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The Rules

By: Guess Who>

"The rules are simple." the message read. "You may not wear panties of any kind unless I tell you to. You may only wear bras that leave your entire nipple exposed. When you are in my presence, you may only wear shirts that show your entire breast. You can only wear skirts or dresses, never past your knees. You may wear stockings, but not pantyhose. Your pussy may not be covered. Never look me in the eyes. It is a sign of disrespect. Always address me 'My Lord'. You may speak only when spoken to. You will comply with all of my commands. Failure to do so, will result in punishment. If you break any of these rules, you will be punished. I determine what and how severe your punishments should be, if necessary. And the most important rule, you must choose a safe word before we begin. A word you can easily remember, in case things get out of hand and you want to stop. You may only use the word twice. The third time will either be ignored, or you will have to leave immediately. I want you to relax, and enjoy yourself. I want you to trust me. Pleasuring you is very important to me."

The message was not signed, but she knew who it was from. They had been talking dirty over the Internet for a few weeks and it had evolved to this. She had agreed to meet him for a night, under his rules. She was nervous. The message further instructed her to return e-mail with her safe word and gave her an address to go to that evening. She had received the message yesterday while at work, and her pussy had been wet since.

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She returned her safe word, sugar, when she got home yesterday. Then she went through her closet and drawers searching for something to wear that fit the rules. She choose a white bra that was a little too tight, and she cut the centers out so that the aerola was poking through. She dressed for work wearing a short red skirt and matching jacket, with an ivory colored silk blouse. The shoes were matching red with low heels. She wore the "special" bra and omitted nylons and panties all together. Several times throughout the work day she was sure her pussy was going to drip down her legs. Her hard nipples brushed against the soft silk blouse every time she moved. It excited her to think that she wasn't wearing anything under her skirt, and that if she crossed her legs just the right way, she'd be able to show anyone.

The day seemed to drag incredibly slow and she felt so relieved when it was finally time to leave for the weekend. Immediately after the relief washed over her, her stomach knotted and flipped. Only two hours from now, she would be under a strange man's absolute control! She started rubbing her hot crotch as she drove home. There was a note in her mailbox, with a package. "Put these on, then drive to the address below. Remember your word - sugar. You belong to me now, you are not allowed to touch yourself until I allow you to."

The package contained a bright red crushed velvet dress. She held it up - "Wow". It looked so small. It was sleeveless, with a tight-fitting bodice that had under wires like a bra, but no material to cover her breasts. The skirt had a flare cut, and hung about four inches down her thigh. She never wore skirts THAT short. She felt so sexy in the dress, she wanted to rub her breasts, and spread her juices. Instead, she looked back to the package, and emptied the contents. Red, thigh-high stockings, held up by elastic lace, a pair of high-heeled red pumps, and a black satin wrap to wear over her dress en route. She piled her long hair loosely on her head and secured it with a clip. She smiled at herself when she finished applying her makeup. "Wow. You look good enough to eat!" She said to her reflection. Time to go...

She arrived at the address given and looked at the house for a moment before walking to the door. It looked like any other house on the street. "I wonder if the neighbors know what's about to happen." She smiled at the thought. The door opened before she could knock, and she smiled, a little embarrassed, at the tall man who answered. He had dark hair, with big expressive eyes. He was well built, and she guessed he was the one she had been talking with on the computer.

"Hello," stretching her hand out to him, "I'm Sarah. You must be..." He didn't answer her, only arched an eyebrow and stepped back to allow her entry. "Take that off." he said sternly as soon as the door was closed behind her. She looked down and remembered the black satin wrap that was covering her breasts. "I'm sorry. I forgot." She tried to explain as she removed it and looked at him and smiled. "God is he handsome!" she thought to herself.

"Did you forget all the rules?" Before she could answer, he walked past her down a long hallway. Quickly she did a mental check of the rules. Had she broken another one already? He wouldn't punish her yet, would he? She had broken more rules. She looked him in the face, twice. She spoke to him, and she did not call him My Lord.

She followed him to the back of the house where he turned and looked at her and smiled. He had a smile that could melt ice. "You may put your things over there." he told her waving to a cupboard in the far corner. "Yes My Lord." "Very good," she thought. "He liked that. Maybe he won't punish me after all." She turned and walked over to the corner, walking slowly past him. "Ummm, he smells good too." she thought. She bent at the waist to put her things in the open cupboard on the bottom. She hoped he was watching so he could see her naked ass. Before she could stand up, he smacked her rear end. She gasped and tried to stand, but he put a firm hand between her shoulders, "Stay." He held her in place a moment, "Yes My Lord."

