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A Gang Bang Sex Story

Judy's Gang Bang

By Al 1999
All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic means, including photocopying, recording or by any information and retrieval system, without the written permission of the author.

For Judy and Pat.

When Judy received an invitation to attend her college's class re-union she had not wanted to go. At 50 she still looked very good and enjoyed much younger men staring at her. But she had put on 10-15 lbs. since college and was sure that 1 or more of the women would look better than her. She had not met her husband, Pat, until after college and had kept most of her past from him. Judy still remembered a couple of her college sweethearts very fondly even after 30 years. Judy was concerned that some of what she had done in college would come out at the re-union or, even worse, that she may not be able to resist doing something that she would regret later.

When Pat found the invitation, he insisted that they both go. While the re-union was located at a motel a short distance away, they booked a room so that they could enjoy themselves.

At the last minute something went wrong and Pat could not go. He insisted that Judy go anyway and helped her load her suitcase into the car. The trip was uneventful and Judy arrived at the motel.

After checking in, Judy went to the meeting room and was bent over registering when a man called her name. She turned around and recognized him immediately. Al had changed little in 30 years. His hair was thinner and gray. This and the beginning of a belly gave him a distinguished look. Al had been her first lover at college and the best that she'd ever had, Pat included. As they reminisced, memories came rushing back to her. Their first time on the grass using a blanket to shield them from other student's eyes; Her first orgasm; Not wearing panties and kneeling down so that Al could lift her skirt and enter her from behind. They had fucked like bunnies until he dropped out to take over his father's business. Judy remembered little of the conversation except that Al was divorced and alone. She was weak with desire when a former room-mate rescued her and Al drifted off to talk to someone else.

A little later she met Andy. The same geeky Andy. Still short and skinny with oversized glasses. Andy's wife had clung to him possessively and kept the conversation to a minimum. As they talked and she remembered him, Judy had to keep from looking at his crotch. Andy had been in her sophomore math class. Very shy, he stuttered when a girl talked to him. She and other girls in the class had decided that he needed to get laid and Judy had lost. What had started as a mercy fuck had ended satisfactorily. Andy had come as she pulled his pants off but had recovered quickly when Judy fondled his cock. He felt big when she fondled him and was a tight fit in her pussy. He had pumped wildly in her and had lasted long enough for her to have a slight orgasm. Judy fantasized about having Andy between her legs today, after years of practice had improved his technique and staying power.

Judy needed sexual relief. Damn you Pat. Why didn't you find some way to come with me. I need you to screw me.

Judy mingled with other old friends throughout the evening and bumped into 2 old boyfriends. She and John had paired off in her third year. He looked very good despite aging 30 years.

Gordy had been her boyfriend for part of her senior year. His handsome good looks and wavy hair had begun to disappear.

Both men were alone for the weekend.

Judy remained horny and talked mostly to old girlfriends, trying to avoid thoughts of sex. The evening was going well and she was all but calmed down when Andy asked for her help. His wife, who was considerably larger than him, was very drunk and Judy helped walk her to Andy's room. As Andy and Judy walked back to the meeting room, he apologized and said that his wife was nervous about meeting Judy and didn't usually drink that much. He explained that his wife didn't feel that she could measure up to Judy, because Judy had such a large impact on Andy's life.

Once in the meeting room Judy danced with Andy and sat at a table with him. Soon Al and then Gordy asked her to dance and joined them at the table. John joined them a little while later. When the party broke up the 5 old friends headed for the bar for a drink. The bar was too loud for them to talk and after one drink the group moved to John's room. Judy felt safe as no one man was going to hit on her with the others present.

Once they had settled in Andy offered a toast to Judy, his 'angel of mercy'. The others commented that she had been a great help getting Andy's wife to bed. Andy said that she was an angel of mercy back in college for helping him when he was lonely. After much cajoling, Andy told about Judy taking his virginity helping him with his shyness and introducing him to other girls.

The men agreed that Judy should be rewarded for this act of mercy. When she protested, Judy was told that she wouldn't be hurt but would be given the experience of her life. When she asked what would she do about her husband, she was told " don't tell him, we won't."

Judy protested half heartedly as the men moved in. Andy began kissing her and running his hands through her hair. John fondled her breast as he unbuttoned her blouse. He squeezed it gently and used his thumb to rub her nipple and paid more attention to the nipple as it became erect. When the last button was undone John slipped her blouse off of her shoulders and down her arms. Both hands cupped Judy's breasts and played with her nipples. John opened the clasp on her bra and helped Judy out of it. Gordy helped Al pull off her pantyhose and panties. Gordy reached up under Judy's skirt and slowly lowered her pantyhose. as it reached her crotch he could smell her scent. Inhaling deeply, Gordy rubbed his face against her pubic mound as he pushed her hose down her thighs. Al, who was behind Judy, put his head under her skirt and kissed her ass as he slid the panties down. While Gordy pulled both panties and hose from Judy's feet as she extended them., Al unzipped her skirt and watched it fall to her ankles. Now she was naked. Judy stood there while Andy stroked her throat as he kissed her lips and face. John and Gordy each kissed and fondled a breast. John sucked a nipple and part of Judy's breast into his mouth while Gordy nursed on her other nipple, stroking her breast and belly as he suckled. Al slid his hand between her legs as he continued to kiss and nibble Judy's ass. He ran a finger along her outer lips and found Judy well lubricated. Al moved in front of Judy as the others laid her on her back on the bed. He moved between her legs and began running his tongue through her pubic hair as his fingers found Judy's moist opening. He slid a finger into her and began stroking as his tongue found the hood that protected her clit. She jerked as his tongue made contact. Al gave up all pretense of teasing her and buried his face in her sex, holding her ass in place while he licked her pussy. Her first orgasm hit as Al sucked on her clit. As she calmed down Judy said " I need a cock...Andy's cock."

