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By Bram Speer
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Rod Stone, headmaster of Ripton School For Girls, sat at his desk and explained the policies and procedures of the school to Diana Willis.

"Ripton School is a private, exclusive academy. It is not a liberal, permissive, open, 'progressive' school. We are of the old school. Here, at Ripton, we practice and believe in the traditional and classical. We are quite strict. We believe in and impose discipline. Infractions of the rules and requirements results in disciplinary action. There are certain things we will not tolerate: insolence, defiance, willful disobedience, unruliness among them. We are quite strict, swift, unyielding--and rigid, when it comes to discipline. The more blatant the infraction, the more serious the discipline. For the more serious infractions, we oftentimes impose corporal discipline."

Diana Willis nodded and looked at her daughter Nikkie and then spoke: "Ripton School sounds as if it is just what is needed. I am at my wit's end. The problems I've encountered, that I've had to deal with, have been..." she sighed, "overwhelming. I must tell you that in the past year, Nikkie has been suspended three times. Her teachers and school administrators report her as being unruly, insolent, defiant. She is just...incorrigible."

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Rod Stone looked at Diana, studying her. She was ripe-looking, full-bodied, with shoulder-length ginger hair, violet eyes, and creamy skin. There was something about her that he thought he recognized; something in her eyes, mouth, expression that betokened a passive, submissive, perhaps even masochistic personality. He felt his prick stirring.

He looked at Nikkie, sitting slouched and sneering by her mother. She had long sandy hair, green eyes and pale skin. She was quite pretty and well-built; but her posture, look, demeanor radiated sullenness, defiance and insolence.

We'll see about that, he thought. We'll wipe away all that defiance and insolence from you, my dear. His cock stiffened.

"Here, at Ripton, we specialize in incorrigibility, Ms. Willis. Or I should say, we pride ourselves in eradicating it. I assure you that Ripton Academy is the place for your daughter. Here she will pursue a rigid course of study, under strict rules of discipline. I assure you that her insolence, defiance and unruliness will be checked and purged. Your daughter will be shaped up--correctly."

Mr. Stone knew it would be only a matter of time until Nikkie Willis committed or violated an infraction or rule. She was simply too defiant and willful to abide the strict rules of the academy.

He smiled and stroked his prick at the thought of taming Nikkie. She was just the right age, and she was quite pretty and well-built. He was going to enjoy himself with her. It was going to be a real pleasure to tame her, to whip her into shape....

Alice brought Nikkie into Mr. Stone's office. He sat at his desk and listened as his assistant explained that Nikkie had refused to attend class.

Alice had been Mr. Stone's assistant for quite some time. She was a very capable and valued associate to him. They had much in common and they shared the same interests, desires, and philosophy. Alice was in her late twenties; she had short light brown hair and ice-gray eyes. There was a sensual, cruel look about her. She was quite wicked-looking; big-boned and full-bodied with big breasts and a big butt.

"Refusing to go to class is a serious infraction," Mr. Stone said. "One that cannot go without reprimand." He nodded to Alice and she grabbed Nikkie by the neck and pushed her down onto the desk. Nikkie struggled but to no avail. Alice held her face-down on the desk securely.

Mr. Stone opened a drawer of the desk and pulled out a wooden ruler. "You are going to learn obedience, my dear. Your first lesson starts now."

He walked around the desk and stood behind Nikkie. He slid her skirt up and pulled down her panties. He feasted his eyes on her rump and legs. Her ass was nice-sized, rounded, smooth and lily-white. Her legs were full and soft.

Nikkie squirmed and twisted, trying to hide her backside from him, trying to slide her skirt back down. "No," she exclaimed. "No."

"Yes," Mr. Stone replied. He brought the wooden ruler down on one of her rumpmounds, smacking it smartly.

"Oww!" she cried in surprise. He immediately snapped the ruler down on her other mound. "Ohh, unh!" she gasped at the sharp sting of it.

He began snapping her butt with the ruler, smacking the full round smooth mounds. She cried out and moved and twisted her body, trying to escape the sharp stinging snaps on her rump, but Alice held her down tightly and she couldn't break away.

