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"Naughty Boy"


      (FM, tort, fdom, bdsm)

He lay flat on his stomach on the bed with his head resting on his folded arms waiting. His thin ass and inner thighs were hot, red, swollen and covered with welts. And boy did they hurt! Mistress was very upset with him at this point so he was going to endure several hours of punishment of which the spanking was just the beginning.

She had sat in the big chain that was always in the corner of the room and had pulled him across her lap like a naughty child. Holding his cock between her thighs she had given him a spanking with her leather glove encased hand, the likes of which he had never felt before. She had him squirming all over yelping, crying and begging her to stop but to no avail, continuing on until his ass and inner thighs felt swollen and heavy. Then she had felt his swollen erection start to leak pre-cum down her inner thighs. This infuriated her all the more.

She spanked him all the harder over the welts she had already left, berating him, "Naughty, disgusting, filthy pig of a boy! How DARE you soil my thighs with your filth! You need to learn to control your bodily functions. Disgusting filthy boy!" She continued to spank him until he was screaming with tears running down his face, begging for her to stop.

Finally, she did, keeping him held firmly across her lap. "You have disappointed me greatly and you will pay for it!" She picked up a ginger suppository and slid it up his ass as far she could with one finger.

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He let out a strangled cry as the heat from it filled his anal passage like someone had struck a lit match up his ass. He started to sweat and shake, taking in great gulps of air, whimpering. She gave him one last resounding slap on the ass then shoved him off her lap and onto the floor then leaned back in the chair and spread her legs. Giving him a hard, cold look she told him in an icy voice, "You will be most severely punished tonight, count on it. Now, get down there and lick your mess off my thighs."

He lowered his eyes; cheeks flushed and murmured, "Yes Ma'am." Then moved between her spread thighs and started to lick his leakage off her firm, tanned skin. He tried desperately to hold still and not to wiggle around but couldn't quite manage it with his ass feeling like it was on fire, both inside and out.

She watched him with a critical eye to make sure he did exactly as he was told. When he deliberately ran his tongue up over her leather thong encased pussy she grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head away then slapped him, hard, across the face, leaving a bright red handprint behind, "How DARE you! I did not give permission to touch me there! Bad, bad boy!" She stood up and drug him over to the bed by his hair and made him get on it and lay on it on his stomach. She glowered at him. "You will stay right there and wait for me until I get back! You move and you will make it all the worse on yourself." She then strode out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

He lay in the position she had put him in, trying not to squirm around too much but as bad as his asshole and ass hurt it was so hard to hold still. It seemed like an eternity before he heard her footsteps come back down the hallway and door open. He resisted the urge to turn and look at her, instead lay there with his eyes shut, waiting.

She swatted him on the ass, making him jump, "On your knees, now!" He quickly got his knees under him with his ass stuck up in the air, quivering.

She put a hand on the small of his back, pushing him down, making his legs spread further apart until he was in a frog-like position with his balls dangling a bare inch above the bed and his anal cleft spread wide apart, allowing her to see everything well.

He shut his eyes and clutched the sheets tightly in his fingers, waiting, unsure what she had planned for him.

He felt her cold, slick finger start to probe the outside of his asshole, rubbing something on it then it slid deep inside him and twisted it side to side and in and out. It took a minute or so after she had pulled her finger out for the heat to hit him. She had lubed his asshole up with vick vapor rub and it burnt like fire. He bit his bottom lip to keep from crying out but still made soft whimpering noises.

She gave him a resounding slap on his already sore ass and told him to shut up before reaching under him and grabbing ahold of his cock. She pulled it back slightly and smeared the Vicks all over the head and up and down the piss slit making sure to get it inside as well.

This time he couldn't help himself, he let out a loud wail as the head of his cock seemed to catch fire. He shuddered and squirmed around in pain, unable to control himself.

She stood back and watched him, nodding in satisfaction at his reaction. Then she reached down and smeared a liberal amount all over the black knobby strap-on dildo jutting from her pelvis. He hated this particular "toy" the most because of the pain it caused. It was a foot long and three inches around. If that wasn't bad enough it was covered with rubber spikes all over. Kneeling on the bed behind him she rubbed the head of it across his asshole then swatted him on the cheek, "Prepare yourself because here it comes."

