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My Friend Terance

Another great wife turned slut story.


I was hanging around the gym, after a long day of playing on the basketball court, when one of the guys started talking about how much more he liked doing white girls rather than the sistas. There were four of us ther, and since I'd know Terance from the second grade on, and had never seen him even talking to any of the white chicks in school, I spoke up, "Man, stop telling lies. You know that you've never had any white pussy." Well he just kept on even, going so far as to telling us how much better the ones are that have been married for several years, "They go crazy over a big chocolate dick, especially after they've been stuck with the same old thing for years." Danny just stared at him, then challenged him, "Why you no-pussy-getting, K-mart working nigger, you never had, ain't gettin, and never will get any honky cunt. If you can show me, I'll suck her juice off your black dick! You no pussy-gettin-Uncle Tom!!!!" This pretty much pissed Terance off, "Ok bitch, I want you (pointing at me), and you (pointing at BJ) to be there to see this nigger-bitch suck the white pussy juice off my dick!!!" Terrance looked at each of us and again started, "OK, are you guys in? Cause I've got this married white woman, a fine looking bitch, with a ass to die for, and big tities, that's just dieing for some of my chocolate pole. All I gotta do is tell her to come and get it." "All yall be waiting for my cll tonight and I'll let you know where you can see." Terance informed us, as he was leaving the gym.

Well later that night when I got home ther was a message on my machine form Terance, he said, "Ok Michael, Thursday it's on. Thursday you need to be at the Red Roof Inn on Fulton Industrial, room 222 at Noon. Be ready, cause this woman is one Hot Mama, and she's never been Black-Sexed before !"

I made my way over there that day and when I knocked on the door, BJ opened the door to let me in, and WOW! There was Terance, setting on the bed, with this gorgeous brunette, knelt over his huge black cock, as if she were worshiping it. "Come on in man, you sure don't want to miss this, Michael. Linda here, was saying that if she's gonna get some chocolate cock, she wants enough to do her for a long time." I looked at BJ,a s he sat down in the chair beside the Telivision, and made my way over to the other chair so that I could get a closer look at Linda and Terance.

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Linda was obiously enjoying the taste of Terance's cock, she hardly noticed that I'd entered the room, only a quick glance over my way as I sat down, as she had all of her attentions on exploring that huge piece of meat in her hand. It was really long, and so hard that I could see the veins as they throbbed with along the side his stiff tool, as Linda's wet tongue left it shinning with saliva as it slowly worked up and down the shaft. Then she sensouly took the head of his black cock into her lips and and just held it there, I could see the muscle in her neck moving as she worked her tongue around in circles, then lowered her lips down the shaft taking about half of it into her mouth. She then with slow, long strokes, worked her mouth up and down his cock, or at least the part of it that she could handle, which was bout 6 inches. It only took a few minutes of watching this to have a raging hard-on myself, the sight of this prety white woman sucking a big black cock, and also the fact that I knew she wasn't a whore, but a married white woman that had never black dick before. Her nice, round ass was sticking high in the air, as she sucked on Terance's cock, so I went over and began to fill it up through her tight black pants. BJ, didn't get up but just slid his chair over close to the bed and started checing out Linda's big, hanging tities.

"Damn girl, you sure can suck a dick!" Terance boasted, as he guided Lindas head slowly up and cown. I reached around and found her snap, unsanapped it. Then unzipped her zipper, and pulled hertight pants down over her sweet ass. I knelt down and with both hands parted her butt cheeks, then I stuck my hot, wet tongue right on her little asshole, causing her to moan and quiver at the touch of it. Then I circled her hole with my tongue, and let it travel down between her shaven cunt-lips, to find her sweet tasting cunt-juice flowing out of her crack, and man it sure was sweet too. I'd never tasted a white woman before, and now I've gotta wonder if they are all as sweet as this one? I worked my tongue all along that dripping snatch, then took two of my long finger and slid them in her cunt to find a flood of hot juice inside, agian Linda moaned loudly, welcoming by fingers inside her cunt. BJ moved over to the bed and laid back saying, "Hey baby come on over here and try some of this big dick." Linda pulled herself up and away from Terance, giving me an opprotunity to remove her pants as she moved. Then Linda turned her atention to the big bulge in BJ's blue jeans, as he laid back on the bed. "There you go Baby, check out BJ's love muscle for a while, we want to make sure there's enough meat here to take care of you." said Terance, as he got off the bed and had a seat in the other chair. Hey Terance, "This has to be the sweetest pussy ever made nigger, I mean i'ts like it's full of honey!" I told him as i enjoyed sucking on her juicy cunt. Then as I moved back up and once again licked a circle around Linda's asshole, she pushed her ass back at my face. "So, you like a little buttthole attention, don't you honey?" All she got out was a little, "UHH huhhh," as she had once again filled her pretty face with a black cock.

