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"Milo Breaks His Fast"

      by Gerard Manley Hopkins

      (MFF+ size oral)

 ...continues from "Milo's Complaint" - click here to start there... 

Milo drifted in and out of sleep. He heard Ariana get up and shower. Later, he heard her call Murray. She said that 'her ten o'clock' wouldn't be required. She said that Milo was nice. That made him preen with pride. Just before he dozed off he thought he heard her say that she wanted to keep him a while longer if that was OK with Murray. Milo guessed it was OK with Murray - a large dollar figure was mentioned. Ariana seemed very pleased and even hummed softly.

He awoke again as she approached the bed, drying her hair with a towel.

"Awake?" she asked.

"Umm," he said.

"Well, just rest. You earned it," she smiled.

She threw the covers off him and poured a generous coating of vitamin-E oil over his cock. She spread it evenly with a businesslike motion, then she got on the bed, threw her leg over him and lowered herself onto him.

She savored the insertion and chuffed a little as her slow descent continued.

"See, Milo? My pussy shrinks from loneliness when you're not in her."

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"Yes, it sure does!" Milo agreed.

Finally, she admitted every inch of his nightstick and savored the feel of him. After a while she began to move a little, then more, and soon she had settled into a regular rhythm - one that Milo recognized from recent experience.

Continuing her motion, Ariana began to dry her hair with the towel.

"I have a business meeting this morning, Milo. I hope you don't mind," she said in a conversational tone.

"No ma'am. I don't mind."

"It shouldn't take very long and I'll be in the room right next door in case you need me." Imperceptibly, her movements gained urgency.

"That's OK ma'am. No problem."

"Oh, and I asked Murray if you could stay a little longer. Is that all right?" She increased her stroke and added an occasional circular movement that caused her to swallow with pleasure.

"No, ma'am. I like it here well enough."

Ariana gasped, dropped the towel and leaned forward into her work. Her movements became very focused and she closed her eyes.

"If it would be all right, ma'am, I'd sure like something to eat. I've worked up an appetite," he said bashfully.

"Sure, sure. I'll get you breakfast. If you're good, I'll get you a present, too. Now... let me... do this...." Her face tightened with concentration and her lips parted to permit more air to pass making a little hissing sound deep in her throat.

"You're so nice to me. I hope I'm being nice to you." "...You... are... Milo.... You... are!" With that she clenched her teeth and made a sound like a locomotive's screeching brakes.

She wrapped her hands around Milo's head and held him while the orgasm took her away, held him while the orgasm brought her back, and still held him while she was taken away again. Ariana was out of herself for a long time, coming and going on the swift tides of pleasure.

Toward the end Ariana made very odd noises. Sounds of distress followed by sounds of release, grunts followed by sighs. She enjoyed herself more than she ever had.

Finally, her body lost every sign of tension and she slumped forward onto Milo's chest. Without really thinking about it, he enfolded her in his arms, rocked her gently, rubbed her back and kissed her forehead.

"You've made yourself all messy again. You're going to have to take another shower," he said.


"Should I help you?"

"Not yet. I have a while before my meeting."

His hands wandered over her body, down her back, round the outer edge of her buttocks and then, lightly, back up the furrow between them. It was an absent minded caress - Milo was thinking about breakfast. He hoped there would be bacon and eggs. He had a taste for them.

Ariana didn't know how long she lay there savoring his light touch. It was soothing and comforting. It spread the light sheen of perspiration round and round until by degrees it evaporated, cooling her skin. Then his strong hands were there to warm her again. He began to lightly scrape her occasionally with his fingernails. She felt goosebumps begin to gather on her arms and back. She shivered.

"Do you want me to stop," he asked.

"No," she purred like a kitten full of cream. "It's nice."

"I don't want to keep you from anything important."

"You won't." She sat up a little. "Can you carry me like you did this morning when the sun was coming up?"

"Sure. Would you like that?"


She started to remove him but he stopped her.