He tried to relax the best her could, knowing if he didn't how much pain it was going to cause. She wasn't slow or gentle with the insertion; she put it against his already tender and slightly swollen asshole then with one thrust shoved every inch of it deep into his bowels.

He tried not to tense up or cry out but like every other time she used the "punisher" on him he couldn't help it. His already abused asshole clenched tightly around the stiff invader, making it infinitely more painful as each one of those spikes slid past his asshole and he let out a loud cry of pain.

She rode, pounded and reamed his asshole for a good 45 minutes, only stopping to relube once in a while, until he was a quivering mass of jelly underneath her, crying into the sheets, begging her to stop between hitched sobs.

She ground it against his prostate one last time before yanking it out with an audible pop. She smiled with satisfaction as she looked down at his sore, red, swollen and slightly distended asshole. Reaching under him she ran one finger up and down his piss slit then looked at it, seeing pre-cum shining on the tips of her fingers. She grinned slightly then unbuckled the strap-on from around her waist. Before tossing it aside she noticed several brown smudges caked around the spikes. Frowning, she looked down at him but said nothing.

Still in the same position, he had his face buried in the sheet, sobbing softly. He tried to hold still so as not to anger her any more but he couldn't help quivering and shuddering. His ass hurt so bad and felt so used yet his cock was rock hard and throbbing. He could feel the pre-cum dripping down his still burning piss slit.

She got off the bed and strode to the bathroom, saying nothing to him, shutting the door firmly behind her. He turned his tear streaked face towards the bathroom door to watch for her then reached back and rubbed his sore swollen ass, wincing as his hand brushed over the welts. He was not sure what she had planned for him now but it was almost a certainty that he wasn't going to like it in the least.

He turned his face away and put his hand back where it was when he heard the knob on the bathroom door turn. He shut his eyes and waited for what was to come but when the strong scent of Ivory soap and a sound of gurgling water reached him his stomach sunk at the anticipation of what was to come. Involuntarily shivering he sighed and held still, waiting for the inevitable.

Hanging the bag from the ceiling she played out the hose to make sure there were no kinks in it. She lubricated the short, fat metal nozzle called the silver bullet; it was shaped like a butt plug and meant to function like one, with Vicks then stood beside the bed, teasing his tightly clenched asshole with a finger. "How many times have I told you to keep this bottom of yours clean?"

After a loud gulp he answered in a soft voice, "Many times Ma'am. And I do try to, honest I do but sometimes I forget. I'm very sorry Ma'am, truly I am."

"I have no doubt that in a few minutes you are going to be very sorry." She rubbed the tip of the nozzle against his ultra sensitive pucker then snapped her wrist and drove it all the way inside in one quick motion.

He arched up and hissed at the intrusion and at the heat once again burning his already sorely abused anal passage but didn't cry out this time.

She twisted the nozzle around and made sure it was anchored tightly then stopped. She put her hand on the clip but didn't open it. "Do you know what I found on my strop-on when I pulled it out of your ass?"

"No Ma'am." He whispered softly.

"My strap-on had shit on it from your filthy ass which tells me that you are not taking care of yourself like I have told you to. So, it appears that I have to do it for you yet again. Naughty boy!" She opened the clip all the way and started the flow of hot soapy water into his ass.



The hot, soapy mixture flowed against his already sensitive tissues making him tense up and clench his jaw tightly. Soon however, his stomach started to cramp up and roll from the soap. His stomach churned and he could taste the soap in the back of his mouth making him gag and cough, bringing tears to his eyes. His stomach swelled as though he was pregnant and his pubic hair stood up in bristles.

He tried to hold still, really he did, but he couldn't. The cramps get worse as more of the soapy mixture flowed into him making him squirm and wiggle all over, whimpering.

