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"The Stuffed Cat"


      (FM, fantasy)

Leaving the lamp by the bedside table on he, quickly pulled off his clothes and crawled naked between the cool, clean sheets. Sprawling out on his back he picked up the ratty, old stuffed cat that was sitting on the pillow next to him and sat it on his chest. This was the first chance he had had to get a close look at it since it had come in the post today. Then he had been much too excited about getting a package from her and its other contents to have examined the stuffed animal closely. As she had told him over the phone it was old and a bit beat up. Its fur was matted down and more than a bit nappy from repeated trip's through the wash. Its eyes were no longer clear and shiny; they were now dulled and scratched up. Pulling it closer he took a deep smell of its ratty fur. A musky, pleasant scent of a woman filled his nose. He smiled broadly, her smell. She had slept with the cat for so long that her smell had permeated every fiber and no amount of washing was ever going to get it out. A longing for her so deep and sharp that it was like pain filled him. Looking down at the cat he smiled a bit. "Well Claude, looks like you and I are going to be sharing a bed for a while so we might as well start getting used to each other. Tucking the cat under one arm he rolled onto his side and shut his eyes, letting her smell fill his nose while he lay there in thought. It was so hard not being with her. He thought about her all of the time, awake and asleep. Each day his longing for her grew stronger and his want grew deeper. They talked as much as they could either on the phone or via the internet, but they were both growing discontented with that. Reality is what they both wanted. But being half a world away from each other, that part was taking time is all. The plans were laid for that and the time was drawing near which seemed to make the longing grow deeper and more persistent. It was him, not her, that was having a rough time dealing with it. So to prove to him that she was indeed coming she sent Claude to him. She said she would get him back when she got there, when he would no longer need him. He had doubts that she would do it, knowing how much that cat meant to her. Until earlier today that is. He couldn't stop grinning when he saw who the package was from. It was filled with stuff she had collected here and there for him then at the bottom was Claude, with a note attached to him with care instructions and almost as an after thought at the end of it, to take good care of him because there was something very special about him and he would find out soon enough what it was. Thinking she meant what the cat meant to her he thought no more about it.

Soon, his eye lids started to get heavy and exhaustion was starting to wash over him in great waves. It was as though something was drawing the energy from him. Sighing deeply he shut his eyes and started to drift.

Just before he slipped into the deepest stage of sleep and he stepped into the world of his dreams some movement on his bed jerked him back to reality. He didn't open his eyes right away, instead he lay there trying to determine what it was by the movements. After a couple minutes he was sure that one of the smaller animals they had around, a cat or perhaps a small dog, had gotten in and was playing around on the bed. He opened his eyes and sat up, determined to shoo it out, when he stopped cold, mouth agape. Oh it was a small animal moving around alright, it was the stuffed cat!

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Watching, astonished, Claude twisted and shifted around of his own accord as if he was trying to get his feet under him so that he could stand up.

Finally it seemed to find the position it was looking for and splayed out on its stomach, legs stretched out. The over sized head lifted up and turned his direction. The eyes that were so dull before had come alive and were sparkling with life and intelligence. Then, before his very eyes, the mangy stuffed animal stretched out and started to grow in length and girth until it was almost the size of the cougar it purported to be. Its flat unstuffed tail started to swish briskly before it was sucked back into its body with no sign it ever existed. Then the whole body seemed to start to ripple and twist inside before a skeletal structure pressed upwards against the synthetic fur. Then the fur itself started to ripple along the entire body before it sucked its self back through the fabric leaving behind the barren loosely woven fabric.

He was pressed tightly against the wall at the head of the bed gaping, slack jawed at the transformation, not believing what he was seeing. The now extremely large furless animal lay still so he reached out to touch it, needing some other kind of sensory confirmation that this was real not just some kind of dream or hallucination. But before the tips of his fingers could touch the now naked animal another transformation started. At the tips of what was the animals rear paws human toes slowly started to form.

Unable to tear his eyes away from the slow progress he sat there barely breathing, his heart beating a quick tattoo against his ribs. Once the toes were fully formed the transformation moved quickly up the rest of the body with the fabric turning to softly tanned skin right behind it.

Within a matter of a couple minutes a beautiful young woman with longish platinum blonde hair and dark brown eyes lay there in place of the stuffed cat. Astonished, he stared at her, eyes wide, mouth opening and closing. It was her! It was Tamara! He would know that face anywhere. No wonder she had said Claude was special. He so wanted to reach out and touch her but held back, afraid that if he did she would vanish into a puff of smoke and all this would prove to be nothing more than a dream. Letting his eyes slide up and down her body as she lay there with her eyes shut, panting. Indeed, it was a human body with all the same coloring and textures of human skin but there were differences. There seemed to be a soft, silvery haze that hovered around her that shifted slightly. Also she seemed to be a bit faded around the edges like her "there ness" wasn't quite right giving her a wispy appearance.

To assure himself that this was indeed no dream or hallucination he reached out and ran one finger softly down her jaw line. Her skin was smooth to the touch and felt ALMOST human there was something missing that he couldn't quite put his finger on. It wasn't as warm as normal skin but wasn't real cold either. Placing his palm on her cheek he cupped it softly, smiling. "You came to see me Tamara. You came to see me." He said softly, looking into her eyes.