"It's OK. You're fine where you are." He put his arms firmly around her. "Just stay there. Let me do the work." He pivoted on his back so that his legs were off the bed. He reached down and cradled her buttocks with both hands, slid forward on the bed, rose up in a swift motion and was on his feet, Ariana dangling from his cock as if impaled.

She looked at him to see if she was too heavy. He gave no sign of it. He bent over and gave her a kiss as if to reassure her. She thought about putting her legs around his back but she felt lazy - let him do the work.

With one arm around her back, the hand gently grasping her shoulder, and the other gripping her buttocks, Milo began to walk around the bedroom with a swaying step that had the effect of gently moving her body against his, a very soothing motion. She laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes.

Continuing his swaying walk, he very subtly began to move her entire body up and down, up and down on his dick. He walked over to the windows, round to the double doors that had been closed since his arrival. He opened then and stepped through. It was a large, attractively furnished living room with a wet bar on one side, a wallsize entertainment center on another. There was a long dining room table along the giant windows that overlooked L.A. Ariana was breathing a little more deeply now, her breath catching from time to time. When she put her arms around his neck, he put a firm hand on each buttock and increased the rhythm and force of his movement. In response, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Just then they heard a knock at the door.

"Room service!" a muffled female voice called.

"Oh, god," Ariana said. "Don't stop. Please don't stop. Carry me into the bedroom." When they were near the door she called "come in! Leave the trolley by the door."

Her timing was off or the waiter was very fast because they were well short of the bedroom door when they heard the waiter enter.

Ariana saw her come in pushing the trolley, saw her face swell and color with surprise. Her name was Shannon. Ariana had seen her before. She wasn't a waiter, she was an assistant manager. As Milo carried her through the bedroom door, Ariana gave Shannon a little wave and gasped, "just put it anywhere."

Shannon had no business delivering room service. She intercepted the waiter and took the cart from him. She was curious. Everyone knew about Ariana's junkets and the little stable of men who serviced her, one after the other. This was the first time she had spent the time with only one man and Shannon wanted to know why.

She pushed the trolley near the bedroom door and fussed with the covered dishes and flatware, all the while sneaking looks through the partially open bedroom door.

Milo was still carrying Ariana, still sliding her up and down his cock effortlessly. Ariana was growing beside herself. Her eyes were closed and she breathed through her mouth in sighs and gasps.

Shannon was impressed. She had known a few men in her twenty-two years, but never one like him. He was fit without looking steroidal. He was strong without acting brutish. And, of course, there was his dick, his giant dick, sliding in and out of Ariana.

Shannon was riveted by the scene and stopped making a pretense of arranging the breakfast cart. She watched fixedly with something approaching awe. Only when Milo looked at her and smiled did she come to herself and leave. On the other side of the door, she tried to regain her composure. She patted her fair hair to make sure it hadn't fallen out of the severe bun. Her face had a fine flush that betrayed her Irish lineage and her green eyes blinked rapidly as though trying erase the recent sight. When she thought about how she felt, she realized that she was hungry, but not for breakfast.



Milo had hit his stride now. He serviced Ariana briskly, corkscrewing her bottom toward the bottom of the stroke sending electric shocks coursing through her. They say that a woman, properly attended to, will experience stronger and stronger orgasms during a prolonged session of lovemaking. As a corroboration of the principle, she was very noisy now and showed every sign of getting noisier still. In fact, she was orgasming almost continuously now, not huge thunderclaps of orgasm but a sort of silken siren that filled the world within her.

Finally, she had had enough. "Are you going to come?"

"If you're finished I will," Milo said seriously.

"A stud and a gentleman," Ariana thought. "What a prize."

"Yes. I have to get ready for my meeting," she said in a small voice punctuated by little gasps.

"OK," he said matter-of-factly. He readjusted his hands to place them more around her waist and suddenly became almost violent in his movements. It took an effort for Ariana to keep her head from being tossed around as if she were riding an unruly horse. The power of his drive had its own particular erotic charm and, despite her better judgment, she climaxed again even more strongly than before. Her screams were the straws that broke Milo's self-restraint. He erupted, breaking out in animal sounds to accompany the sheer animal passion that possessed him.

