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"Hush Little Baby"


      (F~MMMM exhib lac reluc dream)

This story is based on a real dream that I had not two nights ago. The names are fictional, of course.

I was at the grand opening of the Medieval Torture Exhibit at the new Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. There were five of us, well, no six, actually. It was my best friend and her eight-month-old son, along with three other friends of ours. The entrance was those huge double doors with carved designs and looked to weigh a ton. There was a huge brass handle, at least a foot long, that you had to pull to get the door open. We pulled at the doors and entered the room. It was huge, at least two football fields long. It was full of people; they were milling around all over; pushing and shoving to see the different devices.

After looking around for about half-an-hour Samantha handed me little Jeremy to carry for a while. I was his godmother and just loved him to bits. Since I couldn't have children of my own, I kinda considered him my surrogate child. Samantha knew that and was actually honored that I chose her son to spoil and love so much. She got free babysitting whenever she needed it, as long as we weren't going out together.

There was a shuffling in the crowd and some excitement as a fight broke out between two ėskinheads' and a gay male interracial couple. I became separated from my friends in all the chaos. I wandered about trying to find them for a good twenty minutes. Then I remembered that the only way out of this place was to go down this long hallway (as long as the room itself) and go out the exit that was right next to the entrance. So, I started heading towards the exit.

All of a sudden, Jeremy started crying and I felt this pressure in my breasts. It was like there was some thick something or other trying to get out of my nipple. My breasts started to feel full. The pressure mounted and I felt as if there was a hot poker inside trying to get out through my nipple. After he stopped crying the pressure lessened, but never completely went away.

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Jeremy cried again and the heaviness started. I walked down the long hallway to get to the exit. I figured I could wait there for them, as it would be easier to see them in the exit than in the huge room I had been in. I was surprised to see that there were chairs lining the hallway in clusters of seven. Many of them were occupied. I finally found an empty chair next to a group of five young men. As I sat down Jeremy started to cry again, and once again there was that feeling in my breasts. I figured that since I didn't have his bottle, pacifier or anything and my hands might not be clean that the safest thing to do was to stick one of my tits in his mouth to get him to stop crying.

I tried to discretely lift my shirt and unhook my bra (luckily it clasped in the front), but I was being watched curiously by one of the guys sitting next to me. Once he realized what I was doing he whispered and nudged his friends to look at me too. I had to get Jeremy to stop crying so I shoved one of my nipples in his mouth. As he started to suck I felt the pressure increase to an extreme, and then all of a sudden I felt this searing hot blast shoot out of my nipple. As Jeremy sucked something started flowing out of my breast. I feared that I was bleeding into his mouth, and pulled him away. But to my incredible surprise there was a white liquid on his lips as he came unlatched from my tit and a drop of the same fluid was on my nipple. Somehow this child had caused me to lactate.

I quickly allowed Jeremy to suckle at my breast again, as it felt incredibly erotic to have a child nursing and milk flowing from me. My pussy started to get wet until I sensed one of the guys next to me get up. He walked up to me and said, "What do we have here?" as he lifted the other side of my shirt up and pulled my breast out of the cup of my bra. I asked him to stop, but before I even got the words out of my mouth he pinched my nipple. A stream of milk shot across the hallway and hit a man on the cheek.

I gasped as he strode over to me and instead of reprimanding the guy that squirted him he dropped to his knees and took my nipple in his mouth. He started sucking fiercely and the milk began to flow freely. Now I had a mouth at each tit drawing warm fluid from the nipple, sucking harder and harder. My clit began to twitch and I thought I was going to spontaneously cum. The man got up after five minutes or so and released my nipple from his mouth. He turned to the group of guys next to me and asked if they wanted some. Of course they all said yes, so one at a time they kneeled on the floor and took my sore aching tit into their mouth.

The first guy let his hand wander to my crotch and noticed that it was a tad bit damp. "Look, she's getting turned on by this," he said to his friends.

The second guy took the first guy's hand and put it to his nose to smell it. "Ohh, I've got to get me some of that!" he told his buddy and pushed him away from me.

As the second guy nursed on my nipple he found the band of my pants and stuck his hand down them, feeling for my wet pussy. He fiddled with me over my panties until the next guy wanted his turn. The third guy captured my breast and put his hand down my pants too, but went beneath my panties as well, touching my bare flesh. I shivered and moaned as he reached my wet slit. Just as he started to play with my pussy the fourth guy pushed him away. I sighed as the hand slid away from my cunt.

"Don't you worry, little momma, I'll take care of that itch you have," the fourth guy told me. He sucked and bit on my nipple, making me writhe in pain, but his hand was at my nether lips causing me incredible pleasure. He found my turgid clit easily and began playing with it, dipping his fingers down into my wet hole to lubricate them and then back up to my love button. My breathing started to change and I slid down a little in the chair to give him better access. I was getting close to climaxing when he stopped. The asshole. He let my nipple fall out of his mouth with a plop and them bent over to bite it again. I looked down at it and could see that it was an angry red and very swollen. It hurt so much, but I knew there was one more to go before this would be over.

The final guy lifted my poor, sore breast to his mouth and gently took my nipple into his mouth. He then slid his hand down my pants and resumed where the fourth guy had left off. I quickly rose to the level of excitement I was at just moments ago and felt the surge of my impending orgasm approach. I started moaning and writhing in the chair, and then began climaxing as my clitty pulsed and quaked and throbbed below. As I reached my peak the guy bit down hard on my nipple, causing me to cry out and significantly decreased the power of my climax. When he released it, I saw that he had drawn blood. "Now you will think twice before breast feeding in public, won't you bitch," he said as the group of them got up and left.

Jeremy had fallen asleep at my other breast, so I quickly brought the sides of my bra together and pulled my shirt down. Moments later I saw my friends. Samantha looked at me and then at Jeremy. "He looks so content" she said. "I'd thought he'd be starving by now." I said nothing as I handed her back her son, got up from the chair I was sitting on and continued to the exit with my friends.

Suddenly I felt disoriented and I looked at the clock. It was four am. It was just a dream. Thank goodness, although it sure felt real. I did feel damp between the legs and figured that it had excited me, and then the quiet stirring began in my clit. I let my hand wander to my breasts and practically leapt off the bed. My left nipple was incredibly sore. I pulled back the covers to find a trickle of dried whitish stuff down the slope of my breast from my nipple and a drop of dried blood above my nipple. I could see the bite marks around my areola. This had been a dream, hadn't it?

--- end ---


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