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Wet Sandy by Steve Hickling

Sandy had the biggest tits you had everseen all natural 50 gg !!

She was not my wife but worked for me in my factory. we had been having a relationship now for 5 years, it was not love just pure sex. i used to love to have her sit over my with those magnificent tits hanging there just begging to be chewed-not sucked we both liked it a bit rough. but let me take you through one of our greatest sessions.

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Sandy lived in a little flat that i owned so i got to call round most any time i fancied. this day i called round at 6.30 on my way to work. i crept up to her in bed and just pulled all the covers back. there she was on her back naked, giant tits covering her whole upper body those lovely dark nipples just waiting to be chewed. i looked down her plump body down that mass of dark hair. i opened her legs and saw her inner fanny lips dangling there waiting to enclose my prick. she sat up and started to undress me licking my now very hard prick,sucking off all the by now large amount of precome off the end. she got off the bed and lay on the floor. this was a sign for me to do something that never failed to get her totally fired up, i sat on her face so that she could lick my arse. gently around the out side for a few seconds but then she was stretching my anus with her very strong tongue.ohh i could sit there all day the feeling was so good.

After about 10 minutes she tapped me to get me to get off, which i did. she immediately took the whole of my cock in her mouth,by now my rock hard dick was totally wet with precome which she greedily drank down. It was now my turn to lie on the floor she immediately swung her leg over my head so that her fanny was over my face.boy did she enjoy licking my arse i have never seen her fanny so wet. i started to lick up all of her juices off those long dangling inner lips.

My hands now went to those wonderful hanging breasts my tongue working overtime all around her clit . I could feel her pushing down slightly with her lower body . I just kept on licking as fast as i could--- and then it came just a little beautiful tasting piss shot in to my mouth I licked faster making sure that I did not miss any drinking her piss was a real treat , she would only allow me when i had pleased her. I kept licking away still hanging on to those giant nipples when it come again only slightly more this time. but i drank it down not letting a single drop was the most erotic experience in the world i could feel her still pushing down trying to squeeze out some more of her golden liquid for me. still licking her fanny getting my tongue deep inside she lets out a loud shout as she bursts into a volcanic orgasm, which seams to last for ages and ages but as her orgasm slowly subsides he flow of piss starts she has raised herself slightly so that i cant reach to lick her any more but her hands are holding her fanny lips WIDE open so i can watch the flow of piss heading for my face. this is just too much for me as i burst in to my own orgasm with out even touching my prick.i am covered in spunk i don't think that i have ever come as much but she has never pissed in my face as much as she is doing now i drink lots of it but there is too much to take it all i am covered in spunk and piss. when she finishes she lowers herself to my mouth again for me to lick her clean. then she turns round and licks up all the spunk pausing only to come back to my mouth to share some of the spunk with me.

As soon as she had eaten all the spunk we had the best fuck we had ever had. but that will have to wait till the next story. Let me know if you would like to hear about it. also let me know what you think of my true story.

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