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Sue's black lovers return...

"Sell Me" - Part 2

by loofer@colormail.com

This story describes the second visit of the two giant black American lovers of my albino wife. The first visit is described in SELL ME. This second visit, which stands out in my memory more than most, was about 6 weeks later when Sue's young son was again staying with his father. Carl and Eddy had been pressing for another invitation ever since that first visit. They are very worried about HIV, and they trust Sue, claiming that she is their only sexual partner. For many months after the break up of their relationships neither had full sex with another person. Meeting Sue had only served to remind them of what they were missing, and the time passing since that visit was making the two fit, athletic young men sexually frustrated to the point where they said they were desperate to come down. And as I explained in the first letter, Sue is exceptionally attractive.

This second visit had been arranged at short notice. When we knew, at the last minute, that Sue's son would be away for the weekend I phoned the lads at their college, but was told they were away on a course. I left a message for them but we had no reply, so we assumed that they would be away for the weekend. However, Carl called me on the Saturday afternoon. I explained the situation, and he said they would catch the next train down.

When he phoned Sue was out swimming. She is something of a fitness fanatic, and goes to aerobics, swims or does judo practically every day of the week. It keeps her lovely slim figure in great shape, so I do not complain. When she returned in the late afternoon and I told her that the lads would be with us in a few minutes she was at first annoyed because the house was "untidy."

At that time it was extremely hot. We live on an isolated smallholding some way from the nearest house and road, and as we have a fence around the garden we cannot be overlooked. On the lawn outside the patio doors we had a table and chairs and a covered hammock. We also had a large paddling pool set up for Sue's son.

When Carl and Eddy walked up the track Sue and I had just sat down outside with drinks. Because she is an albino, Sue has to be very careful in hot weather, and she was lying on the hammock in the shade of its awning. She was still wearing her red swimsuit. The lads joined us, lying on the grass near to Sue, and we spent the first hour or so talking and drinking. It was turning into a glorious evening, and the sun had lost much of its daytime heat. I could see that the men were getting very worked up by the way they were looking at Sue and by the growing bulges in their trousers. I could also tell that their attentions were turning on Sue.

The action started when Carl sat up and grabbed Sue in an embrace. He started fondling her and she returned his caresses, in fact she made the first overtly sexual move as she grabbed his private parts through his trousers. Immediately Eddy moved over, and the two of them lifted her down from the hammock onto the lawn, where they removed her swimsuit. They both pounced on her, grabbing a breast each and putting a hand between her legs.

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On their first visit, Sue had let them do more or less as they pleased with her, but this time she had decided to take control. She pushed both men away and made them stand still while she undressed them, then made them lie on their backs, next to each other. She started giving them a blowjob, sucking and stroking their penises in turn, and sucking and squeezing their testicles. She refused to let them use their hands on her, slapping their arms whenever they tried anything, but they still loved what she was doing to them.

After a long time Sue separated the men. She straddled Carl, impaling herself slowly on his massive penis. She had a lot of difficulty doing this the first time, often gasping in pain and altering her body angle, but at last Carl's cock was fully inside her and she started rhythmically moving up and down on it. Eddy moved behind her and put his arms round her to fondle her breasts, but Sue reached behind and grabbed his penis, dragging him round to kneel down beside her. She gave Eddy another blowjob at the same time as she fucked Carl. And she still slapped the men's hands if they moved to caress her.

Sensing that Carl was about to come, Sue changed position again. She knelt on her hands and knees and told Eddy to enter her in the doggy position. Carl was still lying down and she took his cock in her mouth - or as much of it as she could. She at last let the men grope her and, with Eddy banging away at the rear and the men fondling her breasts and clitoris she soon had her first noisy orgasm.

Eddy finally shot his load into Sue. He groaned loudly, grasping her hips and writhing and bucking as though trying to force every last bit of his cock into her. When he had withdrawn Sue straddled Carl once more, and once more fed his cock into her cunt. As she first pushed down I could see Eddy's spunk running down from her vagina onto Carl's tool; this lubrication made it easier for her to take Carl this second time. Carl watched Sue's large, firm breasts jigging up and down for a while before grasping them and holding them in a vice like grip with his huge hands. Sitting on Carl's cock, Sue controlled the tempo of their thrusting until she brought them both to a screaming, groaning climax.

I was fascinated by the way Sue was in total sexual control of these two black giants. From the way they had talked on the phone I thought they would not last long on their first fuck; but she had managed to keep them going for nearly an hour, stopping and changing her actions whenever one of them was on the verge of a climax.

After the men had both fucked Sue, the three of them lay around talking. They made no attempt to dress and the two men were continually fondling Sue's body. The evening had turned into a beautiful balmy summer's night, with a full moon so bright you would have thought it was daytime. Although it was early I realised my presence was superfluous, so I left the three of them groping each other on the grass, and went up to bed to give myself much needed hand relief.

As it was so warm I kept the windows open and the curtains drawn. The spare bedroom overlooks the lawn and Sue and her black lovers were directly below me; I drifted off to sleep to the sound of their talking. Some time later I woke with a start, thinking that I had heard a loud, prolonged scream. I realised that the talking had ceased and assumed that the sound I heard had been the sliding patio doors closing as Sue and her men moved indoors. I listened for a few minutes to see if I could find out where they were, then the sounds of a woman moaning softly told me they were still outside.

It was so bright that I could see everything as I looked out of my window, and they were coupling right below me on the lawn. To my astonishment it looked as though the men had double penetrated Sue. I could not believe what I was seeing and I went back outside to check. It was as I had thought, Sue was lying on her side with Carl facing her, his cock in her cunt, and Eddy behind her with his cock in her anus. The two men had their arms around each other, and Sue was sandwiched between them very tightly, her large breasts squashed flat against Carl's chest with her upper leg wrapped around his bum.

The three of them seemed to find any sort of action difficult, and could not build up a continuous rhythm. The two men would start off together, thrusting in and out of Sue, but after a few minutes they would get out of phase and, for all their thrusting, neither man would be moving his cock in or out. But whatever they did produced moans of pleasure from Sue as well as the occasional cry of pain.

I sat watching them for a long time before they got their act together. When they did finally build up a sustained rhythm, Sue quickly had an orgasm, which seemed to go on for ages, lasting until the two men shot their seed into her together. I immediately went back upstairs. Just as I lay on the bed I heard raised laughing voices followed by a loud squeal and then an even louder splash. I jumped up to the window and saw that the men had dumped Sue in the paddling pool. When I drifted off to sleep they were still playing around outside, but Sue told me that they eventually ended up in bed. The two men left for their train before I got up.

What made this visit so memorable was the double penetration of Sue. I hadn't realised that she would accept anal sex (I have done with her since myself, and watched in close up as both men have performed double penetration on her indoors). I also found out that I had been woken by Sue screaming in the garden. Before they made love again the two men described what they wanted to do to her. When Sue agreed they suggested she go indoors and get some KY Jelly, but even the use of this did not prevent Sue feeling great pain when Eddy first penetrated her and pushed fully home.

Before Carl and Eddy had arrived in England, they had used contact magazines to arrange dozens of sexual encounters. In some of these they had acted together in a threesome with a girl, so I knew why they worked so well together on Sue. They said that they had often tried anal sex in those days. Some girls hated it, some loved it. Sue agrees that, when she is in the right mood, it can give her intense pleasure.

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