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"Girlfriend's Stepmom"

      by Don Juan

      (mF oral anal)

It was my junior year in high school and my girlfriend and I were planning for a great night of partying with our friends of the graduating class. Karen and I attended a private school and started dating at the beginning of our junior year. We were both virgins, she was religious and committed to her virginity until marriage. This was a source of frustration for me, as I was eager to 'pop her cherry'. Karen was still very giving in terms of oral sex, and all other ways of sharing herself with me, short of intercourse.

Karen's parents were holding a pre-graduation party for her brother (one year older than Karen) and friends. It was going to be quite an event at the family's estate.

I arrived at the house well before the party, hoping to spend some time with Karen before the party. When I announced myself, the family butler directed me to the library. After a few minutes of waiting, Karen's stepmom approached me and offered me a drink. She was wearing a thin silk robe, which clung to her impressive body - and a pair of stiletto heels. All told, she was 5'9" with a set of tits that were the talk of the high school. Karen is a beautiful girl, but her stepmother was the source of many a wet dream of the entire high school. She was no small part of my attraction to Karen. In fact, I often fantasized about her stepmother when going down on Karen.

Karen's stepmom offered me a drink, and I asked for a cold beer (probably thinking it was my only hope to control my hard on!) As I finished the beer, the Karen's stepmom directed me to the basement. I was beginning to get excited as this was my favorite spot in the house, because that is where the sauna was located.

As I reached the basement Karen's mom handed me a robe, and walked into the sauna. I removed my clothes and put on one of the terrycloth robe. I could barely close the robe due to the throbbing hard on I was experiencing. As I entered the sauna, it was already filled with steam and condensation. I could hear Karen's stepmom giggling in the corner. I was feeling excited and embarrassed all at once. I couldn't believe my incredible good fortune to be in a sauna with this beautiful woman....who also happened to be my girlfriend's stepmom.

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As I summoned up the courage to approach her in the sauna, Karen's stepmom lowered her robe...revealing her firm and substantial breasts. She asked me if I thought they were attractive, and beckoned me to sit next to her. At this point the sauna was getting very warm. Small beads of sweat were beginning to run down Karen's stepmom's body, from her neck and shoulders down into her robe.

I sat down next to her and traced the beads of sweat from her neck with my fingers. I was too excited to speak, and she responded to my touch by giggling. As my fingers reached her nipples, her breathing became fast and shallow. I then pulled the robe from her shoulders. This abrupt action seemed to startle her, and I began to fondle and lick her firm breasts. In response she dropped open her robe... all of the way down to her neatly trimmed muff.



A I began to suck her breasts, she responded by embracing me and pulled the robe from me. I pushed her back on the bench and pushed her robe away from her hips. As I began licking her clitoris, her body moved in rhythm with my actions. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy, as her hips rocked with my movements. Her moans and groans grew in frequency and volume as I increased the rate of my oral stimulation. Finally, she shuddered in a clitoral orgasm. Her entire body stiffened and then convulsed as she squeezed my head between her athletic legs. She was dripping more come from her neatly shaved pussy than I had ever seen before.

She then pulled out a condom and placed it on my throbbing cock - lifting her lean legs over my shoulders, welcoming me into her hot, dripping pussy. I began to furiously pound my rigid cock into her welcoming vagina. Needless to say, it didn't take long before I climaxed deep inside her.

I took the opportunity to let her know about my fantasies for her. She seemed to begin to get upset about that, asking me why it had taken me so long to show her my affection. She then told me that I was a nice boy, but that she needed a man to satisfy her. I told her that I would do anything to make her happy. She pulled out a fresh condom and lubricated it with gel. She positioned herself on the bench of the sauna on all fours, arching her back and tight ass towards me. As I thrust my once again rock hard cock into her tight ass, she alternately screamed at me and begged for more. I slapped and spanked her on the ass and legs until she begged me to stop. As I violently came into her ass, she pulled the condom off my cock and lapped up all of the cum.

We sucked and fucked until neither of us could respond any more. Karen's stepmom left the sauna...and recommended I join the party....

After this incredible interlude with Karen's stepmom, I changed back to my clothes and joined the party. Karen arrived shortly thereafter. She immediately took me to her room and we proceeded to lick and suck each other. While I was able to bring her to multiple orgasms, she was frustrated by her inability to do the same for me. I didn't bother to tell her about my 'quality time' with her stepmom.

As I left the house that night, Karen's stepmom stopped me at the door and thanked me for coming. She gave me a deep french kiss and told me to come back soon. I think that maybe I will have to schedule more visits while Karen is away!

- The End -

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