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"Tyson Takes Charge"


      (FMM, Rape, Oral, Anal, Noncons)

It started out much as it always did with them, watching TV, cuddled up in a chair together. About mid-way through the drama they had both grown bored with it and started to goof around a bit. Not long after than they ended up in the middle of the living room floor, poking and tickling each other, giggling madly. The energetic playfulness morphed soon enough into passionate kissing.

Liz was on her back on the floor, legs and arms wrapped tightly around Rix, holding him to her body while her mouth explored his greedily.

Propped up on his elbows above her he returned them with equal passion. His cock was fully erect in his pants and throbbing, pressing tightly to her pubic bone.

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Untangling her arms from around him her shaking fingers undid the buttons of his shirt and let it gap open. Ever so gently she let her long nails drag down his sweaty chest, over his flat but erect nipples then let them trace lightly down his sides, feeling his skin goose pimple in their wake.

Moaning into her mouth he entwined his fingers in her hair while his mouth devoured hers. Unconsciously he began to grind his crotch onto her with a passionate urgency.

When she reached where his jeans started she let her hand trail down over the front of them until she felt the pulsing bulge beneath her fingers then she started to slowly caress it with the palm of her hand, feeling it throb and pulse faster.

That was about all he could take, with a Herculean effort he pulled himself up and off of her. With shaking fingers he yanked his shirt off and tossed it aside then went to work on the fly of his jeans, fumbling to get the buttons undone as quickly as he could.

While he was fumbling with the buttons she sat up and quickly divested herself of her clothes and got up onto all fours, facing away from him. Tossing her thick auburn hair over one shoulder she looked back at him. Her hazel eyes found his and locked with them.

Looking at the beautiful woman that one day was going to be his wife, he felt lust and passion surge through him. He could see her skin was flushed pink already with tiny droplets of sweat beading on it here and there. Her eyes were droopy and half lidded her want evident in them. Between her spread legs he could see her dark red pussy was already partially budded open with moisture already beading on the lips. The pink pearl that was her clit was already partially exposed and glistening wetly. Licking his swollen lips he got up and knee-walked up behind her until his thighs touched the back of hers. Grasping his cock firmly he rubbed the head of it up and down her wet slit before sliding it all the way into her in one smooth stroke. Leaning over her back he wrapped one arm around her waist and held her tightly then put the other hand flat on the floor for balance. Burying his face in her neck he started to kiss and nibble on it as he started to thrust gently into her in the way he knew she liked it best, kind of in a short, hard corkscrew manner.

He then let the hand firmly clutching her waist slide down until it was firmly against her pubic mound. Then he let two of his long fingers snake down and started to rub her clit in slow, small circles the way she had shown him.

Almost immediately after he started she was squirming and wriggling all over the place, slamming back onto him and grinding her sopping, throbbing pussy onto his turgid cock. Panting heavily she started to moan his name over and over, getting louder and louder as they went on.

Soon the only sounds in the room were her moans, whimpers and his name repeated over and over in her breathless lust filled voice, the slap of sweaty flesh against flesh and his grunts and groans. They were so into doing her that neither of them heard the front door open and a deep voice of as man call out his name several times. Down the hallway came the heavy tread of boots to the door of the living room. "Hey you monkey faced asshole, why don't you answer." Before Tyson could finish the rest of his normal insulting greeting he stopped cold and stared at the naked couple writhing around on the floor, mouth hanging agape. He faded back into the shadows of the doorway to watch, feeling his prick stiffen on his pants as he did. His eyes raked lustfully down her nude, toned body until they glued to her upturned thrusting ass. He couldn't see her pussy but the room was filled with the unmistakable smell of the heady muskiness of a woman that was very turned on. For at least twenty minutes he watched his baby brother service the woman he had lusted after since he first saw her strip at the local gentleman's club. She had turned him down when he had asked her out and since she had hooked up with Rix he had been biding him time and waiting for an opportunity like this.

As he stood there watching his baby brother fuck her he made the decision to join in. Whether or not she protested didn't mean anything to him since he thought of her as little more than a selective whore who had probably slept with hundreds of men. Quickly he shucked his clothes and dropped them into a pile by the door then strode into the room, his impressive 10 inch cock standing straight out in front of him, as if leading the way. Liz and Rix were too involved in what they were doing to notice him until he was standing in front of Liz. He grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth. "Ahh! That's it bitch, suck it good! I knew sooner or later I would get to nail you." Grabbing her head he started to slide it in and out of her mouth.

After the initial shock of what happened she struggled against him and tried to pull away but he just held onto her head tighter, keeping his cock firmly embedded in her mouth.

