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"My Wife Stella's Thrills" - Part 7

      by Mr. Tim

      (MMMF Orgy B/D S&M cons beast)

Stella was invited to a party, not exactly as a guest, but more like the center of attention. It would be a party where things would be done to her that most women never think of, but some high hormone guys do.

I had her wearing a thin black dress that hugged her body, and clung ever so close to her nipples. The only other thing she wore was a thong.

I brought her to the estate where the party would take place, and when I brought her in, the host was pleased with what he saw. Stella was nervous as he handed me an envelope with an outline of the many things that were going to be done to her this weekend, and with that I kissed her good bye and left. I checked my watch, just on time, 7:30pm Friday Night.

As I drove home I thought about the many suggestions that had been e-mailed to me, some from a friend named Dave and another from an oriental friend, and still others from a few ladies! They suggested things such as having Stella subjected to animals, insects, reptiles and having her used by some hungry black guys too.

All of the suggestions I got were indeed passed along to these people to think about!

It was 9:30pm by time I got home, not bad considering the traffic. There was a message on my private line, it was from the host, he called to let me know that things were starting, and it was 8:00pm, and that they had just undressed Stella. He wanted to tell me that his guests from the various oriental businesses were pleased with her body, especially with her being tan, except for where her bikini kept her pale. In some way it made her look more naked!

I took a shower and had a martini, and I guess I dozed off watching the news. It was 12:00 when the next call came, it was Stella. She sounded a bit high and she told me that they had given her something to help her relax. She told me that she was doing everything that they wanted her to do, which included dancing nude for the guests; serving drinks and allowing them to feel her thighs and even finger her pussy; and she also told me that they had gotten rough with her for a few hours. She started to try to give me some details but she had to hand the phone to Jill. Jill was the hostess and she said that Stella was needed in the other room. As Stella said goodbye, I heard Jill tell some guys to tie Stella in the center of the room with her legs UP.

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Jill giggled when she got on the phone and said I guess you heard that; and I told her that I did. Jill just bubbled with excitement telling me how the guests were feeling Stella up and how they had tied her to a pool table earlier and had placed a mechanical device on the table down by her feet that had a rod that extended to near her pussy, and on the end of the rod was a thick black dildo that she put inside of Stella. With that in place, the guys took turns playing with the controls and watched as the machine fucked her, sometimes slow and easy, other times fast and furious! Jill sad that these guys loved watching her cum. She also told me that to add some spice to things, that one guy placed a very large leech on each of Stellas erect nipples. At first Stella screamed as the leech bit in, but then as another orgasm hit, the screaming stopped and was replaced by some moaning.

I was also told that they watched as two black football players took Stella in front of the guests, and how they handled her roughly, first with one guy ramming his cock into her ass and then the other shoving it into her cunt. The guys squeezing her tits like they were squeezing oranges, Jill even told me that she was sure that the bruises would still be there on Monday when I saw Stella next.

She said that she had to go because they were about to try a variety of live things IN Stella, and that I should read the letter if I wanted to know what was going to be used! Ah! The Letter. The one I left in the car. I went to the garage to get it.

As I read it, it was a very accurate time line so far, and when I got to what was going on now, it seems that they had collected all of the ideas from the e-mails and had a collection of things that would be used on and IN her!

They included a jar full of blood worms that would fill her cunt and be left in place while the guests would sit back with a cup of tea, watching he squirm as these works moved around inside of her cunt. The list also included fitting her with a loose bra that would be filled with worms too, so she'd feel them squirming all over her breasts. These people were following a very accurate schedule, and with that being the case, at this point they'd have the worms in her cunt, the bra would be on her and would be filled with worms, and they'd be just placing an eel in her butt hole! The schedule showed that after the eel was put in her butt that they'd all just chill out and watch for a while. It showed that according to my watch, they be chilling and she'd be squirming by now. It was 12:30am. I put down the first page of the letter and just lit my pipe. Hmmm...that would look so cool! As I read on, it showed that at 1:15 they'd be taking the eel away as well as the bra, she would be stood straight up and they'd watch to see how many works would come out on their own, up until this point, they'd take turns using their fingers to push the works back in if they tried to escape! The ones that didn't come out were in for it though!

The phone rang at 1:20 and it was Jill, she told me that they had great fun watching her squirm with the worms, leeches, and eel. She also told me that once they had Stella secured in this standing position [arms tied above her head and legs to a spreader bar], that they brought a large thick snake in (non poisonous) and one of the guys was holding Stellas cunt lips open, and the snake slithered up her right thigh. I heard Jill gasp and in the background I heard several of the guys gasp at the very same time as Stella screamed. Jill was quiet for a moment and then told me that the snake darted into Stella's pussy and moved around a bit, pulled all the way out and then shot in a lot faster and harder and was now pushing in hard. I asked Jill how long they planned on leaving the snake like that and she laughed telling me that they were all going for showers upstairs and that the snake would be left in place at least until 3:00am, she placed the phone on the coffee table so I could listen to Stella's cries, I chose not to.



