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Dressing Up

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My girlfriend and two of her friends were gong to a fancy dress party at a small seaside resort, and I was to drop her off at her friends house.

Once there Sue and the girls were to get changed before being driven to the coast in Joanne's car, and the three of them were going to stay in a chalet, which they had rented for a few days. when we arrived, we found that Joanne had phoned to say that she had a bad cold and that she would be able to come.

This caused the problem of transport, how to get to the party and no car for time spent at the coast. After much pleading by Sue and Julie I reluctantly agreed to drop off them at the party, then Julie suggested that I attend the party in place of Joanne.

I said OK, but I would drive home the following day, as I had work to do.

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The next problem was what to wear as it was to late to go to the hire shop and get a costume.

Sue suggested that as I was the same size as the missing Joanne I should wear her costume, which had been delivered earlier.

It was then that I discovered that they had intended to go as three policewomen and that I was to go in drag.

I didn't think much of the idea, but Sue persuaded me that they could make me up and that no one would know any different.

I had a very close shave, face and legs and then it was time to get dressed.

First I put on a black suspender belt and tight white panties, with Sue's help, so that I wouldn't ladder the stockings.

Next I put on a very lacy white bra, which was padded with some tights to give me a good figure. Julie came into the bedroom where I was getting dressed and said that I looked very nice, but I did have a large bulge in my panties and that it would show when I put on the skirt.

This was solved by borrowing a white pantie girdle from Julie, and this hid my manhood nicely. Sue then made my face up, by putting on foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blusher and lipstick. Julie had a medium length black wig and she fitted it and combed in into shape, to give me a convincing look.

The outfit was finished off with the rest of the uniform, petticoat, black skirt, white blouse and black tunic I borrowed a pair of shoes with a low heel from Julie, as our feet are the same size, and I was ready to stand in front of the mirror to see if I looked the part or not.

My breathe was taken away when I saw the reflection of a very attractive WPC and I knew that visually I could pass as a women.

The transformation had happened so fast that I had not had time the think about what I was wearing, but now I was feeling the silky smooth stocking on my legs, the suspender belt against my thigh, being stretched holding up the stockings, the softness of the bra around my chest and best of all, my penis being held down by the tightness of the panties and the firmness of the panti girdle. I lifted the hem of my skirt until I saw my stocking tops and I could feel my penis struggling to gain an erection, by unable to because of the girdle.

Sue saw me admiring myself in the mirror and said that if I managed to last the night at the party we would stay at the chalet with Julie and that I would get a reward for being so brave. We walked to the car and the feeling of the skirt rubbing against my legs made me feel giddy with pleasure

While we were driving to the resort Julie asked me how I felt being dressed as a woman ? I told her that the clothes, especially the underwear felt fantastic and that the feeling and the smell of the make up made me feel very randy.

Julie said she and Sue would give me a night to remember when the party was over. The party was brilliant, I danced and drank and had a really good time with the girls. I nearly slipped up when I went to the toilet as I first went to enter the gents, was stopped and re-directed to the ladies by Sue.

The toilet was an experience in itself. I had to sit down for a pee, as my feet might be seen under the cubicle door by any one else in the toilet.

Sitting on the toilet with my knickers and girdle pulled down to my knees and the sight of my suspenders made me want to masturbate, but I knew that I mustn't as I did not want spoil the surprise that I had been promised later.

By the end of the night I was feeling a bit tipsy, and was flaunting myself a little, you know, crossing and uncrossing my legs. And one time when I was standing at the bar, waiting to get served, Julie stood beside me and told me that it had been her idea that I dress as a woman. She reached her hand down between my legs, rubbed my crotch and when I looked at her she gave me a small kiss on the lips. We sat back down with Sue and she said that she had seen Julie touch me and kiss me, and that she was so turned on that she wanted us to go to the chalet and give me my reward. We finished our drinks in a hurry and left.

As I had had to much to drink we had to walk to the chalet, about half a mile. We walked arm in arm in the cool night air and I could feel Julie's hand on my bottom, rubbing between my buttocks. We stopped about 100 yards from the chalet and Sue and Julie stood in front of me, embraced each other and kissed full on the lips. Their tongues probed each others mouth and I saw Sue's hand caressing Julie's breast.

My penis was now fully erect, despite the control of the pantie girdle and I started to rub myself between my legs. Sue and Julie stopped kissing and we held hands as we finished our journey to the chalet.

When we entered the chalet Julie reached into her handbag and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and pulling my hands behind my back, locked my wrists together. Sue pushed me onto the sofa and then she kissed and felt Julie's body, Julie returned her kiss, leaving me, on the sofa, with my hands behind my back, wanting to join in. Slowly Sue and Julie removed each others outer clothing, leaving them both standing in front of me in just their underwear, stockings, panties and bras. I wanted them to touch me the way that they were touching each other but I could not join in because of the handcuffs keeping my arms behind my back. I leaned against the back of the settee, looking down at the curves of my breasts against my white blouse and opened my knees wide, so that my skirt started to ride up my thighs, exposing my stocking tops.

Julie saw my movements, bend down and pulling my skirt right up to my hips. This exposed my stockings, suspenders and panti girdle. I groaned with delight as Sue ran her hand between my legs, rubbing my cock through the tight material, which was restraining my manhood. Julie was now kissing me hard and rubbing my breasts, while rubbing herself and inserting a finger in her cunt. Sue stopped touching my and said that it was time to find out what it felt like to be a girl. Slowly she took off her knickers and reaching into her over night bag pulled out a strap on penis. Julie helped her to position the strap-on cock by tightening the straps round her waist and between her legs.

I was beginning to get frightened, but I knew that I had no choice as I was still handcuffed and they had the power over me. Sue knelt between my thighs and lifted my legs so that they rested on her shoulders. I had taken Sue like this many times before and I knew that in this position penetration would be very deep. Julie pulled my underwear to one side and gently smoothed some KY jelly in and around my bottom, telling that I was going to enjoy the experience. I felt the tip of the strap on cock touch my entrance and a surge of pleasure ran through my body. Julie began to kiss me and feel my breasts as I was penetrated. I arched my back to make the entry easier and not to hurt me. I felt as if I would split as the whole of the strap-on reached deep into me, making me want to open me legs.

My cock was fully erect while being held by my panti girdle and Julie was assisting Sue at the rear as she slid the strap-on in and out. I was only being fucked for five minutes when my cock exploded inside my underwear, my body was shaking with pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure ran through me with each stroke of her cock and I let out a long moan as my climax peaked. Sue gently pulled her cock out of my bottom with a satisfied grin of her face and asked if I had enjoyed being fucked? I could only murmur that I had and that I wanted to be fucked again. She told me that maybe she would later but now it was her turn to have some fun with Julie and that I could watch.

Laying me on my side, still with my hands locked behind my back, my ankles were tied together and watched and enjoyed Sue and Julie perform the most erotic lesbian sex act imaginable. Later that night, after I had been released, we agreed that I should stay with Julie and Sue for the rest of the holiday and that as I had passed as a girl at the party I should stay as a girl. That's how I spent the next three days of the holiday, wearing lingerie, clothes and make up. When we returned home Sue decided that she preferred me as a girl and that's how I dressed and behaved ever since, only we take it in turns to be tied up.

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