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"Mickey and Lex"


      (FM,rough, oral, anal)

My brother, Kevin, lost my contract to Lex Lugar. Now, I thought he was sexy but I was playing super bitch around him. Finally, one night I knew that I was pushing him to his limits. We were at his house and he said something to me and as usual I made some smart-ass comment back to him. He grabbed me by the shirtfront, shoves me up against the wall, and holds me there. Then he gets in my face and says, through clenched teeth, "You know, I think I know why you are such a bitch all the time, you aren't getting laid enough. Someone needs to get you and fuck the shit out of you on a regular basis." The whole time he is pressed up against me, I can feel his hard cock pressed into my stomach.

I looked him in the eye and said, "I haven't met anyone that is man enough to do that yet, let alone satisfy me." Then spit in his face, knowing full well the effect that it would have on him.

His face turned purple with rage, then said, "You have now and I'm going to give you exactly what you need and deserve." He grabbed ahold of two handfuls of my hair and held me tighter to the wall. He put his face right in mine, "You might have been playing with boys but now a real man is going to show you what it's like. Usually when a woman is a bitch like you they want it hard and rough and that is what you are going to get. I'm going to fuck the shit out of you." He ground his hard cock into my belly. He then took ahold of the front of my shirt and ripped it all the way down the front and pulled it off my body, I wasn't wearing a bra. He then looked me in the face again, "Either take your jeans off or I'll rip them off too."

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I took my jeans off with a small grin on my face, this is what I had been wanting all along.

By the time I got my jeans off he was already out of his clothes. He pinned me back up against the wall, spread my legs apart using his, then started to finger my cunt. Thank God I don't get very wet so he didn't know how much he was turning me on. He looked at me and said, "I'm going to give you exactly what you need and deserve bitch. I'm going to fuck the living shit out of you. Maybe if I give it to you often enough you'll quit being a bitch."

I looked him in the eye, grinned and said; "You aren't man enough." Which I knew was going to inflame him all the more.

He lifted me up off my feet until our hips met, then had me wrap my legs around him. He then slammed his cock all the way up my cunt. He started slamming into me so hard I wondered if we were going to go through the wall. I grabbed ahold of his shoulders for support.

He grabbed ahold of a handful of my hair and kissed me roughly. He then muttered to me, "Is this man enough for you little girl? I'm going to have you begging for more." He kept right on fucking me hard and fast.

Soon he pulled out and carried me into his bedroom. He forced me onto my knees in front of him and held his cock in his hand. He grabbed a handful of my hair and said, "You're going to open your mouth and take every inch of it." He put his cock in my mouth and starting moving it in and out. He threw his head back and moaned, "Oh yes, suck it bitch! Maybe this will keep your smart-ass mouth shut." He kept on it for a while longer then pulled it out of my mouth. He grabbed me by the hair, pulling me to my feet and forced me to bend over the end of the bed. He reached over and opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled something out. I heard him open a jar then felt him push his lubed up finger up my ass. He worked it in and out, gradually adding another one. Finally, I felt the head of his cock at my anus. He then told me, "Now, I'm going to give you exactly what you have been giving me, a royal pain in the ass." He then pushed every inch of it up my waiting ass. I groaned as he slammed it home. He then started to hammer away. Lex reached up and moved my hair to one side so he could see my face. He swatted me hard on the ass. He fucked me for several minutes then stopped. I looked back at him, "Come on you son-of-a-bitch, you said you would fuck the shit out of me, now do it!"

He grinned, moved it in and out a little then said, "Tell me how much you want it. Beg me for it."

I threw my head back and groaned, "Oh God, fuck me please! I need every inch of your big cock!"

He bent over and rested his chest against my back, propping himself on his hands then started to pound into me again. He reached under me and started rubbing my clit. He then started kissing my neck and the side of my face. "You've wanted this for a long time haven't you?"

I groaned, "Oh God yes! I've wanted you since I first heard you like it rough."

"Oh yea and you love it rough don't you?"

"Yes!" I moaned. He continued fucking me and in a few minutes I came. He followed a few minutes later.

Afterwards he held me in his arms. "You were being a bitch on purpose weren't you?"

I grinned up at him, "I knew if I pushed you hard enough you would do something like this."

He kissed me, "You can have it how you want it from now on."

- The End -

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