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A Vacation Present

Another great wife turned slut story.


I'm just a regular middle classed, forty year old married man with a beautiful wife, but an overactive sexual desire. Over the past couple of years I've been very open with my wife about how I'd really love to watch her be serviced by another man or men, maybe even join in myself. I don't know what it is, but this keeps running through my mind day after day. Sometimes I think back to what men may have done to her before we met, and it turns me on so much my blood pressure must go sky high every time I think of another man touching, tasting, or making love to my wife.

Well, yesterday was the moment of truth. Linda and the boys had left Friday for a week long trip to the West Coast and I'd spent my normal Saturday between work and working out, when I got home I found a small brown package on the front porch addressed to me from someone named Kirk. There was no last name or return address and inside was a video cassette tape with no label. I made my way to the fridge, grabbed Corona, put the tape in the VCR and sat back to see what it was about. The tape ran for a few seconds with nothing, then it focused on a clean-cut, black gentleman, wearing a suit and smiling as the camera moved in on his smile. "Hi Steve, You don't know me but you will see soon that I'm here to make your dreams come true." The first thought I had was to stop it right there, now the telemarketers are really going the whole nine yard to get their scams across. I had dropped the VCR control, and as I bent over to pick it up, I heard something that seemed really wild. "Your wife

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Linda.............................................................." What, was that? I retrieved the control and rewound the tape till I got back to the black gentleman in the suite saying, "Your wife Linda, has decided to give you something special, while she is away on Vacation. Knowing she would be going later, she asked me ho help her out with your surprise." Now he really had my interest, what was the surprise? If Linda went to all this trouble, it must be something pretty fantastic. Kirk went on, "Do you remember her taking a day off work in February? Well, that morning she stopped by to arrange for you to get this special present, that way you could enjoy it while she's away for the week. That's when the camera changed scenes and My heart almost jumped out of my throat.

The camera now focused on my wife, Linda. She was setting on big leather couch with her head held back, eyes closed, and a black man on either side of her. Each young black man had his head buried against Linda's chest, holding and sucking on her big 38 d tities. Then the camera moved slowly to the crouch of each man, where there pants were pulled partially down their thighs, and Linda had a big black cock in each hand slowly stroking and squeezing. Back to Kirk, the picture moved, and there he was smiling again, "Well my friend, is this what you wanted to see? Are you as ready as you thought you were? Well, lets find out just how just how ready you really are?"

The camera switched back to my beautiful wife, now she had one of her studs, on his knees with his face buried between her leg, and other had one leg on the couch, the other leg thrown over the back and was holding Linda's head with one hand as she eagerly welcomed his big dick between her lips. It moved closer, so I could see the guy between Linda's legs, her red panties were still on, and while he held them aside with one hand he hand two of his long black fingers pumping in and out of my Linda's juicy cunt from his other hand while his pink tongue flicked up and down her swollen clit. Kirk started directing the action as the camera caught the contrast of Linda's beautiful tan skin color against the dark black fingers that worked her cunt, and they were shining with her slippery juices as they would disappear, then reappear time after time. "OK Bobby, make sure you get her really wet. We want to make sure she's primed and ready for everything she's about to give her husband." Then the camera went up to the cock, the huge, jet-black, wet cock, that was sliding in and out of my wife's mouth. She glanced over at the camera a couple of times, and as she swallowed that huge piece of meat, she massaged the her stud's balls with her fingers. "That's it baby, suck Tony's big dick real good for hubby." Kirk was obviously enjoying the director's role. Then the camera changed again.

This time the couch had been replace by a bed, but the dick in Linda's mouth had only changed angles. The guy was lying on his back, and Linda was mounted on top, with her cunt setting on his mouth. They wee sixty-nining, and the other guy was beside them on his knees, spreading Linda's beautiful asscheeks with his hands and was licking little circles around her tight asshole. "Is that what you wanted to see, Steve ? Do you really like seeing your pretty wife sucking dicks without you ? Or do you wish you were here to get your turn ?" Kirk was hitting all the points. The camera changed again and now Linda was letting this stud put a huge black cock in her cunt. Kirk went in for a close-up of the big dark purple head of Bobby's dick, parting Linda's wet pussy lips, and just easily slide deep inside her, she was moaning and wrapping her arms tightly around his shoulders, as he buried his black cock inside my wife's shaven pussy. The action was now picking up the pace, and Bobby was holding Linda by the ankles while he banged away at her pussy and Tony was on his knees, face-fucking her at the same time. The video had about five minutes of this scene with my gorgeous wife Linda, meeting every thrust of Bobby's cock with her hips. Then moved his attention to my wife's big pretty nipples, and began sucking them into his lips, as he squeezed them hard with his hands. Each time he moved from one to the other, he left red marks all over her big pretty boobs. then the camera moved in close and I could tell those were more like sucking marks than squeeze marks. "That's it Bobby, fuck that white cunt brother!!!" As Kirk shouted at Bobby, the camera moved in closer to the action between my wife's legs. Now Linda had reached up grabbed her own ankles as Bobby had a grip on her ass and was pounding away as hard as he could. He must have stretched her a lot cause I know Linda's pussy well, my seven inches bottoms out and Bobby must have been closer to nine inches of cock. I heard Linda's long moan, almost a growl as she came form her studs hard pounding action, just as he too, began moaning, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYEEEEEAAHHHHH YOU, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK, FUCK MY WHITE PUSSY!!!!!!" Then came one last, deep, thrust from Bobby and he just left it stuffed in Linda, and kind of shook as he came inside my wife. The camera moved close as the activity slowed and I could see gobs of white sperm coating that big, jet-black, cock as it slowly slid out of Linda's slippery pussy, followed by a big round white drop, oozing from her used hole. "Is that what you like, Steve ? Is that what you wanted to see ? Are you pissed, or would you like to be next ? What about it ? She said it was for You." Kirk really knew how to make me think.

