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Half-time entertainment...

"Wife slut story"

by Mark

I have my friend Bob over to watch Monday Night Football. My wife decides to wear one of my football jerseys for the game and some blue tights, kinda make the jersey look like a dress. The game starts and were all downing beers. Our team is loosing big and Bob jokes that Julie should give us some alternate entertainment.

My wife looks at me and I give her the ok. She slowly does a strip tease for us moving the bottom of the jersey up and down, slowly revealing that she is not wearing any panties under her jersey. She continues the tease until she turns around and bends over giving us a great view of her blue ass and her breasts dangling between her legs. She runs her hand up her leg, through her snatch, over her ass and then pulls the jersey off as it lands on the floor.

She turns around to us with her hands over her breasts and licks her lips. She slowly move her hands down and catches the band of the tights and playfully pulls them down and up to give us peaks at her love nest. She then slides the tights down her legs and steps out of them. She is naked now. Naked before another man for the first time since we married.

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She continues to dance seductively quickly touching a nipple here and brushing against her pussy there. Bob now has his dick out and is stroking the 12 inch member. It is longer and thicker than my own and Julie's eyes are now locked on the ever harding member. She dances over to him and sits down. She quickly takes is dick into her mouth and starts to suck. She never wants to go down on me, but now she is sucking Bob's cock for all it's worth. She alternates from trying to stuff his huge cock into her mouth and licking the shaft. "I want to taste your cum" she says and he starts shooting load after load into her mouth. She never swallowed my cum before.

He is still hard as she licks up the last of his cum and slowly slides up his body, positioning herself over his cock and then slides down so that his cock is buried into her pussy. When she hits bottom she stops and states "I've never been so full in my life". They start fucking like crazy now and my wife is starting to cum. She has orgasm after orgasm on his cock until she slides her self off, turns to face me and slowly pushes that cock into her ass.

She won't even let me finger her ass, much less fuck it. She can only get a few inches in and sweat is pouring down her face, a good 10 minutes later his whole dick is buried in her ass and she stops and looks at me. "Come fuck me now!". I jump off the chair and bury my rock hard cock in her pussy. Seconds later she is cumming again. The three of us fuck like animals until we all cum.

Stretched and fucked, she says "I'm going to bed. Thanks for the fuck Bob!".

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