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Andrea's Story

By: Andrea

My name is Andrea. My boyfriend, Michael, and I have been avid readers of Penthouse letters for several years. We are both sexually adventurous and recently had an extremely interesting experience that we would like to share with your readers. I am thirty-seven years old. 5 feet 3 inches tall, and weigh about 110 lbs. I am a natural redhead with long hair that comes down to just a little below my waist. I have a fairly athletic figure. Michael and I are both tournament level racquetball players. In fact, I met Michael at a racquetball tournament. Michael has just turned forty. He is 6 foot tall, very muscular and weighs 190 pounds. His hair is brown and he has a brown mustache. We have been together now for almost ten years. Our relationship is fabulous and most of our friends say that since we are so committed to each other that a wedding ceremony would just be redundant.

About seven years ago Michael brought home an X-rated video titled, The Story of O. The basic story of this movie is around the theme of domination. In this story the lady gains an understanding of how to obtain power through the art of submission. I found the premise of this video to be an extreme turn on. At the end of the movie the main starlet of the film demonstrates her new found sexuality by appearing at a party completely naked except for this ornate eye mask and cape. She opens her cape to display her beautiful body and the camera zooms in on her pussy so you can see that she has a pierced clitoris.

I do not know exactly why, but I almost had on orgasm the moment I saw her pierced clit. Over the next several days the thought of having my own clit pierced kept running through my mind. I discussed the idea with to find out if he thought it would be too weird, or a turn off. On the contrary, he found the idea just as exciting as I did. Over the next several weeks I placed several calls and obtained the name of a local dermatologist that I was told would be willing to perform the procedure. I contacted him and made an appointment. I wasn't to sure what to expect but I had heard the he was familiar with the procedure and had done a great deal of body piercing. When I contacted him and made the appointment he recommended that I shave the general area. He said that he felt that it helped reduce the chances for infection.

The morning of my appointment, while I was talking a shower, I lathered up my pussy and began to shave the hair from around my clit. At some point I decided it would be easier for me to just shave completely, so I did. After my shower I looked at my newly shaved pussy and thought how nice and smooth it looked. At the doctors office the whole procedure took less than fifteen minutes

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That evening I showed Michael the results. When he saw my completely shaved pussy with my newly pierced clit, he became so horny that I thought he was going to explode. Prior to this I had never completely shaved my pussy for him. He wanted to go down on me almost immediately but I had to curtail his fun for the moment. Although the procedure itself was absolutely painless I did have a small amount of residual swelling and my clit was slightly tender.

After a couple of weeks everything had healed nicely and both Michael and I had a great deal of fun playing with our new found toy. Michael's response to me shaving my pussy was so exciting. the sight of my bald pussy constantly excited him. So much so that I decided to continue to completely shave for him from that point on. After about two years, I went back to my dermatologist and through electrolysis had him permanently remove all of the hair from my pussy and pelvic area.

It took several treatments before all of the hair was permanently gone, and over the next couple of years I would periodically go back and have him zap any stray hairs that popped up. For the last several years my pussy has been completely hairless.

About a month ago Michael came home one evening and presented me a gift. It was a small gold wire hoop. It looked almost like an earring but it made a complete circle. This hoop had a small gold ball on it. Michael had gotten the hoop from a store that specializes in pierced jewelry. The gold hoop itself was a little over an inch in diameter. Attached to the hoop was a beautiful gold rope chain about sixteen inches long. The chain was delicate looking in weight but was really quite sturdy. On the opposite end of the chain there was a small half moon shaped object about the size of a fifty cent piece. It looked like part of a friendship pendent. You know, where a full pendent had been cut into two pieces such that only those exact two pieces fit together precisely. The pendant had letters U S T E Y on it from top to bottom.

Michael said that the hoop and chain were a special piece of jewelry for me to wear in a special place. As he told me this he was grinning from ear to ear. I wore it for him that evening. The small chain and pendent would shake slightly as I walked around and to my surprise sent its motions through the hoop, which in turn stimulated my clit. That Saturday, Michael asked if I was in the mood to act out a fantasy the he had. Michael and I had acted out fantasies in the past where I might put on a super short mini skirt and a revealing top and go to one of the local dance clubs and let men try to seduce me. I would be extremely provocative to them but in the end Michael would come in be the lucky guy who got to take me home for the night. I thoroughly enjoyed Michael's fantasies in the past so I was game for his plans for that evening.

