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Stella meets the snake...

"My Wife Stella" (part 5)

by Mr Tim

The summer of 2000 started out with no real zip and things were getting boring. Stella and I were reading some feedback we were getting on the stories we posted (based on real events) and we noticed an ad in a local paper. It was from a couple who was looking for a sexual slave to torture!

We phoned the number that was listed and replied that we were interested in bringing them Stella! They called back in less than four hours! They were very much into hurting their victims, and they were most eager to get a hand on Stella. I spoke to the wife and she told me how they wanted Stella dressed. A pair of short shorts, a tank top (no bra) and sneakers!

I brought her over to their house and when we went inside there were three couples all together. The house was large and set back off the road. Two ropes hung from the ceiling and I was asked to tied her wrists to those ropes, I smiled at her as I tied them around each wrist, and the one woman pressed a button which set a small motor to work raising Stellas wrists high above her head. The women started snipping her tank top off with a pair of scissors and in a flash her tits were on display! Next they asked me to take her shorts and panties off so the guys could feel her pussy and ass. I unzipped her shorts and eased them down and as I was pulling them down the women were telling her how much fun they were going to have hurting her body after the guys have had their fun with her!

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Stellas panties came off next to reveal a smooth shaved pussy! The one woman asked me to stand behind Stella and reach around and hold her cunt open, and as I did I noticed the one guy plunge his fingers into her pussy. Stella tried to jump, but I held her tight. He started pushing his fingers in and out of her. As he pumped his fingers in and out, one of the women brought over this strange looking machine and plugged it in, next she flipped a switch and I heard this chugging noise. Next she took two red rubber cups and placed one over each of Stellas nipples and it was then that I realized that it was a pump, and it had a dial to increase the suction that it applied on her nipples. I saw her nipples swelling immediately! Next a smaller cup was placed over her clit. I knew it was hurting her!

They showed me another room where they had a large table ready for her, and in it was all sorts of devices. The couple who ran the ad, then suggested that I leave and that they'd call me later. I left with a letter and was instructed not to read it until they called. That was about 8:30 in the evening.

At 10:45 the phone rang and it was Stella. She sounded high as a kite! She told me that she had marks all over her body. A woman got on and told me to open the envelope. It described a variety of straps and sticks that they had used on Stella's body up til now. The woman told me in a gleeful voice that her husband had used a thin stick to hit Stella on her breasts and that his aim was so good that he got her nipples several times! She described how one of the other women used a thin plastic with very short but brisk snaps on Stellas pussy!

The woman who ran the ad (Debi) giggled as she told me that all of their husbands had taken turns with Stella, and she went on to tell me that some had cum deep in her pussy and that one had cum deep in her ass. She told me that she had her husband and the other guys tie Stella on her back with her knees up almost like at the gynocologists office, and that Stella could not move at all! She went on to describe that her friend Carole was taking a long taper candle and was dripping hot wax along the length of Stellas slit, taking extra care to coat her clit! Carole said that Stella would be crying except that one of the guys in her mouth and was about to cum, and Carole assured me that she would make sure Stella swallowed each and every drop he gave her!

Debi told me that Stella had a lot of bruises on her body and that the guys made up a game earlier. Stella was tied with her back to a wall and her arms tied tightly to her sides. Each guy would have an opportunity to grasp one of Stella's nipples with a plastic clamp and pull her breast straight out, and as the guy did that, the guys wife would have to take a strap and try to knock Stella's nipple free. She laughed and said that it almost always took several hits to force her nipple out of that clamp!

I asked her what they were going to do next and she got quiet. She told me that Stella was on her back with her legs up. Carole was putting a clear plastic speculum to hold Stellas cunt open while her husband Kurt took a canvas bag and after puting on some heavy duty gloves, he took hold of a snake and put its head inside of Stellas cunt while Carole withdrew the speculum. At least seven inches of the snake was inside of Stella, and Carole said that this species was indeed rare, but it had something of a rare reputation of sometimes forcing its head through a womans cervix and into her womb. Debi told this to Stella and she broke out into a cold sweat and she started to cry. At that Kurt placed the rest of the snake on Stellas bare thigh, and the snake immediately wrapped itself around her thigh and started pushing its head deeper! Carole, Debi and Sue watched mesmerized as the snake went in a little bit deeper each time. A half inch at a time, but it was going in deeper and deeper! Sue playfully asked if there was anything they could do to help the snake and Kurt smiled and produced two smaller snakes. the girls asked what he was going to do with those and he told them that these snakes had small sharp teeth and when they bit into something, their hollow teeth would suck whatever fluid it could find. Sue started playing with herself as she watched Kurt pinching Stellas nipple. When he put the first snake to her nipple, it immediately bit in and started sucking, Stella screamed, and the snake in her cunt went in a full inch! It was not almost nine and a half inches inside of her body! The snake had a more to go! Kurt took the next small snake and put it to Stellas other nipple, and it bit in deeply! She let out a scream and Debi and Sue pointed to the snake wriggling out of Stellas cunt and pointed out that the snake had just pushed in almost three inches MORE! At least twelve inches of it were inside of her. Debi was panting and giggling and she told me that they'd call me later, but for now Stella was going to be left tied there for the snakes to enjoy! She hung up and it was almost 12:00 Midnight!

The phone rang an hour later and Sue was telling me that Stella came at least five times as the snake pushed deeper into her womb. She told me it was at least fifteen inches inside of her! She also said that the snakes loved sucking her nipples, she said that both snakes had a great blood meal! When I asked how Stella was, she told me that she was exhausted, but that they just tied her wrists again and that they put a blindfold on her. Sue described that two of the guys were butt fucking Stella and when each guy got ready to cum, their wives would punch Stella in the belly and hit her nipples with a wooden spoon.

Debo got on the phone and told me that I could pick her up soon. She told me to wait for her call. I waited. At 2:00AM Debi called giggling like mad. She was laughing so hard it was difficult to understand her. She told me that she "forgot" to call me and that they had dropped Stella off behind some warehouse almost an hour ago. When I got there, three homeless guys had their hands all over her and one pulled a knife and told me to WAIT until they were done. Watching what they did, made me sicker than hearing what the couples did!

Mr Tim

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