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"Together, Finally"


      (FM, Anal)

Running around his room in a flurry he was grabbing things and stuffing them in his bag without glancing at them, hoping he was grabbing the right things. Every so often he would glance at his watch and frown, if he didn't get his ass in gear he was going to be late! Finally, he had everything packed and was ready to go. Grabbing his duffle bag he slung it over his shoulder and was out the front door in a flash. Hopping into his car he had it started and moving before he even had the door shut. He left almost a mile of rubber in his wake as he tore out of the driveway and onto the road. As soon as he was on the highway he put his foot on the accelerator and went as fast as he dared. Nervously he kept checking his watch, trying to re-assure himself that he was going to make it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Before he left the house he called to check on the flight and was told it would probably be a few minutes late, assuring that he would get to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

Cranking the radio up he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel in time to the music, trying to distract himself. But it didn't work; he was far too keyed up to get distracted. All he could think about was that phone call earlier that had woken him up. It had changed everything and would probably turn his life inside out and upside down but it was going to be worth it!

At 9:30 AM his cell had rang, waking him from a fitful and uneasy sleep that had been dominated by some very bad, realistic nightmares. Grabbing the phone growling a bit, he looked at the number on the caller ID, still quite bleary eyed. When he saw who it was who was calling, however, he was instantly awake, his heart hammering a quick, loud beat in his chest. It was her! She was calling him from the states! Quickly he hit the talk button and pressed it to his ear, "Princess? Is that really you?"

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"It's me Scott." It was unmistakably her but her voice was slightly tinny sounding and like it was coming from very far away. The kind of thing you often heard on long distance calls. There was also a great deal of noise in the background.

Holding the phone tighter to his ear, as if he could get closer to her that way, he asked, "Is everything OK? The last offline I got from you was something had happened and you had to go somewhere. I've been really worried about you!" The relief he felt at hearing from her after more than 24 hours of nothing was evident in his voice.

"I know you were and I'm sorry to make you worry. I'm mostly OK but I will get to that later. Right now I have a favor to ask of you. Probably the biggest thing I will ever ask of you, ever."

Sitting up straighter he could feel his stomach and bowels clench up and a cold shiver race down his spine. Something was wrong, he could feel it. "Anything, you know that Princess. If I can do it I will."

She sighed deeply and paused for a few minutes, making his anxiety level soar. He was about to say something when she started taking again, but very softly this time. "Do you remember I asked you one time, hypothetically, that if I could get to Brisbane if you would come and get me?"

His heart skipped a couple beats then started to jackhammer in his chest, his mouth went instantly bone dry and his insides turned to liquid. A hope and anticipation in him started to blossom. He took several deep breaths before he answered and tried to keep his voice steady. "Yes, and I meant it. If you can get into Brisbane I will come and get you. I promise I will!"

She sighed deeply and he could hear a quiver in her voice, "I'm very nervous about this honey so kinda' bear with me OK?"

"Dani, take your time and tell me when you can. I will be here and listen to you for as long as you need me to." Hope had exploded in his chest and he was feeling light headed. His body had actually started to shake a little in anticipation of what he thought she was going to say. He tried to quash it and tell himself not to get his hopes up but he couldn't help it.

He could hear her take a big drink of something then let out a ragged breath. "Alright, hear it goes." Her voice had picked up a noticeable tremor as she talked. "Scott, I'm on my way to Brisbane right now. I'm at a lay over in Auckland, NZ at the moment. And this is the first chance I've had to call you since the shit hit the fan and the decision was made that I had to leave."

His eyes opened so wide they started to tear, his began to shake all over and a big, shit-eating grin seemed to take over his entire face. Finally! It was going to happen! After almost TWO YEARS of being together and wanting this she was on her way to him! "Princess, tell me what time your flight gets in and I will be there to meet you. I PROMISE!" His voice had picked up a noticeable quaver and actual tears of happiness were starting to run down his face.

Quickly she read off her flight number and the time it was due in. With a shaking and unsteady hand he wrote it all down. After reading it back to her to make sure he got it right he said again, "I will be there Dani. I swear I will!"

"I know you will Scott. I trust you." She paused for another minute and he heard her take another dink.

He wanted to say something, anything, to help her but he didn't know of anything he could say so he stayed quiet and waited. But his mind was racing, still trying to wrap its self around the knowledge that she was finally on her way here! She was finally coming to him. He was going to be with her, FINALLY!

After several minutes of quiet she said, softly, "I'm scared Scott. This is really scary for me. A lot of stuff has happened since I talked to you last but doing this is what is scaring me most of all."