Michael told me that for the evening I was to wear the gold hoop and chain and that once I put them on I would have to obey everything that he told me to do without hesitation. As I inserted the hoop through my clit I began getting extremely turned on and I didn't even know what was in store for the evening. I put on the gold hoop and chain as he instructed me. He then said I was to put on my black thigh-high garters, black high heels, and around my waist he instructed me to wear another small gold chain. I was to wear these items and nothing more. I followed his instruction and then briefly admired myself in my dressing room mirror. I thought I looked pretty hot.

As I walked into the living room, Michael was holding my black leather coat and standing by the front door. He held the coat open like I was to put it on but he asked that I wear the coat over my shoulders with my arms and hands on the inside of the coat. He placed the coat around me and then buttoned my coat with a single button just above my waist. As I took steps towards the door I noticed that with each step I was exposing a lot of leg. I am very proud of my legs. All of my life men have commented on how nice my legs looked, so I felt comfortable showing a little more leg than I would normally. The gold chain and pendent were clearly visible hanging below the hem of my coat.

I got in the car and Michael instructed me to close my eyes and he would tell me when I could open them. We drove for quite some time. Michael had spread my coat open from the waist down so that my pussy was completely exposed. As we drove he would reach over and caress my legs and occasionally pull on the gold chain which was attached to my clit. I spread my legs apart as wide as possible so he could have easier access to anything he wanted. By the time we stopped and he parked the car all I could think of was getting on top of him and fucking his brains out. He came around and opened my door and helped me out. As I stood up I heard a slight metallic sound and Michael reached around me inside my coat with both his arms and very gently handcuffed me with my hands behind me. He then gave me a long deep French kiss and fondled my breasts and pussy under my coat. At this point I would have been willing to lay on the ground and let him fuck me on the spot.

Michael said I could open my eyes for a moment so I did. Michael reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small vibrator. It looked to be about an inch in diameter and about five inches long. He then placed the tip of the vibrator into the gold hoop on my clit, and secured the cord of the vibrator with the gold chain around my waist. He turned the vibrator on and placed the battery pack into the breast pocket of my coat. Michael asked me to close my eyes again and he would tell me when I could open them. We then turned around and proceeded to walk away from the car. The vibrator was held snugly against my clit by the gold hoop, with each step that I took the vibrator would rock back and forth on my clit.

As we walked I could hear people talking and as we went through a set of doors I could feel the rush of air conditioning. Michael leaned over and whispered that I could open my eyes. It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the light but when they did I realized that we were at the Galleria shopping mall. The Galleria is one of Dallas's finest malls. Michael looked at me and said with a grin, " Lets do some shopping."

We walked along looking at the window displays of the various shops. Between the chain dangling around and the vibrator rubbing my clit I was getting hornier and hornier. I knew that it wouldn't be long before I reached an orgasm. Michael reached inside my coat and gently tugged the chain back and forth and told me that I wasn't allowed to have an orgasm until he said so.

He then told me that we were going to play a little game of hide-and-seek. He told me to turn around and count to twenty and then I would have to come find him. While I was counting to myself I began looking at all of the people shopping. Michael knew me very well. There I was standing less than a foot away from several people and they weren't aware that I was completely naked, handcuffed with a vibrator rubbing my clit building a cataclysmic orgasm. It was such a turn on.

I turned back around and Michael was no where in sight. As I began walking to search for Michael I noticed that the vibrator rocked back and forth on my clit at the same speed that I walked. I was trying to think where Michael might be but it was extremely difficult to concentrate on anything other than the feeling building in my pussy.

It suddenly dawned on me exactly where Michael was. There was a small lingerie boutique at the other end of the mall. I began walking in the direction of the boutique. I was trying desperately to think of other things to hold back my orgasm when suddenly a women bumped into me. The vibrator was now vibrating at twice it's previous intensity. I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold back for long. I continued walking and suddenly I knew I couldn't postpone the inevitable any longer. I turned and faced the window display and tried to be inconspicuous. I came very quietly but very hard. I tried to keep my legs from shaking. I turned and continued walking toward the lingerie boutique. By the time I reached the lingerie boutique I had had about six orgasms.