Andy moved from her head and pulled off his pants and underwear. He was already fully erect and nudged Al to move away from Judy's pussy. As Al moved he saw the size of Andy's cock. "Jesus, look at that." he said. He and the other 2 men stopped what they were doing and stared at Andy until Judy cried " Don't stop. Please.. Andy I need you." Both men went back to Judy's breasts as Al surrendered his position to Andy. Judy groaned as Andy pushed the head of his cock into her and bucked up against him trying to get more in. Andy took his time, easing a little more in with each stroke. When he was all the way in, Andy began long stroking her; pulling out until only the head of his cock was inside her pussy, then driving it home. Judy groaned each time he buried his cock and humped back against him. She was rapidly reaching the point of no return. As she reached orgasm, she wrapped her legs around his hips pulling him in as deep as she could. Then she stopped moving and laid there gasping for breath, Andy stopped moving and waited until she calmed down before he began fucking her again. He picked up speed and shortened his strokes as he approached his orgasm. Judy matched him stroke for stroke, humping up toward him on each down stroke. Then he moaned, drove his cock deep into her and held it there as he ejaculated.

Al had been left out and had stripped off his clothes as he watched Andy fuck Judy. His cock stood out straight and throbbed with need. As soon as Andy stopped pumping, Al began to pull him off. Andy flopped onto his back, semen still oozing out of his cock as Al began to reposition Judy. He moved Judy into a kneeling position with her ass towards him. John and Gordy laid on their backs under Judy and she lowered her breasts to their waiting mouths. As Al prepared to mount her he fondled her ass and watched as a drop of semen leaked out of her open welcoming pussy. " I have been waiting for this since I saw you bending over the registration table." he croaked as he pulled her back onto his cock. He slowly moved his cock in and out savoring the warmth and wetness of Judy's pussy. Judy was having none of this. "Harder; faster " she moaned, humping back against him. As Al picked up speed, John moved his fingers through her pubic hair to her clit and began to massage it. This drove Judy into another orgasm as Al buried his cock in her and ejaculated.

Al pulled out of Judy and watched as John and Gordy laid the gasping and trembling woman on her back. Both men stripped and stroked her breasts, belly and legs while waiting for her to come down from her orgasm. Once calm, she looked at the 2 men , stiff cocks swaying gently, waiting their turn.

"Gordy, I want you to fuck my breasts. John, do my pussy at the same time." The men moved into position, moving Judy until her ass was on the edge of the bed. Gordy straddled her torso and rubbed his hard-on on one of her nipples. Andy leaned in and helped hold Judy's breasts in position around Gordy's cock. John put her legs over his shoulders and slid his cock easily into Judy's spermy well used pussy. He held on to her legs as he buried himself in her to the balls. Both men began pumping in unison so that neither would become dislodged. Using slow steady strokes they gradually built towards their orgasms. Andy continued to hold her breasts in position and fondled her nipples. Judy groaned as John pumped her pussy full of his come. He was still emptying himself into her when Judy shivered as Gordy ejaculated on her neck and chest. John's shrinking cock popped out of her and he moved away leaving Gordy still astride. Gordy watched as his cock, still leaking semen, subsided. When his breathing returned to normal he dismounted Judy and collapsed into a chair. Andy was fully erect and ready for more. But when he looked down at Judy's limp body, semen splattered on her torso and leaking from her pussy, he realized that she was finished for the night. He cleaned John's semen from her body and covered Judy with a blanket. Andy then washed up, got dressed and went back to his wife. The other men got dressed and poured themselves a drink. They watched Judy lying there on the bed, breathing gently with a dazed smile on her face and decided to leave her where she was for the night.

Judy woke up several hours later. When she realized where she was, she pulled on her skirt and blouse, gathered the rest of her things and went to her room. She slept through the re-union breakfast. When she awoke she felt guilty about what she had done. After being faithful for over 20 years, she had gone and done this. Not content being unfaithful and having sex with one man, she had taken 4 men at one time. She also was proud of herself for handling the four of them. She stilled glowed from the pleasure. She felt different but when she looked in the mirror she looked the same as she had yesterday. The only evidence of last night was a slightly sore pussy. As she prepared to check out, she tried to decide how to tell Pat. She wasn't sorry about what she had done. Judy finally decided that Pat didn't need to know what happened. It would be her secret.

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