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Weekend Getaway

Girl friends and slut wifes

I found myself becoming more and more intrigued with the stories on the net and in magazines about guys watching their wives/girlfriends. I had the same type of fantasy about watching my girlfriend and we used to talk about it in bed. Finally, she admitted that it might be interesting, though it took her a while to believe that I didn't have some kind of ulterior motive. I remember her saying that she thought I was just doing this so I could use it as an excuse to be with another woman (nothing could have been further from the truth) I had told her that my ultimate fantasy was a threesome with another guy. I had no interest whatsosever in the other guy, just in watching her in that situation. Maybe she thought it was too good to be true. Sue is 42, 5'4", excellent body with beautiful milky 36C breasts and a very pretty face.

Anyway, with a little coaxing, she agreed to "see what happens". We went on a little weekend getaway at a small resort town near us. Since I also love it when she wears sexy tops and stuff, I had persuaded her to wear this top that was backless, very lowcut and laced all the way down the front. She has wonderful breasts and she looked unbelievable. What was even more sexy is that she's normally very conservative and to see her dressing in this openly provacative way was really a turn-on. We were at a casino that also has a very hot night club. I was playing a little blackjack and she was walking over to me from the bar. I saw a guy (much younger than her) start talking/hitting on her. She brushed him off and came over to me. I asked her about him (she wouldn't even have mentioned it). She acknowledged it. I can't remember exactly how I did it, but I got her to go back over to him.

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He was extremely flirty and she told me later that she was very attracted. They hung out a bit in the casino. I was watching intently, while trying not to be too obvious. She had told him that I was just a casual companion. She loves to dance and apparently told him so. The nightclub in there is two floors with the top floor circular and over looking the lower dance floor. A band was playing. The first floor was pretty crowded, but there was virtually no one on the top level. There was a small dance floor upstairs, but mostly tables. The entire place, except for the stage, was very dark. They stayed downstairs talking, drinking and dancing for probably about an hour and a half. I went in every once in a while to check them out. I was becoming very aroused at the prospect of something happening. He was becoming very "touchy, feely" and she appeared very responsive. I can't tell you how much of a turn-on it was watching that. They decided to go upstairs, I'm not sure whose idea that was, but it was obviously for privacy, there was no one up there. They sat a table where they could see the band, again, very dark there.

They danced a few times on the small dance floor, I could see a little from downstairs. I decided to walk up the stairs and see if I could watch without being seen. It was perfect. I walked up just far enough where my head was just above floor level, no chance they could see me. It wouldn't have been a problem if she saw because she knows I wanted to watch, but I just didn't want him to see me and get spooked. Neither of them saw me.

The dances were getting very close, even the fast ones. They went back and sat down at a table. The chairs were kind of high, like those you might see at pool tables. He was sitting down and at one point, she was standing and he pulled her over to him. He was sitting on this stool with his legs apart and pulled her close to him with his hands on her bare back. I saw his hands rubbing her bare back (very erotic!) and soon slip down on her ass. I remember, she was wearing white shorts. Sue didn't resist at all, but stepped in closer to him. Then they kissed for the first time. The first kiss was kind of short but very sweet. Unbelievable! This went on for ten or fifteen minutes. I was still standing on the stairs watching everything. Then (she told me later) he suggested that they go sit at a booth around the other side (though she told me it was his suggestion, I was watching and I think she said something to him first and motioned over the booths). Still, no one was up there except them. It was perfect. They sat at a booth and I recognized the look on her face and knew she was very aroused. I couldn't see below the table, but she told me later that he pulled his dick out of his pants. Both of her hands were under the table. I was imagining what might be happening, but didn't really believe it since I couldn't see clearly. She slid closer to him and, with both of her hands still under the table, began kissing him. Maybe thirty seconds later, her head disappeared from my view and under the table. He pushed the table back a bit. His arms were on the back of the booth and I recognized the look on his face. Probably three or four minutes later, he eyes were closed for a few seconds. He had just come while she was giving him a blowjob. She told me later that he didn't come in her mouth, but when he started to come, she took a little bit in her mouth but then finished him with her hand and her tounge on the side of his dick. They sat there for a couple more minutes (presumably for him to "recover") and then started walking toward the stairs where I was standing. I left very quickly and went back to the bar over looking the river. I can't even describe to you how much of a turn on this was to watch. It was perfect in every way.

I was stunned when she brought him over to me and introduced him. His name was Kevin. They sat down at the bar, her between us. She told me later that she brought him over in case I wanted to pursue the threesome thing. I didn't know what to do at that moment because I couldn't believe she was thinking that. It turned out that he worked there as a "bar back" and the bartender told him that he wasn't allowed to sit at the bar because he worked there. That explained the fact that he had been carrying a shirt around with him. It was his uniform shirt and he wasn't allowed to wear it in there after work. Anyway, he left.

I wanted to leave immediately to go back to our room and hear about it. We got back to our room and I immediately jumped her and dragged her into bed. We had both had quite a few drinks. (drinks are a big help, obviously). I began to ask her what happened in the nightclub. I didn't tell her that I had watched the whole thing because I wanted to see what she'd tell me. It took quite a bit of coaxing because she was still a little bit concerned as to how I would react, but she told me the whole story. It was wonderfully erotic to hear her tell the story in her shy way. I began to ask very specific questions and watching her loosen up from her shyness and answer them explicitly was wonderful. I remember asking her, "exactly what was the thought process when the head of his dick passed your lips?" (we had never even experimented, up till that point, with "talking dirty"). She told me she just wanted to give him the best blowjob that she knew how and added that she was doing it for me. (I'm still not too sure about that, what do you think?). Then there were several more questions and she told me (after I asked) that his dick was a lot smaller than mine and she was able to get almost the whole thing in her mouth. I acted nonchalant so as not to break her train of thought, and she just kept talking. She asked me if I saw the shirt he was carrying around, I said that I did. She told me she used the shirt to clean his come off them both, her face and chest and his lap. I came in her three times in her after that in a period of about an hour. I also, playfully but forcefully, sat on her chest and put my dick in her mouth telling her that I wanted her to have had two dicks in her mouth within an hour. She seemed to like hearing that. I also remember asking her if he had returned the favor and make her come. She said that he had been rubbing her between her legs and she "almost" came, but not quite. He had tried to unbutton and unzip her shorts but she was afraid to have him "undress" her in the bar.

We stayed in the town for another day and a half. He had given her his number and I suggested that she call him again before we left. She was a little freaked out about what happened and, I think, concerned as to whether my reaction was genuine. I assure you it was.

In the subsequent weeks, we made love at least 4-5 times a day. Every time I looked at her and thought about that I couldn't help but jump her. Laughlin is only about two hours from where we live (in Las Vegas) and I mentioned several times about her calling him and seeing if he wanted to visit LV, and stay in a hotel where she could go visit him and go "dancing" again. It never happened, but it would have if I had been a bit more persistant. I remember telling her that I had no bad effects from it at all. She replied that it "wasn't exactly torture for her either". I loved hearing her say that.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I've kind of enjoyed writing this and I hope I haven't been too forward telling you about it. Please be assured that this story is absolutely true.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.