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I met my wife Sue when I started a new job in the English countryside, many miles from my city home. She is 5' 7" tall, and very pretty, with a beautiful slim figure, long shapely legs and magnificent D cup breasts. But her most arresting feature is her colour, she is an albino. Her long hair is pure white, her skin is white with a pinkish tinge and her eyes are very pale blue, the dominant colour with human albinos. The overall effect is stunning.

Like most of the men in the office I fell for Sue, but like them I got nowhere with her, she was known as the ice-maiden. At that time she was happily married, with a young son. Then her husband left her for another woman. Sue was devastated and went through a bad time. She worked for me during that period, and we became very close. In 1992, shortly after her divorce came through we were married; Sue was then 22, and I was 8 years older.

After we were married I became aware that, although she had only had sex with her ex and myself, Sue was very adventurous. About 18 months ago she spent some time away on company business. When she returned she showed me copies of soft porn magazine she found in her hotel bedroom. She was fascinated by the letters, especially the ones on wife watching, but did not believe that any of them were true. I told her that it was my favourite fantasy, and she said that was fine, as long as it remained a fantasy.

But over the next few weeks Sue kept returning to the subject, so eventually I asked her to take a lover to please me. Her first reaction was horrified refusal, but I could see she was interested so I kept on pleading with her and eventually, and much to my surprise, she agreed. Before she had chance to change her mind I got her to help chose a partner. We agreed that, to avoid complications, he could not be a stranger, or a colleague from work, or a local neighbour. This seemed to rule out just about everyone, but I managed to come up with some names.

I was still a member of a large sports club in the city where I had formerly lived. I had two close friends at this club, Carl and Eddy. They were black Americans, both ex college basketball players, and they were enormous. Carl was 6' 11" tall, and Eddy 6' 8". They were also very well endowed, Carl's erect penis being over 10" long. I knew that the men had been promiscuous at College in the States, and had used contact magazines to set up dozens of meetings, so they were very experienced. But they had since settled down in long term relationships. However a few months before, both their partners (two sisters) had returned to the States, and the men were now so paranoid about AIDS that they had not had proper sex since.

Sue agreed that I could ask one of them down and, if she liked him, she might accept him as her lover - I did not tell her how big they were, or how well endowed, or that they were black. We decided on the following Friday, a bank holiday weekend, as the best day as her young son would be staying with his father.

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I first asked Carl, but he was going abroad on a short holiday that weekend; Eddy readily agreed to my request. Then later in the week Carl phoned to say he had cancelled his holiday and would come down after all. When I told Sue her first reaction was to call the whole thing off and I realised that, although she had initially been keen she was now having serious doubts. But I asked her to let hem both come, telling her it would complete my favourite fantasy, and after much cajoling she reluctantly agreed.

On that fine Friday evening we walked to our local village to meet the local train. Sue wore a tight white sweatshirt that clung to her magnificent breasts, a short black mini-skirt, black stay-up stockings and high-heel shoes. With her long hair flowing free she looked stunning. She was also highly nervous. We met the Manchester train and Sue looked on in open-mouthed astonishment as I introduced the men to her. I thought that she was angry at my subterfuge, and about to storm off, but she joined us as we walked to the local pub where we sat talking and drinking for an hour.

At the start Sue joined animatedly in the conversation, but then got quieter and quieter. By the end she hadn't spoken for some time, and when I asked the men back for coffee she said nothing to indicate approval or disapproval. And when we got home she sat on the settee next to me, leaving the two lads to sit on armchairs, not a good start. At this time the atmosphere was very strained and difficult. I did not know what Sue intended as she had not spoken for some time, and she was visibly nervous. I put some music on and poured drinks for everyone, but it made no difference. Then, when Sue left the room for a few minutes, Eddy suggested that I take a walk when she returned, and I did so.

I took a long walk and when I returned Eddy had joined Sue on the settee. They had an arm around each other and were kissing. I sat down in a daze, my knees were shaking and my mouth was dry. I had thought about this moment so often, and it looked as if it was about to come true. As I sat down Carl moved over to the settee and sat down beside Sue. She turned to him and kissed him, and for the next few minutes my wife sat between the two black giants exchanging kisses with them.

Eddy grabbed Sue roughly and they started kissing passionately. He began rubbing the front of her sweatshirt. Sue made no objection and the lads, working together, soon slipped the sweatshirt over her head. Sue leant forward to give them access to her bra hook, and they quickly removed her bra, leaving her naked from the waist up. The lads stared at her magnificent breasts for a long while, it was obvious they were fascinated by them and her large but colourless nipples (her aureole and nipples are the same colour as the rest of her body). They took one breast each in hand, and played with it, stroking and massaging it and squeezing the nipples with their long fingers. Eventually both men bent down, took one of her nipples in their mouths and sucked on it.

As they sucked at her, Sue closed her eyes, put a hand on each of their heads and pulled them more closely onto her. I sat there in a dream, I could not believe that my wife was letting my two friends play with her. Soon the two lads worked together again to undo the buttons down the front of Sue's miniskirt, leaving her only in her knickers, stockings and shoes. Her knickers did not last long and Sue raised her bum off the settee as Carl slipped them down onto the floor.

