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"by Joe the Cuckold"

In the summer of 71 I was rooming with a buddy

Terry. In the apartment building lived 3 girls. Two were about

20-24 and one was just 18 and she was the cutest. One day

we were all in my apartment and we started playing poker. We

all had had a bit to drink, mostly beer. Someone, I think Terry

said we should play strip poker to make the game more fun.

Surprisingly all were eager except Eileen the 18 year old.

But even she was game, just hesitant.

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We played for a while and soon Terry and I were real losers and down to our jockey shorts. One girl the least attractive had the winnings. The second girl, a real slut by the way who would and did screw anyone, was down to her bra, panties and a couple other items but no pants. Eileen was only a little better off than Terry and I with bra and panties. I had a real crush on her and my cock was as hard as a wedding day prick just being so close to her and seeing her full breasts and hour glass figure. Terry lost the next hand and had to give up his shorts. He stood up and whipped them off and exposed his hard cock for all to see. The next hand I won. Eileen lost her bra to me. I almost came just looking at her lovley breasts and large nipples, which were sticking out like erasers on a number 2 pencil! I had a hard time focusing on the game. The next hand I won again and my love of the summer lost her panties to me. Eileen stood up and was clearly embarassed with the thought of being totally naked in front of us all. I stood up with her and then she said to me one of the nicest things I've ever had said to me. "I'm glad you're the one who is going to get into my panties." I turned beet red and the others laughed. Terry and Eileen were nude and had no "assets." To keep in the game they had to pay off with kisses, then giving a freebie feel to the winner. Fortunately for Eileen she kept winning back from me and then losing her panties again to me. Finally, I lost all of my clothes including Eileen's panties, which I really wanted to keep! The second girl was almost nude now and the first one had all of the clothes. I won the next four hands and had plenty of clothes but none of them were my own. The rules allowed you to bet any article you possesed. I played nude and so did Terry when he won a hand. We liked the idea of being naked with these girls. My winnings from Eileen consisted of progressively: a kiss; a freebie feel of her beautiful tits, a rub of her ass, and a massage of her pubic mound. I found it wonderfully exciting to be doing so much of a sexual nature with this lovely creature who I desired so much. Eileen lost the next two hands to Terry who got to kiss her and cop a feel of her tits. I was jealous. Finally, we decided to play one more hand to end the game. The stakes for us naked players was to do what ever the winner asked of us. We all knew these were real high stakes, anything meant ANYTHING! The hand was dealt and we all lost except the oldest girl. Our debts were: Terry had to masturbate. The second girl's was she had to catch his cum in her mouth. We were all shocked she would ask something like that. I cringed thinking what mine and Eileen's debt would be. Eileen looked at me with fearful eyes. I took comfort in the thought that at least my debt would somehow involve Eileen. I was right. My debt was I had to perform oral sex on Eileen and her's was the same to me. We got so excited that we didnt stop and I screwed Eileen with unbridled passion. Which was EXACTLY what the winner wanted. The End
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