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Sue gets a black gangbang...

"Sell Me" - Part 4

by loofer@colormail.com

This story describes the occasion when I persuaded my beautiful young albino wife to widen her circle of lovers with the help of her two long term giant black lovers, Carl and Eddy. I had long wanted to see Sue in a gangbang and had often asked the three of them to set it up; but they had always refused, citing their fear of AIDS as the main reason.

Then in December 1996 Carl's eighteen year old brother Mike moved into a house in Manchester with three friends from college. He had recently arrived from the States and enrolled in a local college. Mike's three friends were from the same college. They were black Angolans, two brothers aged sixteen and seventeen and their eighteen-year-old cousin. They came from a wealthy family and had been educated at a strict Jesuit missionary school before their parents decided to send them to this country to continue their education and to escape their country's problems. As the only foreign students on the course they quickly became friends and Carl had rented the house near to where he shared a flat with Eddy.

Soon after moving in, and at Carl's suggestion, the four threw a joint housewarming/Christmas party to get to know their neighbours and to meet new friends. Carl and Eddy asked me if they could take Sue to this party; I had to stay at home to look after Sue's young son, as the three of them were to sleep over.

The fact that Sue was to sleep in a house with six men, and that two of them would be making love to her, excited me. I again imagined her as the object of a gangbang and told them to set it up if they wanted. Sue scoffed at my suggestion but the men did not, she should have taken more notice of their reactions.

For the party Sue wore high-heeled pixie boots, black leggings that were so tight they could have been sprayed on to her long slim legs, and a bright red sweatshirt that hugged her slim figure and large firm breasts. As she wore a Wonderbra the effect was spectacular.

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The party turned out to be a lively affair, but no rave up. There were a lot of Carl's friends but the majority of guests were neighbours, and they made most of the noise. Even so the party ended just after midnight. Carl told me later that Sue was the most beautiful woman there; most of the single men, and some of the married ones, tried chatting her up and asked her to dance, but to no avail as she was otherwise engaged.

For during the party Sue was hogged by the four hosts; they plied her with drinks and danced with her most of the night and in the darkened dance room they all tried groping her. Soon after she arrived Sue guessed that Mike knew about the complex relationships involved, and as there was a lot of whispering going on between Carl and the students she suspected that they were planning something. By the end of the night Sue was tipsy and as the last guest left the atmosphere was electric.

As the door closed on the last partygoer the four students grabbed Sue and, with Carl and Eddy in their trail, marched her to the largest bedroom where two double beds had been pushed together. Mike grabbed Sue and began kissing her passionately. As he did so the other three stripped Sue and when she was naked they pushed her down across the beds. Whilst the stripping was going on there was a lot of horseplay and Sue managed to strip Mike as he kissed her.

As they lay Sue across the beds it was obvious that the young students found her slim, taut white body and large firm breasts fascinating. This was hardly surprising as it turned out that the Angolans were virgins, and Mike's single sexual experience consisted of an inconclusive hump in the back of his girlfriend's car. Most lads' first experience of sex is a furtive grope with an immature young girl. Here they were presented with the superb body of an extremely attractive woman who was still climbing to the peak of her sexual allure and prowess.

As Carl and Eddy looked on the four youngsters spent ages playing with Sue, fingering her cunt and rubbing her clitoris. They paid special attention to her large breasts, almost fighting each other to suck at her colourless nipples. Finally, when the four had finished playing with Sue, the six men took it in turns to fuck her in the simple missionary position, whilst the others watched. They took her in ascending age, starting with the youngest.

None of the boys lasted long on the first fuck, then the night turned into one long sexual marathon, with any man taking Sue whenever he was able and she was free. There was someone fucking her or playing with her all night, she got no sleep whatsoever.

Carl insisted that whenever a man penetrated Sue he wore a condom. And if that condom became full of sperm it was replaced. He also ensured that KY jelly was liberally spread on the condoms and inside Sue's cunt. As Sue did allow the students to use her anally, and sucked some of them off (condom included), her cunt took the brunt of the battering.

Sue found that Mike was nowhere near as well endowed as his brother, in fact none of the students was in the same league as the older men in size and technique. And Sue did notice the difference size made; she could tell with her eyes shut whether it was Carl or Eddy or one of the students shafting her.

But what the students lacked in size they more than made up for in energy and enthusiasm. They made love far more often, and more vigorously than the older men. The sixteen-year-old claimed to have fucked Sue nine times. The youngsters were also more interested in trying different positions, some of them very imaginative and physically demanding.

Sue was surprised by the lack of staying power of all the men. None of the students lasted long between penetration and ejaculation. Carl and Eddy lasted longer after the first frenetic fuck, and a pattern developed whereby the students would have Sue one after the other, then one of the older men would take her. By the time he had finished most of the students would have recovered their erections and be raring to go again. Even so, neither Carl nor Eddy, who both who both went through Sue four times that night, lasted as long as usual. They put it down to the atmosphere of pure excitement, lust and competition in the bedroom. They said afterwards it was more of a frenzied rut than a gangbang.

Her last fuck was the ninth by the sixteen-year-old, and how he crowed about it. Shortly after I arrived to take her home. By then, in nearly nine hours of non-stop sex, Sue and the six men had produced twenty six filled condoms, and a number of used but unfilled ones. I discovered that sometimes the students, just before they came, would pull out of whichever of Sue's holes they were using, remove their condom and spray their sperm over her head, face and body.

When I got Sue home she was shattered. Her long silky white hair (head and pubic) was matted with dried cum and her body was covered in the stuff as well. The first thing she did was to take a long hot bath before going to bed for the day.

So Sue did take new lovers, but I did not see it. She said it was a one off, not to be repeated, and Carl and Eddy agreed. The men said they only arranged it because they would be there to ensure safe sex was practised. But I still wanted to see Sue being gangbanged, so a few weeks later, on New Years day, 1997, when Sue's young son was with his father, Carl and Eddy brought the four students down to our farm and I had a ringside (bedside) seat as the six men fucked her all night.

But I have seen enough now. In future I will watch gangbangs on video. I have several such videos from trips to Amsterdam, and I got that night at our farm on video as well, although it took two four-hour tapes to do so.

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