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A public spectacle...

"Sell Me" - Part 5


This story tells of a remarkable experience that happened in the summer of 1997. At that time Sue's two black lovers, Carl and Eddy, had returned to their families in the States for the summer holiday. They had been joined by Carl's young brother, Mike. Since the events outlined in the previous story Mike has occasionally joined his brother and Eddy in spending the night with Sue, as his cleanliness is trusted. Sue and I were also on a three-week holiday in the States, Sue's young son staying with his father for the period. We spent the first two weeks touring the North Western States before flying down the country and moving into a motel on the outskirts of the town where the three lads were staying.

I know that there is an especially strong bond between Carl and my wife. He has tremendous sexual energy. He also has vivid fantasies and during their relationship Sue has helped him to enact some of them. These fantasies usually involve making love to Sue in public places, and the fact that she co-operates shows the mesmeric hold that Carl has over her.

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When in the States Carl enacted a favourite fantasy, and I am still amazed at what he persuaded Sue to do. When he and Eddy were students they used to frequent a nightclub on the outskirts of the city that was a well-known knocking shop. On a good night you could meet anything from a high-class call girl to a street tart, and the clientele consisted mainly of businessmen. At the back of the club there was a small room which could be used for knee-tremblers. There was just enough room for a man to shaft his girl and for a small number of onlookers to watch - it seems that this was quite acceptable. And although in those days neither Carl nor Eddy had picked up a prostitute it was there that they first saw a woman being fucked. At weekends there was usually a queue of men with hookers, and onlookers, waiting to use the room.

Carl's fantasy was to pick up a tart in this club and shaft her in front of spectators, and he persuaded Sue to act the part of the prostitute. He first broached the subject when he paid a surprise visit as we were sat in the motel bar on our first night in Nevada. At first Sue was horrified by his request, but then the two of them vanished, and when they reappeared an hour later a very flushed Sue had changed her mind.

As I wanted to watch it was agreed that I would go to the club with Eddy, Sue would turn up as a hooker and Carl and Mike would arrive and buy her services. On the chosen afternoon the three of them arrived at our motel, and Carl and Mike took Sue into town to choose her dress. Eddy and I waited for some time, then drove to the club.

As we got to the place Eddy remarked how run down the place had become since his last visit. The neighbourhood was much rougher than he remembered and I was glad of his company. Inside the club there were a couple of go-go dancers on a low stage in the centre of the room. There were about thirty men sat around at tables, most of them middle aged, there were none of the respectable businessmen that Eddy remembered. A gaggle of younger men stood around the stage ogling the dancers. The area around the bar, like the rest of the room was in semi-darkness, ultra-violet lights being used to illuminate the stage, and they illuminated the rest of the room as well.

A few men stood at the long bar, serious drinkers by the look of them, and there were three obvious hookers also at the bar. From the back they looked attractive but when they turned around they were real dogs, two of them old enough to be my grandmother.

Eddy and I bought drinks and sat at a table to watch the dancers. In the hour we were there the youngest hooker took a client into the back room, but no one bothered to follow them. Just as we sat down with our third drink Sue entered the club. To say that her entry caused a stir is a gross understatement. Her hair was coiffured; she wore a transparent black blouse with the top buttons undone showing acres of cleavage pushed up by her white Wonderbra. The bra itself was easily visible under the ultra- violet lights. Her long red skirt was split to the waist at the front, showing her long, shapely legs encased in stay-up black lacy stockings. She wore skimpy white briefs, which were again picked out by the ultra-violet lights, and she had on a pair of black stiletto shoes.

Within minutes of her sitting on a barstool men started approaching her. Each said something but I was too far away to hear. Eddy told me that they were probably asking the price for a quickie, and Sue was quoting $200. This was too much for the men, although some argued with her. Many of the men put a hand on her legs or shoulders when talking to her, bolder ones touched her breasts, but they were all pushed away. Soon a group of young men were gathered around Sue, chatting her up.

As time wore on I could see that Sue was getting more nervous, and kept glancing at the door waiting for Carl to arrive. Eventually he walked in with his brother but instead of going to Sue they bought drinks and sat down at a table. If looks could kill they would have been dead in seconds. They watched as a few newcomers propositioned Sue, then got up and approached her. A brief conversation ensued, Carl handed something to Sue, the brothers grabbed her arms and headed for the back room. As they departed a gang of men also headed for the door, Eddy and I being at the front.

The room was crowded with men pressing close around Carl and Sue with the nearest men sitting or kneeling down. Carl had Sue stripped naked in seconds; he pushed her against a wall, forced her legs apart with his knees, then rammed his hand up her cunt. He fingered her for a while and sucked on her nipples. He next leant back against the wall and got Sue to kneel in front of him. She nibbled his cock, starting at the base and working her way up to the tip, which she sucked, before repeating the process. After some time Carl stood Sue up and turned her to face the crowd, then entered her from the rear. Because of his height Sue had to bend forward before he could put his great length inside her. She now stood totally exposed to the crowd, there were men all around her just a few feet away. Some of the men touched her breasts and she did not object; within seconds most of the men in the front rows were fondling her tits.

After a while Carl changed position, pushing Sue back against the wall and grasping her bum to lift her bodily into the air before entering her. In this position all you could see was Sue's white arms and legs wrapped round Carl's black body. And in this position he soon fired his spunk into her.

Mike took Carl's place, and he lay Sue on her back on the floor of that crowded room. For quite a while he fingered her and played with her breasts. But whilst both his hands were rubbing her nipples I saw Sue's legs twitch, and realised how bold the front row spectators had become; the fingers that were exploring her love hole were not Mike's.

Mike then lay on his back and Sue knelt over him giving him a blowjob. As her bottom was now sticking up, many more men took the chance to push their fingers into her cunt and play with her. Next Mike stood Sue up and took her from the rear, once more giving the spectators the chance to paw her. Finally he lay Sue down on the floor again and hoisted her legs over his shoulders before giving her a frenetic fucking and shooting into her. Before he had withdrawn Eddy and I were seated in the club.

Altogether Carl, Mike and Sue were away for fifty minutes. When they returned Sue was in a mess. Her hair was hanging over her face and she was not wearing a bra or knickers (they were never found). But if Sue thought her troubles were over she was mistaken. Most of the men in the club had not been able to fit into the room so Carl bought Sue a drink and sat her on a tall bar stool. He then opened her blouse and played with her tits, showing them to the men in the room. He also forced open her legs, and everyone could see spunk running down her thighs from her cunt. After one drink the three of them left. Eddy and I joined them and we drove back to our motel.

In the car Sue railed at us. She said that she had been humiliated and that it had all gone much further than she had expected, especially the groping and fingering by strangers; and Carl's behaviour in the bar afterwards had been the last straw. She gave us all a good piece of her mind. But when we got back to the motel room she allowed us to give her a good piece of another part of our anatomies. In truth she had been turned on by the experience. So had I; this was one of the few times when I joined the others in screwing my wife all night.

-- end --

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