I dozed off once more and when I woke up it was 4:30. I read what was going on now, and it showed that they would have taken the snake away and that they'd have showered her and even used a warm water flush nozzle in her pussy to flush out any remains from the works. At 4:00am they were to tied her in a modified bath tub with her hands on the sides and her legs parted, the note said that once she was secured, the tun would have three burlap bags of various size snakes dumped in to keep her company, and there was a note that several of the species were known to seek warm and moist places to hide and in Stellas pussy and ass. At 6:00 the phone rang again and it was the host, he said that some of the guests were dozing, and that Stella was still in the tub. I asked him if any of the snakes had gotten into her and he said "here", ask her. He placed a headset on Stella, she sounded tired. I asked if the snakes had bitten her and she said a few times on her tits and on her ass cheeks (she was raised up by two blocks under her butt) that was to allow the snakes access to her butt hole) I asked if any had gotten into her, and her response was a groan and YES. I heard her yelp a couple times and I asked what was going on,and she told me that one guy was stirring up the snakes [and annoying the hell out of them with a stick] and that made several go deeper into her cunt and ass, and another guy was holding a snake by her nipple teasing it so it would bite down onto her nipple from time to time. She told me that they were trying to get more snakes to go inside of her. I told her that we better get off the phone and she had the host take the headset, as he was taking it off of her I heard her yelp several more times and he told me that some of the snakes were biting her cunt lips, which the one guy was trying to make happen.

After a shower and some breakfast I read the paper and decided to check my e-mail. The people that had Stella sent me a note that said that the guests were having fun with making the snakes go inside of her and that they were going to extend that time until 9:00, at which time she'd be taken out, bathed and brought to a bedroom for some rest.

She rested until 3:00pm.

I ran a few errands, went for a swim, and even caught a nap. The phone rang at 3:30, and it was Stella. She told me that she felt well, except for some stinging where she had been bitten. She said that her nipples were bitten and so was her cunt lips. I asked if they had any problems getting the snakes out of her, and she said they had a petite Korean guy who reached in her cunt with his hand and made sure they were all out, when I asked about her butt, she said he did the same there! They had her dressed in black thigh high stockings and heels. She said that they were calling for her.

I read the note and had to laugh. At 3:45pm they were going to tied her to the pool table again on her back legs open and arms behind her head. Their plan was to push several different sized frogs into her cunt and then pull a tight spandex thong panty on her to keep it in her. To keep it alive and happy, they had a small plastic tube like the dentist uses and it would pump in a combination of water and oxygen! At 4:00 the phone rang and it was Jill, she was giggling so hard it was difficult to understand her at first. She said that the frog was moving around a LOT inside of Stella and that not only was Stella feeling it, they could see her belly near her cunt moving! Several guys were sucking on her nipples and some were straddling her making her suck them off while the frogs were being used. Jill told me that they had two in her now! Jill told me that in between guys, she'd go over to Stella and redo her lipstick. Jill giggled a nervous giggle and asked if I read about tonight's activities, I had not. She said that they had some evil plans and that the guests were looking forward to seeing them carried out!

We hung up at 4;15 and I had an appointment, it was supposed to last until 5:30, it ran until 7:00pm.

When I checked my phone there was a message at 4:45pm from Stella telling me that she was scared. They had several large dogs and she said that they looked huge. That was it.

I checked the letter and it scheduled three trained dogs at 4:45 and on until 6:00..a note said that they would tie her in the doggie position for one and on her back for the other two, this was to allow the dogs paws to rest on her breasts and for them to see the dog fuck her pussy more deeply. At 6:15 they were planning on tying her upside down again with her legs wide apart and a clear plastic collar would placed on her cunt lips that would allow them to dump some crawling insects on her cunt and keep them in place The phone rang and it was the host, he told me that the guests loved watching the dogs on Stella and that the dogs came LOT in her. He also told me that they had used some insects on her cunt and that a few had gone inside of her.

I told him that the letter ended at that point and he told me that he knew that. He said that at this point the guests still had Stella nude and upside down with her legs apart, but now they wanted to hear her cry and hear her scream. They had placed some electrode patches on each nipple and an anal probe in her anus. With those on they played with the transformer for a while. He told he that they could do anything from giving her orgasm after orgasm, to making she scream in pain. I heard her scream and he told me that the one guy just put an electrode clip on her clit, and an electrode probe deep into her cunt. I heard a whack and a scream and he told me that Jill was having some fun hitting Stella with a belt. He told Jill to alternate with a guy who also wanted to hit her. Jill was hitting Stella of the backs of her thighs and her bare ass, and the guy was aiming for the front of her thighs and belly. All the time she was being hit, others played with the controls, alternating shocking her tits and cunt to making her cum time and time again. It was 7:25 when we hung up.

They were supposed to call at 9. It was now 10:30.

Finally at 11:00 the phone rang and the host told me that they were distracted by one of the guests who has a special affection for using a razor blade on a girl. Not so deep as to harm, but enough to cause some blood and a bit of pain. I heard a muffled scream and asked him what they were doing, and he told me that several of the guys were holding her down and that the guy with the razor was making shallow cuts on her nipples and on her cunt. Another muffled scream and he told me that Jill was using acupuncture needles and sticking Stella in the tits, some straight in the nipple, and others in the breasts itself. He told me that at 12:00 they were taking her dressed in white see thru nightie to the local prison where she would be gagged and tied. Arrangements were made for a half dozen or more of the better prisoners to do anything they liked to her, guards first, and then the prisoners. I shuddered to think about that.

At 6:00am the phone rang and the host told me that there would be a delay in picking Stella up, because she was still in the prison. I had to wait until 3:00pm.

When I got her home her breasts were black and blue, her cunt was the same. Her belly had belt marks as did her thighs and ass. Her nipples were totally sore for two weeks. But she told me the guests loved it, and so did she!

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