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Underwear Shopping

Underwear Shopping by

Master Ian,

This is what happened on Saturday when we went underwear shopping as you


Michelle came over to my place before lunch to get me ready. I let her read

your email, so that she new what was required. She takes great delight in

knowing that I have to obey your instructions. (So do I , I suppose, but she

is so open about it). We chose a halter neck dress for me that would be easy

so slip on and off in the changing rooms. I had on a fairly plain pair of

white panties, but I knew I wouldn't have them on for too long.

The excitement grew as we entered the store and broused around the underwear

racks.  We chose a bra, a short slip, and a short nighty to try on and went

off to the changing rooms. When i showed them to the girl at the door,

Michelle who was carrying nothing, just said that she was helping me choose.

The cubicles had curtains, not doors and there didn't seem to be anyone else

around. I took off my dress and hung it on the hook and when I took my

panties off, Michelle said "I'll take these". I tried the bra first, and it

didn't suit me really, but turning round and showing it off to Michelle

seemed a bit strange. The slip was next and it just looked so wrong to be

looking at myself in a slip with no panties underneath. I do trim back my

pubic hair so that there isn't much showing, but that little bit seemed to

stand out when all you are wearing is a short slip. I tried the nighty next

and I did think it looked quite good. It was black satin with lace inserts

at the bust and around the legs. It was very high cut and looked fairly

revealing without actually showing anything. Michelle said I should stand in

various poses in front of the mirror and pretend that Master Ian was looking

at me. So I tried to copy all the posing and pouting you see in magazines,

so I hoped you enjoyed it ( in you mind at least).

We heard someone else coming in, so I pulled back the curtain and took the

nighty off, but it felt a bit strange puting the dress back on with no

panties underneath. I returned all three garments to the girl at the door,

and she looked at what Michelle was folding in her hand. She just said "Oh

they are hers" and went off laughing, while I turned a bright shade of red.

Before we went into the next shop, I got the panties off Michelle and put

them in my handbag.

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Now we went into a specialist underwear store, where most of there stock are more sexy and more expensive. This time Michelle picked out what to try on and came with me into a private cubicle. When i went to take the dress off, Michelle said that she must do all the dressing, as Master had instructed. The first item was a pair of baby doll pajamas, which were 2 sizes too small. She pulled on the little pink bra top and just managed to fasten it at the back, but it left my boobs sticking out over the top. She tried to tuck them in and only partly suceeded. It is something you have to do yourself, but Michelle wouldn't let me and it felt uncomfortable but I must admit a little thrilling having another woman pushing my boobs around. She sliped the tiny briefs on too, which only just covered me. They had little pink furry bits on them and I don't like this kind of thing but when it is far to small, I looked totally ridiculous. Michelle was laughing her head off and having great fun at my expense. The next item was a red bustier, which looked as if it came from a 1900 French bordello. It had a long series of hooks and eyes all the way up the back and Michelle pulled each one into place at the tightest fit which gave me quite a thin waist line. It had a half cup bra which pushed my boobs in and up and gave me quite a marked cleavage (which I don't usually have). It also had suspender straps hanging down which we had to leave as we didn't have any stockings to connect to them. I was a little surprised at how I looked and Michelle said that this was the outfit to really turn on the guys. It was quite dear and I don't know when I would ever wear it , but it did make me feel good and I could imagine the effect that it might have on you! The last item she had chosen was a skin coloured teddy, which again Michelle helped me into. It had three fasteners in the crotch, which I would normally do up before puting it on. But Michelle hadn't and now she was pulling the stretchy material between my legs and trying to fasten the studs. As she was doing this she could feel that I was getting very damp down there. Maybe because of all this parading in sexy gear, thinking of what you would think, and of course not having any panties to soak it up. Michelle slid her finger into my slit and pulled out a very sticky finger. She seductively held it up to her mouth and started to lick it. I never know if Michelle is serious when she does these things or does she just like to tease me. I certainly didn't feel comfortable in the shop like this and got a tissue from my bag to dry myself off, making the excuse that we didn't want to make a mess of the teddy if we are not buying it. Michelle finished doing up the fasteners and stood back to see me in the skin tight teddy. It looked good too, but by this time I was getting too embarrassed and just wanted to get out of there. Thew shop assistant was waiting outside when we came out and was obviously wondering what was going on in there. She looked very disappointed that we didn't take anything, but I said I might come back shortly for the bustier. I still felt quite hot and a little damp as we walked back through the shopping centre to the car. When we got home Michelle said that I could put my pants back on, but I joked that I was getting so used to it that I didn't think I would bother. We did have a good time and I must thank you for "forcing" me into it. You do know what turns me on and makes my life more exciting. I hope you enjoy reading about it too, and I hope I hear from you again soon. Your loving servant, Susie

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