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And the thrills just keep on cumming...

"My Wife Stella's Thrills (Part 5)"

by Mr Tim

For the past couple of weeks Tony has come over at least twice a week to help train Stella. Without warning he called and told Stella that he had made arrangements for her. She was to put on a pink nightie with just a pair of low heels and then go to a large park about fifteen miles from our home. I told her that it was really too sheer for her to go out in, but she said that she was committed to doing whatever it took to become a better and more experienced lover for me. She took a shower and was putting on her make-up when I suggested some of her lip-gloss on her nipples and her pussy lips. She tried it and it looked great.

We got into the car and drove across town. As we got closer to the park, Stella sat closer to me and asked if I was happy that she was going out tonight. Surprisingly I wasn't and I said so. To my surprise she said that she understood but that this was really the best way for her to learn. I asked her how far she was ready to go and she said that she would do anything that they wanted her to do. We pulled up and waited.

I put my hand in between her legs and felt her wet cunt. She was soaked through the thin material of her panties that matched the nightie. I pulled her panties off and slipped them into my pocket. Just then a van pulled up and two guys and two women got out. I went around the car and opened the door for Stella. When she stood up the nightie barely covered her pussy! We walked over to there van and made a bit of small talk. One woman, Cindy, opened the door and said that she had to take her Great Dane for a piss. The guys complimented Stella on how she looked and asked if there were any limits to what could do. Tony had already told them that they could do anything, but they wanted to know for sure. She told them this was true, they could do anything.

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When Cindy came back with huge dog she stood close to Stella and said that the nightie was pretty short. As we were wrapping up the chitchat the dog started licking Stella's thighs. Instinctively, she pulled back but Cindy snapped at her to stand still. Stella froze and Cindy told her to stand still and move her legs apart. She hesitated so Cindy kicked her feet wider apart and the dog pushed his nose between her thighs. Cindy told Stella to pull her nightie up so they could see her better. The dog was licking her cum soaked cunt.

Cindy handed me an envelope containing a list of things that they would do to Stella before sending her home. She said that Tony had told her that they could send her home in any condition and she was really looking forward to the night. She also told me that they would be stretching, pulling, and twisting her nipples with clamps and toys. She was also quick to point out that my wife would have some very bizarre things happen between her legs too. She was saying all of this loudly enough that Stella could hear.

That was six hours ago. Then I got a call and they told me her hands were tied to her waist. Cindy was starting to drip hot candle wax on Stella's tits and the guys were spreading her cunt lips so Cindy could get some of the hot wax inside of her pussy. Cindy shouted out that Stella was getting a bikini wax job.

I asked if the wax was hurting her and why I didn't hear her yelling. She laughed and said that one of the guys had his cock in her mouth.

When she hung up I remembered the envelope.

Here are some of the things that are listed in the outline.

  1. nipple clamps with weights;
  2. clothespins on her tits and on her pussy;
  3. two Spanish dudes rape her;
  4. tie her hands up and legs spread;
  5. let the Great Dane fuck her;
  6. put something alive into her cunt;
  7. shave her pussy with a straight razor;
  8. drip candle wax over both tits;
  9. drip the hot wax in her cunt until it is wax sealed;
  10. pierce her nipples with hot pins;
  11. take pictures and a video before calling Tony.

About ten minutes after the hang-up, the phone rang again. It was Cindy and she said that they weren't through with all of the things they had planned in the note. She went on to ask if I wanted them to stop where they were and have me pick Stella up. What a question! I didn't know if they had put the needles through her nipples yet. I didn't know if they had held her cunt open and put something that was alive. I didn't know if she had been tied and beaten or raped by the two puerto rican guys. I asked Stella but she told me it was up to me.

It was one AM already and I knew that I really didn't want all of those things to happen to her. Cindy was quick to point out that I could not pick and choose what would happen since I didn't know what they had already done. I had to make a decision. I asked what was going on now and she said that they were picking the wax off of her cunt and titties. I didn't know what I should say. Then I remembered what Stella had said earlier ... that it's the only way she'll gain new experiences. So, I just told Cindy that they should simply continue. She seemed surprised and she asked if I was sure that I wanted my twenty-seven year old pretty young thing to go through with what would happen next.

She said that Stella had a lot of marks on her, especially on the areas of her that weren't tan. I simply told Cindy that Stella was with them and that they should continue doing whatever they had planned. They should continue with whatever other things that they wanted to do to her.

Cindy gave my wife the phone and she asked how I was. I said that I was a bit nervous with all they were doing to her. I asked her what was going on because her breathing was funny. She said that one of the guys was rubbing some lotion on her tits and that another guy had fingers in her cunt. Cindy got back on the phone and said that they were going to get on with their fun. She would call me later on and tell me where to pick up Clair. She said that I had one last chance to call a stop to the fun.

I said ... "No" ... she's there for a reason. They had put a lot into their plans, so it really wouldn't be fair to them to stop. She agreed and said that they were all going to enjoy the next couple hours.

I hung up the phone and waited.

Mr Tim

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