"I understand Princess. Really, I do. It has to be very scary to fly all the way from Texas to here all by yourself. Plus to come somewhere where you really don't know anyone but me has to be about the scariest thing in the whole world."

A small sob she tried her damndest to stifle escaped her, "It is! I want to be with you so bad and I am just a few hours from doing that but I am so scared!"

"I understand Princess. When you are with Daddy I will do everything I can to make it better. I promise!"

He gave her a couple minutes to calm down and get herself under control before he asked the question that was starting to nag at him. "Dani," he asked softly and calmly, "what happened to you?"

She gulped audibly a couple of times before she said, so softly that he had to really strain to hear her, "Someone hurt me. And if I didn't get away they would do it again."

An instant flash of pure red rage flashed over him seeming to make his blood boil. He had to take a couple deep breaths to keep himself under control. When he said something next he tried to keep it out of his voice and use a normal tone. "Who did it Princess? Who hurt you? Did Gr."

Before he could even get the full, short name out of his mouth she replied, tone as sharp as a whip crack. "You know better than that Scott! Grey wouldn't hurt me and you know it!"

Her tone made him grin. THAT was his Princess! The feisty woman he had fallen madly in love with! But the smile quickly faded as he came back to the serious topic. "It was the other one wasn't it?" Your ex. What's his name?"

"Yeah, it was Steve." She replied softly, sighing.

"How bad Dani? How much did he hurt you this time?" He was trying very hard to keep his tone even and normal but it was a fight. The thought of that animal hurting her again made him see red.

"Not that bad. It could and has been worse. But now is not the time to talk about this Scott. I will explain it all in a few hours when I get there OK? They are going to call for me to board pretty soon and I just want to talk to you until then OK Scott?"

"Alright Princess." He settled back to talk to her as calmly as he could even though he was edgy as hell.

She explained to him that she had to stay in Brisbane for a week to take care of some matters that she would explain to him when she got there. He said that was fine, that a week alone without anyone they knew to deal with was fine with him.

They talked just a few minutes more when the boarding call for the flight came over the PA system. She took a deep breath then said, very softly, "That's me baby. I've got to go."

An excited shudder ran through him and he grinned like an idiot, "OK Princess. Get on the plane and I will talk to you very soon."

With a shaking voice she said, "Very soon. Next stop Brisbane." Then so quietly he had to strain to hear she said, "Please be there Scott, please!"

"I will Dani, I promise. I will be standing there waiting for you when you get off the plane." He said firmly.

"I love you Scott. And I have to go."

"I love you too Dani. Hugges and kisses." He then made a kissing noise into the phone.

"Huggles and kisses back. See you in a few hours." She then hung up the phone.

After he hung up until now were the absolute longest hours of his life. The waiting and anticipation were almost more than he could bear but he had and now he was less than an hour from seeing her in person for the first time and he couldn't wait!

Pacing back and forth in the terminal he kept glancing at his watch. The plane was late and the longer he waited the more nervous he got. All the what ifs started surfacing in his mind. He was tense and sweating and craving a cigarette badly but didn't want to go outside and have one and take the risk of not being here when she got off the plane. So he waited and stressed some more.

Finally, her flight was announced and he felt his insides twist up into knots and clench tight. His heart was pounding a rapid-fire tattoo in his chest and his palms were sweating but he put on a calm face and walked over to the gate and waited. Slowly the passengers disembarked from the plane in a slow trickle. Scanning each face that came off he grew more and more anxious.



Inside the plane in first class she slowly removed her bags from the overhead compartment. She was waiting for most of the other passengers to leave before she slowly made her way to the door. Scared didn't even START to describe how she felt, petrified was more the word. All she could think about was what if he wasn't there, what if he didn't like her, what if they couldn't get along, etc. The closer she got to the door of the plane the slower she walked. Before stepping on the ramp leading to the terminal its' self she stopped momentarily, took a deep breath and mustered all her courage then, with her head held high, walked determinedly towards the terminal.

The flow of passengers off the plane had slowed to barely a trickle and still no sign of her. His heart was in his throat and he was sure she wasn't on that plane when one last passenger stepped into the terminal. One glance was all it took for him to know it was her. She's finally here, his head and heart both screamed at the same time. When she looked at him and smiled any doubts and fears he had instantaneously evaporated.

Rather than rush to her and scoop her into his arms like he so desperately wanted to do, he let her come to him in her own time, thus giving her the time to build up the courage he knew it would take her.