Slowly opening her eyes she rolled onto her side and looked at him, a small smile on her lips. "Of course I did. Do you think I would miss the opportunity to come and visit the man I love so much?"

"I'm glad you did." He replied softly. Her voice was different that normal. It was still the soft, husky voice he knew but the timber was different. It had a strange ethereal tone to it like she was in a blanket of heavy fog and it was dampening her voice's normal resonance. It was a bit of an eerie sound but not so bad that he was frightened. As a matter of fact the opposite was happening. The sight of her laying nude in his bed, even if it wasn't the "real" her was infinitely arousing.

She scooted closer to him and pressed herself tightly to his chest, wrapping her arms around his neck, looking up at him. "I can't stay long. Doing this takes a lot out of me."

Wrapping his arms around her he held her tightly and buried his face in her silken hair. ""I don't care, just so you're here for a little while and I can hold you." Pulling away slightly he leaned down and kissed her softly. An instant jolt of electricity passed through him and raced straight to his crotch giving him an instantaneous rock hard erection.



Since she didn't pull away or break it off he pressed on. While his lips were locked with hers his hand wandered down her chest his hand cupping her breast, squeezing it slightly, finger tips teasing and toying with the nipple until he felt it stiffen and harden under his touch.

Moaning softly into his mouth she let her hands wander over his thin but muscular shoulders down his back lightly dragging her nails down it.

Slowly rolling her over onto her back he slid between her spread legs, his cock laying against her pussy, throbbing softly. Leaning over her he started to kiss her again, more passionately and fervently this time. Sliding his large hand down over her slightly concave stomach he let his fingers drift down to the top of her slit. Gently, ever so gently, he parted her outer lips with two fingers then with one finger explored around until he found the little button that was her clit. Rubbing his finger up and down over it, feeling it throb ever so softly under his touch, her juices starting to coat the tips of his fingers. The sweet perfume from her juices slowly rose from her crotch and filled his nostrils, making his blood surge and his heart pound harder. Looking down at her, licking his lips he asked softly. "Please Tamara; let me make love to you."

"Please." She muttered softly looking up at him, licking her lips. Reaching down she wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it a soft squeeze. "Please make love to me Stephen."

Leaning over her thin small frame he propped himself up on one elbow and looked down into her dusky brown eyes. With his other hand he rubbed his cock softly up and down her slightly flowered open pussy, coating the head of it with her juices before gently sliding it all the way into her with a gentle firm pressure.

Shutting her eyes she moaned softly and let her legs fall all the way open. Opening her eyes she looked into his sexy blue-green eyes and licked her lips. Reaching up she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him down closer to her chest and started to kiss him almost animalistically.

Moaning into her mouth he started to slowly slide himself in and out of her in long gentle strokes. With the thumb of his other hand he started to rub her clit up and down slowly, feeling it throb softly, her juices starting to wet his hand.

Parting his lips she let her tongue slide into his mouth and entwine with his. Her hips started to thrust up a bit to meet his long, slow strokes.

Whimpering softly she clung tightly to him, her thrust becoming a bit harder and more persistent.

He could feel her pussy becoming much more wet and clamping down hard onto his cock. Her clit was throbbing harder and faster, almost as if it was a quickening heart beat. The want and longing he had for her was so great that he was finding it was becoming increasingly harder to hold on and not cum. His whole body was bathed in sweat and his breath was coming in short, harsh gasps and pants. His eyes had narrowed to slits and his fingers were dug deep into the bedding.

Eliciting a sharp gasp she slammed extra hard up onto him and dug her heels into the small of his back. Wailing, "Oh God yes Stephen!" at the top of her lungs then threw back her head and let out a long, loud scream and came.

Grunting and groaning he thrust hard into her as she started to orgasm. But her pussy spasming around his cock was more than his self control could take, Slamming into her, hard, one more time he let his own orgasm cut loose, flooding her walls.

When it was over he rolled onto his side and pulled her into his arms, still panting, chest heaving, covered in sweat.

She curled up to his narrow chest, panting softly, eyes shut.

When he stroked her back he noticed she didn't seem as solid as before. Opening his eyes and looking down he saw she was fading a bit. Startled, his eyes widened a bit, "Tamara?"

She untangled herself from him and sat up, looking down at him, "I'm sorry Stephen, I have to go. That took all I had."

Sitting up quickly he kissed her goodbye. "I understand. But how did you manage this?"

Kissing him back she faded out more and slowly started to return to the stuffed cat. "Inside Claude is a solid silver heart I put there. I used that to focus my power. I love you Stephen." As the last word left her mouth she once again was the ratty looking stuffed cat. It lifted its head and looked at him with eyes that were still hers and winked then was totally gone, leaving behind the cat.

Scooping Claude into his arms he cuddled him close and grinned. "You are VERY special." Then laying down he was quickly fast asleep with the cat wrapped tightly in his arms, a big smile on his face.

- The End -

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