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My Wife Linda

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After 11 years of what I thought was a perfect marriage, I was stunned to come home from work one day 3 months ago to hear my wife, Linda, ask me for a temporary seperation! Her request hit me like a ton of bricks: "we can still be together Eric", my wife spoke, "but I need to do this for the sake of our love and marriage", and then she went on to explain how she needed this "freedom apart" in order to explore her "inner feelings". Not once has Linda ever shown signs about any doubts in our marriage, so that's why I became so devasted with the news. Maybe the stress from work and being a full-time mom to our 3-year-old son has finally caught up with her, but in any event even though we were still living together under the same roof our "temporary seperation" didn't actually became apparant to me until I realized how much time was passing by without the pleasure of sex anymore.

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Only a couple of weeks after Linda broke the painful news to me, my wife asked that I stay home one night so she could go out with her friends. It's been a very long time since she's been out alone with the girls (before the birth of our son in fact!), so I was hoping that maybe a little fun night would brighten her spirits and then she could put all this seperation nonsense to an end (and maybe I could finally get laid again). When Friday night finally came my wife literally locked herself in the bathroom so she wouldn't be disturbed as she got ready. Anyways, I was only expecting Linda to walk out of there with a new outfit on, nothing extraordinary but something she felt would look better than what her girlfriends were going to wear. I have to be absolutely certain to stress this next part with you, because what my wife had on when she walked out of that bathroom totally surprised the living shit out of me and I knew right then that something has totally changed about the girl I've known for half my life.

I suppose I forgot about one of the most important details: a brief description of my wife... Linda is a gorgeous 29-year-old brunette with a very pretty face, and even after the birth of our son a few years ago my wife has always been able to maintain her weight. She's 5'4" tall, about 120 lbs and she looks especially gorgeous in bikinis during the summer. She has a plump 34C chest and a tight little round ass that makes her petite body stand out from the rest so that's why I made sure to "snag her" at such a young age (she was only 18 when we married).

But getting back to where I was, my eyeballs literally felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets when I quickly noticied what my wife was dressed in to go out. She had on this skin-tight high-cut top exposing her entire mid-riff section, and though she took very good care of herself during her pregnancy and showed no signs of bearing a child (Linda's stomach is very tight and flat) it wasn't this which was concerning me. My wife was obviously going without a bra, because just by the way that tight top was clinging to the curvatures of her perky breasts it was very noticeable from even across the room. But once it became apparant that a hint of her large nipples could also be somewhat made out through the thin material, I begged Linda to please reconsider what she choose for attire. The top was a dark white in color so they weren't extremely noticeable, but since it was defiantly a fact that other guys would be getting an excellent "preview" of my own wife's luscious nipples - I didn't want her to wear it!

Of course, she broke my heart when she began to giggle like a little slut and insisted that this was the way the "younger generation" dresses now when they go clubbing and my wife wanted to "fit in". This was the first I heard anything about her friends taking her to the clubs, I thought (or should I say hoping) that they were just going to go to the movies or something simple like it. The thought of my wife on the dance flloor with her plump tits swaying across her chest as she grinds to the music was filling my mind with painful images. Men of all ages will want to dance by her side, wanting to catch an eyefull of her delicate nipples trying desperatly to poke through her skimpy little top. Knowing how hurt I was to see her literally having her perfect chest on display like that, Linda gave me a quick kiss on the lips when we heard a horn beep in the driveway and said absolutely nothing as she scampered out the front door and jumped into the back seat of her friend's car.

For 6 consecutive Fridays in a row, I watched my beautiful wife leave through the front door while wearing tight jeans and always with revealing shirts on. Her attractive tits jingling underneath as she scampers across the walkway in excitement to reach the car filled with her friends. I still couldn't accept the fact how she was allowing the guys at the club to have sight of what had been for my eyes only for the past 11 years, dressing in this manner for 6 weeks in a row I'm sure Linda has given half the single guys in town a massive erection. She never comes home until 4 or 5 in the morning the next day and whenever I thought I could take advantage of her drunken state every Saturday morning, even then she would push me away reminding me of our "temporary situation". At this point it had been 2 months since Linda has given me anything, jerking off was defiantly starting to suck and I needed my wife's warm, moist cunt wrapped around my cock! I'm sure she gets wet from hearing alot of compliments about her tits from all the guys at the clubs, and I could never understand why wouldn't want me to filfull her "sexual needs".

