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"Sunday's Game" - Part 2 of 3

      by CaroleAT

      (MF cheat wife)

Monday morning dawned bright and cheery. Things at work seemed the same and Jeff was totally himself - boring and routine. When I asked him about his weekend, he started telling a long story about a walk in the woods and taking some photographs of the birds. I began to get his double meaning as he talked about the gorgeous plumage. When I reminded him that it had rained on Sunday, he mumbled something about being out there before the bad weather started.

His talking about the photography brought the scene back to me and I wondered what he had planned for all those pictures he'd taken.

It didn't take long for me to find out. On Thursday, as I passed his office he was huddled over the desk with George and they were obviously looking through a large pile of photographs. George, a handsome black man, was Jeff's assistant and from the 'Oooh's and Ahhh's' I guessed that they were enjoying the sight of my wife being fucked by Jeff - or perhaps the scene of Michelle sucking Jeff's large cock. Whichever, it was, they were getting great enjoyment from the pictures. At one point Jeff picked up a video tape and waved it at George, laughing and fending off the black mans attempts to grab it, Jeff put it back in his file cabinet.

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As luck would have it, B.J., our supervisor, called Jeff at that moment on the intercom. "Jeff, the Webnet people are here and I'd like you and George to have lunch with us. We're leaving now."

"Right away!" Jeff replied. George left to get his coat, and Jeff carefully gathered the photos, put them into a file drawer, and locked the drawer. He then dropped the keys on the desk while he put his jacket on.

"I'm waiting!" boomed over the intercom. Jeff jumped at the sound and hurried out of the office.

Thirty seconds later I was in his office, and found that I was in luck. He had left his key ring in the middle of his desk. Grabbing them I quickly headed down the elevator and out of the building. There was a small hardware store a block and a half away.

"Give me a duplicate set of each of these. And hurry. How long will it take?"

"'Bout half an hour."

"Make it twenty minutes," I said, passing a twenty dollar bill across the counter.

"You got it," he smiled.

Twenty minutes later I was on the elevator heading back to my office. Jeff's keys clutched in my hand and the new set in my pants pocket. In my office I picked up a folder and then walked to Jeff's office. "Jeff in?" His secretary jumped at my question..

"No, he's still out to lunch."

"I'll just drop this folder on his desk," I said, not giving her a chance to object, I quickly walked into his office, replaced the keys in the middle of his desk and dropped the empty folder on top of a pile of other mail.

The rest of the afternoon passed slowly and I dug into some old overdue work. At 5 p.m. most of the people exited leaving only a few of us "late nighters." Jeff's office was directly across the large open office space where eight secretaries labored. Once they were gone I had a good view of his door and about 5:30 I saw him leaving after closing and locking his door. I noticed that he double checked to make sure his door was locked. He had only a small portfolio case with him. He'd left the photos in his office.

I waited half an hour, to make sure he wasn't returning to get something he'd forgotten. The two other occupied offices had closed doors and only the lights shining from under the door revealed that anyone was still here. Going through the copy of Jeff's key ring I located one similar to my office door key, and headed across to his door. Inside, I used a tiny penlight with a red lens, and quickly located the correct key for Jeff's file cabinet.

Once open, I picked up the white box that I'd seen on his desk and was greeted with a closeup picture of Michelle's face with Jeff's cock stuffed well into her mouth. Her cheeks were concave with the suction and her eyes were bright. I felt an instant erection growing and was tempted to look through the rest, but a noise of someone in the outer office startled me. I quickly removed the box and began looking for the negatives. Another, smaller padded envelope contained several film canisters, and a video tape. Thinking I'd hit the jackpot I decided to quit while I was ahead. I closed and locked the cabinet and waited by the door until I heard footsteps heading down the hall, followed by the sound of a door closing.

Opening the door, I checked that nobody else was around and then quickly locked Jeff's office door and returned to my office. I locked my door and quickly opened the box and began looking at the pictures. Even though I'd been there I was shocked at what I was seeing. The photo quality was superb; no matter what else Jeff was, he was an excellent photographer with outstanding equipment. Every detail was recorded in excellent color and perfect focus.

I spent fifteen minutes just browsing the photos and had the biggest erection I could ever recall. I checked the film canisters to make sure they were the negatives to my wife's session, they were, and then I emptied all of my papers out of my briefcase, stuffed the photos, negatives and videotape into it and headed down the elevator again. No one saw my exit which was just as well. If Jeff came back and found his stuff missing, I would not be suspect.

My best friend, Dave, owned a small photo shop where they did the one- hour photo stuff. I'd called him and asked to meet him at his store. I told him a little about what was going on in my life, and explained what I needed.

He was shocked. "I don't believe it! You're kidding, right?"



When I finally convinced him that I was absolutely serious, he was very sympathetic and willing to help. I'm sure he was getting excited about seeing my photos.

"No problem, I'm doing the evening shift this week. My usual guy is on vacation."