Slowly she walked over to him then set her bags down on the floor and smiled up at him. Instead of saying anything she wrapped her arms tightly around him and held him close.

Surprised by this, but not unpleasantly so, he held her as tight as he could. Finally, she was here with him and he wasn't going to ever let her go. Not unexpectedly, he felt his eyes burn with tears.

Clutching him tightly she couldn't control the tears, they streamed out of her eyes and dripped onto his shoulder, soft sobs wracking her body. But she still clung to him. She had waited, wished and dreamed of this for so long and now it had finally happened! She was finally in his arms.

After a few minutes she pulled away slightly and looked up at him, smiling but not letting him go. She said softly, "I'm here Scott, finally, just like I said I would be."

"Yes, my Princess is finally here and never again am I going to let you go." Stooping down slightly he kissed her softly. Normally a very shy person, stuff like this was very hard for him but somehow this felt right.

She was also very shy and reserved herself but she had waited so long to be with him that it allowed that to take over and bypass her natural reserves.

After a couple minutes of passionate kissing they broke it off at the same time. She looked down and blushed. He had reddened slightly and was alarmed that he had the start of an erection. Clearing his throat he broke off the hug and put an arm around her waist and pulled her close. He said, voice a bit unsteady, "We had best go get your bags." He grabbed one of her carry on bags and handed her the backpack then led her over to the baggage carousel to get her suitcases.

It took a bit to get through customs but finally they walked out to the parking lot and to his car. After stowing her stuff in the trunk they both slid into the front seat. Almost at the same time they lit a cigarette then looked at each other and laughed. Leaning back in the seat he looked at her, "OK Princess, where are we going to stay?"

Grinning, she said, "What is one of the nicest hotels in Brisbane?"

Looking at her quizzically he rattled off a name.

"Then that's where we are going." She told him, grinning bigger.

Within the hour they were in adjoining suites in one of the nicest hotels in Brisbane. He was sprawled out in one of the comfortable chairs watching her put away her clothes and other stuff. Laying slopped across his lap was the oft talked about, ratty looking Claude. Of course, he was the first thing she pulled out of her backpack.

Once she finished she settled down into a chair by him, lit a cigarette and propped her feet up. Exhaling a long plume of smoke she sighed and shut her eyes, "That was a helluva long flight."

Reaching over, he took her hand gently, "I bet it was Princess." Sitting silent for a couple minutes, just holding her hand, he looked at her and smiled. Part of him still thought this was a dream and he was going to wake up from it any minute. But the light pressure of her fingers on his assured him it wasn't a dream. But he still couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that after all this time, all the waiting and all the wanting, here she was.

They ordered dinner from room service and talked about what she needed to take care of and get before they left Brisbane.

After dinner they just talked for a while until her jet lag took over and she started to doze off. That is when he insisted that she get some sleep.

Within an hour she was curled up in her bed, sound asleep, snoring softly. And he was sprawled out in his bed watching TV. The door that joined the two rooms was wide open, at her insistence, so anytime he cared to he could look in and see her. He wanted to sleep with her or her with him but she wasn't ready for that, he knew. The day had been stressful enough on her end and he didn't want to add to it. That part would come soon enough, he was sure. After all she didn't fly over 18 hours and thousands of miles from home just to be platonic friends.

It wasn't only her that had a stressful day he was starting to feel the effects of it as well. Well before his normal time he started to nod off so he shut the TV off and rolled onto his side. Within a very short time he was asleep as well, a small contented smile on his face.

Sometime around 3 AM he was jolted awake by someone shaking his shoulder and saying his name softly. After a moments disorientation he looked up and saw her standing there, clutching onto Claude tightly. Her eyes were wide and still blurry from sleep and her hair was stuck up in spikes and tangles. Sitting up slightly he rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Something wrong Princess?"

Wetting her dry lips with her tongue and shifting from foot to foot nervously she clutched Claude tighter to her chest. This was almost as bad as the decision to finally fly here and just as nerve racking. Her heart was pounding hard in her chest and she shook a bit, "Umm.well.ummm." she stammered, looking down at her feet, shifting around a little bit.

Sitting up against the pillow he took her hand gently, "Just say it Princess."

Taking a deep breath, she said so softly it was almost a whisper, "Do you mind if I sleep in here with you Daddy?"

Grinning, he tugged her closer to the bed, "Of course I don't mind! As a matter of fact I would like that very much."

Looking at him, she smiled, relieved then hopped into bed and curled up to his chest, snuggling deep under the blanket, Claude clutched to her chest.

