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My Wife Stella

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The story that follows is completely true. My wife and I have dabbled in swinging off and on for quite a while. One night that comes to mind was recently when we were out driving around on the InterState. You see, she enjoys showing off and getting into some exciting situations and I enjoy watching her show off and meeting a new guy!

This particular evening Stella had worn a semi-sheer white blouse, a lacey white bra, a short black skirt, a pair of lacey white panties that matched her bra, and a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings.

As we drove along Stella started to flirt and chat on the CB with a trucker who rode alongside of us. She had her skirt hiked up and a few buttons undone on her blouse. I told her to ask the trucker if he'd like to see a 'little more' and he immediately said "YES"! Stella then nervously undid a few more buttons on her blouse and pulled her skirt even higher. High enough that the tops of her stockings were in clear view, and as she sat back, alot of her bra was showing too. His feedback was definately excited. I coached her on to show him more! He asked to see more, and he went on to tell her that it was his birthday! I told her to take her skirt off and she did. Then without me saying another word, she undid her blouse the rest of the way and slipped it off. She sat there looking fantastic in a sexy white bra and panties, along with sheer black stockings.

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He started asking if we could stop so he could talk face to face and he sounded so comical. He wanted to see Stella close up! I asked her what she thought and she surprised me by saying 'sure'! I told him to find a place to pull off and soon we were pulling off onto the shoulder of the InterState, pulling up and parking right behind him. Stella started getting dressed but I stopped her. I said it wouldn't be right to cover up everything that he wanted to see! I told her that she could only cover up with her light coat that reached only to the middle of her thighs, covering her enough if someone else should be close enough to see. We got out of the car and stood alongside the trailer, it blocked the view from the road. He asked her to open her coat and I told her to go ahead and open it. He liked what he saw, and he smiled alot. But I could tell that he wanted more. I excused Stella and I for a minute and whispered that she should go back to the car and maybe take off some more of her clothes, I mentioned how excited he seemed and I suggested that he would like to see even more of her! She said okay and also said that she would go along with whatever I wanted her to do. I went back and talked with this guy. I told him that Stella likes a guy who takes control of a situation and just grabs whatever he wants. I went on to tell him that if he liked what he saw that he was more than welcome to reach out and grab her where ever he wanted and I told him that if he were to have her join him sometime that he would be free to do anything that he wants to her, and that he would be free to let other guys have fun with her too. He asked me what would happen if he wanted to get kinky with her , and I laughed and told him that he was welcome to get as kinky as he wanted with her, and if he was into S&M B/D that marks and bruises would only serve to excite her and me days later.

I heard the car door open and I was floored. Stella walk up to us wearing only her sheer black thigh high stockings and a pair of black heels. Her tan looked great and she was nude!

She came over and stood by me and the trucker looked her over. I felt her ass and made her walk over by our new friend. He started feeling her large nipples and his one hand reached down and felt her cunt. From her moan I knew he had at least two or three fingers deep in her pussy! He said something to her and then told me that he was going to take her for a ride, and that I could expect her to call a few hours later ( on his cell phone ). Stella looked nervous, but excited. I kissed her good-bye and watched her walking alongside this trailer with a trucker whose hands were all over her white butt.

That was about a quarter to ten.

Around twelve-thirty, one o'clock the phone rang and it was Stella. She sounded a little uneasy. She told me that they were parked at a truck stop and that things were going well. She told me that she was cooperating with everything he wanted her to do. She then asked if I really meant that she should. I told her yes. It was important to go along with 'anything' he wanted to try, and she said she would. I asked what was up and she said that he had gotten rough and kinky with her and that he had left a bunch of marks on her in some usual and also some unusual places. She told me that he enjoyed getting rough with her ( she also enjoys rough play ) but she said that he had spoken on the CB with some older guys that he knows. i asked her if that meant that he was going to show her off to them, but she wasn't sure yet. At that point her voice got quieter and she said oh no! "I've got to go now, I call you later" and the line was dead. i wasn't sure what that meant! But what could I do?

Two hours later she called. She told me that he had brought back two older guys with him ( Stella is 23, and the guys were in their 60's ) She told me that the two older guys brought her to their large sleeper cab where they took turns fucking her in the pussy and ass, as well as abusing her with objects, beating her, and telling her that they were going to let their pet shepard have fun licking her and maybe even more before she could go home. She sounded scared. I asked her what she was going to do, and she said that all she could do was to do her best to cooperate. She sounded really odd and when I asked more she said that they had brought a young black guy over to have fun with her and that while she was on the phone with me right now, he had his cock in her! I heard some chatting and she told me that he just told her that he was looking forward to watching the dog fuck her!

I picked her up and hour and a half later. She was sore, she had cum dripping out of her pussy. Her butt was sore. All four guys did whatever they wanted to her. Most fucked her pussy. Two fucked her in the ass. All fucked her mouth. Her nipples were pinched, pulled, twisted, and bit. Her cunt was fucked, fingered, slapped, hit with a belt, it was also entered by a variety of objects.

I had her stay nude for the ride home. On the way I learned that the black guy who had his cock in her pussy while she was on the phone with me, did in fact enjoy watching the shepard fucking her as he held her arms.

She has hickies, and bruises all over. We talked, laughed and enjoyed discussing how she got all of those marks!

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