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"All about Tran"

      by Sutini

      (FF bi interr voy)

Let me tell you a little of my life history. Okay? I was born in Scotland and my father was an electronics engineer. He was also an academic involved with university teaching, so we travelled extensively. My accent has hints of Canada because we lived in the Vancouver until I was about 14. Then my father accepted a post at Murdoch University in Perth where I grew up and also, later, went to university (U of WA), where I did an Arts degree and majored in South-East Asian history and culture. That is also where I met my husband. He was one of my fathers students. He was studying electronics and computer software and that is what he graduated with. He is very good (so everyone tells me!) in his job and is currently employed as the head software troubleshooter, which, not surprisingly, has him tearing off around the world leaving me, his 'poor little wife' at home by herself quite a bit.

As for me, I do a some writing for various periodicals and other media giving my "learned opinion" on events in South-East Asia which, if you know what's going on in East Timor, has kept me pretty busy just lately. We have been married since I was 23 and he is slightly older than I am and we have no children. This is not through some terrible medical catastrophe, but by choice. I could not bring myself to cart children around the world the way I was. It is not much fun have so few permanent friends and always to be changing schools. But if I am going to be completely honest with you, I do not particularly crave children and nor does my husband. Our marriage has been happy in the sense that we are relaxed and feel socially confident with each other but like my parents, he is pretty staid and not adventurous in the bedroom. He always thinks that I am acting like a hussy when I suggest we try anything but the missionary position. Like my parents, particularly my mother, wearing clothes that emphasize my figure - my bust for example- draws adverse comment.

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When I was just developing, say, 12 or 13, my mother kept insisting that I wear clothes to "flatten your bumps" and she was horrified that I had "bumps" at that age. From my point of view, I was very proud of my new curves and spend a lot of time admiring myself in the mirror after my shower. There was nothing I would have liked more than to have been allowed to wear tight T-shirts all the time. I was an only child too, so that made my mother even more protective. This will explain to you why, when we got to Perth, and I was now wearing a bra the same size as my mother's that I enjoyed getting so much attention from the neighbor to whom I lost my virginity. I was over the moon with joy to be able to show someone "my beautiful body" (as he called it) and to have him give me such attention. If he had ever got caught for his relationship with an underage girl I am sure he would've said in court that I had seduced him. I was indeed a 15 year-old kid with a heap of hang ups! And I have always thought the blame lies not with my neighbor but with my mother ... but enough psychological analysis for now! If you want me to tell you all the details of this incident in my life maybe I will next time.

So that is pretty much my life history. A repressive mother, a distant father, and a husband thinks that sex is a tiresome task which married men are required to perform from time to time with their wife. And until I met a stranger, a man who came here from Brisbane, I have, to all intents and purposes, been faithful. I was probably a world authority on masturbation and other solo sexual activities. And that is why I was prepared to take the risk with the stranger who I met in a coffee shop quite innocently. For the first time since I was 14 or 15 I had a man who was as sexually "over the top" as I was. The most lovely part of a relationship (apart from not catching anything and having my period after he had left ) was meeting Tran the Vietnamese massage lady.

This Vietnamese lady specializes in woman-to-woman massage and he called her to our room.

Tran is 29, terribly pretty, with a gorgeous smooth skinned body and I doubt she even owns a razor blade - she has a bikini line the that most women would kill for! I don't know where he got her from or found out about her but she is a real gem!

She knew when she arrived at the Hyatt that I was nervous and probably a bit worried about her. She assumed I was married to the guy because, apparently, many married couples having a "naughty weekend" hire massage ladies who specialize in this sort of thing.

She is so sweet and I would be horrified if someone described her as a whore or prostitute. Maybe because when I think of prostitutes I think of women who have sex for money with men ... and this is not her activity. She really specializes in massaging women with an emphasis on sexuality and orgasm...maybe 'orgasm training' is the better word. I had no idea there were such people!

When she arrived she paid scant attention to the guy I was with. Her English is not wonderful but understandable. She indicated to him that, even though he was paying, he was not invited to participate.

She told him, "You sit down. You can watch. You will enjoy but you do not touch ... okay?"

He, the penultimate voyeur, was quite happy to watch the show! She took me into the bathroom and closed the door (to his dismay) saying to him, "You wait ... we back soon ... washing first."

In the bathroom and in such a sweet manner, she undressed me completely, smiling all the time relaxing me and giving me confidence. Then she opened her arms wide and said to me, "You take off my clothes now for me".

She had a beautiful body in perfect proportion. She was not the first Asian woman I had seen with no clothes on having lived for sometime in a village in Java when I was still at university in second year. But this was different. Erotic.

And could feel I was being turned on by this professional and charming masseuse. She washed me gently and completely. When she washed between my legs she asked, "When did you have sex last time?"



