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"Frustration and Revenge Too"


      (MF, anal, bd, Mdom, rough, span, oral, toys)

He stood up and watched her walk inside with her abusive toys in hand. She went in the bathroom. He couldn't believe that she meant it but she always said what she meant. He was furious. He let her fuck him with her favorite toys and told him to get out. Who did she think she was?!

She figured she spent enough time in the bathroom. She wiped herself off, her pussy juice had started to run down her leg and she hadn't had her orgasm yet. She washed the toys off so they would be ready for the next round for her. She walked out of the bathroom and laid the toys on the bed. He startled her when he grabbed her. She assumed he had left. She was thrown brutally over his bare legs. The hair on his legs scratched her breasts as his still erect cock pressed against her hip. She was struggling, kicking and protesting for him to let her go. The more she struggled the tighter his grip was on her arm until he rested it across her back holding her down and constricting her chest. His massive hand covered most of her ass cheek as it came down hard. He spanked her like a spoiled child being punished, one whack after another after another. He didn't care if he hurt her. With each smack her ass tingled and burned and she could feel her pussy swell. When he was exhausted from smacking her ass he put one of his legs over one of hers and with his hand pushed her other leg painfully aside and shoved two fingers in her juicy cunt. The feel of her tight, glistening pussy muscles wrapping around his fingers drove them both crazy.

She continued to struggle, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. He put an arm under her and brought her ass up to his lips. He was kissing the handprints he had left on her as he moved his fingers in and out, twisting and turning until she moaned.

He let go of her legs and took his fingers out of her. He turned her so that her head was close enough to the floor for her to have to hold herself up. He grabbed her ankles and pulled them up so that his knees propped her up and her shins rested beside his ears. He buried his face in her sweet tasting pussy. He stretched the skin apart from her labia and moved his face all over her enlarged lips. He knew the stubble on his chin would be painful on her sensitive cunt but he didn't care, she deserved it. He had never seen her so wet. She was moaning loudly, crying out for more. He bit her lips, bit her clit until she tried to pull away and he wrapped his arms around her hips and fucked her with his tongue.

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All of a sudden he flipped her onto the floor. She was taken by surprise, her chest was heaving from the inverted position she was in and the excitement she felt. They looked at each other. She always tried to push him so that he would use force on her but he was afraid he couldn't stop. Now, he knew he had control but she needed to be punished.



He reached over and grabbed her wrist. She squirmed in his grip. He could see that she was turned on but thrown off guard by his behavior. He threw her face down on the bed. When she raised up he pushed her head down into the pillow. Her red ass was up in the air and she spread her knees in anticipation of his cock filling her pussy. He saw that she had thrown the lube onto the bed. He picked it up and massaged the smooth liquid on his cock. He proceeded by grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them as far as they would go and sliding his cock in her tight ass. He knew that she had done it to herself but she had never had a man do it and this time she was not in control. She let out animal like groans as he forced his way into her rectum. He could feel her sphincter tighten around his cock as he slid past it up into her until his balls rested against her pussy lips. He slowly slid his cock in and out as deep as he could go. She was yelling at him that it was more than she could handle but he showed her the same mercy she had shown him. He started pumping his dick in her ass just like he was fucking her pussy. He was watching her ass jiggle as he pounded her tight little sphincter.

She was whimpering now as she reached around to try to push him away. You're going to take this real cock in your ass bitch and like it. The pain she felt was delicious. It was hard for her to take but she gave in when he started pounding her. She was his little whore now and he knew it. His ass fucking was causing waves of excitement all through her body.

She reached over feeling for her trusty vibrator. She found it and turned it on the maximum vibration and placed it on her already swollen clit. She slid it inside her wet pussy. He could feel the vibrator in her pussy against his dick. She was pumping the vibrator in her cunt opposite his thrusts so that they both were pleasured twice as much. He jerked his dick painfully out of her ass and flipped her around in time to pump his cum all over her beautiful tits. She had pulled the vibrator out of her and was again rubbing her clit with it. He knew she was going to cum. Instead of watching her he watched as she worked her clit. He could see her lips tighten and the clench of her muscles as she ejaculated. Cum squirted out of her and onto the bed. He had never seen a female ejaculation and for both of them their night was complete.

- The End -

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