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Here are some more of her adventures...

"My Wife Stella's Thrills (Part 4)"

by Mr Tim

I have written two stories about Stella, and it seems that some of the guys who know her have decided to read other stories at this site, giving them more and more ideas to try with her!

Just this past week-end, I got a call from a couple who I had allowed to preview the most recent story where Juan had fun with Stella and then introduced her to several other guys, including one guys uncle who had some exotic pets to use on her.

This couple (Tom and Kim) wanted to know if Stella was free for the night. It seems that they were having two other couples over, and they were all interested in seeing 'first hand' how this guy used exotic "live" things on and in Stella! Stella was sitting next to me when they called and she had this look of "oh no!" on her face as she heard what was being discussed. I smiled at her and told her to talk to Kim. At first she tried to say no, but then Kim told her that they had talked to the guy who had all of these pets, and told Stella how excited her and Tom were as well as all of their friends who wanted to see this. The next thing was that Stella handed me the phone and went to shower. Kim and I talked and Kim told me that the guy who owned these pets was excited because he said that he never saw his pets as active as they were with Stella.

When Stella came out of the shower and had done her hair and make up, I had her put on a pair of sheer black thigh top stockings, a charcoal gray mini skirt, a skimpy black quarter cup bra, and a black t-top. No panties, as requested by Tom.

It was only seven in the evening, and I knew it would be a long night for her, but I had her promise to go along with absolutely 'anything' that they wanted to do or try. She agreed.

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I drove Stella to Kim and Toms and brought her inside. The other couples were already there, and waiting downstair in their rec room, awaiting the start of the fun. The guy who owned the pets (Carlos) was not yet these. Tom greeted us cordially and Kim very shyly asked if Stella was wearing any panties, she said no, but Kim asked her to lift her skirt to show Tom and I smiled as she lifted her skirt slowly, exposing her hairless pussy. Tom escorted her downstairs, and Kim handed me an envelope as I was leaving.

I asked Kim if she knew the routine about calling me, and she smiled, saying that they would keep in touch.

I drove home, and stopped at a department store on the way, getting home an hour later.

I read the contents of the envelope that Kim gave me.

It explained that the other two couples were really excited, they were all into swinging, and the three couples had enjoyed an occasional victim where they would take their time raping and abusing an attractive female, in the past, this female was always someone who they had "hired" to fill this role, and always had to be extra careful as not to go overboard with hurting her or getting too kinky. Tonight, they knew, would be so different! They planned on sexually enjoying her first, getting her intoxicated as they did, then they were going to begin tying her in various positions to take turns abusing and hurting her. This was all in preparation of Carlos arriving with some very interesting "live pets"! In Kims letter, she went on to detail that her and her friends had met with Carlos and encouraged him to bring a wide variety of pets!

The phone rang, it was 9:30 PM.

Kim was on the phone and she began telling me that the guys had been having alot of fun with Stella. She told me that Stella had cum dribbling out of her pussy and ass and that two of the guys had been doing her at the same time. She also started to tell me that the girls were especially excited to have the guys holding Stella down while each of them took turns biting her on the nipples and teasing her about what Carlos was bringing to demonstrate on and in her! I heard her yell a couple of times and Kim laughed saying that one of the guys was biting her pussy lips pretty hard. I asked Kim when Carlos was to arrive, and she told me in about ten minutes. She told me that she had to get off the phone because they were all going to get dressed so that Stella would be the only nude person when Carlos came. I asked if she knew what he was bringing, and she said that she did, but I had to wait. We said good-bye. That was about 9:45PM.

At 11:00PM the phone rang again, it was Kims girlfriend Lori. Lori started out by telling me how great it was to be abusing Stella, and how much fun they were all having watching her endure what was going on. She described how the guys held Stella on her back with her legs wide open as Carlos fingered her first and then took a tube filled with a sweet mixture and stuck it in her cunt and squeezed until she was filled. It was a sweet sticky mixture that his Collie loved! They held her legs wide open as the Collie licked what was on the surface first, and then probed her pussy deeper and deeper with his tongue. As the Collie was licking her, Carlos told them to hold her tight as he was going to chew her nipples until they hurt! He explained that her cunt juices would increase as he did this. Lori said that she screamed as he chewed her nipples, but they held her still and the dog didn't miss a beat. When the dog was done, the girls wanted to see Carlos put leeches on her body. All the guys agreed, and

Lori said that after a while they sat down and had drinks while Stellas body was fed on. Lori said that was very exciting to watch, but that the eel was better. Seems that Carlos slid a large eel in her cunt after he took the leeches off and something on the surface of the eel caused her to squirm and scream, which only excited everyone, including Carlos! Lori said it was in her at least fifteen minutes, moving so much that Stella came twice!

When I asked Lori what was going on now, she said that she couldn't watch this part. Carlos had them tie her legs so that she was basically upside down with her legs wide apart, and Tom was holding Stella's cunt open while Carlos was putting some very thick earthworms inside of her pussy! I asked what that was for and she said that he was going to let them squirm around inside of her a while and then he had a snake that would force its head inside of her cunt to eat the worms! I heard her screaming and then Lori told me that the worms were in and that her husband Bill was kneeling down pinching Stellas nipples while Kim was using a long vibrator in stellas ass. Lori told me that they were getting ready to use the snake and would call me later on. That was 11:30PM.

At around 1:15PM the phone rang once more. It was Kim. She sounded excited and tired. She bubbled when she told me how aggressive the snake forced its head into Stellas cunt and how she screamed as it wrapped itself around her thigh and kept pushing its head in as hard as it could. She said that this went on for over twenty minutes, until Stella was too tired to complain at all. Two of the guys took turns putting their cocks into her mouth until they came. When I asked what was going on now, she grew quiet. She told me that fifteen minutes ago, Carlos had them lay her on her back on a coffee table, and had a very large dog mount her, and that for the last fifteen minutes the dog was pumping her, hard and deep. Kim said that this dog is in her pussy, and there is one more waiting, and that one will flood her ass.

Kim told me that they all were amazed at how large her nipples were after the leeches, and the marks on her body excited them. Lori got on the phone next to tell me that they read this site often, and hope that you'll send ideas to:

Send your kinkiest ideas to me to be tried on her!

Ideas for another night to be arranged in a few weeks!

Mr Tim

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