I said it had been about two o'clock that afternoon. (It was then about 9 PM)

"You have shower after?"

I said, "Yes"

This seem to indicate to her that she didn't have to wash me "squeaky clean" down there so it was just a gentle soaping. After bathing she said, "We go out now. Not shy ?" And I said I wasn't. Quite the opposite! This was so exciting and I was sort of buzzing...funny feeling, I can't quite explain it but it is a sign to me that I am pretty turned on.

We went out into the main room and my male friend by this time had stripped off and was sitting naked in a chair which would give him front seat for the show! Tran put a plastic sheet on the bed and told me to life face down on it. She then sat across my legs and applied some warm oil on my back and started to massage me. She was not heavy and feeling her naked bottom on my legs was an interesting sensation. After about 15 minutes she got off and massaged my legs but not touching my pussy (No! I wont use the other word!). Then I had to roll over face-up and she sat across my body and I could feel that our pussies were actually touching as she leaned forward to massage my boobs and tummy. Then she got off again and did the front of my legs which were now apart. She was an expert in teasing! Each time her warm oily hand would slide up and almost touch me.

I could feel my to body arching up trying to get her to touch me but she was too clever for that! (I may as well tell you that while this was going on my male friend was watching and masturbating himself saying 'This is worth a million dollars!' He told me afterwards he had come twice ...and we had already made love once that day!)

My God I was turned I was turned on! Tran went to her "box of tricks" and produced something that looked like a glove or a mitten but left her fingers free and when she plugged it into the power and put it on her hand it made her whole hand vibrate and she could regulate how fast the vibrations went ... amazing little item! Then she got on her knees next to me and with her left-hand she massaged my breasts and particularly my nipple area squeezing them gently. The right hand, with the little machine on it, with her vibrating fingers free, went onto my pussy. Each of her fingers was vibrating like mad! It was the most amazing thing my pussy had ever experienced! One beautiful little vibrating finger went in deep searching for my G-spot (I was not even sure I had one!) While the palm of her hand pushed onto my clit. I was thrashing up and down up with my hips as hard as I could go and was very vocal (so he told me later!) And I could feel that this wonderful lady was soon going to be successful in giving me what she had promised.

And she was successful! My god what an orgasm! I could feel it building up and I knew it would be a huge one. It exploded!

At what a lovely smile Tran had on her face, the smile and air of the professional who has completed the job perfectly! I was absolutely exhausted, panting, moaning and the muscles in my buttocks kept twitching uncontrollably for sometime. She lay down next to me and put her arms around me hugging me tightly and kissing me on my face and gently licking my ear which was a new experience I can assure you! Especially from a woman.

We lay there for sometime ... time meant nothing so I can't tell you how long but maybe ten minutes. Then she helped me get up and took me to the bathroom again and closed the door. Believe me I needed to be washed. I was so wet and sticky and so sensitive but she was very gentle with me there. She was wonderful! After she had washed and while we were still undressed I hugged her then held her close and said thank you. We went outside got dressed and he paid her. I don't know how much it was but I think it was quite expensive...over 100 dollars. Who cares! He was paying and he said it was one of the sexiest things he had ever done/seen in his life so we were both happy. He was not so happy later when I told him I was just too sensitive for sex. Small price to pay I thought!

As she left Tran slipped her card to me. She asked to me in the bathroom if I would like to see her again and I said I certainly did. Well, these days, almost a year later, we are good friends. I get her to come to see me each two weeks or so and she charges me only $37.50 for an hour massage but I always give her more and especially after I heard about her family life I always send something for her dear old mother like clothes, food or even sometimes 10 dollars. I have met her mum in the market in town and she speaks no English. That she knew who I was and she knew what her daughter does for/to/with me made me smile. It was strange because none of us were embarrassed.

These days when Tran comes to see me I usually make the appointment for 9:30 in the morning so as I don't have to get dressed before she gets here. I usually shower at 9 and wait for her in bed. Sometimes she undresses and gets into my bed with me for a cuddle especially if the massage is going to be a sexual one. Other times the massage is just (at my request because, maybe, I have my period) a relaxing one. I have introduced her to one of my friends who lives nearby and she usually goes direct from my place so it is handy for her to start in the morning here. She is so discrete. I have no idea what happens at my friends place or at anyone else's house. She has one customer that I know about who is very well known in the city and whose picture or name is constantly in the paper, but I have no idea what activities Tran does with her. That is the way I like it. I would hate to think she was telling everyone how loudly I moan when I climax !

As I read this again I think I come across as sex starved. I am almost tempted to not post it quite apart from the fact it is hot material. If my husband found, there'd be trouble it but having spent all this time writing it I'm damned if I am going to chuck it away. That's my practical side.

- The End -

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