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" My Wife's Girlfriend (Part II)"


      (mf,ff,best, piss, dom)

 ...continues from "Wife's Girlfriend (Girlfriend One)" - click here to start there... 

Soon to be slave Marie rose to leave, kissed my wife, brushed my lips with her tongue and accidentally squeezed my balls. Midnight Master she breathed. "Dress in black" I whispered. My wife suspected nothing but now with the other Karen gone she stripped naked and wanted some action. Normally I could fuck six or seven times a day but the afternoon's action with Karen (soon to be slave Marie) had left me satisfied. My wife Karen now proceeded to suck my cock into full size but I really needed a full load for midnight. Fuck off wife.

It was probably a combination of the hash and the Teq but she wouldn't take no for an answer. She lay down on the lounge chair and spread her long legs and her pussy lips. One finger went in then, three and then her hand started to disappear. I couldn't help myself I had to join in but not with my cock I needed it full of semen for tonight. I went down to the back of the yard and opened the gate of the kennel. Our Doberman Rocha bounded out and headed straight for my slut wife. Karen had played with the dog before but never while completely naked and never while in heat. She cuddled her dog and what a sight it was, lovely pink white body against a black furry beast. Rocha licked her hardened nipples. The dog sniffed her pussy she opened her eyes groaned and looked at me as if she needed my OK for what was about to take place. I nodded ever so slightly and my slut spread her legs even wider. The dog's long tongue slipped between her cunt lips she squealed with delight. By now the dog's cock was growing out of his sheath. My wife's hand circled his rapidly emerging pink penis and she began to pull it back and forth as it grew longer. I helped my slut as she knelt on all fours and pushed her head in between the dog's legs her mouth opened wide to lick and swallow dog cock. Fuck she's deep throating my dog. Rocha started pumping in and out of her mouth I had to haul her off him before he came in her mouth. I wrestled Rocha behind my wife and pushed her head down to the ground, her legs spread wide to receive her new lover. But the dog had to make her his bitch first. He moved to the side of her cocked his leg and pissed on her face and tits, now to fuck his wet smelly bitch. But did she smell quite right? I grabbed a handful of dog shit and lovingly smeared it on her tits and face then jammed a handful up her cunt, now Rocha mounted her and 10 inches of dog cock began to fill her hole. She moaned with delight as he buried his cock then started to piston her at 10,000 revs per minute. The dog slowed and the knot forced its way between her cunt walls, then suddenly he flipped over and they were rump to rump he must have pumped a pint of cum into her but none came out. She tried to crawl away but only succeeded in dragging him along behind her. I laughed so much I had to grab the cam-corder to film the slut being dog fucked. "Get him off me" she pleaded.

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"No can do, babe. He ll stay that way for at least half hour so why don't you enjoy it?" She shrugged and began humping the dog again. I lit up another joint sat down and enjoyed the night. Rocha slowly pulled out his dwindling cock and it was like visiting Niagara Falls a torrent of foaming dog cum spurted from between her legs as she collapsed on the ground. I lifted up my stinking bitch and tossed her into the dog's enclosure she might as well spend the night with her new lover. Karen was out to it when I left to fuck and defile her best friend. A short drive and I knocked on the front door of her Gothic style mansion.



My wife's girlfriend had been married twice. Her first husband left her mumbling about unbelievable sex scenes, her second husband died of a heart attack in the middle of an orgy, there were no witnesses to his demise but the bed he died in contained enough semen, cunt juice, alcohol and drug residue to start another orgy. Way to go! The maid answered the door dressed in green crotchless pantyhose, six inch platforms, a smooth pussy and she was young (legal but young). She took my robe, grabbed my cock and ushered me into slave Marie's giant bedroom. Black and red candles hung from the chandelier and the wall brackets.

Marie was dressed in black as ordered - in a black mask, black hand-cuffs held her arms to the bed head, her legs were stretched wide and black chains tied her ankles to the lower posts of the bed. I motioned to the maid to bring my instruments. She returned with ice cubes, needles, rings, and Tequila salt and lemon. A swig of Teq for me and the maid, a splash of Teq for the slave's nipples and cunt. Insert the needles into the lemon to disinfect them, the maid placed ice cubes on Marie's nipples and we are ready to go but first gag the slave. The needles are very sharp and little effort is required to pierce the extended nipples, the acid in the lemon must hurt she writhes and thrashes on the bed. I insert the gold rings into her nipples while the maid spreads Marie's clitoris fold. Another needle inserted slowly just above her clit and then one into each cunt flap. More gold rings just above her clit and in her pussy lips. Almost done except for the application of cleansing salt in the pierced holes. She almost ripped the bed apart as the maid and I rubbed salt into her tender body. She pissed all over the maid's body and then her bowels let loose. Hey shit happens.

By now my rod was as long and wide as a Dragon. I grabbed the maid and threw her on top of the slave she immediately began licking her mistress's cunt. I plunged my tool into the maid's tight ass hole and in five seconds pulled out as the maid turned to suck my shit covered cock. I couldn't stop the volcano of red cum that erupted over the bed, dousing the candles and the women. Don't worry I'm not sick Dragon's cum is red and cums in gallons. Oh well back to release Suzette bitch and my diary notes that my wife's girlfriend Jill is dropping over and I love black meat.

- The End -

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