Grabbing a handful of her hair he pushed it into her mouth far enough to make her gag. "Don't even try that!" He snarled at her. "Just be a good little slut and suck it." Looking over at Rix he grinned and winked. "We'll show her what a good fuck is, won't we baby brother?" Then laughed in a loud and wicked way! Rix stared at his brother, mouth hanging open. He didn't know what to do. He was sure Liz didn't want to do this but he didn't know how to make his brother stop either. All his life he had been picked on and bullied by his brothers. He learned quickly it was easier to give into them than fight with them about something. Then as he grew older when he tried to say no it was ignored or he was made to do it anyway. By the time he was a teenager he could no longer say no to them at all and just went along with whatever they said or wanted. Now, in a situation where he knew he desperately needed to put a stop to it he couldn't. He just couldn't tell his brother to get lost. Instead he continued to thrust softly into Liz and hoped for the best.

Grabbing two handfuls of Liz's' hair Tyson started to fuck her mouth hard, his breath whistling through his tightly clenched teeth, eyes shut, sweat beading all over his body, enjoying her hot, wet mouth around his cock.

Tears of shame and humiliation filled her eyes. She knew Tyson looked down at her because of the stripping and was resentful that she didn't go out with him but she never thought he would resort to something like this! And why wasn't Rix doing anything to stop him? She knew that they had him browbeaten enough that he really couldn't say no to anything when it came to them, especially when it came to Tyson, he was like dealing with a steamroller even for her, but my God this was practically rape and Rix was doing nothing to stop it or defend her!

With a loud grunt and a growl Tyson flooded her mouth with his cum then sat down heavily on the floor, panting looking at her, a smirk on his face. "You sure are a good little cocksucker." He said chuckling.

Spitting his cum onto the floor she glared at him. "You low life bastard! How dare you! Get."

Before she could finish he bound to his feet and grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back, glaring down at her. "No two bit little whore talks to me like that! Now, if you don't want me to eat the shit out of you you'll behave like a good little slut and do as I say. Got me?"

Looking up at him she gauged what she should do next, fight or give in, and from the wild look in his eyes and the tenseness of his body she decided fighting back was not a wise idea. Especially since it was apparent to her at this point that Rix was going to be no help what so ever. As she lowered her eyes she noticed that even after the orgasm his cock had not shrunk at all. If anything it seemed to have gotten harder. Not a good sign at all.

Rix watched the exchange between the two, trying to decide what to do. It quickly became apparent that she did not want any part of this. Screwing up his courage he let his now completely flaccid cock slide out of her and stood up, facing his brother. "Tyson, go home and leave us alone. She wants no part of this. So just leave before I have to do something drastic."



Both brothers were exactly the same height, 6'4" but Rix was thin and compact where as Tyson was bulky and muscular from long days of working in a steel mill.

Stepping closer to Rix, Tyson glared at his baby brother. "Back the fuck off! Back off now!"

Looking into his brothers' wild eyes and seeing the muscle tick in his cheek Rix took a step backwards. He knew that look well, he had seen it every time Tyson had beat the holy hell out of him when they were younger and still lived at home. He knew he would fair far worse this time then he had in the past, Tyson was much bigger and stronger now.

Stepping closer to Rix, almost nose to nose as a matter of fact, Tyson stared him down. When he saw his brother lower his eyes and take a step backwards he grinned sadistically. "That's better. Now what we are going to do is this, we are going to give the slut the fucking of her life." Like a seasoned choreographer he directed Rix into the position he wanted him in.

Placidly Rix lay down on the floor on his back. He then pulled Liz on top of him. Trying to convey with his eyes how sorry he was about all this and that there was nothing that he could, he held her close and stroked her softly, trying to comfort her the best he could. He body was so tense and tight it was like touching stone. She glared down at him, face set in hard angry lines but her eyes glistened with unshed tears of shame and humiliation.

When his brother had her positioned just how he wanted her Tyson got down on his knees behind her raised and upturned ass. He slid two of his large, heavily calloused fingers into her still spread, wet pussy and twisted them around, hearing her suck air between her teeth as at his roughness. Ignoring it and not caring about how she felt about any of it he continued until they were sopping wet with her juices. He then removed them and smeared her musky juice onto his cock then positioned it against her tight asshole. Chuckling evilly he growled. "Get ready baby brother. When I say do it I want you to give it to her."

