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Another great wife turned slut story.


Driving through town the other day the car started losing power so I got off the highway and managed to coast into the parking lot of some place called Ziegfield's. I got out of the car to look for a phone, no public phone. 'Shit,' I thought, 'now what do I do?'.

I went back to the car to consider my options. In a skirt that barely covered my ass and a top that exposed most of my D-cup breasts; trying to fix the car myself didn't seem like the best choice but it was the only option.

While bent over the side of the car trying to figure out what was wrong with it I was suddenly aware of a LARGE presence. But then how could I not be it was pressed up against my ass. I turned around to be greeted by a tall well built blonde with long hair (who, I had surmised, was also well endowed). He was accompanied by a man with what seemed to be the same good qualities. They asked if they could help. I told them that I could use a "jump". I think they misunderstood what I meant because one of them went to their car and got the jumper cables. Trying to be coy I said, "That's not exactly what I meant".

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The other guy caught on quick, put the hood down and helped me on to it. He laid me back and pulled down my white lacy g-string. He started kissing and gently nibbling on my inner thigh, he worked his way up to my increasingly hot, tight cunt. Just before he got there he'd start nibbling on the other thigh, this went on for what seemed like an eternity. The other guy came over and unbuttoned my blouse then my bra, my nipples were already rock hard due to the teasing I was having to endure from below. (Authors note: I don't like to admit this, I don't know their names but to avoid confusion I'll refer to them as David and Jesse.)

Jesse wasn't quite as gentle with my breasts as David was with my cunt. He was twisting my nipples then biting them. This only made me hornier. Finally David stopped teasing me and started licking my clit and fingering me. Within a coule of minutes of licking, fingering, twisting and biting I reached and earth shattering orgasm.

In my weakened state I was pulled off the car then forced to kneel on the ground. I looked up to see the two largest cocks I had ever seen. At least ten or eleven inches around, well not quite but I didn't have any complaints with the girth either. anyway, there I was with twenty to twenty-two inches all to myself. It's enough to drive you mad going from one cock to the next sucking, squeezing and nibbling. I couldn't get enough, I had to have both in my mouth at the same time. I think they liked it, soon they were close to orgasm. I begged them to jerk off onto my face and breasts. They agreed and soon I was covered in what seemed like a gallon of cum. I then proceeded to lick it off my face and tits, what I couldn't get with my tongue I got with my hands and then licked them. David and Jesse seemed to like that, they started to get hard again before my very eyes. I decided to give them a little oral persuasion. When they were fully ready it was time to get down to hard-core fucking. David laid down on the hood, I straddled him with Jesse behind me he slowly slid his cock into the hole that David was already occupying. I'd never felt anything like it before, or since. Jesse was almost slamming in to me then he told me that because I was such a slut he was going to punish me. He pulled his cock out and without additional lubrication he shoved it all the way up my ass. Owww, it hurt so good. I don't know if it was the motion that was getting to David or what but he was close so he pulled out and positioned himself in from of my face. Jesse pumping away at my ass like a madman was pushing David's cock deep into my throat. Soon it got to be too much, I started moaning, the more I moaned the faster Jesse pumped, the deeper David's cock was in my throat. The three of us exploded into orgasm. I lay there trembling, basking in the afterglow. After we took a few minutes to recover David and Jesse got up and fixed the car. They told me that if I ever needed a jump again to call them and gave me their numbers.

When I got home and told my husband about it he basically licked me from head to toe just to have a taste of those strangers. He made me call them while we fucked and had me get them to come over so he could watch and then clean me up again. I'm glad he's not the jealous type.

It was an incredible experience and terribly exciting, in fact I had to stop writing this several times to masturbate while re-living it.

Stranded slut,

Wichita, Ks.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.