He scooted down further and wrapped his arms around her, holding her tightly to his chest. Before settling completely down he gave Claude a scratch on the back and a quick kiss on top of his nappy head, just like he always described over the internet each night before they went to bed. Then he pulled her tighter and hugged her close, giving her a soft kiss. There was one other thing he usually described to her before bedtime but he was unsure if she wanted to do it or not, so after a short mental debate he decided to skip it and just held her close to his chest.

Curling up tight to his chest she wrapped one arm around him and held onto him tight then she grabbed one of his hands and slid his thumb into her mouth, looking up at him as she did.

Smiling, he kissed her softly on the forehead then rested his cheek on the top of her head, holding her close. "I wasn't sure if you were comfortable doing that yet Princess."

The only reply he got was a soft mumble. Looking down he saw that she was already more asleep than awake. Smiling and shutting his eyes he held her to him until he himself dozed off.

The next day was very busy and stressful. By the time they got back to the hotel they were both very tired and footsore. After a short nap they went out to dinner then he just drove around showing her the sights. They went out to a nice dinner then went back to the hotel. She was still a bit jet lagged from the day before and decided to soak in a hot bath for a while. The tub in the bathroom was one of the huge ones that was sunk into the floor that let you sink up to your neck in water with plenty of room still left over. When she got the tub filled, the bubbles added, the lights dimmed low just the way she liked it and after taking her clothes off when she was about to step into the water she stopped and looked at it for several minutes, thinking. Then she grabbed her robe and put it on before hurrying over to his room. He had just taken his shirt off and was flopped into a chair with the TV on when she walked in.

Looking over at her, he smiled, "I thought you were going to have a nice, hot bath?" Grinning, he looked at the robe she was wearing, not only was it an old fashioned terry cloth rove, the kind with the hood on it, it was miles too big for her, he was sure she could wrap it around herself twice, at least. Not only that but it drug so much on the floor that it looked like a bridal train.

"I am." She said, leaning against the door jam, hands stuffed deep into the pockets of the robe. "I was just wondering if Daddy would like to join me."



He didn't have to be asked twice. In just a couple minutes they were both naked in her tub sunk up to their necks in the hot bubbly water. She was sitting between his legs, leaned against his chest, his arms wrapped around her middle. For at least an hour they just laid there and talked, when the water grew tepid they drained part of it off and added more hot.

This was the first time she had been naked around him and even though he couldn't see her under the water and the bubbles he could feel her flesh press back against his and it excited him to no end. From the moment they had gotten into the tub he had a rock hard, throbbing erection. There was no way for her to have not noticed since it was pressed firmly against her ass the whole time.

The water was finally making both of them drowsy so they washed each other off, heightening both of their states of excitement exponentially in the process. While she was straddled over his lap, facing him, rinsing the conditioner out of his hair with the hand held sprayer attached to the tub, she looked into his eyes and just stopped. Letting the nozzle slide back into place she put her arms around his neck, leaned forward and kissed him passionately, pressing her naked body tightly to his, feeling his hard cock rub up and down slightly against her hairless slit.

Needing no further encouragement he pulled her tighter to his chest and devoured her mouth with his, parting her lips with his then letting his tongue explore the inside of her mouth. Unconsciously, his hips started to move up and down slightly, rubbing his cock up and down against her slit.

Before long he wrapped one arm around her back and one under her bottom and stood up with her held tightly to his chest and walked with both of them still dripping wet and soap bubbles still clinging to her skin, into the bedroom. Laying her gently on the bed, he slid between her slightly parted legs, his mouth still devouring hers.

She wrapped her legs around his thighs and her arms around his back, holding him tightly to her. Breaking off the kiss she looked up at him, panting heavily, and eyes cloudy. Licking her swollen lips she said softly, "Please Scott." Then she began pressing her body tighter against his as she said it.