I begged her to ask her mother to watch our son for just one Friday night, just once so I could go out and watch Linda have a good time on the dance floor. Maybe if we "grinded" together on the floor she would forget all about this stupid time-apart bullshit and start being a wife to me again! She immediatly shrugged her shoulders but she did agree, and asked that I please don't cause a "scene" around her friends especially about how I hate her "sluuty" tops. I promised I wouldn't and insisted I'd "behave" if she just took me with her just once; but what I learned what my wife had actually been doing the 6 weeks prior, I wish I had never gone out with her that night....

When it was time to head out, I was surprised to see that one of her friends had driven up in a brand new caravan. Apparantly the guy her friend was dating had loaned it to her so the girls could have more room to fit everyone into one vehicle, now they only needed one designated driver!. I was asked to sit in the 3rd seat back while Linda sat in the second, I didn't question it I just assumed someone else we were getting preferred the 2nd seat. But anyways, I was content enough how my mother-in-law offered to watch our son so I could finally have a night out with my wife. It wasn't until we got into Lancester when I took a better look at my wife's crop top that I realized how much more revealing this one is compared to the others. The one she had on now was a much lighter shade of white, so much so that her brown nipples were extremely noticeable and I couldn't fucking believe I didn't catch it earlier. Assuming this top was like all the others I never looked long enough to notice, could it be that I did but I refused to believe it, but in any event there wasn't turning back now and I promised not to cause a scene; after 6 weeks I still couldn't accept how Linda was without shame flaunting her tits like this for complete strangers at the clubs.

By now the van was almost full, besides Linda and I there were 4 other girls and one of their boyfriends but the only space left was between Linda and one of her friends. That's when we pulled nto the mall parking lot and I was surprised to see a huge black guy approach the van. The girls began to giggle once this guy opened the side door and smiled at them, and when I watched as he sat by my wife and give her a kiss on the lips I found myself immediatly looking for answers! At first I convinced myself that they just must be just close friends, Linda isn't that much of a bitch to go out and find a black guy to fuck behind my back only to kiss him right in front of me. My wife is a very "social" person so I was assuming she was really close to this guy and this was their way of greeting each other.

Once we all got inside the club, the girls quickly ran over to talk with the bartender and almost immediatly I caught him several times glancing down at my wife's chest, probably feeling his cock twitch at the sight of Linda's erect nipples poking through her thin-white shirt right in front of him. The smirk she had on her face after catching the bartender glancing at her exposed breasts told a million stories, since our "seperation" my wife had gradually developed into a closet-case exhibitionist and I couldn't believe it! The sight of other men staring at her chest probably drove her fucking wild, but if she wasn't having sex with me how was my wife releasing all of this sexual tension?

Eventually the girls bought themselves drinks, Linda loves to drink Madarey sours so I wasn't surprised to see her walk off from the bar with one. I felt completely ignored when my wife went onto the floor without me to mingle in with a group of guys, probably the same group of guys she dances with every week. With her drink still in her hand, Linda raised her arms up high over her head and began to "move" her body to the beat. Within seconds I then caught every guy who was encircled around my wife look down and stare at her precious tits swaying, both fully and clearly visible under her "trashy" thin, white top. But Linda was right, she wasn't the only one. Though they were much younger, I also caught sight of other girls wearing similiar outfits without a bra; the only difference was they weren't drawing a crowd like Linda was, probably because my wife had a better body.

Though it was very painful to know how other men had plain sight of my wife's plump breasts, what hurt me the most was to see her black friend by her side the entire night. She was allowing him to feel the soft skin of her bare sides that her high-cut top was exposing, and on numerous occassions I watched as Linda bent over and literally began to rub her tight ass all around his entire crotch area. I knew they were just dancing, but the sight of her huge friend reach down to grab her hips with her ass grinding against his crotch made it look as though he was fucking my wife like she was some wild bitch in heat. I'm positive Linda felt his big black hardened cock press against her inviting cunt, only making her married snatch that much wetter with curiousity and lust. By the look in his eyes I knew he wanted to fuck her too, he wanted to show my fragile wife what it felt like to be ripped apart by a huge black cock.

As soon as we left the club a little after 1a.m., everyone started to pile into the van and I figured I'd take my place in the 3rd and last seat back again. Linda's black friend jumped into the driver's seat which was a relief because he was the only one out of us all not to drink, but what surprised me was to see my totally sloshed wife work herself into the passenger seat next this guy leaving her friends to take seats in the back. It's only been since our "seperation" has Linda been drunk like this every week, she seems to be having the time of her life though and I couldn't complain. However, the events that took place during the drive home drove a stake through my heart and I couldn't believe I was so fucking stupid and niave not to notice the suggestions that took place in front of me all night long.