The two men now stripped themselves naked as they sat next to Sue. I found the sight of my very white wife sitting, dwarfed, between these two black giants, extremely erotic. Sue saw Carl's enormous cock for the first time, and she gazed at with a stunned expression before reaching out and taking it gingerly in her hand. She also took hold of Eddy's penis and wanked them both.

The lads each took hold of one of Sue's legs and spread them wide apart. They both put a hand between her legs; Sue closed her eyes, buried her face in Carl's shoulder and moaned as they played with her white pubic hair and clitoris, each man inserting a long finger in her cunt. And for a long while the two men sat playing with my wife, fingering her and sucking at her breasts.

Eddy next knelt on the floor and pulled Sue forward until her bum was on the edge of the settee, and then he buried his face in her pussy. Sue leant back against Carl, who pulled her arms back over his head, and kissed her, playing with her breasts at the same time. From the sounds he made Eddy was sucking vigorously at Sue's clitoris and cunt hole, she loved this treatment. She was soon on the verge of a climax, and her legs started flailing around. Her high heels caught Eddy painfully on his back and he jumped up. He resumed his seat beside Sue, and re-joined Carl in kissing her and playing with her.

As she again approached orgasm, Carl pushed Sue fully down on the settee, and then Eddy held her legs wide apart as Carl lowered his long body between them. He put the tip of his huge cock against the outside of her cunt and moved it in circles around her hole. Finally he pushed the tip into her. He went in a few inches and as he did so Sue opened her eyes wide and lay staring up at his face. He moved his cock in circles for a few minutes, then pushed another inch or so into Sue. He again moved it in circles before repeating the process, and all the while Sue stared silently into his face, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

It took a long time before Carl pushed the last inch of his cock into Sue's cunt. He lay still for a few minutes, then started thrusting in and out. He began slowly at first but built up the speed and depth of penetration and soon Sue was squealing and moaning and clawing at Carl's back. Her legs thrashed about again, and her high heels caught Carl on his thighs. He immediately withdrew from her, and, with Eddy's help, removed her stockings and shoes.

Instead of resuming the missionary position, Carl lay Sue on her side along the edge of the settee, facing outwards. He then lay behind her, raised her upper leg and entered her from the rear. Eddy knelt down by Sue's face and fed his cock into her mouth. She sucked him for a short while before he moved down her body and kissed and sucked her clitoris. At this stage Carl took Sue's ear in his mouth and tongued it, this drove her wild, and with Carl tonguing her and hammering into her from the rear, and Eddy playing with her clitoris, she had her first orgasm, screaming and squealing as she did so.

I had intended only to watch the action, but when Sue had her orgasm I went and knelt by her. She grabbed me and we exchanged sloppy wet kisses. I took her rock-hard nipples between my fingers and played with them but I was pushed roughly aside as Carl's huge hand grabbed her breasts and squeezed them roughly. Sue started moaning again, so I resumed my seat and opened another bottle of beer.

As Carl continued humping Sue, she was continually slipping off the settee, so he withdrew from her and the two men lifted her down onto the floor. The three of them sat for a while with the men groping Sue, then Carl pushed her onto her back and re-entered her in the missionary position. He soon had her squealing again as he built up a vigorous fucking rhythm, and she wrapped her long legs around his body and used her fists to pummel his bum, urging him to fuck her faster. At last, forty minutes after first entering her, Carl shot his sperm into my wife, bringing them both to a screaming, grunting climax. He was replaced by Eddy, who hoisted Sue's legs over his shoulders before entering her. He too lasted a long time before he shot his load into her.

It was now past midnight and, befuddled by all the drink, I staggered up to the spare bedroom, leaving the three of them entwined on the floor. They soon followed me up the stairs and into the main bedroom. I had a poor night's sleep, being continually awoken by the sounds of grunting and groaning, squealing and moaning coming from the next room. But the most disturbing sound was the bedsprings. When I heard that distinctive rhythmic creaking I knew that one of the men was shafting my wife. And with such big men the springs creaked very loudly indeed.

Eventually I drifted off into a deep sleep, to be woken by Sue with a cup of tea; the lads had already left to get their train. The first thing I noticed about Sue was that her breasts were black and blue from lovebites. The soft skin around her inner thighs and pubic hair suffered from the same effect, and she had a carpet burn from where she had made love on the carpet.

It seems that the men made love to Sue as soon as they got into bed, then they all drifted off to sleep. Eddy awoke some time later, and took her again. This woke Carl, and he joined in, and it was in this session that she received most of her lovebites. This was repeated again just before dawn, but this time when Eddy had come inside her he went back to sleep. Carl fucked her then, instead of withdrawing he left his cock inside her. Sue felt his cock go limp, then harden again as he gently stroked and fondled her before taking her whilst his friend slept. They made love again when they woke up the last time, then the lads left to get their train.

That night was one of the most exciting of my life as my three greatest fantasies came true in one go; to see my wife being fucked, to see her with more than one man, and to see her with a black man. And it has been repeated many times since, as this was the first of many visits by the two men. They are now firmly established as Sue's regular lovers.

sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.

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sex stories sex stories and more sex stories.