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A Gang Bang Sex Story


Larry Taylor 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

There's nothing my gorgeous wife Ingrid enjoys more than an old-fashioned gang-bang. We've been into it for eight years, ever since the time she and I bumped into an old college buddy of mine in a local bar and we all ended up in the sack together. Since then, things have gradually escalated to the point where we think nothing of inviting over a half-dozen guys on a Saturday night. Ingrid takes them all on and never fails to wear them out.

The best gang-bang party we've had was to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We decided that there should be ten guys, one for each year of our happy marriage. Ingrid left all of the arrangements to me, as she usually does. I got out my little black book and in short order, I had nine guys lined up.

The big night arrived and the guys started to show up, each with a gift. We hadn't seen some of them in awhile, so it was like a family reunion. We had lots of booze and continuous pornos on the big screen TV to get everyone worked up. When everyone had loosened up, we opened the gifts. They were the usual novelty items found at sex shops - dildos, French ticklers, porno mags and playing cards, etc.

Ingrid left to put on her stripper costume. While she was gone, I set up two video cameras in the corners and positioned them to catch all of the action from two angles. I suggested to my friends that we all pull out our cocks for her to see when she returned. Ten zippers came down instantly and there were ten cocks and ten sets of balls on display. What a sight it was to see all of those horny dudes sitting in my living-room playing with themselves and waiting to fuck my wife! There were cocks of all sizes from small to gigantic, and all of them were hard. For a gang-bang, Ingrid likes variety in prick sizes. I knew she would be pleased with my selection.

Ingrid sashayed back into the room wearing a hot little stripper outfit and grinned from ear-to-ear when she saw all the man-meat on display for her. She put on some bump-and-grind music and worked her way around the room, teasing each man as she slowly stripped down. As more of her beautiful body came into view, our cocks got even harder and the pre-cum began to flow. A cheer rang out as she bared her clean-shaven pussy.

Ingrid approached me and in a playfully stern voice said, "I'm going to take your buddies on three at a time until I've done them all, and you have to pick them for me." I asked Paul, a well-hung, married architect, to fuck her cunt. I walked around the room, looking everyone over. I chose Jack, a barrel-chested trucker with a small five-inch cock to fuck her ass, and Les, a lanky salesman with a nine-inch cock for her mouth. Then I grabbed my still camera and snapped pictures as the four of them mated in the center of the room. Ingrid was on top of Paul; Jack attacked her rear from between Paul's spread legs; and Les knelt at their heads and thrust slowly into the perfect over of her mouth. Their cluster-fuck got a well-deserved round of applause.

Jack the trucker came first. Have you ever noticed how the ass-man always cums first? His hairy ass clenched and his legs quivered as he pumped his load into her bowels. As he pulled away, I sent in a fresh man to take his place. No sooner had the cluster-fuckers gotten back into rhythm than Les let out a bellow and emptied his balls into her greedily sucking mouth. He pulled away, and Ingrid looked at me with glassy eyes, cum dripping from her chin. "Send me a replacement. Keep them coming, damnit! Keep my holes filled with cocks!" She was soon getting her pretty face fucked by a fresh stud. Paul was holding his own underneath, as was to be expected from a guy that Ingrid rated a ten, but he finally went limp and his drained cock slipped out. I sent in Jerry, a muscular dry-wall man, to fill the vacant hole.

The first round went surprisingly fast. Michael, a cheerful Irish bartender who, at fifty-five, was the oldest of the group, was the last to cum. He was on top of her grinding away in her butt as she howled with delight. Mike is a true exhibitionist and he'd never been more in his element than at that moment. He grinned with macho-man glee as he brought my wife to a braying orgasm, then his grin turned to a grimace as her clenching sphincters milked the jism out of his balls.

As the panting Irishman rolled free, I went forward to take my turn. I always like to bring up the rear, because there's nothing that turns me on more than to have my wife last, after she's been fucked long and hard by a bunch of my buddies. Everybody whistled and applauded as I crawled over to her and spread her legs. "Finish her off, old buddy," somebody yelled.