Being in the farthest seat I didn't have the best view, but I could easily hear what my wife was saying. While arching her back to make her chest and perky c-cup tits point straight out, she asked her friend: "What do you think of my shirt tonight, Travis"? And while looking down at herself while rubbing her nipples with her index fingers, she even went on to state how she thought he loved the fact that her tits were so plainly noticeable. I watched as "Travis" glanced in the rear view mirror to see if I had been watching, and when he caught my eye he quickly snapped back at Linda demanding that she "save it for later"!! My wife's friends kept eyeing each other obviously worried that I was catching on to what was going on the past few weeks. But Linda was so fucking out of it she didn't care what I thought, and the things she started to say to him forced "Travis" to turn the radio on loud so I couldn't hear a damn thing.

"It's been a week since I had your big black cock, hun, I can't help if you make me horny". I watched in disgust as my wife leaned over to him with a look of lust in her eye, and once I heard a zipper being slowly pulled down I knew exactly what my little princess was digging for. She wanted to play with his black cock like she's probably done for weeks before, they probably talked about not doing anything in front of me tonight but Linda was so fucked up on alcohol she could care less about the consequences. Though I couldn't see much from where I sat, I seen her arm movement suggesting she was jerking him off and when I seen his facial expressions in the mirror I knew he wasn't going to stop her.

By now Travis was playing the radio so loud I couldn't hear what my wife was saying, but from reading her lips I clearly made out a few suggestive words. "Want", "cum", and "mouth" was enough to tell me what to expect next. Travis then leaned over and began to kiss my wife passionatly excited that my wife was about to wrap her warm lips around his shaft, while getting joking smacks from Linda's friends obviously telling him to keep his eye on the road. As soon as he focused himself to the road though, I watched in complete disbelief as my wife's head dissappeared from my view as Travis' eyes began to light up. He reached over and placed a hand on her little ass and suddenly I watched as his head cocked back once Linda's back began to rise and lower over and over again. Though I couldn't see I knew my wife now had a big black cock in her mouth right in front of me, 11 years of marriage has meant nothing compared to the total rush of having a real cock shoved in her mouth right then.. I was forced to watch as Travis then reached up to lift her crop top enough to expose her breasts, and then with his huge hand he cupped one of Linda's big tits and began to massage it.

For several minutes I was forced to watch my wife laying across the driver's seat, with only the view of her back rising and falling several inches suggesting Travis must has a big fucking cock and how Linda was easily able to devour it. Just by the way she's always sucked mine I knew she could easily handle more, girls who can bury their noses in your pubic hair obviously could take more. When Travis began to pull over right on the highway I knew defiantly what to expect, he began screaming over the loudness of the radio and I quickly noticied how Linda's back never rose up from her last lustful "plunge". I knew my fucking slut wife now had her moist lips wrapped and sealed around the base of her black friend's thick shaft, allowing him to drain his balls full of fresh semen down her throat and into her belly. Not only was she doing this right in front of me, but without shame inside a van full of on-lookers probably just as lost for words as I was.

After Travis stopped his "bucking" movements, I watched as my wife quickly sit back up into her seat with her head cocked back and without surprise an obvious large clump of her lover's cum dangling from her cheek. It is hard to explain the awkward feeling of seeing another mans' wad of cum on your wife's face, she just kind of smiled and slowly took her hand and tried wiping it off. She obviously thought it was funny, apparantly laughing with a clump of cum in her hand she was now spreading her fingers apart enjoying the sensation of it's stickyness. Linda never once played with my cum the way she was with Travis's, I think she's very turned on over the fact that other guys got to notice her the first week she went out. Going braless that first week and probably drawing a crowd of men unlike the other girls who dress similarly at the club, my wife probably realized how easliy she can control men by just flaunting her tits and she grew to love it. I'm sure the first time she sucked Travis off and took his entire cock down her throat he told her how gifted she was to have such a talent, exciting my wife knowing how she can easily please other men.

I haven't decided what's going to happen between us next, but if one thing is for certain there is a part of me that got excited watching Linda please Travis. I think it's just the fact that I got to watch another guy experience my wife's incredible addictive blow jobs, something I've always bragged to my friends about because not many woman know how or could give 2 shits about pleasing their man this way. Linda has confessed that she's fucked Travis twice in his one-room apartment since they've met on her first night out, I'm only fearful now that since she's allowed herself to be penetrated by his black cock that she won't be able to give it up. She's told me that the sensation of Travis's "monster" inside of her is like a drug; she wasn't sure how to handle it's effects the first time (how it "burned" when he first put it in) but the second time she was "butter in his arms". If Linda and I ever do get back together, I'm sure I'll have to agree to share her but how can I ever please her in bed again if she's always going to have a big black cock on the side?

The End

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