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My Wife Lori #1

I left my wife Lori a couple of months ago because she accused me of cheating

on her (which I didn't). She's a stunning 5'10", 120 lbs., has medium length

blonde hair and deep brown eyes. A lot of people say she resembles supermodel

Bridget Hall--would you cheat on her?

I went to stay with my best friend Jeff, who told me to try and talk things

over with her. I was still pretty angry at her, not to mention overrun with

pride, so in my three-second-judgement mind I told Jeff he could have her for

all I cared.

"Hey," he said laughing, "you better not say that. I might take you up on it."

Now I had always liked the thought of Lori getting it on with other guys, but

aside from some pillow talk nothing ever came of it. Now I was ready to see

just how far I could push her.

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"Do you think Lori's hot?" I asked. "Hell yeah," he replied. "Shit, everyone thinks she's a fuckin' knockout, man!" "Well," I began, trying to hide my excitement, "How'd you like to fuck her?" "Yeah, right," he laughed. "Good one." "I'm serious, man," I assured him. "You and I can take turns with her." "What the hell makes you think she'll do that?" Jeff said. "Because we've done it before," I lied. I was so obsessed with getting her to let us tag team her that I began to invent truths out of fantasies I'd had for years. After relaying a totally bullshit story about a bouncer at a bar getting head from Lori as I fucked her from behind, Jeff seemed shocked...but nevertheless excited. "Mike, just do me one favor?" he asked sincerely. "Get her in that leather suit when we do it." He was referring to a black leather skirt suit that Lori seemed to conveniently wear every time poor Jeff was around. It's a short black bolero jacket that is just long enough to cover her stomach and an even shorter miniskirt with a slim, unassuming zipper hiding her treasures from lots of ogling eyes. The skirt hits her upper thigh, and when coupled with pumps or heels, Lori comes home with at least five phone numbers a night. "Oh, you like that outfit, huh?" I asked. "Dude, I love women in leather," he replied. "I don't know what it is about women in leather clothes that does it for me, but I start getting...I don't know...sick to my stomach when I see it." "So, you've got a thing for leather. That's nothing to be ashamed of." "So, will you get her in it?" he said, practically begging. "Sure," I replied. "What are friends for?" The next time I talked to Lori, it was apparent that we were going our seperate ways. Still, I asked her if we could share "one more night" together. She said she would like that too and asked what I had in mind. "How about something we've never done before, but have always wanted to try?" I said, desperate to get the hard part out of the way. "Such as?" she said suspiciously. "Such as a three-way," I answered quickly. "With another guy or another girl?" "I'm not a selfish man," I said laughing. "Another guy for you." "Do I get to pick him?" she asked. I was surprised that she was so agreeable to this. "Um...sure," I said. Great! Now I was in a bind. "How about Kevin?" she asked. Kevin is a friend of ours that owns a local record store, and I never knew she had an eye for him. "How about Jeff?" I asked. "Jeff?" she asked astounded. "He likes me like that?" "Yeah, and he wants you to wear that leather skirt job you have," I replied. "The leather skirt?" she asked laughing. "Why?" "He's got a fixation with leather, I guess," I answered. "And you do look fucking incredible in it." "Okay, I'll do it," she said. "Actually, that's really flattering to have some guy get off on me." "How about tomorrow night?" I asked. "I'll be there." When I told Jeff that she was coming, he was out-of-control excited. It was a chore to wait until eight o'clock for Lori to arrive. Lori showed up and looked like an ad for male masturbation. The leather was so perfectly aligned with her curves, she looked like she was born in the suit. And she was well-aware of that, believe me! Lori kissed me on the cheek, then kissed Jeff with a peck on the lips. She dropped her purse and took every opportunity to bend over, rub her hips and legs...and it was driving Jeff nuts! Around nine, Lori sat next to Jeff and slipped her hand into his crotch. "God, have you been hard like this all night?" she asked. "Yeah," he replied with a hint of embarrassment. "Well," Lori began as she unzipped his pants, "let me help you with that." She pulled out his dick, which can only be described as inhuman! It had to be at least nine inches long and two inches thick. "Wow! You put Kevin to shame," she said, slipping her lovely lips over the plum-purple head. It didn't even matter that she had just admitted to cheating on me; I wanted the both of us to nail her slutty ass to the bed. Jeff just stared down at her, rubbing her hair with one hand and her leather-covered ass with the other. Lori's cock sucking was sending me over the edge, so I decided to get in on the act. I positioned myself behind Lori's ass and slid her skirt up to her waist. I looked down at the back of her leather jacket, then down at the pushed-up skirt and started to get really horny myself for this black leather princess. I slid off her black lace panties and pushed my dick between her velvety folds. Lori then slid off the couch and down to her knees, where she proceeded to give him the single best blow job of his life! I got behind her and pounded her like there was no tomorrow. After five minutes of inspired fucking, Lori looked back at me and said, "Why don't you two switch places?" We changed places, and I now had Lori sucking my swollen cock while Jeff was getting acquainted with her pussy. Then it happened! Jeff began ramming himself into Lori at a frenzied pace, driving her absolutely wild in the process.! I swear, I have never seen two people fuck so hard in all of my life. Eventually, Lori abandoned my dick for fits of screaming and thrashing around. Before anyone knew what hit them, Jeff grabbed on to the shoulders of her jacket and yelled, "Oh, Holy Shit!" He then filled the back of her jacket with thick jet-streams of sperm. Both of them collapsed in a sweaty heap, and I had to settle for jerking off when I got home that night.

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