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A Gang Bang Sex Story

Gang-Raped Bride

By Brigit Astar 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

Lee Ann Raymer stood on the balcony outside the honeymoon suite of the resort hotel and let her gaze sweep over the resort below and the mountains towering in the near distance. She was so happy, she felt like crying and shouting at the same time. Everything was perfect, everything was right.

Her wedding and the past two days--and nights--of the honeymoon had been everything and more than she had heard or imagined they would be.

"Mrs. Raymer," she spoke the name aloud. "Mrs. Lee Ann Raymer. You are the luckiest girl alive." She laughed merrily and hugged herself.

She heard a splash and looked down at the pool below the balcony. There were a number of people lounging around the pool and splashing and diving. The blue water glinted invitingly from the early afternoon sun, and she had a sudden urge to go swimming. She turned and walked into the honeymoon suite, undoing her robe as she went to the bedroom.

She grinned wryly at the sight of her husband of two days. He was sprawled on the bed, taking a little afternoon nap. She was tempted to get on the bed and wake him, but she decided to let him complete his siesta. He'll be refreshed and all the more randy and ready if he gets his nap out, she thought, smiling.

She shed her robe and her eyes were caught by her image in the big bedroom mirror. She stood for a moment, looking at her reflection, taking pride in spite of herself at her attractiveness:

Emerald eyes, honey-blond hair falling in shimmering wispy waves past her shoulders, peachy complexion. Firm, upturned breasts--the shape and size of cantaloups, flat tummy, sleek shapely thighs and legs. Small patch of honey-blond pubic hair, and the dark little slit peeking out from underneath. She made a half-turn and examined her profile and back. It was dominated by her firm perky rump--two mounds of smooth soft peachy flesh.

She was not overly vain, but she nodded and gave a little smile at the mirror, as if to say: "Hey, I'm in my prime, what do you expect? I can't help it if I have a nice face and body."

She gave the mirror one more little smile and then put on her bikini bathing suit....

It would be no exaggeration to state that Lee Ann turned every head in and around the swimming pool. Everyone there gave her a double take, the men and the women. Most of the looks she got were admiring or envious; but there were some who looked at her with lustful eyes, raping her with their looks....

Lee Ann sprawled on a beach chair by the pool and closed her eyes and soaked up the sun; and the lustful eyes watched her and hands went down to crotches and stroked, and cocks began to stiffen....

Lee Ann opened her eyes and stretched. From where she sat, she surveyed the resort and the surrounding area and the mountains in the near distance. She decided to stroll around. She put on her bathing jacket and sandals and left the pool area. The lustful eyes followed her leaving.

She walked through the resort area, admiring the green, immaculate grounds, the cabins, the hiking trails. She spotted a narrow paved walkway heading into woods bordering a sparkling lake. She decided to hike a little ways along the lake.

As she walked along the path, the lustful eyes followed her, twelve eyes, six men, six stiff cocks.

About a hundred yards down the path, it forked. One fork led down to the lake, the other curved and headed up into the woods. She paused at the fork and looked down at the lake through the trees. The lustful eyes moved closer, filing down the path.The six men didn't speak to each other, but they shared a silent understanding. They knew without speaking what they were going to do. Their cocks strained up stiff and throbbing. Some of them openly rubbed their crotches. All of them panted. They were a gang now, drawn together by their lust for Lee Ann, united in achieving their goal: ravishing that sexy young woman, raping that movie star face and body. They were beyond control; their lust had consumed any restraint they might normally have felt.

All Lee Ann heard was a rustling and pattering of feet, and then they were upon her.

They half-dragged, half-carried her up the path that led into the woods, and then into the woods themselves. She screamed and struggled but the six men held her firmly and securely.

They wasted no time. In seconds, they had her stripped.

She screeched and writhed, but strong arms held her arms down and strong hands drew her legs back.

"No! No!" she screamed. She twisted and jerked, trying to break free, but to no avail. The strong arms held her down too securely.

"No!" she screeched again as rough hands rubbed and squeezed her big firm breasts.

One of the men clutched her thighs and raised them up and pushed his crotch forward. She squirmed and tried to pull away, but she was simply held too tight.

Wet lips and tongues licked and sucked her tits, strong rough hands rubbed and squeezed her big smooth ass.

She felt her thighs grasped and raised and then a stiff prick slid into her pussy.

She screeched and writhed as the hard dick dug up her cunt. But scream and struggle as she might, the lips and tongues kept licking and sucking her tits and the cock of her rapist kept jamming up her pussy.

He stuffed every inch of his dick in her. Her cunt was deliciously minty and tight and he groaned at the exquisite feeling.

"No! No!" she still screamed, but no one paid any attention to her screams. The rapist screwed he bride hard and fast, pumping his prick in her pussy, smacking his balls against her rump. He gasped and panted as he raped her. She had the tighest cunt he'd ever fucked.

"Oh yeah--unhhh!" he cried aloud and humped his dick as far as it would go up her pussy and spewed a stream of semen in her.

She moaned as he withdrew, and then she screamed again as a second rapist thrust his cock in her.

He screwed her with lusty jabs, thumping his prick up her cunt, rapping it back and forth.

"No, no, oh god, no," she groaned as she felt him spurt hot sperm deep in her pussy.

The third man raped her hard, ramming his dick in her, screwing her rough.

The fourth rapist fucked her even harder, pounding his cock in her cunt.

The fifth man went for her rump. He grunted and pushed his prick in her butt, and she started to scream again, but the sixth man clutched her head and jammed his dick in her mouth, cutting off her scream.

The cock buggering her felt like a red-hot poker jabbing up her ass, and the prick pumping in her mouth down to her throat almost choked her.

The two men panted in lust as they raped the bride with a movie star face and body.

They came in unison, squirting cum up her ass and in her mouth.

The six men raped her cunt, ass and mouth over and over till her three orifices were brimming and overflowing with sperm.

Finally, when they had satiated their lust, they withdrew, leaving the beautiful young bride lying in the woods, whimpering and moaning. She had been well-raped.

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