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My Wife Stella part 2

Comments to Mr. Tim

The story that follows is completely true.

My wife Stella and I have this friend Juan, who we met a while back. He is of Puerto-Rican heritage, and he is actually the first PuertoRican we have had a threesome with.

Several weeks ago, Juan called and wanted to meet us for a night of fun and kinky sex play. As luck had it, I was booked for some dinner affair with some guys from work. But since my mind was working over time, I suggested that Stella arrange the date anyway. I had an idea!

Stella had a glimmer in her eye and the date was set. She didn't say much and anyway other things took our attention.

After dinner Stella went to bed and I stayed up and sent Juan an e-mail detailing my "plan"!

I know that Juan enjoyed getting rough with Stella and he also mentioned several times that he really wanted an opportunity to take her out and show her body off to some of his buddies. Juan loved all sorts of B/D and S&M, and he got very excited reading the first story I submitted here about Stella. He wanted some more fun! So I gave a number of options to him, and he loved them. Things were set!

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Juan called Stella and asked her to wear something special. This was not really so out of the ordinary, so she expected nothing unusual. For this evening she wore a really cute black mesh thong panty with a matching mesh quarter cup bra that was just a bit too minimal to cover her nipples. Her skirt was ultra short, coming above mid-thigh, and her blouse was a black sheer low cut blouse, and if the light was just right, her nipples could be seen.

I gave her a hug and a kiss and I was off to my dinner and she waited at the house for Juan to arrive. That was all at about 6:30 PM. She expected Juan at 7:00 PM, so she had time to finish the Martini I made her.

As the dinner and the boring speeches wore on, I glanced at the clock knowing that Juan was at my house. I casually unfolded the e-mail he had sent me that detailed his plans for my sexy wife! It explained how he was looking forward to taking her clothes off piece by piece; he explained how much he enjoyed fingering her and playing with her ass; and he went into extreme detail on how he was looking forward to tying her to the bed so he could spend time abusing her in some delicious ways!

At 9:00 PM I took a Mens Room break and called the private line in our bedroom. Stella answered (Juan had picked up and placed the phone by her ear). She was quite obviously drunk and she hinted that she was all tied up! I knew that he was planning that! I told her to put Juan on the phone, and he told me that he was having a great time with her. He told me that he had her tied on the bed with her legs spread apart and her wrists were tied together and tied to the headboard. He told me that he had been pinching her ample nipples and loving it. I told Juan to look in the bottom drawer of my dresser and he'd find some clothespins. I soon heard Stella gasp, and Juan told me that he had just placed a clothespin on each of her nipples and loved doing it. I asked if he had any on her pussy, and he told me to hold on, and then I heard her gasp again, knowing Juan was putting some clothespins on her pussy.

I asked Juan what else he was planning, and he laughed and told me that he was thinking about calling a friend of his (I coaxed him to use his cell phone to do just that while I was on the line), Juan made the call and he spoke in Spanish. Stella doesn't speak spanish, so she had no clue what he was saying, I do speak it, so I knew that he was telling his friend that he was with this married woman, and he asked his buddy if he wanted some fun too. Turns out that his friend wasn't alone! He was getting ready to go out to party with two other guys. Juan asked me what I thought, so I told him that I knew he wanted to strip Stella in front of some other guys, so I told him to take her to a bar for drinks and that they could simply "run into" some of Juans friends! So that is what was planned.

He had Stella put on what she wore earlier, and she beeped me to tell me that he was taking her out. I told her to have fun and call me if she was to be late.

I got home at 11:00 PM and the phone rang. Stella sounded even more drunk than before. There was alot of music. She said that her and Juan had run into some of his friends and they were just talking and drinking. Another friend had joined them by now so it was Stella, Juan and four other guys. I asked if it was getting sexual, and she said it looked like it might. She was nervous, but I told her to go along with whatever they wanted to do. She asked if I was sure, and I reassured her that I was.

At 12:30 the phone rang again, this time it was Juan. He was drunk now! They had all just gotten to his friends house. Stella was standing next to Juan, not quite knowing what was next. Stella got on the phone and told me that Juan wanted her to tell me that the guys liked her outfit. Then Juan told her to ask me if it was okay for him to take her skirt off so his friends could see her legs and ass better. She sounded nervous, but I said YES. A bit of rustling then some whistles! She said that the guys were saying how cute her legs were and what a nice ass she had. Then she told me that Juan wanted to know if he could take her blouse off. I asked her if her nipples were covered in the bra she had on and she reminded me that this bra didn't cover the nipples at all. But I told her to tell Juan that he could go ahead and take it off of her, and the guys went wild. Then I told her to point to one of his buddies and told her that she should ask him to take off her panties, and she nervously did!

