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"Web Lust"

      by innocencia

      (MF bd rough anal oral)

I have always wanted to be dominated. I would do whatever my master said. It wasn't until I met a guy I'll call Mike that my dreams came true.

I met Mike online and we were talking about kinky things he has done and what I want to do. I told him I had always wanted to meet a guy offline and have him take advantage of me in every way. He told me he could, so we decided to meet.

Later that day Mike told me he was coming over and I better have on sexy clothes like a teddy, he had many other rules too. I was unsure what was going to happen but I was so wet and excited thinking about what he would do.

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I had seen Mike's pictures online and he was very attractive.

The doorbell rang at about 5 pm and I was ready for him in my pink teddy with white fur and my knee-highs and pink pumps.

I opened the door and I saw Mike dressed up as a plumber. I knew what his plan was, but still played the part. He stared at me up and down. I could tell he was so excited. He was a professional plumber so he said. He told me my husband called and said we have a leak in the bathroom I told him I'm not married, so he asked to use the phone to see what was wrong.

I let Mike in and he made a call. I asked him if he wanted a drink, he accepted. When at the fridge he comes up behind me and ties a handkerchief over my mouth and forces me into my bedroom. At this point I was so excited my pussy was dripping.

He threw me on the bed and tied my hands to the headboard and my legs to the bottom of my bed. He ran his fingers between my legs as I'm fighting him off. He can tell I obeyed him with my outfit and the lack of panties. He pulls my teddy down revealing my large breasts. He puts nipple clamps on both nipples and chains them to a clamp he puts on my clit. He compliments me on how obedient I am and slaps my pussy hard.

He then takes out his very large dick and rubs it all over my face. He unties the gag and asks if I'll be his good little slut and suck him off without using my teeth. I agree and then he puts it near my mouth telling me to beg him for his large erect cock. I obey and beg. He smacks my mouth and tells he his name's not Mike it's master. I apologize and call him master.

He finally lets me put his cock in my mouth. He lies on my head and fucks my face, making me choke and gag. He laughs in excitement and I get so turned on. He screams that he s going to let go deep in my throat and does. I drink it all down and he rubs the rest on my lips making me take every drop. And I do.

My master then leaves the room and gets his kit. He unties my legs and puts them in the air and lubricates my asshole. He takes a large dildo and sticks it up my ass warning me if I make any noise he will shove it further till it disappears. As he knew I would, I let out a loud scream. He laughs in excitement.

Master says "slut, this is when all my fun starts."

Just then he pushes it as hard as it can go and fucks me really hard for at least 20 minutes. While he s fucking my asshole, he s rubbing my clit with his fingers and occasionally pinching it between his fingers.



He soon gets bored with fucking my ass and unties my arms. He takes off all the clamps and orders me to strip for him. My ass is still hurting but I know I will be punished much worse for not obeying.

I strip all of my clothes off then I'm ordered to get on all fours on the floor with my ass facing him. He puts a dog collar and a leash on me. He puts 2 fingers up my ass asking if it still hurts. My groan told him yes.

I live in a nice neighborhood and get along good with my neighbors. My master knew this and respected that I have to live there, but took me in my fenced in yard, where no one can see. He ordered me to walk to a tree and squat to mark my territory. I obeyed and my master liked how good I was.

He then unbuttoned his pants and took his cock out. He sat in a chair and called "here, girl." On my hands and knees I ran to my master's side. I was ordered to lick his dick like a little puppy so I did. He then wanted my to spread a blanket on the ground and I took a while to fetch it and spread it with my mouth so he rolled up a newspaper and hit my bare ass 20 times very hard. I was getting so aroused.

After the blanket was spread I was ordered into the doggie style position with my ass to him. He came to my face and ordered me to lick his cock again like a puppy till it got hard. When he was very hard he gagged me again came behind me and put his dick in my wet pussy hard and fast. He humped my pussy so hard all I could do was bite on the gag.

Right when he was about to ejaculate he ripped the gag off of my mouth and let go in my mouth again. His cum was so sweet. But this time he shot a little on the floor. He scolded me for being so careless and grabbed me by the back of my head and stuck my face in it and ordered me to lick it.

When I was finished licking all the cum up he reminded me of the pain in my ass by gagging me then ass fucking me for about 40 minutes without lubrication. Meanwhile he was smacking my already red ass hard and pinching my nipples roughly. After he ejaculated in my ass he gave me a taste.

Now it was time for another walk in my yard. This time I didn't have to pee but master smacked my pussy until I squirted a little out.

He then dragged me by my collar into the house and threw me on the bed. He tied me up and told me he would be back, he was going to relax in the living room. Before he goes he sticks a large dildo in my ass and one in my pussy and leaves them there. About 3 hours passed and I'm still tied to the bed with the dildos in my holes and a gag in my mouth.

My master then comes in and he looks horny again. He ungags me and asks how I was. I said I was fine. And he pulls the, now dry, dildos out of my pussy and ass very slowly so I can feel pain. He tells me just one more fuck from his slut toy then he has to go.

My Master now fucks my ass and pussy every once and a while and is still very dominant with me. We enjoy our occasional meets and try new things every time.

- The End -

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