I arrived and asked him if we could talk in private. I showed him the photos and could see the excitement growing on his face. He's known us since a couple of years before our marriage and always had a thing for Michelle. He just stared, gawked really, and from the flush on his face I could tell he was enjoying this immensely.

"Now, you want me to make two sets of prints, and duplicate negatives. Right?"

"Yes, and can you copy this videotape here? I don't want to do it at home."

"A video? Of this same session?"

"Yes," I admitted. "I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it's the video Jeff took at my house."

"What are you going to do with this stuff. This is dynamite material. This is better quality stuff than what we see on cable or in the video stores. The guy is really good. Do you think he intends to sell it?"

"No, I think it's just his hobby. He's just adding my wife to his collection, and she's not exactly putting up a fight. I think she's enjoying it as much as he is."

"What are you going to do with it?" asked Dave.

"I don't know. Just keep it for now. But back to work. I need all of this stuff done tonight. I've got to replace it early tomorrow morning before Jeff gets to work."

"Well, I can run the prints through the machine in a couple of hours, but the negative processing will take a little while. Tell you what, you go home. Leave your car unlocked in the driveway and I'll put the stuff in the back seat and lock the door. I probably won't be finished until after midnight."

"Davie, you're really a good friend. How much is all this going to cost me?"

"Don't worry about it. What are friend for? Remember when you bailed me out with the loan for this place? If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be in business now. Go on, get out of here. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Arriving home, Michelle greeted me with a warm smile and a very revealing gown. I'd told her not to expect me until late, but she'd waited dinner for me and everything was ready with candlelight. She was attentive and affectionate.

We had a romantic dinner and afterwards she pulled me to the sofa, the same sofa where she and Jeff had their tryst on Sunday, and she gave me a wonderful blow job. Just before I came in her mouth, she mounted me and fucked me like a wild woman. It was a wonderful experience, but I couldn't get the scene of her doing the same thing to Jeff out of my mind. Those very vivid memories added to my excitement, and I had great difficulty holding back my climax.

As she started to come, she screamed, "Yes! Yes! Oh, Jeff, Yes!"

I tossed and turned most of the night alternating with feelings of anger and self-pity at myself for what I'd lost. My lovely wife was in love, or at least in heat, with another man. The alarm went off at 5:30 and my sleepy wife mumbled something about, "Why so early?" And then promptly went back to sleep. I showered, dressed quickly and by 5:50 a.m. I headed out of my house with a cup of coffee. There were two cartons on the back seat of my car and it was securely locked. Dave had come through for me.

Not wanting to waste any time here, I drove through the mostly deserted streets to my office, parked in my usual spot and took the carton marked 'originals' into the building. The security guard was dozing in his office and didn't see me pass by to the elevators. The offices were deserted and soon I was sorting out the material in my office. Within minutes, the photos, video and film canisters were back in Jeff's cabinet. Locked and secure, just as he had left them the night before.

Back in my car I drove to the local 'adult' motel, stopping along the way for coffee and a roll. They guy at the desk never noticed that I was alone, but then I suppose couples often meet here in different cars. Inside, I arranged my breakfast on the table, turned on the TV, inserted the copy of the video Dave had made for me, and settled back to watch my little wife's performance.

Jeff had done some editing and eliminated some of the dead spots. He'd even put in some music. Interesting. It looked professional. The opening scene showed the house and yard and some shots of Michelle coming and going. Then there were shots of her working in the yard and some of her sun bathing in the back yard. He even had some video of her nude, when she decided to take off her bikini. The shots of her rubbing lotion all over her body were very sensual. Jeff had been doing some good work in preparation for this video. He'd been stalking my wife for some time.

Then we cut to her answering the door in that lovely white dress, realizing for the first time, that she was being videotaped. Her shyness and even a blush showed through clearly on the very sharp video. She invited him in, waving for him to turn off the video. Instead, he just placed it on the bar, pointing it at her. Then they began talking about how he'd like to take a 'couple' of pictures of her - as they'd discussed! I suddenly realized that this wasn't just a case of Jeff dropping by. They'd both planned this session, perhaps each with different motives. Perhaps not.

He unloaded his camera equipment from the large bag, and she seemed very naive as he talked her into those first few shots. The eye of the camera was a gave a very different perspective than I'd had peeking around the corner.

The picture was clear, with good sound. It was an excellent video, well staged and well photographed. It was much better than anything I could see on the closed circuit TV in this X-Rated motel. It suddenly occurred to me that I could sell this video - to the Motel! And if I could sell it to them, I could sell it to others. The thought of my lovely wife on thousands of screens of X-Rated Motels made my cock strain at my clothes. I stood up and undressed and lay on the bed stroking my cock as I watch Jeff go through the photo-seduction of my wife.



I watched the entire video twice and masturbated three times. It was an incredible performance - hers, not mine. I could tell how into this scene she was. In spite of her protests, she wasn't just putting up with this. She loved being photographed and she loved being fucked by Jeff.