Mr. Stone smacked her ass good and roundly, snapping the ruler all over her mounds. He then moved down to her legs and gave them a dozen good sharp smacks.

She gasped and cried out and cursed.

He whacked her rump and legs till they were glowing pink.

"The more serious the infraction, the more serious the discipline, my dear," Mr. Stone said. "Remember that. You will learn discipline. Oh yes, we're going to teach you discipline. We're going to smack all the sullenness, haughtiness, defiance and insolence out of you. We're going to shape you up."

The very next day, Nikkie faced Mr. Stone again. She had been insolent to one of her teachers. This time Mr. Stone had her taken to The Discipline Room.

Serious misconduct and 'misadditude' were treated in The Discipline Room. It was a chamber devoid of furnishings. Only two objects were in the room: a wide padded bench and a small padded barrel supported on a stand. Bars, straps and cuffs were built-in on the two objects as well as on the floor around them.

Alice brought Nikkie in and led her to the padded barrel. She held her tightly and forced her down onto the barrel. Mr. Stone strapped her hands and ankles to cuffs. And there she was: stretched belly down on the barrel, her arms outstretched and cuffed to bars and her ankles strapped to the stand under the barrel.

Alice slid Nikkie's skirt up and tucked it in and pulled her panties down. Her full-sized rounded rump stuck up, tempting and inviting.

Mr. Stone handed Alice the instrument of discipline: a narrow but thick stiff leather paddle.

"Insolence is a serious offense, my dear," he said to Nikkie. "We are going to paddle that insolence out of you."

Nikkie turned her head back and looked in trepidation and dread at Alice. Her lips were dry and trembling.

Alice drew the leather paddle back and brought it forward. It landed squarely on Nikkie's right buttock, producing a loud smacking sound. She jerked and cried out. Again Alice drew back and came forward, right on Nikkie's left mound. "Oh god!" the girl cried and squirmed and twisted.

Alice went to town on Nikkie's rump, landing smack after smack on the girl's butt. Nikkie gasped and writhed and jerked. Alice's eyes blazed, she breathed hard and licked her lips. She gave the girl twenty good licks with the paddle.

Mr. Stone relieved her. He took the leather paddle and stood behind Nikkie. The girl's firm smooth ass lay before him, so lovely, so tempting and inviting.

"Get ready, my dear," he said. "I'm going to smack your full smooth ass. Going to smack the fire out of your lovely young ass."

Nikkie looked back, trembling. "Oh god," she whimpered.

"Oh yes," he said. "Here it comes, my dear." He drew the leather paddle back and swept it forward. It made a whooshing sound and landed on the girl's right mound.

"Umphhh!" she gasped and winced and lurched forward. "Oh no, no!"

He came down with another smack. "Oh god, it stings, it burns!" she cried. She writhed and squirmed, moving her butt around. That excited Mr. Stone even more. He began paddling her ass sharply, landing blow after blow on the girl's buttocks, smacking the mounds good. Her rump was now a glowing pink. He landed a smack on one of her full soft legs and she cried out and jerked.

He began slapping her upper legs and thighs. The smacking, splatting sound the leather paddle made as it landed on the girl and the feel of the slapped flesh vibrating through the paddle to his hand and arm sent thrilling bolts shooting through his body.

He paddled her faster and harder, smacking her legs and thighs and buttocks in a frenzy.

The girl kept up a continuous gasping and crying, squirming and writhing.

Her lovely full smooth ass was red; pinkish-red welts belted her legs.

He gave her a total of fifty licks. When Alice finally led Nikkie out, she was crying and walking gingerly and mincingly....

Alice led the girl into Mr. Stone's office. He rose from his desk and greeted her. "Good afternoon, Jodie. How are you today?"

"I'm fine, Mr. Stone," the girl said huskily.

He looked her over. She was a lovely little thing, with long raven hair, deep brown eyes, dusky-skinned, petite. His prick stirred and began to stiffen as he looked at her. She was so lovely, receptive and pliant; and she was in love with the rod; she loved being disciplined.

Alice was quite taken with her. She had an arm around the girl's shoulder and occasionally stroked her cheek.

