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My Girl Colleen by

My girlfriend Colleen and I have been happily dating for almost two years.

She's a stunning beauty: only 19, 4"11, 90 lbs. (a perfect size two), with

long blonde hair and hazel eyes. Our sex life had been great, but the both of

us were searching for something more...dangerous. However, neither of us ever

thought of "sharing" her with other guys. I had no interest in other women;

she is all I need. But the thought of her turning on another guy did things to

my libido.

I have a friend who's father owns a local bar and I told him that Colleen and

I would stop by and see them. When Colleen came out of the bedroom wearing a

plain white t-shirt and blue jean skirt, I was a little disappointed. I really

hoped she would wear something a little sexier because I was hoping some of

the guys in the place would salivate at the sight of her.

"Why don't you wear something a little sexier, sweetie" I said delicately.

"Like what?" she asked innocently.

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"I don't know. Let's find something in your closet." Even though she protested a little, she allowed me to sift through her closet for an outfit. When I saw "the outfit," I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten about it. I pulled it out and handed it to her. "That's it, babe," I said. It was a tight pair of black leather pants that hugged her every curve and were tight from the waist all the way to the ankles. They are so buttery soft, it feels like to even brush against her in them. Colleen, however, didn't see things my first. "It's too warm for leather," she said. "Oh, baby...please?" I asked on the verge of begging. Just imagining what some of the guys in that place would be thinking about my lovely girlfriend got my dick rock-hard. After a few minutes of prodding, Colleen gave in and said, "Fine, but if I start sweating, I'm going home!" "Are you gonna wear heels with those?" I asked hopefully. "Why not?" she said. "I can't wear gym shoes, can I?" Leather pants and heels? Oh boy, my dick was going to be sore all night long. Colleen decided to go with a black leather biker jacket to complete the look, and I was so fucking horny I wanted to jerk off before we went. But I decided to let it all build up in me and explode it when it was warranted. I looked her up and down, taking in the lights shining off her silky legs and couldn't wait a minute longer to get her to the bar. We pulled up in the small parking lot and Colleen started to get antsy. "Let's say hello and leave. I'm starting to get hot." Boy, me too! I helped Colleen out of the car, and we were immediately met with two guys leaving the bar. Both of them looked Colleen up and down, and the guy twice the size of me said, "Hey baby, how much?" In quick, smart ass fashion, Colleen replied, "Too much for you, asshole." We entered the bar and got by the bouncer after Tony and his dad spotted us. "Hey, how goes it?" Tony said, shaking my hand. I quickly scanned the bar and was happy to see at least fifteen guys in the place, ranging in age from 21 to 50. A lot of the guys didn't notice her right away, but a couple of them did and sized her up nicely. God, that leather outfit was fucking my mind up so badly! We sat down and talked to Tony for a bit, then his dad came over and introduced himself to Colleen and me. I was so busy watching the crowd for a reaction to Colleen's leather suit, I almost missed Anthony (Tony's dad) ask her to stand up. When she did, he said, "Hot damn, lady. That's some outfit!" "Thanks. It's his favorite," she replied, nodding at me. "I can see why," he answered. "There's nothing better than black leather on a gorgeous young lady like yourself." Colleen thanked him again, and Tony pulled me aside by the bathrooms. "Dude, I'm sorry, man," he said sincerely. "Ever since he and mom got divorced he's been hitting on every woman in sight." Suddenly, I was getting more horny than ever before in my life! "He likes her suit a lot," I said. "I don't mind, really." "Let me tell you," he began, "if Colleen wasn't with you, he'd have her sucking him off in the back room before the night was over. He's got a thing for leather." Oh, yes, there is a heaven! "No kidding?" I said. "How old is your old man?" "48. Why?" "I'm going to confide something in you, Tony," I said. Then I told him everything from my obsession with leather to my hidden agenda for the evening. Tony listened to everything, then smiled. "So you want my dad to fuck her, is that it?" he laughed. "Do you think he would?" I asked. "Oh, man, he'll fuck her silly, dude. I just don't want to watch my father getting laid, you know what I mean?" "You don't have to, man," I assured him, "but how do we go about this?" "Well, I'll talk to him and tell