I walked into the boutique and there was Michael picking me out a beautiful silk evening shirt. He saw me and came over and held the nightshirt in front of me and asked, "What do you think?" I whispered in his ear and said," I think that I want you to take me somewhere and fuck me. With that Michael reached inside my coat and stole a squeeze of my left nipple and proceeded to turn the vibrator off. He then reached down and untangled the vibrators cord from the chain around my waist, slipped the vibrator out of the ring on my clit and placed in my inside breast pocket. We both walked over and Michael placed the evening shirt back on the rack. He gently reached inside my coat and pulled the chain outside my coat. He looked at me and said, I want to show you something interesting. We proceeded to walk through the mall and into one of the largest department stores in the mall. Michael slowly leading me through the store by the delicate gold chain attached to my clit. Gently pulling me along to a destination only he knew. We came to the jewelry counter and stopped. He looked at me and asked that stand there for a moment and that he would be back in just a minute.

I stood there looking at the jewelry in the glass cases trying to appear interested. I heard a female voice behind me asking if I was interested in anything in particular. I turned around to see a very strikingly beautiful blonde. I found out later that her name is Susan. Susan was tall with an extremely athletic figure. She was wearing black cigarette legged jeans that showed off her extremely long sensuous legs. She walked right up next to me and repeated, "Is there something in particular you are looking for?" Before I had time to respond she noticed the pendent and reached down for it. She moved so quickly that I hadn't time to move away. She held the gold pendent in her hand and said, "Now this is an interesting piece." She moved the pendent up towards her to get a better look at it. I had to rise up on my toes slightly because the chain attached to the pendent and ultimately to my clit was not very long. My actions were so noticeable she pulled the pendent towards her again and I had to move my body slightly in the same direction. Here I was standing with an absolute stranger and she is holding a chain in her hand that is attached to my clit.

She looked at me and gave me a wry smile and said, "Are you being a naughty girl today?" As she spoke she reached into her pocket a pulled out the matching piece for the pendent on the chain. She placed the two pendant pieces together and held it so I could see that I could read the lettering on the pendent. The pendent said, "You must obey." While Susan was still tautly holding the chain with her right hand she reached over and unbuttoned my coat. My coat fell to the floor and I was standing there completely naked. She tugged the chain slightly and stared at my completely hairless pussy and said, "My! You are a nasty girl aren't you?"

While still holding the pendent in her hand she turned and began walking towards the ladies dressing room. I was simultaneously ashamed and excited. Here I am being paraded around in public, by my clit, being walked into the ladies dressing room by this beautiful blond haired woman. Susan led me into one of the larger changing rooms and closed the door behind us

I had never had sex with a woman before. I had fantasized about it many times, but had never had the opportunity to play out the fantasy. She reached down and grabbed the chain and gently pulled me towards her. She began to kiss me on my neck and then slowly worked her way down and began sucking my breasts and teasing my clit by shaking the chain back and forth. As she alternated between sucking and biting on each of my nipples she reached down and placed her middle finger through the ring on my clit and then placed her finger slightly inside me. As she moved her finger inside me she was also rubbing my clit with the base of her finger. There was a small sitting bench in the dressing room and she instructed me to place my right foot up on it. She continued to finger my pussy and I was beginning to get extremely wet. She pulled her finger out from inside me and put it in her mouth to suck my pussy juice off of her finger. She then knelt down in front of me and began staring at my hairless pussy. She gently spread my pussy lips apart with her thumbs and began to slowly lick and suck my clit. I was watching her and myself in the full-length mirror at the end of the dressing room. It was so exciting to be watching another women eating my pussy. It felt wonderful!

She then slipped her blouse and pants off and returned her attention to my pussy. After a while she stood up and French kissed me very deeply. I could taste my pussy on her mouth. I was instructed to kneel in front of her and spread my legs apart as wide as I could. I didn't even hesitate, I just immediately followed her commands. She placed her left foot on top of the sitting bench and looked down at me and moved her pussy towards my mouth.

