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Sweetest Day

Another great wife turned slut story.

Story by Bill

In honor of sweetest day, I have prepared my lady a special dinner. She has dress in her favorite mistress outfit and looks stunning. After dinner as she leaves the dining room, I am captivated by this stunning creature. From the short blonde hair to the low cut bodice and her red micro mini to her 5 inch red heels she makes my tongue hard. My juices are about to get the best of me as I watch the wiggle of her ass. Doing the dishes, I check my watch. I only have about 5 minutes to finish. By 8:00 I have positioned myself in the hall where Lady cannot see me. She has one of her favorite XXX tapes in the VCR and is feverishly waiting for me to finish my chores. She already has a joint half smoked as she return it to the ashtray, the door bell rings. When she opens the door she is presented with two dozen long stem red roses. In her state of joy she is unaware that the deliveryman has stepped into the room. She hasn't even checked checked him out, but I have. He is tall about 35 and very lean. Under his uniform jacket you can tell he is wearing no shirt. His trousers are as tight as spandex, with a very large bulge. Lady turns the back to place the roses on the coffee table. While she is still bent over he wraps his arms around her waist pressing her ass against him.

She attempts to struggle. His bulge pressing against her ass has her crotch fighting for control of her emotions. Within seconds her hormones have won and she presses hard against his cock. Facing each other, they kiss long and hard. Their tongues playing tag as each attempts to suck the other's tongue. She opens his jacket and rubs her hands across his hairy chest. She tongues his nipples and lets her mouth slid down his chest and onto his tight stomach. Her hands have already loosened his trousers and she pushes them down. A nine-inch monster springs forth. Already on her knees, Lady grabbed the giant with both hands and flicked the end with her tongue. Her mind is a blur. Her passion is in complete control. She is rolling her tongue around the hugh head. Her lips travel the length sucking as they go. As my eyes are glued on the scene before me and my hands are busy stroking my own swollen member. We all had failed to notice that the deliveryman has left the front door ajar. Since her mouth was full of man meat and her eyes were closed, Lady never saw the three men enter. They positioned themselves in a circle around her, took their cocks out and began working them to hardness. One of the newcomers with one hand on his cock used the other hand to turn Lady's head until she was staring straight at his tool. Without hesitation she gulped as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. The deliveryman, his cock about to explode, set about removing Lady's mini dress. Underneath she wore a bright red half bra, matching garter belt and a lovely red pair of thong briefs. As Lady's mouth is guided t o a new cock, the previous man removes his clothes until everyone except Lady is nude. Lady stands, her head is dizzy with passion and she has difficulty on the 5-inch heels. Everything has become a blur. She feels tongue after tongue exploring her body. Without resistance the 4 men move her to the oversized coffee table. The rose are swept away and they begin to ravish her. As much as I thought I should do something, I was unable to intervene. As I watched one man kneels between her spread legs and kisses her love nest. There is a mouth on each of her breasts. The deliveryman has positioned himself above her and offers her his throbbing cock to her lips. Her tongue caresses the head as he slowly lowers his manhood to her waiting mouth. I am mesmerized as I watch the orgy unfold before my very eyes. I am tempted to join in the festivities, but am afraid my presence may put a damper on the activity. The tongue in her pussy has been replaced by a large cock, which she accepts without difficulty. The tongues on her breasts have her nipple swollen until they hurt. Her rose man has withdrawn his cock and is pushing his nuts to her lips. I see her attempt to suck both into her mouth at the same time. A feat she is unable to achieve. Her love canal muscles are contracting uncontrollably. The intruder in her love nest has increased the tempo. I watch as he throws back his head and drives his love machine deep within her. The way his legs are spread I can see his nuts contracting as he pumps his seed into her treasure chest. His nuts empty, his wilting cock is replaced by a fresh one. This one is not as large as the first and his tool slides all the way in with the first thrust. He is pumping back and forth with such force that his nuts are slapping against the crack of her ass. Some of the previous load is escaping and is running between her ass cheeks and pooling on the coffee table. It seems but just a minute since he started until number two is quickly out of the way to make room for number three. This one may present a problem. It is just as large as the rose delivery guy, but is as thick as her wrist. Very slowly he lowers himself to meet her upward thrust. Ever so slowly he penetrates her as I watch. Slowly he thrusts. Her hips are rotating to meet him. They grind their crotches against each other, achieving maximum gratification. A sense of urgency is overcoming them and their tempo increases. I can see Lady is not having any trouble at all with this bat for a cock. Her complete attention is focused on the fucking she is receiving, leaving the rose man to rubbing his cock across her lips. The others, who have already had their turns, are standing over her masturbating their dicks back to harness. Finally with a scream they both ejaculate as steams painting here body. I know the stud inside her is filling Lady's treasure chest with the sweet nectar of pure animal passion. His Herculean shaft is still hard as he withdraws it from her still contracting love nest. Strands of cum steam from the eye and splatter on her thigh. He moves around and positions himself above her face and offers his staff to her lips. She sucks with wild abandonment.

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As he rewards her efforts, I see cum trickle from the corner of her mouth. All too soon the orgy is over. With no fan fare, the four strangers gather their clothes and leave her still laying on the coffee table. I am standing here in the hall my throbbing cock about to explode again; watching the woman I adore covered with cum. She looks toward the hall and says, "I know you're out there. Come here." I burst into the room and rush to her mouth. Her lips meet mine as my tongue searches for nectar much like a hummingbird. With her tongue she pushes about a tablespoonful thick salty cum into my mouth. I suck her tongue. Satisfied that her glorious mouth holds no more, I lick her face. Down her neck to the large pool collected there, my hungry tongue searches. Her twin mounds are covered with frosting. I stop to suck a small pool collected in her navel. I clean her thighs, which are coated with jazz. My tongue flicks her clit and dives as far as it will go into her garden of love. She has sit up and places her legs over my shoulders allowing even deeper penetration. My sucking is soon rewarded with a torrent of thick, salty cum. I suck and swallow as fast as I can not wanting to lose any of her nectar. She pushes me backward and straddles my face crushing her crotch against my mouth. With both hands she grabs my hair and face fucks me as hard as she can. Barely able to breathe, I fuck her with my tongue. Soon she presses her tummy with both hands forcing the treasure within to flood my mouth. As I lick the last remaining drops of cum from her, she looks down at me and says,

"I know the roses and the delivery man were your sweetest day present to me. The other three were my present to you. Happy Sweetest Day, Darling."

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.