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The Tie Up

By: Brian CBT

Here I was, cold and frightened in the black emptiness of the night, stranded in the middle of nowhere tied and helpless trying to listen for any movement that could signal my downfall.

How could I have let myself be put in this position? It all started....

'Fancy a tie up tonight, darling?' , she asked as I sat watching the television, bored as usual with the lack of interesting programmes.

'Would love one, if its no trouble', I replied feeling my cock twitch in anticipation.

'I would love to try that new technique you found on the internet,' she added, 'it looks so good and would really have you at my mercy!!' We had been searching the net the night before and had come across an article from the 'Sir Darcy' site that showed a super way of tying a person up with their hands behind their backs. 'Go and put your TV stuff on that I got you for Christmas!'

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The memories came flooding back how at Christmas time Jane had taken me to a branch of C&A and took me to the ladies section where we found a lovely suspender belt in green, with matching bra and panties. Jane looked around and saw a few women in earshot and said in a loud voice, 'Would you like these to dress up in for Christmas? You don't have a green set do you?' and placed the suspender belt up against my waist. The women looked around and I could feel the colour coming to my cheeks as they looked and smirked at my anguish. 'Take them to the counter and buy them yourself, slave!!' I looked again at the women who looked at each other and whispered to each other, and my embarrassment was complete. But my cock strained in my pants as I enjoyed the thrill of them knowing I was wearing such clothes. I sheepishly went to the check out and paid for my goods with the women still looking and smiling to each other. Jane enjoyed my squirming but more was to come!!

She lead me to a branch of the Co-operative store that we had been to before that had changing rooms that were quite secluded, and had curtains across the bays. Each bay was visible from the clothes section. 'Take some trousers from the stand and take them into the changing rooms, and whilst you are in there, change into your new frillies. I have also put a pair of stockings in for you to wear. When you have them on, make sure you catch the curtain that comes across the booth so I, and anyone else passing, can see you dressed like the tart you are!!'

My heart was pounding in my chest as I picked the trousers up went to the changing rooms with my little parcel. I took my shirt off and lovingly put the new bra on my chest admiring myself in the mirror. My suspenders, nylons and panties were next and as I looked in the mirror, my cock was hardening with what was to come next. I put my arm against the curtain and went to move but the consequences of me being seen made my heart pound, and I chickened out. But I knew that I had to go through with it as it had been a recurrent fantasy that I had told Jane about many times. So I swallowed hard and put my elbow against the smooth curtain and turned quickly so that it moved so the lower part of my body was visible to Jane outside waiting. As the curtain closed I felt my cock hard against my belly and I rubbed its shiny head as I imagined who could have seen me. I replaced my clothes over my new lingerie and went out to talk to Jane, who was smiling as she reached and kissed my cheek.

'I never thought you would have the guts to do that,' she said as we walked out the store, 'that must take some real guts. It sure as hell gave the woman who was passing a shock! She stopped in her tracks and you could see her saying 'that couldn't have been' and she walked on.'

'I know you are just saying that', I replied, 'I love the way you make it better for me by adding to my fantasy. But I'm sure no one actually saw me.'

'I was not, and look at that lady who is staring at you. She is the woman!' I looked around and a woman was staring at us with a puzzled look on her face and I could hardly believe that I had gone through with Jane's dare.

My memories died away as I smiled and went to the bedroom to put on my lingerie. I love the soft, smooth material against my skin and I was nearly erect with anticipation as I straightened the seams on my stockings and went downstairs to Jane.

Jane had a long piece of rope which she hung round my neck, and passed the ends under my arms and across my back in an X shape and then back around my hips to tie my wrists behind my back. Several loops went around my wrists before she tied the rope tight. A second rope was passed several times around my elbows and tied tight again. I was bound tighter than I had ever been before, and was enjoying the helplessness of the situation.

' Put your leg up so I can put these trousers on', she said holding a leg of my jogging bottoms under my leg. I put both legs in wondering what on earth she had planned for me.

'Now your high heels'. My favourite red court shoes were placed on my stocking feet. She then placed my jacket over my body and fastened the zip with my arms tucked in the pockets to stop them waving about in the strong wind. I was by this time beginning to feel some real foreboding as I new that Jane loved to push me to the limits of my fantasies with her 'dares'. She put her own coat and shoes on, picked up a small parcel, and pushed me to the front door which she opened and locked behind us once we were through. Our car was on the drive and she opened the drivers door and climbed in to the drivers seat and opened the passenger door for me and I got in to the seat with some difficulty and pain due to my bindings. She opened my jacket slightly and moved my bra aside slightly and fixed my nipple clamps to my stiff nipples. She put on our seat belts, started the car and drove off out of our street to a local lay by that was on a quiet road, and she pulled the car to a halt.

'I am going to take your trousers off, so kick off your shoes'. I did as I was told and she struggled to get them off as I sat in an unusual position due to my bondage. She next unzipped my jacket and she removed it and I sat there feeling very vulnerable in just my bra and other lingerie. She dug into her parcel and produced some cling film and my woollen mask that she loved me to wear as it cut out all light and gave me a great feeling of solitude. She gave me a big kiss, said 'Enjoy!!' put a gag in my mouth and wrapped the cling film around my face and then put on the woollen mask. I sat wondering what I would enjoy as she started the car and drove off into the night.