"Good girl. You broke the rules, and you have to be punished." "Yes My Lord." "Why should you be punished?" "I looked you in the eyes, My Lord." Still bent at the waist, knowing her rear end was exposed, she felt her body betray her as her sex began to throb. "And?" "I spoke without your permission, My Lord." "That's right. I think we will go mild this time. Stand, but do not face me." "Thank you, My Lord." Once she was upright again, he reached around and placed a large black satin blindfold over her eyes. "Now you cannot look at me, or anyone else." The sensation of losing her sight was dizzying. Her knees quivered. "Yes My Lord." she whispered.

He took her hands and led her over to a large leather chair. "Before I allow you to sit and gather yourself, I want to examine you." "I hope I am to your liking, My Lord." He weighed both her breasts in his hands and tweaked her nipples. Then he ran his large hands down her ribs to her stomach and back. "Nice." he smiled. He turned her around and lifted the skirt over her hips and caressed her ass cheeks, squeezing and pinching them. Keeping one hand on her stomach to steady her, he cupped her pussy with the other, causing her to gasp for air. "Mmmm. Very Nice. Very wet." "Thank you, My Lord." "Did you touch yourself today?" "A little, My Lord, while thinking of you." "Did you make yourself cum?" "No, My Lord." "Good girl. Sit for a moment." He helped her down and silently left the room. He had placed the blindfold on before she had a chance to look around the room.

"Stand up." He was behind her and she hadn't heard him approach. She slowly rose to her feet. "Turn around and bend at the waist." "Yes My Lord." She turned in his direction and bent, sticking her ass in the air. "Mmmm. Yes. She'll do nicely." A second man put his hand on her pussy, and she jumped, and pulled her skirt down as much as she could. "More disobedience? You need to be punished." She had lost her footing when she jumped, and was now sitting on the leather chair again. She had not expected a third person and thought about it for a moment.

"Do you remember your word?" "Yes My Lord." "Good. I did not give permission for you to cover your cunt did I?" "No My Lord." "You will be punished." "Yes My Lord." She waited a moment and heard a cupboard door close. "Stand up." The other man had not said another word, but she knew he was close. She could smell his aftershave, it was different then that of her Lord. The other man gently pulled her up by her wrists and led her away from the chair. "Spread your legs pet." Tentatively she widened her stance. "More." She did as she was told. She felt soft material encircle both ankles, and knew she was being bound. She heard the metal click as her ankles were locked. "Bend." Again she stuck her bare ass in the air as more fur-covered cuffs were placed on each wrist and then the metallic clink as she was locked. Her hands were resting on a fur-covered footstool. Her restraints kept her from standing erect, or closing her legs. She figured she might be able to drop to her knees, but didn't dare try.

"Very nice pet. You are incredibly beautiful. I only hope I don't disappoint you." "Thank you My Lord. Your satisfaction is enough for me My Lord." "Your pussy is glistening with your juices pet." "It is for you My Lord." "Do you want to cum pet?" "Oh yes My Lord." He started running his fingers over her ass and inner thighs. Then he pushed one finger in her slit and explored her depths. She moaned out loud. The other man had moved in front of her and reached under to tweak her nipples. "Very good." he told her. "Nice and hard." "Thank you sir." Her Lord was spreading her juices around her ass hole, "Have you allowed penetration here pet?" "No My Lord." "Good. I will go slow to minimize pain." "Thank you My Lord." Slowly he inserted one finger and held it there allowing her time to relax. She gasped quietly, and as she raised her head, the second man pushed his cock at her lips. "My Lord?" "Do you want to suck his cock pet?" "Oh yes, My Lord." "Do it." She opened her mouth and flicked her tongue over the tip. He pushed his cock farther towards her so that she could take more in. She lapped at his hard dick, and allowed him to fuck her mouth while her asshole was spread to accommodate two fingers. He was thrusting his fingers in her tight hole with one hand, while he teased her clit with the other. God it felt so good! She had no idea how much more she could take before she came.

Suddenly they both pulled out, and she was left alone. Shackled and blindfolded, and on the verge of orgasm. Unable to move more than a few inches, she had no idea where they had gone, and why they had left her as they did. Her cunt throbbed. Wanting, needing so much more. She wished she could just rub against something, anything.

She moaned out loud, then just as suddenly a cock rammed into her wet pussy and her mouth at the same time. Her orgasm ripped threw her sending her higher than she thought possible. She sucked and bucked to try to repay the men, and a few moments later, one shot his load into her mouth, and she swallowed hard and kept licking to get every drop that she could. Before he pulled out of her mouth, the second man thrust into her dripping cunt and groaned loudly as he came.

After breakfast the following day Sarah recounted the entire evening striving to capture every detail up to the point when the limo returned her to her home, where her car had been delivered earlier. She had agreed to meet with Brian again that evening for dinner. She vowed to continue her journal with every erotic encounter with him, and it was looking like there would be quite a few!!

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