"Are you ready to receive, my dear?" Mr. Stone asked.

"Yes, I'm ready," Jodie said.

Alice guided the girl down to her hands and knees. She slid her skirt up and tucked it in and pulled her panties down. Mr. Stone noticed that Alice held two objects: a bamboo rod and a strap-on dildo. She handed the rod to him.

He got behind Jodie and looked down at her upthrust rump. Ah, it was so lovely. So firm, compact, and dusky. His dick stiffened as he looked at the girl's bare butt. So delicious, luscious, tempting, inviting. And she wanted him to whip it; she wanted him to whip her ass good.

He hefted the bamboo rod. It was eighteen inches long and a quarter-inch wide. He swished it through the air and it made a wicked whooshing sound.

He touched the girl's rump with it, brushing it on her buttocks. She murmured and slowly rotated her assmounds.

"Get ready, my dear," he said. "Here it comes."

He drew the rod back and then brought it forward, straight down on the girl's right mound.

"Unhhh!" she gasped and hunched forward. He drew back again and swished the bamboo rod down on her left buttock. "Ohhh!" she cried out and twitched and squirmed, moving her rump around in little circles.

Mr. Stone then laid it on her, whipping her ass good, whacking her butt soundly and solidly. "Oh, ah, unh, ah," she gasped and panted, hunching and grinding her ass.

His cock grew as he whipped the lovely girl. It throbbed in its stiffness.

Alice was beside Jodie, caressing her back and shoulders as she stroked and rubbed the girl's breasts.

Mr. Stone whipped that lovely rump, giving each luscious mound a dozen good sharp whacks with the bamboo. The girl clearly loved it. She hunched and rotated her butt and panted with passion. "Ah, more," she breathed out hotly and heavily. "Give me more. Whip my ass good and hard. Ah, it stings and burns like fire. Oh, it feels so good!"

Mr. Stone complied with the girl's wish. He whipped her fast and furiously, whacking the bamboo on her rump in a frenzy of snaps.

His dick was now rock-hard, throbbing and aching.

Alice took the dildo and strapped it on, got behind Jodie and grasped her securely around her waist. She moved her crotch up against the girl's butt and guided the stiff rubber prick to her pussyslit.

The girl knew what was coming. She spraddled her legs and thrust her ass up to give Alice full access to her yoni.

Alice strained forward, pushing the dildo into the girl's quim. "Ohh, unh, oh Alice," Jodie breathed out.

"Oh, you sweet lovely pussy you," Alice wheezed as she stuffed the rubber rod up the girl's quiff.

Mr. Stone's cock stood out hard and pulsating. He got on his knees before Jodie and guided his peter to her face. "Suck it, Jodie girl," he hissed. "Suck my dick."

She opened her mouth and he slid his prick between her lips.

He clutched her head and stuffed his hard aching cock in her mouth. "Oh yes," he breathed out. "Ah, your mouth's so wet and warm and silky smooth. Oh, you sweet-sucking lovely girl. Oh, you sweet hot cocksucker."

Alice fucked the young pretty girl, pumping the stiff rubber prick in her cunt, as Mr. Stone fucked the girl's mouth, thrusting his meaty dick down to her throat.

"Suck, you sweet hot lovely girl, suck!" he cried out. "Suck my cock. Suck, fuck, my lovely pet, suck, fuck! Ahh, here it comes now, my dear, now--cuming in your mouth. Suck my cum--swallow it--swallow every drop of it!"

He panted and wheezed and humped as he squirted semen in her mouth. She sucked and swallowed and gulped his sperm down. Alice kept frigging her....

Mr. Stone had Nikkie strapped belly down on the padded barrel in The Discipline Room. Her full smooth ass lay naked before him. His dick began to stiffen at the sight of the girl. She was so pretty and built good, with long sandy hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin. He exulted at the fact that she was strapped and helpless, completely at his mercy, her lovely ass outthrust, his to do with as he pleased.

His cock hardened and began to throb. I'm going to fuck you, he thought. Yes, I'm going to fuck your sweet young pussy. But first, I'm going to whip that delicious ass.

He lifted the rod he held. It was two feet long, thin and narrow, and made of leather. He drew it back and brought it forward--right down on her upthrust rump.