Terance didn't wait long till he joined back in, saying, "Ok, I don't mind you guys getting a some but I've been working on this ass for a long time, and I'm gonna get a lot of it." He came over and had Linda turn over on her back, "Ok, remember when I told you how good I would eat you? Well you better get ready, cause I'm gonna eat your white pussy till you scream!" Terance replaced me between Linda's legs, hungrily slurong her dripping juices with his lips and tongue. While BJ began undressing, I moved around to Lindas head and began feeding her my own swollen, black, cock.

Within just a few minutes, Linda's hips were humping up and down and she almost bit my dick off as she tried to scream a muffled scream as she came violently from Terance's work on her sweet cunt. Terance then raised up, and got on his knees, mounting Linda and began fucking her cunt as hard and fast as he could. His big long dick wouldn't go all the way in her, so he gripped the base of it with his fist shile he pounded in and out of her like a pistion, making all kinds of gushy, fuck noises as her juices coated his big black rod. She had just cum and had her eys close, I had gotten off her face, and BJ and I were jsut standing back watching, as this beautiful white creature's body was jarred with every stroke of Terance's cock, till finally, his head leaned back, and he beagn grunting as he gave her one long, deep, stoke and unloaded his blackman's cum inside her sweet cunt. Terance, just left his cock inside her as it throbbed, letting evry drop of sperm drip out of the end of it and into Linda.


Now, BJ and I turned her over and and while BJ moved up toward the headboard of the bed I mounted Linda's hot, drippy, cunt from the rear and began giving her a good fucking while she sucked on BJ's black dick. While a pumped in and out of her white pussy, I took my finger and coating it with Terance's cum that was drippingfrom her, I stuck it in her asshole and worked it in and out in rhythm with the fucking I was giving her. She was so well-fucked, and relaxed that withing second's she was begging, "Give me some of that big dick in my ass, please stick it in!!" Linda said, almost out of breat from pantiing and moaning. "You mean you want to get butt-fucked by a nigger dick????? Are you sure you can take it in that white ass of yours????" She just continued sucking and responded with "Uhhhhh HUH, Pleas fuck my ass with those big black cocks!!!! PLLLLLLEEEEEEASE!!!!" and we did. LInda's brown asshole quickly stretched and welcomed my black cock, and I pounded that sweet ass hard and long, sometime causing her to almost choke on BJ's dick from the force of my body as my throbbing cock felt every stroke of her tight asshole as it came in and out, till BJ pleaded, "Damn man, let me get some of that booty, before I make her swallow my load." So I pulled my cock out of her ass with a loud SHHPOP! BJ was there waiting, "Damn you got one fine white ass girl," BJ said as the head his black disapeared in her ass, and he tto began to enjoy the feeling of some pretyy, married, white, booty. BJ got plenty of it too, for about ten minutes, till we did another swap.

Then Terance had her mount me while I laid on the bed, and she coated my balls and thighs with juice as she sat on me letting her big tanned nipples hang down for me to suck. Then Terance and BJ took turns assfucking her, and everytime one would stuff her I got this great feeling, along my cock, as if there were a tongue inside Linda's cunt licking up and down the shaft of my cock, while it was buried deep inside her hot, cunt.

We spent another hour, swapping around and giving Linda all the hot, hard black, cock, she could stand. Before it was all over she must have cum at least four time and each of us had unloaded in her cunt and asshole at least twice, giving her a full fledged CREAM PIE, to take home to her husband.

But Danny never did show up to suck the Juice off Terance's dick!

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.