When finally he lifted Ariana off his cock and lowered her gently to the floor he saw that his come was running down her thighs and calves and onto the floor. He thought he had performed fairly well, given his lack of experience.

He showered, dried, and returned to the main room where Ariana, dressed in a conservative business suit, was talking on the phone.

"Please send up another breakfast buffet for two. This one is cold. Yes, that's fine. Thank you." She smiled at him as she hung up.

"I love that outfit," she grinned.

He was briefly baffled, looking down at his naked body with the dick sticking straight out, hard and unmoving. Then he saw the joke and he returned her smile.

"My mother gave it to me for my birthday," he said guilelessly.

"Listen, I've ordered another breakfast for you. This one is cold and I want you to keep up your strength. I'm not done with you yet." She said this without a trace of sentimentality. Whatever natural affection she felt for him at moments of hysterical passion, she treated him like an appliance the rest of the time.

"Now, I'll ask you to go into the bedroom and keep quiet. I have a business meeting in a few minutes and the less distraction there is, the quicker I can be back to you and... my other business." She gave his cock a friendly little shake, then gently pushed him toward the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

Ariana met with her two L.A. Managers, Sue and Sharon. Sue was a quiet redhead with a freckled, little girl look. Sharon was a former model. Sharon's features were growing a little sharp, a little hungry, but she was still a very attractive woman. The topic on the table - literally - was the selection of a new line of sex toys, commonly known as dildoes. Ariana's sex shops needed a constant addition of new stock. Return customers were over seventy percent of her business.

There was a wide variety of them and each of the women examined them one after another, discussing their virtues and drawbacks. Sue and Sharon had personally researched each of them and was well positioned to make informed recommendations.

They occasionally giggled as they talked.

When room service knocked, Ariana distractedly let her in and directed her to the bedroom. "Put it in there and set it up, please. Make certain the gentleman has everything he needs." This was, as it turned out, an ill-considered order.

Shannon murmured her understanding and discretely pushed the trolley through the bedroom door. Ariana closed it behind her and returned to her meeting.

"I thought you were looking, er, well rested this morning," Sue said wryly.

"All pumped up for the work at hand," Sharon added with a fit of giggles.

"How is this one?" Sue asked, gesturing toward the bedroom door. "Let me put it this way way: I canceled all the other boys for the entire day. OK?" she smiled briefly. Then she returned to work. She didn't notice that the waiter didn't come out.

Shannon was a good girl, everyone said so. She was green-eyed and blond with a full but athletic figure. She was nearly thirty, divorced and if truth were told, she had given up her belief in both sex and love. Love, because she had had the bad fortune to marry a fool, sex because she was, well, she was a big girl in every way. Shannon noticed that her breakfast trolley made nary a sound as she pushed it across the carpet toward the bed. If it had, she would have left it where it stood because she didn't want to disturb the naked, sleeping figure on the bed. He was an object of fascination. The boy, she saw, was perfect without looking artificial. The sort of boy that haunted her girlhood fantasies. He was a fresh, sturdily-built boy, obviously very young, but with a dick that seemed to have had a long head start on the rest of his body.

She was hypnotized by his cock. He lay on his back, breathing deeply. His cock stood completely erect; full, firm and sized like a salami. It wavered complacently in rhythm with the rise and fall of his chest.

"Oh, dinkus!" she said to the prick, "I could lie in your shadow and never get a sunburn." She left the trolley near the bed and quietly sat down next to the sleeping figure. She thought she could feel the warmth radiating from his body - especially from the vertical radiator between his thighs.

"Oh," she exulted, "what a hand-warmer for a winter night. What an everything-warmer for day or night!" She couldn't resist. She reached out and gently drew her fingertips down its considerable length. "Really," she thought, "it's making me warmer from this distance."

This was the point where Shannon's rational thought jumped the tracks and the engine of her lust superseded it. That is to say, her brain took a rest while her clitoris took over the controls of her body. The 'good Shannon' was nowhere to be seen.

