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Slut Wife Friday

Another great wife turned slut story.


Brandy woke up on this particular Friday morning with an itch to tease someone. Her job as an administrative assistant for the high school principal was dull and boring. To break up the monotony she sometimes liked to flash the male teachers or young men who were summoned to the principal's office, usually for some type of disciplinary action. Brandy found the act of flashing these males very thrilling. She liked to watch the bulges that would form in their pants after they got a little look up her dress or inside her top.

She emerged from the shower and looked over her wardrobe. She really felt wicked today and decided to go without a bra. She put on a silky blouse and left the first few buttons open. Brandy leaned over in front of the mirror. At just the right angle she noticed that you could see right inside her top giving a nice view of her small and perky breasts, topped with pink puffy nipples.

Brandy put on her skimpiest pair of lacy panties. She felt very wicked indeed. She made sure that a few of her red hairs peeked out the side of her panties. She took her time pulling up the white silk stay-up stockings. This was going to be an especially good day, she thought to herself as she put on her shortest black skirt that barely covered her stocking tops. A playful grin grew on her lips as she checked herself in the mirror.

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Brandy loved it when her husband was away on business. He was a prude and a pain. He would never stand for her dressing seductively for work. He had no imagination anyway. Brandy was sick of their frustrating and unsatisfying marriage. She was tired of her fat and flabby husband who had never been able arouse passion in her. She was sick of his tiny penis and his missionary style lovemaking. The only satisfaction she got was from teasing the male teachers and high school students and then coming home to her vibrator that she affectionately called "Big Joe."

The drive to work was uneventful and the morning was going by very slowly. Her boss, principal Edwards, had her making out forms and recommendations for students' college applications. Brandy was looking for some excitement. She needed someone to tease.

Brandy came across a college application form that showed some promise toward breaking up her day. It belonged to Tyrone Wheeler the running back for the varsity football team. Everyone knew Ty. He was the 18-year-old star of the Red Devils team. He was big, black, and very athletic. Brandy decided that Tyrone was to be her next target. This was going to be a special morning for both Brandy and Tyrone.

The sexy wife had teased the young man before. His father runs a pool cleaning service and she had given him quite a show when he came by to work on their swimming pool, but that's another story. Brandy decided to have a little fun with Tyrone and summoned him from his class over the intercom system. Shortly afterwards, Tyrone knocked on the open door to Brandy's private office.

"Come on in, Tyrone and close the door I have some questions to go over with you and I found a few omissions on your college application." Brandy said in a pleasant tone.

Tyrone came in stood next to Brandy's desk. She looked the young man up and down. He was tall, over 6 feet, strong with a muscular athletic appearance. He was black, real black, which sharply accented his pearly white smile. From where Brandy was sitting, she was practically staring right at his crotch. Brandy wondered if it was true what they say about black men and their big cocks. She was wondering if Tyrone had a big cock like her "Big Joe" back at home.

They started discussing Tyrone's application and She was helping him with the parts he had omitted. Brandy made sure that she bent over just right to give Tyrone a perfect view inside of her top. She concluded by his big smile that he was stealing a look at her pink puffy nipples. She glanced over at his crotch and saw what looked like a huge cock growing inside Tyrone's jeans. It kept getting bigger and creeping down his leg. Brandy swallowed hard and looked away.

While they were talking, Brandy turned in her swivel chair to face the young athlete. She coyly crossed her legs letting her short skirt ride up. Her stocking tops were plainly visible along with a good inch or so of soft white thigh flesh. Tyrone's mouth gaped open. He was stammering and having difficulty answering the questions. Brandy, smiled her playful smile. The whole situation was unfolding just the way the pretty wife liked.

Tyrone was obviously tense and uncomfortable. He was getting more so by the minute. Brandy was playing him to the hilt, fidgeting in her chair while she worked on his application and causing her wickedly short skirt to ride higher and higher. As she worked, Brandy uncrossed her legs and parted them slightly. Tyrone could easily see her lacey white panties with the red hairs peeking out of the sides. The young wife kept leaning over to write on the black athlete's application causing her blouse to fall away from her pert and sexy breasts inviting a quick peek at her bosom. Brandy noticed that the bulge in Tyrone's jeans had grown to about halfway down his thigh.

As the scenario played out, the sexual tension was becoming unbearable for both the young athlete and the pretty redhead. Brandy couldn't keep her mind off of the big bulge in Tyrone's pants. She wondered what it would be like to have sex with the big black athlete. She thought of her husband and his unimaginative lovemaking with his tiny little penis. The young wife longed to be satisfied … really satisfied. She imagined herself being brutally fucked with a big black cock until it spewed its' forbidden seed deep into her womb. Finally, the excitement of the moment overcame her good judgement.