She stood back from the bed with her arms folded across her chest, watching him wiggle around as the two quarts flowed rapidly into his bowels. She could see his erection rather than shrinking had grown and pre-cum was leaking steadily from the head onto the sheets. His soft moans and groans were growing steadily louder as more water flowed into him.

When the last of the water gurgled through the tubing and into his full ass she stepped forward and shut the valve off. He was squirming all over the bed as wave after wave of cramps seized his distended belly.

He was biting him bottom lip and moaning. She roughly yanked the large nozzle out and quickly slammed a vibrating inflatable butt plug in its place before any water could leak out. Holding the remote for it she turned the vibrations on low and inflated it enough to fill him but not enough to be uncomfortable. Then she set the timer on the nightstand for 20 minutes. Grinning, she said, "You WILL hold it for twenty minutes. If you make too much noise or move too much I will inflate it more. Do you understand me boy?"

He nodded slightly, "I understand Ma'am."

"Very good." She sat down in the chair facing the bed to keep an eye on him. Every time he wiggled or squirmed she inflated it more and turned the vibrations up.

Time the bell rang on the timer his ass was stretched so wide open you could see the inflator inside and the vibrations were turned up as high as they would go. She put a footstool a couple feet in front of the chair she was sitting in with a towel over the fabric and a bedpan on it. She ordered him over to her then had him squat over the bedpan. She deflated the plug and yanked it out then ordered him to release in the bedpan.

He did so with both a sense of relief and humiliation. Relief from being able to relieve his bowels of their discomfort. Humiliation at having her watch him perform his most intimate bodily function.

For 15 minutes he poured out the contents of his aching bowels into the bedpan before her careful scrutiny. When he was done he wasn't allowed to clean up but had to take the bedpan into the bathroom, dump it and clean it. His cheeks slid against each other slickly and made him blush knowing how filthy his crotch was with his own waste.

When he was done he was ordered into the tub where she bathed him like he was a small child, telling him that since he apparently couldn't behave or act like an adult that she would start treating him like a child until he learned to behave as she had prescribed.

He sat in the soapy water of the tub with his head hung forward and eyes lowered, blushing of shame and humiliation rising in his cheeks.

When she had finished scrubbing him all over so hard his skin was a bright pink she ordered him out of the tub and wrapped a towel around him then marched him into the bedroom.

She sat on the bed and toweled him dry thoroughly then laid the towel on the center of the bed and had him lay on his back on it with his legs spread apart with his hand locked behind his head. She disappeared back into the bathroom then returned with the liquid wax she used to do her legs with then smeared it liberally over his crotch, balls and ass crack. After putting the strips of cloth on it she waited for it o harden, glaring down at him, "Little boys don't have any pubic hair and neither will you until you learn to behave like an adult."

As she ripped the wax off and his hair with it, he let out a screeched off pain, shaking violently.

She did rub some soothing lotion onto the reddened skin after wards, causing his erection to make a return appearance.

When that was done she pulled him face down onto her lap once again. This time instead of spanking him she took a felt tip pen and wrote 'I am a bad boy' all over his reddened ass cheeks and cock. "That should remind you just what you are."

He looked down at the floor, "Yes Ma'am."

She then had him lay on his back on the bed once again. She grabbed an adult diaper from the nightstand then, holding his legs up in the air like you would a child diapered him. After that she made him go to his room and lay on his bed where she tied his hands above him to the headboard to where he couldn't fiddle with the diaper or touch his cock. She then stepped away and glared at him , "Until I am convinced you can behave in the manor I prescribed you will wear that 24/7 and mess it. I will change it ONLY twice a day. IF you do not mess it you will more of what you did tonight. Understand me?"

He nodded, "I understand Ma'am."

"Good." She then turned the light out and strode out, slamming the door behind her, leaving him alone in the dark to think about how humiliating it was going to be the next day at work to make his deliveries in a messy diaper.

Sometime in the night while he was asleep he came. When he awoke and felt his sticky sap his stomach clenched in a tight knot knowing that was going to get him severely punished in the morning. All night long he waited with a sick dread clenching his insides.

- The End -

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