Her touch on his cock became less and less gentle until she actually had it in a firm grip. Her hand could not encircle it, not by a long shot. She felt a need to fully possess it, however briefly, no matter what the consequences. Her second hand joined the first in its grasp of Milo's member. Her hands began an up-and-down movement as she reveled in the silken hardness of the thing.

The thought came to her then how odd it was Milo was still erect after what she suspected had been an energetic night in the service of Ariana's need. Well, she decided, if he had an erection left after that no one would miss one or two more.

It was mad, she knew, but she would have this boy no matter what the price. Her job? The dick in her hands was worth two jobs in the bush....

"Who are you?" the boy asked, looking at her from beneath sleepy eyelids."

"I'm Shannon. I brought you breakfast."

"Thank you. I'm very hungry. My name is Milo." He smiled broadly.

"Does this fellow have a name?" she asked, her hands continuing their rhythmic stroke.

"I don't know," Milo said. "He's never told me."

"Well, until he does, let's call him John Thomas, shall we? Sir John Thomas is a very famous old name for a very famous literary dick. I think it suits him very well, indeed." "Ok," he said. "By the way, that feels very good. It's a wonderful way to wake up. Alarm clocks are so irritating and clock radios always seem to start with commercials rather than music."

Shannon nodded but didn't hear him. She was listening to a different voice, a strident one, demanding that she strike while the iron was hot. In a single swift motion she was out of her pantyhose and underwear. As a sudden afterthought she pulled the trolley close to the bed before she rucked up her skirt and, for the first time in her life, she completely filled the emptiness within her - to the brim.

The insertion had been swift and without hesitation. She had opened her thighs to him and he was fully lodged in her from his unblinking little eye to the soft fringe of his sweet pubic hair.

"That's nice," Milo said. "John Thomas is very happy and snug and warm."

Shannon gasped out, "Oh, my Lady Jane is so pleased to show him hospitality." She swallowed loudly. "He's such a good guest."

It took all of her self-restraint to keep from riding him like a thoroughbred on a steeplechase. Instead, she rocked to and fro with a gentle motion, letting her cunt adjust itself to the dirigible between her legs. It was the first time in her life that she had had to stretch her pussy to accommodate a man rather than compressing herself enough to feel him. It was a revelation. She was actually feeling pleasure. She was dripping with lust and the fire in her belly was growing by the moment. His dick was an incitement to her lust and her pussy dripped a flood. Clearly, her body wouldn't permit any obstacle to her full enjoyment of this windfall; this sweet, accommodating boy.

"What's on the breakfast tray?" Milo asked sheepishly. "I'm pretty hungry."

"So am I," Shannon said breathlessly. She lifted a lid from from one of the dishes. It held bacon and sausages. "If you'll feed me, I'll feed you." Teasingly, she held a sausage just above his mouth and moved it away every time he tried to take a bite.

"Is it a deal?" Shannon asked, laughing.

"Tell me the deal again," Milo said suspiciously.

"You satisfy my appetite, I'll satisfy yours."



"Oh, that's simple enough. Yes, I agree. You're full now so you have to fill me."

She help the sausage to his lips and fed it to him bit by bit. Halfway through she leaned over, kissed him and licked the grease from his lips. After the first sausage she fed him another, again making certain he was nice and clean. When he had finished the second sausage and Shannon had made sure he was perfectly clean, Milo unbuttoned her blouse and released the fastener on the front of her bra. Her breasts swung free and the cool air of the room caused the nipples to swell.

Milo stroked Shannon's breasts with a milking motion which made the nipples as hard as little acorns. Each time his milking motion reached the nipple, Shannon gasped, so Milo focused on them. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger and, when she responded with sighs and groans, he pulled them gently.

Shannon was overwhelmed by her first orgasm, an orgasm on a geologic scale, an orgasm of tectonic size. She screamed and howled. She felt like some part of her loins were being liquified - and she was eager for it.

