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Even the derelicts get a little...

"My Wife Stella's Thrills (Part 3)"

by Mr Tim

I have had several opportunities to help guys take off my wife's clothes and then help him tie her to a bed. Usually she is frightened and wants me close by for protection, but in order to increase her state of excitement, I would occasionally leave, allowing free access to abuse her. I have watched as clothespins were attached to be nipples, electrical clamps attached to her pussy, her legs spread and a hand or a belt is used to hit her pussy, getting it good and red.

On several occasions I have directed her to go out for a ride wearing only a short and sheer nightie and to stop where some guys coming out of a bar would be able to see her. This had led to a couple of guys stopping and talking with her for a while and then talking her into standing up so they could see the whole outfit. The nightie is so see-through that everything was there for them to see. The guys took her to their place and for the next few hours, used her for all of their sexual pleasures.

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On another occasion, when we went to a guy's place, he had me take off all her clothes as he told her that he was going to do some really bizarre things. She was extremely nervous and wanted me to stay, but after feeling her nipples tighten I slipped my hand down to her pussy to find that she was soaked. I asked the guy what he had planned. He said that he had been on the Internet and had started up some conversations with people who were going to instruct him step by step through an evening of torturing.

Stella was trembling and things only got worse for her when he mentioned that he had a couple of friends that would be over soon. Tony was his name, as I remember and he said that if I didn't want my wife beaten and raped that I could take her home right then. I told her to turn around and face me. She was completely nude except for her shoes. She looked so scared as I told her to stand and she obeyed. She stood there as he started to fondle her breasts and tell us that his friends would really enjoy her.

Tony slipped a few fingers inside of her cunt and said that this was our last chance to let her get dressed and take her home. I asked him if he was his friends were going to do anything that she has never experienced before, anything really bizarre?

He stepped back and looked her over, smiled and said that they would do things to her that they had never done to any other woman. I looked at her and said, " ... well, you came over here so he can have fun with you. I just wouldn't be fair to back out now."

Tony pushed her hack on the bed and straddled her while slipping a black eye cover over her eyes. He placed white fur cuffs around her wrists and secured them to the top of the bed. As he did this I spread her legs and tied her ankles to the foot of the bed. She was pulled lengthwise as I stepped back to watch Tony attach clips to her red nipples. The clips were attached to a chain and these were connected to a pair of alligator clips, which Tony attached to her pussy lips. She clinched her teeth but uttered no sounds as Tony played.

Tony said that I should look her over now because her soft white skin wouldn't look this way for long. She started to squirm when I gave her a kiss good-bye.

As I was leaving, there was a knock and three guys joined Tony. One guy looked at my wife and smiled. He said that he'd have her call me in a few hours to let me know what they were doing to her.

Two hours later the phone rang and Stella was on the line and she sounded high as a kite. I asked how she was and she said that she was sore. She told me that they were using all sorts of dildos in her ass and in her pussy. She told me that Tony wanted me to know that they were getting ready to take her for a ride. They were going to bring her to the subway, because one of the guys knows some of the passageways and where some of the derelicts live. She said that they had given her a lacey white bra and panties. Tony wanted to see her fuck some derelict that lives in the underground subways. She started crying as Tony got on the phone. I suggested that a couple of the guys could hold her down finger her cunt until they were ready to leave. He said that was already doing that and was ready to stick a stiff broomstick in her ass hole. I started to laugh as he hung up the phone.

An hour later the phone rang again and it was Tony. He told me that they brought her to the underground passage system and took off her coat. He said that she looked great in heels, a white bra and panties. Just for fun he tied her hands behind her back and started walking her deeper into the system. Soon they heard some noises and were confronted by five of the dirtiest fuckers that he has ever seen. He said that there were five guys and two old women. They took one look at my wife and grabbed her.

Tony got nervous and ran but said that he did catch a glimpse of the women holding Stella and two guys ripping off her undies.

The next morning I got a phone call from one of the women. She told me where to pick up Clair, saying that they all had fun, but the guys were paying more attention to abusing her than taking care of them.

I picked her up and she had bruises all over her hips, thighs, ass and her nipples were bright red. She had bite marks on her thighs and by her cunt. Her ass was striped where they had beaten her with a belt. She said that one of the women had the guys hold her down while she tried to stick her whole hand inside of her cunt while the other broad stuck her hand up her ass.

She said that being tied up and abused in the underground passage system was terrifying. Her legs and arms were tied apart night and day as the perverts thought of new games.

It was frightening and she wonders what will happen next time!

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