Now all she had on were her thigh high stocking and heels. The guys were all in heat! I got Juan on the phone and asked him what these guys were into, and he told me in spanish that two of the guys wanted to do her in the ass; others wanted to try the rough stuff too. We spoke in spanish so she wouldn't know what was next.

Juan suggested that he coax the guys into tying her to the bed, face down..I gave the go ahead and he told them what to do. i heard the commotion as I continued to talk with him, and soon he said that she was tied face down, and that one guy was doing her ass. I heard her yell, and knew that he was all the way in. Juan told me that some of the guys were really kinky, and that he'd love to give them free hand in having fun. Thats what we decided on. As I hung up, I heard her moaning loudly!

Two hours later, the phone rang again. It was a tired sounded Stella. She told me that some of the guys had emptied themselves in her ass and that they made her feel great. She told me that another guy emptied himself in her pussy a couple times and she loved that too. then she told me that two of the guys had spend time hitting her on the pussy, on her thighs, her pussy, and several other places. She sounded scared at that point. Juan got on the phone and told me things were going well, and that all of the guys were having a great time. He did tell me that two of the guys had gotten somewhat carried away, but it wasn't really anywhere near dangerous. Then he walked to another room and told me that one of the guys had an uncle who owns an exotic pet shop, and that his uncle had a variety of "pets" that he would occasionally use on a woman. He went on to explain how he had seen his uncle use certain snakes on a woman while she was being held down; how he had seen large leeches placed stragically on a womans nipples, pussy lips, and on various soft places. I listened. Juan told me that it was rare that his uncle had the opportunity to do these things, and even more rare were the opportunities for these guys to watch as a woman experienced these things for the first time!

Juan told me that the guys had asked him if they could call this guys uncle. They said that he lived nearby and that it would be great to watch! They all said that Stella had a great body and that they'd all get re-charged watching these things. I told him to give her the phone and then to asked her the question.

He asked and there was silence. She asked if I heard what he had said, and I told her I heard. She asked me what she should do, she also told me that she was afraid of snakes. I asked her to look at the guys and make up her mind. She told me that she was petrified, but that she had promised to go along with whatever Juan wanted. So she asked him if she should try it, and he said he'd like that! The uncle was called on a cell phone and was on his way over! I asked Juan to call me again when things were under way.

Fifteen minutes later Juan called and told me that he was watching four guys who were holding Stella down, with her arms and legs apart. The uncle was placing a large slimy leech on each of her nipples. It was all rather quite. When the first leech "bit" I heard her gasp; then I heard another gasp from her when the leech was placed on her other nipple. then I heard Juan and some of the guys gasp. I asked what was going on and he told me that the uncle just took a snake out of a burlap bag. Then I guess Stella saw it because I heard the start of a scream, and I heard the uncle tell the guys to "hold her tight". Juan told me that the snake was not poisonous, it was yellow and it was several feet long. I heard him describing that they should keep her legs wide open and he would place the snakes head by her pussy, and that this snake would seek a dark place and would enter her almost on his own. I heard a muffled scream (someone put his hand over her mouth) and I heard Juan mutter something.

The guys took the opportunity to use her mouth as she was tied there, and one after another came in her mouth.

I figured that it was just about a night, but Juan told me that this uncle wanted to bring her to his shop for the day, and Juan said that since Stella was to obey his desires, that he would really enjoy watching what the uncle had planned. He said he'd e-mail me!

A few hours later, the sun was up. I had taken a nice nap and showered, and was reading my e-mail.

Juan told me in the e-mail that the Stellas nipples had fed several healthy and over sized leeches; and that the uncle had two large dobermans who enjoyed flooding her pussy with their cum. Juan went on to comment that he saw several other large dogs (who the uncle said would enjoy pumping her ass and filling her with more cum), but that would be later on. Right now the uncle had put a loose fitting latex panty and bra on her. She was tied upside down with her legs apart. What she still didn't see was that he had a container filled with large juicy earthworms and he was beginning to fill her panties and bra with these things. Juan told me that this guy was always amazed at how many actually were able to get inside of a girls pussy like this! When Juan asked if she'd feel them inside moving around, he assured him what she would feel every move they made!


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