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"The Body and Blood"

      by Lilly Rose

      (MF vampire)

"Please, no...", she begged , as her shawl fell willingly to the cold , hard floor of the cathedral. Her lily white corset was now stained with the crimson liquid streaming down from the tiny pricks on the nape of her neck.

"Be still," he demanded.

With a swift, graceful motion, he grabbed the rope of the friar's robe that had been tied so tightly around his waist. The rope had the three sacred knots of virtue; one for obedience, one for poverty, and the largest for chastity.

How he clung to his knots of virtue and his gaudy crucifix when the vampire slashed open his throat.

The vampire used the rope to bind her wrists to the base of the altar. To think, it was once used in remembrance of holy chastity... It chafed her virgin skin, burning and searing her delicate arms. She never knew a man's touch, and she worried now that she never would, for this creature was no man. Horrified, she lay stretched over the altar as she feebly knocked over the body and blood of the savior who abandoned her now in His own house.

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Somehow, in the deepest part of her mind...she hoped that He would not interfere with her now. She pondered this as he roughly started unlatching the front of her corset. She felt the blood rush between her legs as her tender, ivory breasts were revealed to the musty air of the church. She longed for him to fondle the hard, raspberry nipples that jumped out at his touch.

He had something else in mind.

Before she could blink, she was lying there, completely naked on the cold marble surface of the altar. He had ripped off the remains of her clothes in a fiery rage, and the look in his eyes let her know how hungry he was. All at once she felt his probing tongue enter her mouth and his long, thick fingers entering the small orifice between her legs. Her sex was throbbing, and soaking wet as his fingers explored the inside of her tiny womb. Her lips stretched to conform to the needs of his demanding hands.

How strange it was to taste her own blood inside the mouth of another.

She went weak at the boldness of his touch, and gloomily, she decided to abandon all hope of fighting back. She would succumb to his hunger, and the rapture would begin. She opened her eyes as he lifted his head from her kiss, and she looked at the face of her violator. His long, black hair was intoxicating to behold, and his fair alabaster skin was spotted with her blood. His eyes stared through her while she lay there, helpless in the middle of the night. How lovely he looked....

Only in her naughtiest dreams had she ever felt such a tremendous explosion of pleasure. Suddenly a filthy, despicable longing came over her completely. She craved the decadent combination of his venomous blood and his delicious sex on the tip of her waiting lips. She blushed as she fantasized about it dripping down her chin and travelling along the length of her neck. She imagined it as a balm for the wound that was so strategically placed on her jugular.

He tried to remember a more beautiful victim, but she was by far the fairest. With that thought in his head, he slipped his perfect, pink cock deep inside of her. She let out a scream that he would never forget, and it pleased him so that he laughed at her with a wicked grin in his piercing eyes.

Again and again he thrust inside her, filling her tight little pussy with the eons of damnation that infested his blood. She tried to be good...she didn't want to let the pleasure flood inside her. But with every thrust he took her breath away, and waves of ecstasy invaded her once virtuous being. It seemed as if he knew what she was thinking. Every time he touched her she wanted to squeal with forbidden delight. She shuddered at the feel of his hands on her breasts. Then he brushed his hand over her heart, and a cold wind seemed to go through her. Then, in the middle of ravishing her, he suddenly stopped and slid out from her tight grip.

"No, please don't stop!" she cried, to her surprise.

"Don't make me tell you again to be still." he solemnly warned.

With that, he dismounted the altar and pulled her legs apart, exposing the dripping flower between her thighs. He leaned in closer to smell her sex, and he looked pleased as she cowered in her own shame at the thought of her exposed body. All of a sudden, she felt his tongue invade her once again, this time between her legs. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she let out a scared, yet satisfied moan from her cherry lips. His mouth felt wonderful as he licked and lapped at her swelling lips, and she couldn't imagine a time where she didn't have this kind of pleasure in her life.

Then it happened...she didn't know what he had done to her, but she screamed so loud that it echoed throughout the entire cathedral. The pain was unbearable. Then she realized, as his head came up from between her thighs, that he had bitten her once again. His mouth was smeared with her innocent blood, and she could not deny the rush of excitement that came over her at the sight of him.

Then he mercilessly mounted her once again and thrust his sex so deep inside of her that she could taste it in the back of her throat. The pleasure overrode the pain as he started thrusting into her, even faster this time, and much harder. She was crying now, overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation. He started moaning. He seemed to be pleased that she was crying and carrying on in such a way. Then she felt something flooding inside of her, like a scorching hot liquid that warmed her from the inside out.

She let it seep into her very soul as he raged and shook and exploded inside her. His venom rushed deep into her tarnished flower, and at the sinful feel of it being forced inside her body, she came with him in a moment of weakness that she would never live to regret.

- The End -

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