him what you said, then it's up to him." "Just let me see what Colleen says first," I said, walking back to the bar. When we got back to the bar, I was shocked and excited to see two guys by Colleen, clamoring for her attention. Anthony was talking with assorted patrons around the place when I sat down next to Colleen, and I was surprised to see her drinking a Screwdriver. I could tell it was loosening her up a bit because she was quite flirtatious with the two guys right in front of me. When they left, she turned to me and said, "Oh, don't be jealous. After all, they love the outfit that you wanted me to wear." "I'm not jealous at all," I assured her. "Actually, it's kind of a turn-on to see you have this effect on men." Colleen asked me to get her another drink, to which I had Tony whip one up for her. When she was halfway through it, I asked her if she was glad she wore the leather suit. "Well, I'm sweating my ass off, but it's great to get all this attention," she said. "Are you horny?" I asked. "Yeah," she said smiling. "Really horny." I asked her if she felt like being a little dangerous, and she looked at me with a slutty look on her face. "Like what?" "Wanna fuck one of the guys in here?" I said, hoping she was loose enough from the drink to not slap me and storm out. She took another gulp from the glass and looked around the room. "He's kind of cute," she said, pointing at one of the guys that was standing by her when I came back, "but I'd only give him head, or something." "How about Tony's dad?" I asked, again waiting for a slap. She shook her head. "He's too old." "But he loves the leather on you," I protested. I never wanted anything so badly in my life before then. "How about this?" she began after finishing her drink. "I'll jerk him off, but that's it. He's just too old for me." Well, that was better than nothing. "Okay. Do you want to tell him?" "Hell no! It's you idea, you tell him. And I'm not going to do it out here in the open." "No, of course not," I said. "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Well, I can't send the man home with a hard-on, can I?" she said smiling. I told Tony what Colleen said, and he went to his father with the message. After a few cock-straining minutes, Tony came back to me and said, "Well, he said he wants to talk to you first." I went over to Anthony and he said, "What's going on now?" "Colleen said she wants to jerk you off," I said, honestly a little afraid of the man. He was 6'3 with a nice cut of muscle to him, and he was intimidating! "Why?" he asked. "Because you liked her outfit, dad," Tony said. "You and your closet leather fetish." "Well," he began with a smile, "if she's willing to do it, I'll go along with it. I suppose you wanna watch, right?" "Not if you don't want me to." "Why not? Watch and learn, son," he said with a laugh. "I'll show her a cock the size of a baseball bat." He talked to Colleen for about ten minutes, then told some guy to watch the bar for him for about twenty minutes. She looked so tiny next to his overwhelming frame as he helped her to her feet. He picked up her jacket from the stool next to her and motioned for me to come to the back room with them. We got to the back room and Anthony closed and locked the door behind him. Colleen sat down in a loveseat and watched his every move as he said, "We've gotta make this fast, little lady." He proceeded to unbutton and unzip his pants, releasing a massive cock that looked seven inches long only halfway hard. Colleen went to wrap her hand around the massive shaft, only to realize that her tiny hand couldn't grip it all the way around. Ever the trooper, she took both hands and began rubbing him up and down at a frenzied pace. He was grunting and panting, rubbing her long golden hair and saying, "Oh baby, it feels so good." The sight of Colleen literally straining to get the guy off was building my orgasm to a boiling point! Her tiny hands molested Anthony's penis and pounded on it like it was the last cock she'd ever see. Her tiny hands engulfed his bulging prick as he stepped closer to her, but suddenly he pulled away from her and picked up her biker jacket. "Do me a favor, babe? Put this on for me," he said. "Are you serious?" she asked, shaking her sore hands. "Absolutely," he said. "I want to cover that pretty little jacket with hot sperm." "Yeah, and will you clean it for me too?" she asked. She sighed and stood up to slip the tiny jacket on for him. He continued to stoke himself as she adjusted it, then, without warning, he groaned and blasted six thick streams of semen all over her jacket, shirt and pants. He assaulted himself with an incredible fury and said, "Oh God!" There stood Colleen, covered with hot white cum on her shiny black leather. Life was good!

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