We drove for what seemed ages and my heart skipped a beat every time a car passed as I was sure I would be seen in their headlights. The traffic became less and there was just the sound of our car and the wind whistling outside. I could hear the sound of raindrops as they splattered against the windscreen as it began to rain, and I was glad that my bondage was inside the warm car. We seemed to be climbing a hill when Jane stopped the car.

I heard the door open and her walk behind the car and then open the passenger door. I felt her hand on my arm as I felt a rush of cold air hit my semi naked body. She pulled me silently until I realised that she was trying to get me out of the car. I moved my legs, my mind racing as to what was to happen, my heart racing at twenty to the dozen. Jane lead me a short distance and let go of my arm and I heard her footsteps crunching on the gravel as she walked back to the car. I heard the door open and slam shut in a state of panic. I was standing with no chance of escape should a car come as I could see nothing. I could not remove hood due to my bonds. I was helpless. Relying on Jane to protect me. But then in a state of blind panic, I heard the car start and off it drove into the night leaving me cold and frightened in the black emptiness of the night I was stranded in the middle of nowhere tied and helpless trying to listen for any movement that could signal my downfall. I heard the car disappear in the distance and there was utter silence. My mind was just in utter turmoil- could I walk in any direction without injuring myself, could I feel a bush to hide behind?

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, I heard a slight sound- my ears straining to hear above the wind and rain which was chilling my body to the bone. Then I felt something touch my back and I gasped in fear wondering what it could be. Had someone walking down the road found me in this predicament and was I to be raped by some unknown being. I felt a hand reach to my cock and get it out my knickers and I was pulled by an unknown hand forward to I knew not where.

I wanted to shout for help but the gag was stopping any sound from escaping and I resigned myself to my fate. I was lead around for what seemed like for ever before I heard a car door open and then I found myself pushed into a seat with some difficulty. Obviously someone had seen me dropped off and had parked someway off and walked to find me. Still I knew not what was to happen to me. The thrill and sheer desperation had kept my cock hard and then I heard the other car door close.

Then my fears were realised as I heard a man's voice ring out, 'I have always wanted to suck a cock but have never had the chance. But here you are. Mmmmmm. I just want to taste your spunk in my throat.' I felt warm lips circle my cock and a tongue licking the taught head. I had always fanaticised to Jane about this and here it was happening. I came all too quickly and I was unable to tell my captor I was about to ejaculate and I felt the mouth swallowing hard as my cum spurted down their throat. It was a great cum but now my fears really came back. Would he hurt me, would he take me to the police or leave me in a busy place to chance my fate. I prayed that Jane would come and rescue me. I heard the car motor start and it pulled away into the night- no chance of Jane saving me now. My heart was racing as we sped through the wet and windy night. We drove for ages as I sank into seat trying to hide my semi-naked body. My nipples ached for relief from the clamps and I could feel the last of my cum dribbling down my leg.

And then the car stopped and I felt a hand on my mask and it was pulled of and at last I saw my captor. It was Jane!! My face creased in a smile as I knew I was safe and how she must have planned this 'adventure'. I will let her tell you how she did it herself.

'I had had an idea for some time to teach Brian a lesson, so I began to plan a way to make it really scary for him. I had found a road that had a steep hill and a turning at the top where I could turn the car. I had got a male friend of mine to say the words Brian had heard into a tape recorder to add some realism about a possible captor. I put this in the cassette player in the car primed to the right place before we left. I drove the car up the quiet, nearly unused road, and got Brian out and I actually stood him behind a bush should a car come he would not be seen. But of course Brian did not know this. I drove the car up the bank and turned it around and stopped the engine- the turning was far enough away for him not to hear. I opened the door and held on to it as I free wheeled down to about 20 yards from the bush where Brian was, taking care to make as little sound as possible, I crept to where he was. I quietly walked over to him, and began by running a wet blade of grass down his back and I could see he was trembling with fright. Yet his cock was hard with the sheer exhilaration of bondage and the unknown, despite the awful weather and frightening predicament. Then I led him round and round for a while so he thought he was being taken to a hidden to the car well off the road and got him in the seat. Then played the tape making sure I made a banging noise to hide the tape being switched on. I took his iron hard cock in my mouth and he came with vengeance and I had trouble swallowing all his cum. That is the moment when I knew I had produced a great sexual experience for him. He took me home and when I had untied him, he gave me a good screwing as a big thank you for a night I shall always remember. But his nipple clamps remained until I was well satisfied- he just loves pain so much!'

Well all I can say is that it was a night when I thought I would have a heart attack with fear as I really thought I had been taken by an unknown person. I have always loved bondage and those immortal words still give me a hard cock, 'Fancy a tie up'. There have been many more great experiences and I will tell you about them soon if I receive any positive comments about this one.

Please send any comments about this true story to, All letters or comments will be answered.

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