"You get to come like that and all I got were a couple of crummy sausages! It's not fair," Milo said. "I want to get even." It was mostly a joke, but Milo really was hungry. Shannon finally got a grip on herself and realized that she had been loud enough to rouse the entire hotel - all twenty floors of it. Certainly, she had been loud enough to rouse Ariana and her employees in the next room. Shannon heard the door open and turned to see Ariana transfixed, with Sue and Sharon flanking her, their expressions half shocked and half amused.

"He's just starting his breakfast, ma'am," Shannon said breathlessly, and immediately regretted it.

"Looks to me like he's feeding you!" Ariana said through clenched teeth.

Shannon didn't answer back. She picked up the plate next to her and began to feed Milo scrambled eggs from a fork.

There was a very tense moment, then the three women at the door broke into hysterical laughter and gathered around the bed. Shannon thought about bolting out of the suite, but she decided that she might was well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.... or for a ewe as a lamb. Her barnyard imagery was limited.

"Now that's what I call room service," Sharon said.

"I think she's just holding him down to make him eat," Sue opined.

"Maybe she's just keeping his dick warm. The room is pretty cool," Ariana said.

"Orange juice?" Shannon asked Milo, nervously watching the three women out of the corner of her eye.

"Yes, please."

"Milo, how are you feeling?" Ariana asked.

"Pretty good, ma'am. Just a little hungry."

"Well, why do you have a woman wrapped around your dick?"

"I dunno. I just woke up and she was there."

"Did you wonder why she was there?"

"No ma'am. I just figured it was the present you mentioned earlier."

Ariana remembered a reference to a present, but she had meant something more of a monetary nature. While she tried to decide exactly what she would do next, Sue reached out and stroked Shannon's breasts.

"Nice tits," Sue said politely.

Shannon looked at them as if for the first time and said, "yes, they are. Everybody compliments me on them." She also noticed that the nipples, which had gone soft after her orgasm were starting to harden again. The fire in her loins has beginning to generate a white heat again.

Sharon pulled Shannon's uniform jacket and blouse off. She also made an inspection of Shannon's breasts and pronounced them 'very nice'. Then, her curiosity getting the better of her, she lifted Shannon's skirt to take a look at Milo's equipment. It looked to be a monster judging by the girth.

"So, girls," Ariana said, "What should we do with our little bellhop?"

Sharon and Sue were pensive.

"What do you say we have Milo fuck her into unconsciousness?" Ariana asked.

Her colleagues thought she was joking. Talk like that usually came from men who were good for one or two humps before they petered out for the night.

"Are you serious?" Sue and Sharon asked simultaneously.

"Are you?" Shannon asked hopefully.

"Girls, this guy might just be able to do it. He's a prodigy."

"If we use him up on her, what will be left for us?" Sue giggled. Her complexion was turning a warmer hue and her voice was throaty.

"The question is whether we can use him up, Sue. From what I've seen over the last twelve hours I think we can turn this desk clerk into a puddle of come and still get our own brains fucked out."

"Sounds like a nice passtime to me," Sharon purred.

"I didn't want to use my brains anymore today, anyway," Sue smiled.

"You use other parts of your body a hell of a lot more than your brains, Sue."

"The brains will wear out before that does, Sharon," Sue said.

Shannon had been sitting the whole time following the conversation with her head like a spectator at a tennis match. All the while she raised and lowered herself slowly on Milo. "Well, am I going to get fucked unconscious or what?" She held a piece of toast out for Milo to take a bite.

"We're deciding," Ariana said irritably. She motioned Sue and Sharon across the room where they engaged in a quiet conference.

"I think we should throw her ass out and get to know... is it Milo? Get to know Milo a lot better." Sharon was a little hard that way. She saw the world suffering from a cock shortage which she suffered from the most.

"I don't know," Sue said, biting her thumbnail, "it's a nice ass. And I've heard of women getting their brains fucked out but I've never actually seen it."

"You've never been fucked senseless?" Sharon asked incredulously.

"Oh, sure, I suppose I have. But... I was unconscious so I didn't get to observe very closely."