Despite loathing what he was about to do and being forced into the situation in the first place his cock was rock hard and throbbing with need. That was strange; he would have thought that he wouldn't have been able to get it up again without the help of a crane. He held Liz tightly to him and stroked her softly, eyes screwed tightly shut, awaiting the inevitable.

With two fingers Tyson held her cheeks apart so he had a clear view of her tight little bunghole. With the other hand he grabbed a hold of the base of his cock and rubbed it around, smearing her juices over the tight pucker. Then he held it dead center on it and pushed in slightly, hearing her sharp intake of breath. Grinning widely he grasped one of her hips tightly with his free hand, then bellowed, "Now!" to Rix and plunged his cock deep into her rectum in one hard stroke burying it to the hilt.

At the same time Rix thrust himself deep into her pussy. Despite how guilty he felt about this whole thing his cock was still rock hard. As he slid deep into her pussy he was just about to come. She was so tight and he could feel his brothers' cock sliding against his through the thin wall that separated her pussy and ass. She had let out a short wail of pain as they both slid into her and he could feel the soft patter of her tears as they spilled out of her eyes and dripped down onto his shoulder. Her face was buried in his neck and her hands clutched tightly on his biceps. He could feel her tremble and shake. Hoping in some way to make this whole ordeal better for her he held her tightly to his chest and kissed her head softly while letting his hand slide down between her legs to softly stroke her clit, hoping to give her some kind of pleasure from the whole thing.

The pain from the whole thing was excruciating! Never before had she had anal sex so that was bad enough. But couple that with the feeling that she was stretched to the point of ripping and she was in almost unbearable agony. Try as she might to show no emotion or show either of them how much pain she was in she couldn't stem the flow of tears. And here Rix was trying to get her to enjoy it! Raw, seething, murderous anger started to erupt in her belly like a raging wild fire burning out of control. She tried to force her mind elsewhere until the demeaning and painful scene was over but was only partially successful.

Thrusting harder and faster Tyson was growling and groaning, his fingers dug deeply into her hips. His balls felt thick and heavy like they always did shortly before he came. This scene was a huge turn on for him. Not only did he finally get to nail one of the few women that had ever turned him down but he also got to take her down a peg as well. Pounding into her harder, not caring one way or another if it hurt or not he felt that familiar throb deep in his groin then the cum started to boil up from his balls. Howling loudly he thrust into her hard and his thick fuck jelly flooded into her ass in long, hot squirts!

Feeling the deep throbbing from his brothers' cock was all Rix could take. Holding Liz close and panting heavily he shot his load deep into her pussy, moaning softly.

Lying there, tense as an over tightened spring; she waited until they were both done. She wanted to clean the sweat, dirt and scent of both of them off of her but she somehow doubted that she would ever feel clean again.

With a soft groan Tyson let his now flaccid dick slide out of her swollen and distended asshole, watching with sadistic glee as a load of his now slightly brown cum dribbled out and ran down her pussy. Standing he grinned widely. He then gave her a smart slap on one ass cheek, hard enough to make her yelp and jump. "Love your tight ass Liz. It was well worth the wait. Maybe next time I'll bring Beau along and you can get all your hot holes filled. " Ignoring Rix completely he grabbed his clothes and yanked them on then left without so much as a backwards glance.

Waiting until she heard the front door shut and the familiar sound of Tyson's truck motor fade she then got off Rix and shot him a murderous look before stomping off towards the bedroom. Her pussy and ass both throbbed painfully, like someone had used a battering ram on her. But what's worse was what the two brothers had done made her feel like, it was like she was a worthless piece of trash, less than human. Tears of shame and deep humiliation ran down her face and it felt like her heart was broken.

Rix quickly scrambled up off the floor and followed her. Beyond a shadow of a doubt he knew she was hurt and angry and he was bound and determined he would make up top her for his part in it. Following her into the bedroom he said softly, "Baby, I'll run you a bath and help you clean up then we will sit down and talk about this."

Whirling around to face him, her face a mask of red fury she hissed, "You will do no such thing!" she hissed through teeth so tightly clenched she could hear them grind together and felt her jaw muscles cramp up. "As a matter of fact I don't want you to even TOUCH me! Get out of my sight Rix! You'll be moving into the spare room until further notice or until I feel better about you. THAT may take a while."

"I'm sorry Liz." He said softly, looking into her face.

"Sorry doesn't fix this Rix! You should have stopped him! She screamed, a single tear running down her cheek. She then grabbed some clothes and stomped off to the bathroom. Before slamming the door she glared at him and said softly, "I should have you BOTH arrested for rape."

Sitting heavily on the bed he looked down at his feet, unshed tears stinging his eyes.

- The End -

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