitoris, the other hand removing her top and lightly rubbing her large breasts. The other three men were masturbating as Kevin slid Kristen's dress to her waist, his erect penis throbbed as he found she was wearing no bra, her perky red tits erect. She gasped as he did this, she felt herself trembling from this pleasure she had never experienced before. Kevin had turned her over now, kneeling behind her as he pulled her dress the rest of the way off, letting it fall to the floor. Rob had moved around to the side of the couch, and she graciously accepted his very large cock into her mouth, she slid her tongue around the head, with her free hand stroking its shaft. Rob gave a grunt of pleasure as she did this, and Brian laid on the floor next to the couch and rubbed his hands across her firm tits, letting his fingers slide around her nipples. Amy was moaning heavily as she brought herself to her first orgasm, she now pulled her skirt over her legs, and followed with her panties. She was nude and fingering herself deeply.

Kevin hooked his fingers in her panties, wet with her own cum, and slid them off of her body, revealing her soft virgin twat. He put his hands on her cute, tight ass and she moaned with extreme pleasure through Rob's cock as Kevin firmly drove his aching cock into her. He also made a sound of pleasure, and the three began a rythm, she was still sucking deeply on Rob's penis and Kevin was beginning to fuck her as a mixture of her cum and a little blood ran onto his cock. Rob pulled out for a second, rapidly stroked his huge penis, and came all over her face and hair. She licked it off of his penis and her face. Kevin pulled out long enough to turn her on her back, and ejaculate all over her pussy and her inner thigh, the cum dripping onto the couch. Brian and Tom were both standing over her now. Brian came all over her tits, the cum sliding down her stomach. Kristen now had a final orgasm, her fourth, the last of her cum dripping from her wet pussy.

Tom was about to release all over her, but Amy had crawled over to him, and sucked on his cock one time, which caused him to ejaculate on her mouth and chest. She slid her long tongue along the side of his cock swallowing the remaining semen, and licked what she could off of her chin. The six were now tired from the massive orgy they had just had, and they rested for quite a bit.

When Kristen had gone home that night, she knew she would stay here for college--hopefully for at least four years.

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