"I see your point," Sharon said. "I guess I have to say the same. Victim, yes; witness, never!"

Ariana broke into their conversation. "First, I've never been fucked senseless - and that's not bragging. Second, I've never seen a woman fucked senseless - dozens of men, of course but no women. Finally, this boy - Milo - is an arrogant little twerp. A nice twerp, maybe, but an arrogant little bastard all the same. I want to see him fucked into humility. It's more than a one woman job, believe me."

"He looks harmless to me," Sue mused. Milo lay placidly beneath Shannon who was still stroking him with her pussy. She did so stealthily, afraid that she would be stopped. He had his hands behind his head and was chatting quietly with Shannon, smiling shyly.

"Milo!" Ariana called sternly.

"Yes, ma'am," Milo replied suddenly alert.

"Come now," She ordered.

"Now, ma'am?" he asked, surprised.

"Right now."

Milo closed his eyes and his brow furrowed with concentration briefly.

"Aah!" he said explosively, convulsed with passion.

"Wooo!" Shannon whooped in surprise. "My Gawd," she cried, "I've just had a douche and I didn't have to get my butt cold on a bidet."

"Was that for real?" Sharon asked skeptically.

"Miss Front Desk! Off the merchandise."

"Ooh! Wait just a minute. There's one little thing I have to finish."

Sharon covered her smile with her hand. She shook head disbelievingly.

Sue said, "Well, I understand completely. It's unhealthy to stop in the middle."

"That's only true for men," Ariana corrected.

"That's your opinion, Ariana. Me, I feel like I'll die every time it happens."

"OK," Ariana decided, "work it out. But don't take all night."

"Thank you!" Shannon gasped with relief. She bent forward and grasped Milo by the shoulders and abruptly began a vigorous to and fro movement, so powerful the entire king size bed rocked, so energetic that Milo looked up in surprise.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she moaned compulsively.

"I think she was an athlete in school," Sue said admiringly.

"Broad jump?" Sharon asked.

"That was Milo's specialty," Sue giggled.

"Not so, Suzie. Milo was a virgin when he came here last night," Ariana murmured.

Sharon digested that for a moment. She said, "he seems to have overcome it."

Shannon was roaring with her second orgasm of the night. In the heat of passion she took a grip on Milo's neck and held on for all the leverage she could get. Milo made a throttled sound and struggled to pry her hands from his throat. It was a lost cause. Milo just hoped she would come before he lost consciousness.

"Isn't that cute," Sharon said. "She's hanging on to his neck like it was her first dance."

"Well, she sure has a natural gift for the ol' boogie-woogie," Sue observed.

Fortunately for Milo, her orgasm peaked soon after and Shannon collapsed panting on his chest.

"My, my!" Sharon said, "Fucked unconscious already! Not much staying power on that chick."

Shannon forced herself into a sitting position and looked at the three women through half-closed eyes. She raised her index finger vertically as if raising a point of order. "I'm still 'lert!"

"I love a striver," Ariana said. "OK, my little equestrienne, get off Secretariat. This race has been run." Sluggishly, Shannon lifted herself off Milo's dick and slowly rolled over, uttering a groan of tragic loss as she did so.

"What the fuck is that?" Sharon exclaimed pointing at his cock glistening and erect.

"That is his claim to fame, I bet," Sue sighed.

"That is the key to his fortune," Ariana said.

"That is a good friend," Shannon whispered.

The four women admired Milo in silence for several minutes. Sue licked her lips repeatedly. Sharon stroked the side of her neck. Ariana was in a reverie, thinking of good things past and future.

Shannon raised up on one elbow and grasped Milo's cock with a death grip. "Mine!" she said. "Mine! Mine until I'm unconscious."

"When does it get soft?" Sharon asked.

"I don't think it gets soft. After a while it might get worn to a point," Ariana said.

"We'll just have to see, won't we?" Sue observed.

"That we will," Sharon agreed.

 ...continues in "Milo and the Ladies" - click here to continue... 

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