As I stated earlier, I had never had sex with a women before this. I stared at her pussy for a moment. Her pussy was partially shaved. Not completely hairless like mine, but she had shaved the lips of her cunt and had made a nice small little triangle out of her bush. Her cunt lips were so pink. I desperately wanted to eat her pussy. I moved my mouth towards her cunt and she moved it away from me slightly. I looked up at her and she said, "Tell me what you want to do. to me" I stared at her pussy again and heard myself saying, "I want to lick your beautiful pussy." She but her finger on my chin and lifted my head up so I was looking into her eyes. She said, "You forgot to say please." I almost shouted it out, "Oh, please, please let me lick your pussy." She then thrust her pelvis forward and I instantly started licking and sucking her clit. I had seen many girl- girl X rated movies so I had a pretty good idea of what to do.

Susan's pussy tasted wonderful. As I continued to lick and suck her pussy she began to moan and thrust her pussy harder and harder on my mouth. Her moans excited me even more. I began licking her even faster and her moans became louder. Suddenly I heard another female voice behind me. I turned around to see that one of the sales girls from the floor had come into the dressing room. I gasped and pulled back from Susan. I couldn't move back very far because Susan's left foot was standing on the gold chain. Susan looked down at me with a wild look in her eyes and said, "I didn't say you could stop licking my cunt." She then grabbed me by the back of the head and pushed my mouth onto her pussy. She began hunching her cunt on my mouth. Susan said, "I want you to stare at this women while you eat my pussy." I opened my eyes and the sales girl was watching me with the eyes of a connoisseur.

I stared straight into her eyes and began sucking Susan's pussy like I was possessed. It was such a turn on to be caught in the act of eating another women's. The sales girl began rubbing her own breast through her clothes. She began squeezing her nipples through her blouse. I noticed her nametag said, "NYLA." She turned away slightly and then removed her coat and blouse. I could see that she had really large firm breasts. My breasts are not huge but they are not tiny either. She turned her back to me and removed her skirt and bra. She was not wearing any panties but had on a black garter and hose. She tossed her bra to the side. She turned and began walking towards Susan and I. I began looking over her body and noticed that both of her nipples were pierced.

Nyla walked over and pressed her body against Susan's. She then reached up and put both of her hands on Susan's left breast and began sucking and lightly biting her nipple. When she raised her hands I could clearly see that her pussy was completely shaved. When I saw that shaved pussy I instantly knew how Michael must have felt the first time I shaved for him. Without hesitation I moved over and began licking that bald pussy. Let me tell you that licking a clean shaven pussy is really a fascinating experience. You can just freely run your tongue over the lips and suck the clit into your mouth without swallowing a bunch of little hairs. I now understand why this seems to excite men so much.

After a few moments Susan moved around and without saying a word turned me around and playfully pushed me onto my back. Nyla immediately dropped to her knees and spread her legs apart until her cunt was resting on my mouth. Susan then spread my legs apart and began sucking and licking on my pussy. Nyla reached down and grabbed hold of the gold chain. She then began to pull ever so gently on my clit as Susan continued suck and lick me. I tried to pass on the passion I was feeling between my legs to Nyla's pussy. Nyla and I reached an orgasm at almost the same instant. When I realized that Nyla was going to come because of me eating her pussy I came with her. It was just so exciting to think that I had eaten another women pussy to the point of her reaching an orgasm. After my thoughts drifted back to the here and now I remembered that I was in the ladies dressing room (it's hard to remember that your somewhere you're not suppose to be when you have just had one of the greatest sexual experiences in your life). Both Susan and Nyla help me to get up. Susan reached down and picked up my coat. She then put my coat on me over my shoulders and then buttoned it as it had been before. She reached inside my coat and tweaked my left nipple and gave me another deep French kiss. I turned towards Nyla and she too gave me a very deep wet kiss, however, she reached down inside my jacket and teasingly jiggled my chain. My clit was so sensitive at that point that I almost came again. Nyla put her arm around Susan and said, "You know, I think that is the start of a really special friendship." Nyla agreed and then opened the dressing room door and pointed for me to leave. I turned and walked out.

I had walked through the department store just a little ways and Michael came up behind me and asked, "Did you find anything you liked." I responded with, "Yes, I sure did. And I think it's you." He gave me a kiss and then commented that he liked the flavor of my lipstick. We proceeded to leave the department store and walked out towards the car. When we got to the car I was still trembling and thinking of the events that had occurred just a few minutes before. The sight of Nyla's shaved pussy kept coming to mind. How surprisingly unique the taste of another women's pussy was. It was little sweet and little salty all at the same time. Michael removed the handcuffs and gently rubbed my wrists and looked into my eyes and said, "Have I told you lately how much I love you." He then pulled several packages out from the back seat and said, "I bought you something I think you will look great in." I reached in the first sack and pulled out a really sexy black micro miniskirt. I reached into the second sack and pulled out a cute blouse and a really sexy open cup bra.