Realizing that I was now late for work I hurriedly packed everything back in the carton and, after locking it in my trunk, headed back to work.

There were several pink message notes on my desk, the top one being from Dave. I answered the business calls first and then called Dave to thank him for the work.

"My God, Brad, did you look at that video?" he asked breathlessly.


"It's the most incredible thing I've ever seen. It's absolutely dynamite!"

"Yes, yes it is, definitely dynamite."

"Look, Brad, I know you're upset about this, and I'd like to talk to you before you do something stupid."

"I'm not going to do anything stupid, Dave, and I'd be happy to talk to you. There's nobody else I can talk to right now."

"Oh, how about meeting me for lunch - say Pete's at 12?" Three hours later, we were sitting in a dark corner of Pete's sipping a drink and talking about the photos and the video, about my relationship with Michelle, about Jeff, and about life in general.

"What do you plan to do with the stuff?" Dave asked.

"I just don't know. I could hide it. I could confront Michelle with it. I could shoot Jeff. I could go to a lawyer and get a divorce. . ."

"Have you thought about selling it?"

In the motel, my thoughts about thousands of other people watching my lovely young wife sucking and fucking another man were very erotic for me, but I'd put it out of my mind as just another nice fantasy. Now, with Dave bringing it into the open, the idea hit me like a bucket of cold water. "No, I. . . ."

"Hear me out. I know a guy who distributes X-rated stuff throughout the country - video's, photos. He's always asking me for stuff that he can use.

I've sold him some amateur videos from several couples that enjoy doing this stuff and they've been very highly compensated. The money is real good, and I do mean good. I don't know where your marriage is going, but from here it looks like you might be heading to the divorce courts. Your best bet might be to make some money on this while you can. It will also give you some sweet revenge against that prick, Jeff."

"Look, Dave, I think this is just a one-time thing. Michelle will realize how destructive this is to our marriage and stop it cold."

"Are you going to talk to her about it?"

"Well, not right now. If the situation presents itself, I'll let her know that I'm aware of what's gone on, in a general way of course, and convey to her the idea that I forgive her and want to save our marriage." Of course, I didn't tell Dave, that I got a raging hard-on every time I thought about the scene last Sunday. "Anyway, you'd need their permission to use them in the videos. Jeff would sue our ass off if you ever used his stuff."

"Are you kidding? Do you think he's going to admit that it's him on those videos? I don't think so. And you can give permission for your wife. It's done all the time. Besides, she's not going to sue either."

"Well, let's see how my attempts to resolve the issue with my wife work out."

"Okay, no problem. Let me know."

How it was going to work out became very clear shortly after my return to my office when Jeff's large black buddy, George, stopped by my office. "Say, Brad, I hear you're a golfer. We should get together and play sometime."

"Yes," I said warily. It was the first time George had ever been in my office. Why was this guy who had been ogling my wife's pictures all week now interested in my golf game?

"Maybe we could play this Sunday."

"Sorry, I have a regular game I play every Sunday with a group."

"Oh, too bad. Where do you play?"

"At Belaire out in the valley."

"Long drive. And you'll be playing with them this Sunday?"

"Yup. Thanks anyway." He left. So, he was checking on my whereabouts for this Sunday. Was he doing it for Jeff? Or was he planning on getting a little of my lovely wife for himself? The thought of Michelle with a black man sent dozens of entirely new fantasies racing through my mind. Things at my house were going to be interesting this weekend. After the shock of the thoughts that my wife was becoming the 'company fuck' settled in, I called Dave, explaining what had happened.

"Sneaking into your house to watch is dangerous. We could put some cameras in there to catch our own video and find out what's going on."

"What do you mean? How would we do that?"

"I have a guy who's an expert on surveillance. In two hours, he can put half a dozen cameras into your house with recorders in the attic. He can tap the phones and put a bug in your wife's car and purse. You'll know everything she's doing. He can even bug Jeff, if you want."

"Dave, I don't have the money to pay for this."

"Let me suggest something. Give me the video you have. I'll show it to this guy and to the video distributor. I'm sure he'll agree with me that this thing is dynamite. We'll set up a company to produce the videos and we'll all go in as partners. It won't cost you a cent. If Jeff and George get into something with your wife we'll have it all on tape. It can only get better and better. Is your wife home today?"

"No, she's she's gone into the city today. Won't be home until around 5 p.m."

"Great! Meet me at your house at noon. I'll bring the surveillance guy and we'll check out what needs to be done."

I hung up the phone and sat there shivering in a cold sweat. Things were moving so fast that I was losing control. A week ago I thought I had a happy, if routine, marriage. Now, I was conspiring to record my wife with one or more men and then sell the video for national porno distribution. If Michelle met with Jeff again this Sunday, I knew our marriage would be over.

 ...concludes in Sunday's Game, part three - click here to continue... 

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