The scene changed again, this time they were back on the couch, and there was my pretty Linda leaned over the arm of the big leather couch, her face buried in Kirk's crouch this time, with her head bobbing up and down. Kirk was all smiles starring straight into the camera saying, "Steve, your one lucky man to have such a good cocksucker for a wife." Then the camera moved to Linda's rear where Tony was pounding her sweet cunt from the rear. His big black hands were gripping Linda's hips and his big black rod was going in and out of her cunt like a sledgehammer. They didn't stay with this scene very long, till Tony was moaning and doing his version of a last, long, deep stroke, into Linda and unloading another hot load of sperm into my wife's sweet pussy. "Yes Steve, this is what she says you want. Her cunt filled with other men's cum, and she's going to have you eat her tonight, without even knowing about this." Kirk told me.

The camera changed one more time. Now Linda was facing Kirk who was still seated, and she was straddling his big black cock. The camera shot from her back, and I could see a big stream of thick, white, sperm, drip from her pussy as she began to lower herself onto Kirk's erect cock. Then as Linda let that dick ease it's way into her pussy more and more of the black studs' sperm squeezed from Linda's used cunt lips, dripping into a puddle below Kirk's balls on the leather couch. Just as soon as she took the entire length of Kirk, there came Bobby back into the picture. He took Linda by the hair and guided her face to his soft cock. But soft was only a momentary condition, as Linda once again showed what a fabulous cocksucker she truly is. She licked from his balls all the way to the tip, then back again. Then she slowly took one big black ball at a time and sucked it into her mouth, while stroking that big cock back to life all at the same time she was bucking her hips up and down on Kirk's swollen dick. soon she had bobby's cock back to full size and he had one thing on his mind, that was getting some of my wife's pretty ASS. The camera moved in for a close up as Linda came to a stop and kissed Kirk, while Bobby positioned his dark purple cock-head on Linda's tight little brown asshole. He pressed a little, then pulled away, then took his cock and slid it along the cum-drenched opening of her cunt, that was already filled with Kirk. He then pushed it in, just a little but I couldn't believe it. But when he removed it, it was covered with white cum mixed with Linda's cunt juices, it made a perfect lube for her tight little asshole. Then I watched as he again pushed a little with his cock, and suddenly she just opened up and in it went. I have always love to watch my own cock when her ass stretched around it, now I was watching it stretch around another cock, and a black one, at that. In it went, just about half way and stopped. "EEEASSSY". I hear a familiar voice then. He left it there for a bit, then as Linda raised up and the camera moved to Kirk sucking her big nipples, then suddenly her head fell back and she let out a loud, "OHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSS!!!!" , then the camera moved back to her lovely ass, giving me a good look of it stretched around Bobby's big, hard, black, cock. Then I sat there for the next ten minutes I watched as Linda was fucked by two big black cocks at the same time, till Bobby came for the second time. Then the camera moved in close as he removed his long black tool from my wife's ass, making sure to hold her cheeks apart for the camera showing the cum as it dripped form her ass. Then the camera shut off for a few seconds before again starting up, this time it was Tony who was filling my pretty wife's ass with black cock, and he was loving it. He reached around her, holding her tits for Kirk to suck. Those bog black cocks were relentless on Linda's holes, pounding away as hard as they could till they finally had all they could stand and all three, Kirk, Linda, and Tony began moaning out as they came. The very last picture was the two cocks, sliding out of her holes, followed by gobs of thick white semen.

Then the picture went back to Kirk, standing again with his suit on, "I hope you enjoyed eating your wife's cunt that night in February. I know the next day when Linda called us she said you eat her good after mixing your sperm with all of ours. Oh yeah, I guess your also wondering if this is the only time we've done something like this with her? Well, You'll just have to keep wondering my friend."


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