Brandy looked up at Tyrone and caught him staring at her panty-covered mound with the red hairs emerging from the elastic leg openings. She feigned surprise and immediately tugged at her skirt to pull it down slightly. The sexy wife was not very successful as her stocking tops were still exposed as well as an abundance of soft white thigh flesh. The young black athlete quickly looked away as if he didn't see a thing.

Brandy licked her lips and gave him a sly smile.

"Tyrone, were you trying to look up my dress?" she asked in a playful tone.

"No mam" He answered nervously.

Brandy licked her lips again. She reached over to the young man's thigh and started speaking in a seductive whisper.

"It looks to me like you were." She said as she slid her hand up Tyrone's leg. "It looks to me that you like what you see." Brandy stopped just before she reached the tip of his fully extended cock.

Tyrone's eyes were drawn like a magnet back to the pretty redhead and her sexy outfit.

"Yes mam … I mean No mam…. Well I mean yes mam"

Brandy slid her hand up higher until it was gently stroking his big cock.

"If you like what you see maybe I could show you more, Tyrone. You like me don't you and it would sure make my day if we could have a little fun here today. Have you ever fooled around with a married woman before?"

"Yes mam … sometimes the ladies … well my daddy's pool business … oh never mind."

Sensing his nervousness Brandy interrupted but kept on stroking. "Then you understand how important it is to be discrete. This has to be our little secret."

"Yes mam … I know how to keep a secret." Tyrone answered nervously.

Brandy swiveled in her chair and rolled in close to Tyrone who was still standing right next to her desk. She slowly reached up and unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly. She anxiously reached inside and pulled out his big black cock. The thing was huge. The young wife estimated it was about nine or ten inches at least. She was amazed at its' thickness. It was not just bigger than her "Big Joe." It was bigger thicker and harder.

"Tyrone you don't mind if I suck on you a little do you? I promise this won't hurt a bit."

Tyrone was too aroused, scared and nervous to answer.

Brandy opened her mouth wide and began sucking on the huge cock. It was the first time since her own high school days that she had sucked a cock. It was a pleasure that she had managed to deprive even her own husband. She sucked and stroked Tyrone's black manhood with genuine enthusiasm. The pretty redhead rolled her eyes up to look at the young black. His eyes were closed and he had a dreamy look on his face.

After a few minutes, Brandy stopped sucking and let the immense cock slip from her mouth. A small string of spit ran from her moist red lips to the big purple tip.

"I need you to fuck me." She panted "Do you want to fuck me now Tyrone?"

Brandy didn't wait for an answer. She stood up and pulled the hemline of the skirt up to her hips. The shapely woman turned, faced toward the desk and leaned over. She started to unbutton her blouse. Tyrone, now fully aroused, wasted no time in pulling aside the skimpy white panties. He stood behind her and began to rub his colossal cock on her tight moist slit.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now with your big black cock!" Brandy was wild with excitement.

Tyrone continued to rub his rock hard cock on the sexy redhead's moist pussy. Then he suddenly rammed it home in one searing stroke. A loud gasp emitted from Brandy's lips. He reached inside her completely open blouse and obscenely fondled her tits.

The couple made quite an erotic picture. The pretty wife was leaned over her desk and frantically slamming her hips back against the black athlete. She panted heavily, every now and again emitting a slight whimper. The big black youth had hold of the wife's tits and held them tight as she rocked against him. Her tight pussy was stretched to the limit. It totally engulfed the mammoth black cock.

Brandy had two orgasms that caused her to shudder uncontrollably. Still she kept on rocking, pulling first then pushing back hard against Tyrone's huge black manhood. Tyrone was alternating between holding Brandy's hips and molesting her chest, roughly pulling on her large puffy nipples. The two were locked into a frantic X rated fuck dance, oblivious to all else around them. Brandy had yet another orgasm. Not to long afterward, Tyrone's body tensed as he shot his huge load of black seed deep into the hot young wife. The two of them finally collapsed on the desk from the heated climax.

They both lay there, against the desk, breathing heavily. Brandy, was bent over, with Tyrone resting on top of her, his head on her back like a pillow. After a few moments of silence, the two separated and rearranged their respective clothing. Tyrone began to speak. Brandy put her finger to his lips.

"Shhh" she whispered "Don't say a word. This has to be our little secret."

Tyrone didn't say a thing. He opened the door and stepped into the hall. As he walked away he turned back to give Brandy his white pearly smile.

Brandy sat at her desk softly basking in the afterglow of this wild sexual experience.

Once she had sufficiently recovered she reached for the phone book and thought to herself "Its about time I schedule a pool cleaning!"

The End.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.