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Sue reunites with her black lovers...

"Sell Me" - Part 3

by loofer@colormail.com

This letter describes one of the most memorable visits of Carl and Eddy, the two giant black American lovers of my beautiful young albino wife.

At the time of this visit the lads had not been down for nearly two months. They ad been on holiday and we went away on our vacation on the day they came back. Finally, as we returned we heard that Sue's ex was in Australia. Carl and Eddy had been down three times in the fortnight prior to his departure and were finding the break very frustrating. But when we heard about Australia it was Sue who pleaded with me to arrange something.

I suggested that the two men come down on the following Friday for just a few hours and Sue reluctantly agreed. She never allows her young son to be present when the men visit her (or as she says, "my friends come to play with me"), and I had to agree to take him to the pictures, the short visit would be over when we returned. But at the last minute we had another hitch, my parents wanted to stop with us that night on their way from the West Country to friends in Scotland. Sue was so upset that I decided the assignation would go ahead.

A friend of ours wanted to re-wire his caravan and we agreed that he could park it on our land behind our barn. I realised that the two men could spend the night with Sue in this caravan, and there was little risk of their being discovered. So I persuaded our friend to start work early and by Friday night the caravan was in position.

My parents arrived and were in bed early. Carl and Eddy drove down from the city and parked their car at the end of our farm track where they waited. As soon as my parents were asleep I went to meet the lads and escorted them to the caravan, Sue stayed in the house to get her young son to sleep.

For many years the lads and I had discussed sexual fantasies. We had done so before I met Sue, and continued to do so. Before they came to this country, when they used contact magazines to arrange meetings, they often ended up together with a couple, making love to the wife whilst the husband watched. On some of these occasions the couple were into bondage and S/M, and as long as it was mild, Carl and Eddy co-operated. Recently the lads and I had talked about this at our sports club, and they had asked me if I thought Sue would be interested in a bondage session.

On the walk to the caravan they mentioned bondage again and said they would put on a show if I wished, and I agreed. I left them and returned to the farmhouse. I did not mention our conversation to Sue, and she soon went to join them. I stayed in the house for another twenty minutes until everyone was asleep then went outside.

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The night was dark and the only light in the caravan was a small night-light. As my eyes adjusted to the dimness I saw a fantastic sight. Sue was lying naked on the bed across the far end of the caravan, her wrists were tied to the corners of the headboard and her ankles suspended by ropes from the ceiling above the foot of the bed so that her legs were spread wide apart.

When Carl and Eddy met Sue, the first time they had seen her in nearly two months, they grabbed her in a prolonged snogging session before stripping her, trussing her up and awaiting my appearance. When I arrived they knelt on the bed, one each side of Sue. I realised that they would have problems, as the bed was shorter than the men.

Carl put his head between Sue's legs and licked her cunt. Eddy put the tip of his cock against her lips then held her head off the pillow as he thrust in and out of her mouth. At the same time they played with her breasts, squeezing and stroking them and pinching her nipples. Sue loved it and was soon giving the soft deep moans that showed her pleasure.

Still playing with her breasts, the two now took it in turns to kneel between Sue's splayed legs and push their cocks into her cunt, each thrusting in and out for a few minutes before making way for his friend. And they kept this up for a long time. Finally the two men said they were aching from their contortions and got off the bed.

They produced two vibrators, one a flexible thing about ten inches long, the other a standard seven inch hard plastic vibrator. I wondered how Sue would react, as we did not have one. Carl smeared KY jelly on the larger vibrator and, without switching it on, slowly inserted it into Sue's cunt. He eased it in until, when more than half was inside her, Sue screamed in pain.

Carl removed the vibrator and smeared more jelly on it. He also used his fingers to smear jelly inside Sue's cunt. He then switched the vibrator on before re-inserting it; Sue found this new sensation much more acceptable and soon the large vibrator was fully inside her. Eddy now took the smaller vibrator, switched it on and placed the tip of it against Sue's clitoris, moving it gently in circles around that little organ. Carl then began to thrust the large vibrator vigorously in and out of Sue.

It did not take long for Sue to burst into the noisiest orgasm I have ever heard, her limbs were writhing around despite being tied up, and she screamed and screamed. I watched for some time until this first orgasm had subsided, then went back to the house to check that everyone was asleep.

When I returned the men were still using the vibrators, but the small one was in Sue's cunt and the large one was being used on her breasts, navel and nipples. Sue was continuously moaning and crying with pleasure, but eventually she complained that her legs were aching from being suspended, and the lads released her ankles from the ropes. They loosened all her bonds, turned her over onto her stomach and re-tied her in a new position so that she was kneeling on the floor face down on the bed, and her hands tied to hooks on the far wall of the caravan.

Carl switched on the large vibrator before inserting it into Sue's cunt. She arched her body until only her head, neck and shoulders were on the bed, and began to squirm as Carl thrust the vibrator in and out. Suddenly Eddy hit Sue's left buttock with a long, thin bamboo cane he had produced, giving it a really hard smack. Sue stopped dead, but said nothing. Then Carl used his massive hand to slap her right buttock; still Sue said nothing and soon both men were slapping her bum and Sue began to writhe and moan again.

The two men punished my wife in for some time, and she did not ask them to stop once, even though she was obviously in pain whenever they hit her too hard. But at last there was a change in the action. Carl removed the vibrator then worked his way under Sue, lying on his back on the bed. With Eddy's help he slipped his massive cock into Sue's vagina. It was not an easy position for him, as much of his long body was off the small bed but somehow he managed to fuck Sue. After Carl came into my wife and was replaced by Eddy. He tried entering Sue in the doggie position, but her buttocks were too sore so he too lay on his back and got Sue to straddle him, then quickly shot his load into her.

I went back to the house again to check that everything was OK. When I returned Sue had just finished tying Carl and Eddy to the bed. They were lying on their backs, side by side and head to toe. Sue spent some time teasing them, brushing her nipples against their mouths but not letting them suck, sitting on their hands but not letting them finger her, and tickling them until they begged her to stop. She then sucked their cocks before beginning a long session of wanking them. As she wanked, whenever one of them was about to come she would use his penis to drag his bum off the bed, then smack him hard on the buttocks. But finally she got this timing wrong and Carl shot his spunk in a thin stream over her thighs. She then brought Eddy off, letting his sperm shoot over her body.

I now left the caravan to go to bed, in case Sue's young son awoke. A shattered Sue joined me at five thirty in the morning. Her bottom was red and covered in wheals; she had endured several more prolonged bouts of caning and spanking. Carl and Eddy remained in the caravan where they were to stay until my parents had gone.

When my parents got up, they offered to take Sue's young son to Scotland for the weekend. So Carl and Eddy spent two more nights with us. Of course they spent these nights with Sue, making up for the missed visits of the previous two months. They also spent much of the daytime with her in the bedroom and it was Sue who seemed to initiate most of these sessions, she could not get enough of their large black cocks in that memorable weekend.

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