Ingrid was a sloppy mess, just the way I like her. There was cum on her cheeks, chin, tits, belly and there was a big, slippery gob of it in the no-man's-land between cunt and asshole. I rubbed the swollen head of my prick in the mess and stuffed it into her honey-hole. I slid forward until my cock touched bottom. I felt jizz oozing out and trickling down my balls. One thrust and I emptied my load into her. No one thought the less of me for shooting my wad prematurely. The beauty of a gangbang is that it doesn't matter if you ejac prematurely. The woman doesn't care because there are plenty of others to take your place.

After a rest, Ingrid was ready for more action, and asked me to decide what it would be. I put her in a comfortable chair, spread her legs over the arm-rests, and asked everybody to line up for a cunt-eating contest. Each man would have one minute to do his best. If he could make her cum, he would earn one point, and at the end of thirty minutes, whoever had the most points would be declared the winner and could have my wife any way he chose.

My self-appointed roles were timekeeper and photographer. To my surprise, the first man dove right in. Nobody seemed to care that three guys had recently seasoned her pussy with cum. Ingrid had such a good time with this one that we went into overtime. Incredible as it seems, she came eight times. Mike, the silver-tongued bartender, won the contest by giving her three orgasms.

By then, everybody was eager to get their cocks back in Ingrid's hot body. I had them kneel in two facing lines of five men each, put Ingrid on all fours, and had her crawl up and down between the two lines taking on each pair of males for one minute, one cock in her mouth and one in her cunt. It took her about thirty minutes to service everyone. Five of us came in her mouth and the others in her pussy.

Ingrid put on a masturbation show to get everybody turned on again. She tried out the toys that the guys had brought as gifts. One of them was an enormous dildo as big around as a salami. It was never intended to be more than a conversation piece, but Ingrid said she was going to take it. She lubed it thoroughly and impaled herself on it. There was nervous laughter, gasps and groans as the huge rubber head disappeared inside of her. She couldn't take more than the head, but it was enough for me to win a $5 bet with the guy next to me.

"Now I'm ready for the real thing," she said, flopping down on her back. Once again I was picking men to fuck my wife. Jack, the burly trucker, allowed me to roll one of the gift French ticklers down over his cock, then he went for her. "I bet I can get your old lady off in less than five minutes," he said. I declined the bet. He was certainly capable of it, even without the extra help the tickler would provide. There were enough ticklers to go around and I slipped one on each man as his turn came. Ingrid was hollering so loudly that I clamped my hand over her mouth.

By the time we had all had a turn, ten French ticklers held our loads. I tied knots in them and still have them as souvenirs. But the party wasn't over. After a rest, Ingrid said that this was the perfect opportunity to see how many men she could take on at one time. I wasn't included in her plans because my job would be to get it all on film.

She had one guy lie face-up on the floor, then had a second lie on top of him ass to chest. She got on top, took the bottom guy's cock in her cunt, and wrapped her big tits around the other guy's cock. She called over a third to screw her ass. Three others were designated to kneel at her head to be switch-sucked. She filled her hands with the two remaining cocks. She never was able to take them all at once, because she couldn't get more than two cocks in her mouth, but it was still an amazing accomplishment. Ingrid had practically disappeared under a pile of hot, hairy, sweaty men. We still consider that little number to be the absolute pinnacle of Ingrid's sex life. I snapped pictures from every angle. That cluster-fuck would have been perfect if everyone had cum together, but that was a thousand-to-one shot. The two guys getting handjobs squirted first, then, one-by-one, the others shot their wads and left the pile.

The party began to break up after that as the guys said they had to get home to their wives. Before they left, I tallied the orgasms. It came to an incredible fifty-four, so it wasn't surprising that we were all pretty well fucked-out. Ingrid couldn't even guess how many times she had cum.

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