That was it, untangling himself from her arms he got to his knees and looked down at her, panting heavily, licking his lips. He then grasped her hips gently and pulled her closer to him, being very mindful of what was wrong with them. Leaning over he kissed her quickly and grabbed a complimentary bottled of aloe lotion off the bedside table then straightened back up. Pouring a generous amount into his hand he then rubbed it all over his now madly throbbing cock. As he looked down, for the first time, he saw her naked pussy. When they had first gotten together she had told him that she hadn't totally finished developing and here the proof was, it was pink and hairless, she shaved it,-he knew that, with no sign of the inner lips most women had. Ugly, thick, red scars twisted here and there like she had told him. But to him none of that mattered, it was her and that is all he cared about. Slipping the hand that still had lotion on it between her legs he lightly caressed over her pussy, feeling the heat from it in his fingers, eliciting a whimper and a soft groan from her. Tracing the big scar from the bottom of her pussy downwards he reached her tight rosebud. Twirling his finger around it several times, he coated it with lotion before sliding it inside, causing her to gasp and whimper softly. His cock was throbbing madly and the head was wet and shiny from the pre-cum leaking from it. Twisting it around and moving it in and out until he felt the tight muscle loosen up also had her writhing on the bed whimpering and moaning.

When she started begging, softly, for him to fuck her he pulled his finger out and with a trembling hand rubbed the head of his cock over her asshole, coating it with more lotion and his own pre-cum. With steady pressure he pushed inward until it popped through the muscular ring and slid all the way into her rectum.

Holding onto him tighter with her legs she pushed downwards, making sure he was all the way in her bottom. Panting heavily and moaning, she said, "PLEASE Scott fuck me! PLEASE!"

Shifting around slightly to get into a suitable position he started to slide himself in and out of her ass. He was shaking badly and his breath was coming in short, rough gasps but he quickly established the rhythm he wanted. For so long he had thought about this, dreamed about I and masturbated to fantasies of it and now it was happening! Finally! Her asshole was so tight that it seemed to grip his cock and try to hold onto it. Sweat was pouring off his body and he felt like he was on fire but he concentrated the best he could to hold out for as long as he could, to give her as much pleasure as he could.

Under him she was wiggling and writhing all over, moaning his name over and over, her long, talon-like nails digging into his back slightly. With each of his thrusts she lifted her hips to meet his. The whole time she was looking up at him. She found nothing more erotic than looking up into the man she loves eyes as they made love and seeing the expression on his face. Seeing the look in his sexy green eyes and on his face as he slid in and out of her was almost more erotic than the act its self.

Gently, she grabbed one of his hands and leg it down between her legs. Putting her fingers over his she showed him how she liked to be touched. Within a couple minutes he had it down perfect and had her squirming all over under him, slamming down onto his cock and screaming at the top of her lungs, "Oh God yes! Fuck me Scott! Fuck me harder! Please!" Her heels dug into the back of his thighs and her long nails were taking long trails down his back. He could feel her clit pulse under his thumb and the finger he had slid into her pussy, rubbing her g-spot, was slick with the juices that were pouring out of her.

All at once her whole body tightened up and her back arched off the bed. Those nails dug into his back so hard he was sure they punctured the skin. She screamed his name at the top of her lungs and came, her pussy clenching and unclenching around his finger.

When her asshole clamped tightly around his cock it dissolved the last of his self control. Slamming hard into her one last time he let out a loud bellow and shot his spunk deep into her ass. It seemed like his orgasm went on forever and he unloaded at least a liter of cum into her before it was over and he rolled off and collapsed on his side, panting and gasping for air.

She was till laying flat on her back, chest heaving, when he gathered himself together. Leaning over he kissed her softly and muttered, "Be right back." Sliding out of bed, he walked into his room and grabbed both of their packs of cigarettes and Claude before turning out the lights and going back into her room. Laying back down he let them both a cigarette and held her while they smoked. When they finished he hugged Clause and kissed him on top of his head before handing him to her. Rolling her onto her side facing away from him he slid his partially flaccid cock back into her still mostly dilated asshole and pulled her back against his chest.

Wiggling around and pushing her bottom back against him, getting him into her bottom as much as she could.

Wrapping his arms around her he leaned over and gave her a soft, passionate, deep, lingering, erotic kiss goodnight.

She gave him a deep, wet, soft, passionate, lingering, erotic kiss back then grabbed his wrist gently and took his thumb in her mouth and shut her eyes, sighing happily.

Resting his cheek against her head he shut his eyes, sighing happily then said, "Goodnight Dani, I love you."

Pulling his thumb out of her mouth she said, "I love you too Scott, goodnight."

This is for my wonderful, sweet, kind, sexy, wonderful, fantastic, special, wonderful Daddy. Did I mention wonderful? He is my muse and my inspiration that has done more for me than even he knows. For all that and so much more I wrote this for him. Romantic is not, nor has it ever been, my style but I made an exception this time. Only Daddy and I will ever know how "real" this story is and that is a secret, I believe, we will keep just between us.

Daddy? Some day soon, I promise.Some day soon.

- The End -

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