She cried out and jerked.

"Going to whip all the insolence and haughtiness and willfulness out of you," he said. "Going to whip the fire out of that lovely ass of yours."

He reared back and let her have it. He landed a sharp snap on her left buttock.

"Oh god--unh!" the girl cried and writhed.

He whipped her good and hard, laying blow after blow on her rump. She squirmed and twisted and jerked, cried out and gasped. Her rear end was now a glowing pink.

He kept whipping her butt, snapping the leather rod down on her luscious ass. His prick was now hard as a rock, pulsating and aching.

"Oh, unh, ooh, unh," she panted and moved her rump around in circles.

Could it be that she was responding to the whipping? Could it be that she was beginning to actually enjoy the leather rod smacking her butt?

Mr. Stone gave her a particularly sharp slice on her right mound and she hunched and gasped out: "Ah, unh, ah!"

Yes, there was no doubt about it: she was responding; she was enjoying it.

Her ass was now red, covered with welts. Mr. Stone looked down at her rump, on down to between her legs. Her pussy shone glistening and pink. His peter jerked.

He gave out a groan and went down on her, rubbing his face on her butt. He kissed and licked her ass, then he moved on down to her cunt and began licking it; and then jammed his tongue in it.

He tongue-fucked her good, jabbing his tongue in and out of her pussy. She moaned and rotated her quim.

His cock stood up rigid and throbbing. He moved up against her rump and pushed forward.

He strained and heaved his hard dick against her pussy. He gave out a cry of lust and pushed his prick into her cunt.

"Oh yes, ahh, fucking you!" he gasped. He stuffed his prick up her quiff in one continuous stroke; then he began screwing her, frigging her tight humid cunt. "Oh, you sweet fucking pussy you!" he huffed.

"Oh, ah, um, ooh, ah," Nikkie panted and moved her yoni back and forth. He rubbed and squeezed her tits and placed his cheek on hers. "Fuck, Nikkie girl, fuck," he hissed in her ear. Her cheek was hot and she stroked it back and forth on his. "Oh yes, ahh, oh Mr. Stone, yes!" she gasped.

He pumped his peter in that delicious cunt, screwing the lovely girl, fucking her good....

Nikkie was in The Discipline Room strapped on the padded bench, back down and legs drawn back and spread. Alice laid it on the girl's wide-open pussy, whipping her quim with the leather rod; as Mr. Stone whacked her tits with the bamboo.

"Oh god, oh Jesus Christ, oh, unh!" Nikkie cried and writhed. "Ohh, it stings, it burns, unh, ohh!"

Alice and Mr. Stone whipped her mercilessly, thrashing the girl's body with leather and bamboo.

Alice came down with the leather rod right on Nikkie's cuntslit and the girl reared up and gasped out: "Unh--ahh--umm--ahh!" Mr. Stone whacked the bamboo rod squarely on one of her breasts and she thrust her tits up and cried out: "Ohh--ahh--unh--yes!"

Alice ceased whipping the girl, and lowered her head between Nikkie's thighs. She commenced licking her pussy, running her tongue over the girl's quiff. Nikkie raised her pelvis up and mashed her yoni on Alice's mouth. Mr. Stone went down on her breasts, licking and sucking the girl's tits. She hunched her cunt, arched her breasts and gasped out: "Oh, ah, oh god yes! Unh, ahh!"

Alice strapped on the dildo and went to it. She stuffed the stiff rubber prick up Nikkie's pussy. Mr. Stone guided his peter to the girl's face. "Open your mouth," he said. "Get those pretty lips around my cock."

He slid his dick into her warm wet silky mouth. "Oh yes," he breathed out. "Suck it, my dear, suck every inch of it."

Nikkie bobbed her head up and down and sucked his prick as Alice fucked her cunt.

Two weeks later and Diana Willis is in Mr. Stone's office. She has visited her daughter and is quite taken with the change in her.

"It's remarkable. Nikkie is like another person. I can't tell you how pleased, how thrilled I am. She is completely changed. It''s just remarkable."