Michael said, "I made dinner reservations for us in about a half an hour." "Put these clothes on and lets go have a relaxing dinner." I dressed as we drove to the restaurant. After the experiences of the evening I wasn't feeling the need to be the least bit modest. We arrived at the restaurant and the valet opened the car door for me. I moved quickly but I made sure that he got a quick glimpse of my pussy. As I stood up my little gold chain and pendent were on full display. The skirt was extremely short and really accentuated my long slender legs. As we moved through the restaurant several men and women glanced at my chain and pendent. At this point I was feeling extremely powerful and in control. Although I had been subservient throughout the evening ultimately I felt as if I was actually the one in control now. It was an extremely exhilarating feeling.

Michael had selected one of our most favorite restaurants. The atmosphere was elegant but at the same time not stuffy or reserved. The restaurant has these great, oversized horseshoe shaped booths. You can seat eight to ten people at one booth but most of the time only two people were seated in each booth. The tables in each booth are covered with a long red cloth tablecloth. Michael and I were escorted over to an area that overlooked the main dinning hall but was much more secluded.

We had champagne as a starter and then later had white wine with our main course. As we sat and savored our glasses of cognac I was feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I began to quiz Michael about the events of the day. He explained that while he had arranged the little interlude I had, he had only arranged the meeting and that participation from the two ladies was up to them based on their attraction to me. I recounted what had we had done and Michael was getting extremely turned on. I reached down and squeezed his cock. He was so hard that I thought his cock was made out of plaster.

About that time Nyla, Susan, and two handsome men, which were their dates, walked up to our table. We invited them to sit and have drinks with us. Michael got out of the booth and let Susan and Nyla get in the booth on either side of me. Michael then Susan's and finally Nyla's date got into the booth. Our waiter came over and took our drink orders and then disappeared into the main dinning area. We were talking about general things and suddenly Nyla's date says to her, "So this is the lady you two played with in the ladies dressing room today." Nyla responded with, "You bet." Susan piped in and said, "Yeah, and she was so hot too." Nyla's date then looked me straight in the eyes and said; "Nyla told me that you have a completely hairless pussy with a special hoop through your clit." "Could you tell me about that?" "I mean how did that come about?" Let me tell you this was the first time my pussy was the topic of a group conversation after dinner. Before I could come to grips with what I wanted to say, Nyla began to tell the story of why she had pierced her nipples, She also explained why she shaved her pussy and how much she had enjoyed our little rendezvous. I felt fairly comfortable so I began to explain the video tape of "The Story of O" and how I had shaved my pussy in preparation for getting my clit pierced and so on. I then began talking about the evening and how exciting it had been. At that point I was feeling extremely bold so I looked directly at Nyla and said, "I wanted to tell you that since this afternoon I haven't been able to get the thought of your shaved pussy out of my mind." Nyla indicated the she too was reliving the events in her mind. Nyla then said that ever since she had sat down by me that all she could think of was getting under the table and going down on me. Nyla briefly glanced around for our waiter and then suddenly she disappeared below the table. Since there were several people seated in the booth she was completely hidden from view. She gently spread my legs apart and I scooted my lower body forward on the seat. Nyla slipped her hands underneath me and positioned my skirt so I wasn't sitting on it. Susan gently reached down and held one of my knees while Michael held the other. Nyla began to gently lick and caress my clit with her tongue. I got wet almost instantly. Nyla then began to lick and suck on my clit a little more vigorously. The rest of the table continued talking and occasionally would ask me if I was enjoying what Nyla was doing. Susan would occasionally reach up and gently cup my breast or squeeze my nipple. I reached down and began to squeeze Michael's cock through his pants. His cock was rock hard.

