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Ron likes showing what he's got...

"Ron's Encounters"

by As Penned

(exhib MF)

Males enjoy female exhibitionists and, it seems, females are offended by male exhibitionists, as a male I am wary of getting caught, even though I keep trim.

First Encounter:

One day from upstairs I noticed a very nice girl, late teens, walking up the street. I rushed to take off the few cloths I was wearing and proceeded to walk down the stairs to coincide with her at the front of my house, as the door was open with only the screen door closed she could see the stairway. I cleared my throat and she looked over and saw my decent. What a rush, I stood naked at the bottom of the stairs, unseen.

The next thing I know, there is a knock at the front door. I was trapped. Then a female voice said, "I know you are in there, I saw you. You looked good. Come and let me see you." I hesitated, I didn't know what to do. Then she said, "If you don't come out, I'll scream and yell that there is a naked man in here." Well, what could I do. I timidly moved out, and she saw me and said, "Hi guy, looking good." Then she said, "If you open the door so I can get a good look, I'll be on my way." Well, I unlocked the door and she stepped inside, with a big smile. She reached out, fondled my parts and said, "O.K., you've made my day." Then she left!

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Well, after that time, I get aroused instantly when I think of it.

Second Encounter:

I looked for another way to exhibit myself, reasonably safely. I noticed a young lady, early twenties, delivering pamphlets. I was hooked, as she would be coming to my front door. I quickly wetted my hair and put on my housecoat so she would think I just got out of the shower. I left the coat belt off so it would easily fall open. I was descending the stairs just as she was getting to the mailbox. When she saw me, she knocked on the door. I was caught. I went to the door and she asked if she could talk to me about driveway sealing. I opened the door and let her step in. She proceeded to tell me about the reliability of her employers sealing job. I let my prick peek out of the housecoat and I could see her looking at it. She stopped talking, pointed at me and cleared her throat, so I covered up. She went on talking and produced a pamphlet for me to look at. Of course taking it took one of my hands. I decided to ask a question about an item in the pamphlet and pointed it out to her. And that took the other hand and the housecoat completely opened. She didn't say anything but did move closer to look at what I was pointing out and she brushed against my parts with her hand. We eventually concluded the conversation and she smiled and left. I didn't even buy the service!

Third Encounter:

My kitchen door is on the side of the house. Directly across from the door is the kitchen window of my neighbor. My neighbors have a very nice looking teenage daughter. One day, early evening, I saw her parents leave, but not her. I wondered if this was an opportunity. I turned on the kitchen lights and watched the window from another room. Not only did I see her, but two of her female friends, no guys. When they were in the kitchen, I screwed up my courage and walked into my kitchen, naked. I walked around a few minutes and then looked out the other room window at theirs. The three of them were at the window, giggling and laughing. I then went back into my kitchen and pretended to be reading a cookbook, but the only thing cooking was me. When their light went out I thought it was over, but I could make out their silhouettes, and, it appeared, they were using binoculars! Wow, they must be getting a good look! After about ten minutes of moving about the kitchen I thought I wouldn't stretch my luck, turned out the light and left the kitchen.

Nothing was ever said about the incident, but I sure wanted to try something else.

Fourth Encounter:

My ladyfriend is unaware of my exhibitionist tendencies. We were vacationing at a condo in Florida a couple of weeks ago and my views came up in conversation near the end of our stay. I said I could prove it and dared her to go along with my scheme. I had noticed that every day, on the deck of the condo directly across from ours, four men met for coffee early in the morning, I presume preceding a golf game. And later in the morning four women met for coffee, I presume proceeding going shopping. My proposal was for my ladyfriend to exhibit herself to the men and I would exhibit myself to the women and we would see their reactions.

So the next day, we opened the drapes and when the men were there, my ladyfriend pretended to be busy making breakfast, naked. Well, the men noticed and moved their chairs to ensure a good view. My lady friend loved the attention. Then it was my turn. When the women were there, I pretended to be cleaning up the kitchen. The women motioned in my direction, looked serious, and went back into the condo.

We went back into the condo and finished packing, as we were leaving the next morning. Later that day, two officers came to the door and said there was a complaint about a nude man exposing himself. I said something like I was doing laundry because we were leaving in the morning and must have forgotten to close the drapes. I apologized profusely and they said they would not press charges, as we were leaving. But don't come back!


Well, I think that proved my point. I wonder why there is such a difference between the attitudes of men and women regarding exhibitionism. I guess I'll have to stop before I get thrown in jail and jeopardize my career. Too bad, I was enjoying it.

I would like to hear other people's thoughts and incidents, both male and female. They can be sent to - seriously fetish movies, live shows and more...

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