Mr. Stone looked Diana over. She was ripe-looking; full-bodied. Her ginger hair fell thick to her shoulders; her violet eyes were big; her flesh creamy; she had full thick lips. His prick stirred and began to stiffen.

"It's discipline, Ms. Willis," he said. "Your daughter was only in need of discipline. It took a while, because Nikkie was very willful, haughty, insolent. But with the aid of certain techniques, we managed to shape her up. I can't stress too much the importance of discipline. We impose it on all the students, and it works. Discipline is the key."

"Well, in Nikkie's case, it certainly has worked," Diana said. "I just can't get over the change in her."

"As I mentioned to you before, Ms. Willis, here at Ripton Academy, we are of the old school. We believe in and practice corporal discipline. Of course at first the students object and resist, but as time goes by, they come to see that the imposition of corporal discipline is necessary and beneficial to them. They eventually come to see it as a positive thing; as a desirable thing. They eventually realize that they need to be disciplined, that they want it, that they desire it."

He studied Diana. There was a look in her eyes, her mouth, her expression that told him she was a masochist, that she wanted to be disciplined. He looked at her full creamy legs, and he pictured her ass. She has a big full rump, he thought. Big, soft, smooth, full ass. Umm, yes.

"Would you like to witness our imposition of discipline?" he asked. "Would you like to observe how we discipline our students?"

She looked at him and he saw her gulp and run the tip of her tongue over her dry lips. Her eyes widened and she breathed out huskily: "Yes--I would."

He smiled. "Very well."

Mr. Stone stood beside Ms. Willis in his office and watched as Alice paddled Jodie. The girl was bent over the desk and Alice was paddling her ass good with the narrow stiff leather paddle.

His cock stiffened as he watched the lovely raven-haired, brown-eyed, dusky-skinned girl's rump being paddled. She loved it too. Jodie hunched and rotated her butt and gasped and panted.

He saw that Ms. Willis was affected too. As she watched Jodie being paddled, she had a wide-eyed, smoldering look, and she was breathing heavily, almost panting.

After Alice and Jodie left his office, Mr. Stone took the leather paddle and brushed Ms. Willis's arm with it.

"This is one of our instruments of discipline. It doesn't cause any real pain; it stings." He stroked her hip with the paddle and moved it down and brushed her leg with it. She jerked slightly and twitched. Her eyes smoldered and her lips trembled; she was panting. She licked her dry lips.

"Would you like to see how it feels? Would you like to feel the leather?" He stroked her rump with the paddle.

"Yes," she said huskily....

Mr. Stone got Ms. Willis down on his desk. He looked at her big, smooth, soft ass, and his dick hardened.

He placed his hands on her butt and rubbed and squeezed the mounds. "Ah, such a lovely rump," he breathed out. "So big, soft, creamy, smooth. Umm, it was made to stroke, to rub, to smack."

He let her have it. He drew back with the leather paddle and brought it down squarely and smartly on her right buttock.

She gasped and jerked. He reared back again and slapped the paddle on her left mound. "Ohh--unh--oh!" she cried out and rotated her butt.

He began smacking her ass good, snapping the leather on her plump rump. "Oh, ah, umm, ah!" she panted and ground her buttocks around.

He smacked her butt a good thirty times. She was hunching and grinding, panting and wheezing. "Oh god, oh yes!" she cried out. "Oh, it stings! Ah, it feels so good!"

His cock was hard as a rock now, rigid and throbbing. He pulled her down off the desk, wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and pushed his crotch up against her ass. He thrust hard and dug his dick up her pussy.

"Fuck, Ms. Willis, fuck," he hissed.

"Oh, ah, give it to me!" she gasped.

He frigged her fast and hard, pumping his prick in her hot juicy cunt.

"Ah yes, fuck!" he panted. "Fuck your pussy!"

"Oh, ah, fuck me, fuck me hard and rough!" she cried. "I want it, oh Jesus, I want it hard and rough!"

"You're going to get it, Ms. Willis," he huffed. He rubbed and squeezed her plump tits as he pounded his cock in her cunt. "You're going to get it hard and rough. Oh yes, going to whip and fuck you, going to whip and fuck you hard and rough!"

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