The sensation in my pussy was beginning to grow and then the waiter walked up with our drinks. Nyla was aware that he was standing at the end of the table so she began licking and sucking my pussy even more furiously. The waiter asked where Nyla had gone. Her date responded with, "Oh, she decided to eat her dessert out but she will be back later." Everyone laughed and the water turned and walked away. Nyla continued sucking my cunt lips and licking and sucking on my clit. Nyla reached her hand from under the table like she was trying to get to her purse. I moved her purse to where she could reach it and she made a motion for me to open it. She then pulled this huge lifelike latex cock out of her purse. I mean this thing was huge! It was over eight inches long and looked to be about three inches or more in diameter. Nyla continued to scramble around in her purse and pulled out what looked like a small garter belt. She continued to lick and suck my pussy and I could feel the orgasm continuing to build within me. I felt her slip the garter belt around my waist and heard her snap its clasp shut. She then rotated the garterbelt around a little bit. I was more that a little bit curious about what she was doing. However she was so focused on eating my pussy that all I could think to do was reach my hand down and place it on the back of her head again.

As she continued to lick my clit I began to feel her slipping this huge cock into my pussy. As she pressed the head of this cock into my cunt I could feel my pussy lips begin to part. I was so sopping wet that this huge cock slid inside me very easily. Nyla began to slid this cock in and out of my cunt. From this experience I am convinced that women who say size is not important, have never experienced a huge cock before. I must admit however, that there is no such thing as too deep for me. So with little effort Nyla was able to slide the entire length of this cock inside me. I was in ecstasy.

Our waiter chose that exact moment to walk up and ask if there were any of us that would like to have dessert. Nyla began pumping the rubber cock in my cunt and at the same time she began licking and sucking my clit like she had stuck her finger into an electrical socket. I wanted to come so badly that I thought my head was going to spin off. Everyone at the table was playing along and asking the waiter to describe all of the desserts and then drawing attention to me by asking me what I would like for dessert. At this point if I had opened my mouth I would have begun moaning and shouting obscenities. To the best of my ability I released my death grip from the edge of the table and made a quick waving motion indicating that I would have none. By this time things had become quite surreal. I was about to have the strongest orgasm of my life, and there was a gorgeous women underneath the table sucking my clit furiously and pumping a giant cock in and out of my cunt. During all of this there is a waiter at the end of the table making polite social dinner conversation about the dessert menu.

I could feel my whole body began to shake. Both Susan and Michael were still holding my legs wide apart. The waiter turned and walked away to place the others dessert orders. Susan leaned over and squeezed my left breast firmly and gave me a kiss. I gasped and she drove her tongue deep inside my mouth. I came so hard that you would have thought I was having an epileptic seizure. I had a monumental orgasm for what seemed like hours. As I continued to come Susan continued to kiss me deeply. I was squeezing Michael's cock so hard the he had to grab my hand to release it from its death grip on his penis. My whole body continued to shake as the orgasms continued to hit me like waves on the beach. Wave after wave of orgasm just flooded my body. I was sure by this time that I had drowned Nyla in my pussy juices.

I began to catch my breath but was still having little ripple orgasms when I felt Nyla take the straps from the garter belt that she had put on me and secure the clasps onto the base of the rubber cock that was still buried deep inside me. Nyla then joined us top side and gave me a deep wet kiss. I could taste my pussy on her mouth. I stole Michael's line and said, "Boy, I really love the taste of your lipstick" and then I winked at Michael. Nyla laughed and kissed me again. We continued to tongue each other's mouth for quite some time. I began to arrange my skirt and realized that the garter belt was meant to hold the rubber cock in position deep inside me. I sat up a little more properly and felt the cock press deeper inside me. I shuddered and immediately had another spine wrenching orgasm. Everyone at the booth laughed and Michael looked at the others and said, "Well, do you think she enjoyed that?"

The waiter brought the desserts and we all shared a bite of each. Nyla reached under the edge of my skirt and I heard a little clicking sound. I felt the rubber cock inside me begin to vibrate. Nyla Looks up at Michael and says, "So what movie are we going to go see." I looked at Michael and said, "It doesn't matter to me I'm game for anything." Michael replied, "Well lets all go over to the Adult Movie Theater and see what's playing. As I scooted around to get out of the booth the dildo pressed deep within me and I came once again.

I must admit that the evening Michael had arranged was one of the most sexually exciting events of my life. Michael and I still get together with Susan and Nyla on occasion. They have both become great friends and are always willing to play in our fantasies. I will close by saying that I have been thinking of a fantasy for Michael. I will write you and let you know how it comes out, no pun intended.


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