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Feast of Sarah ... by Dade

I was shaking when I made the final decision half because I was excited and half because I was nervous as to if my decision was correct. My wife, Sarah, was a tall(standing at 5'7"), beautiful, sexy woman of 26 when we were married. She had a perfect set of tits that would move rythmically with her perfect round ass when she walked with her conservative and quick steps. Though she was dumb and poor(that was one thing I liked in her, for I liked helpless girls), she looked innocent and well-bred. Her innocent looking pale blue eyes were her highlights. Her first husband was a drunkard. He had been torture itself. He was a car driver and died in an unfortunate(fortunate for me, rather) car accident. We were married two years before and had led a regular sex life for the first year. When I married her my wife was a widow with a 5 year old son.

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However, I had a very active sex life and could not be satisfied with the regular sex with my wife(though we had had all forms of sex between us). Not to say that my wife was unsexual because she complies with anything I say (remember I married her when she was helpless), but I was always unsatifactory though I never showed it to her. Every day I was growing more and more restless and had to divert my attention every time I drift to thinking, how to make my sex life more exciting, because I usually landed up with ideas in my dreams of see my wife as a slut. That day, I knew that that day would come sooner or later, I took the decision and I wanted my wife to know nothing of it. I looked at the watch and it was 4pm. It was a saturday. I quickly called my friends, John, Tim, Bill and Pad(I haven't given full name for the fear of disclosing their identity). I told them that they had an exciting evening to look forward and arranged to meet me in my house for dinner. That evening I cunningly selected a sexy outfit for my wife. A black one, which exposed her tits a little at the top and her sexy legs till the knees. She was not at all suspicious, because I was always used to pick up an `irrelevant' dress for her. I was excited as hell and my hands were shaking. My friends turned up at around 7pm and was not at all suprised to see my wife in that dress because they have seen her in all sorts of fancy dresses before. They sat in the sofa in the hall and I called my wife for drinks to be served. She came out and bent down to place the plates on the table before us. I saw through my corner that Bill was trying hard to take a look at her tits. He saw me looking and felt embarrased. I just winked at him. She handed us our glasses and there were more jealously looks from others. She went inside.

I had them promise absolute secrecy and I told them completely about my plans for that night. After I finished they opened their mouth to say the same thing "Are you serious?""Surely you are playing a trick, aren't you?". I assured them that I was as serious as I had never been in my life. Then I started over again and gave them inner details of the `operation' that night. All the time took care to see that my wife was outside earshot. When she came in again to announce the dinner, I could see the gleamy eyes of my friends as she walked back into the dining hall. I announced that the play starts that very moment.

We all chatted cheerfully, always making my wife laugh and seeing her tits vibrate with energy. After the dinner was over, I went over to the main hall, and was getting ready to put on a movie that I had brougth in that evening. It was a kind of film that I and my (we had watched much better films) or I and my friends can watch together, but never both at once. My wife entered the hall and sat between me and Bill. John was disappointed at that for he was on my other side. I gave a wink to my friends, switched off the lights and started the movie. When it was half into it, my wife was feeling uneasy, probably because my friends were there. With all the excitement of the evening I was getting hard. I put my arms around my wife and started caressing her tits. She instinctively looked at me, gave me a stare with those beautiful eyes and looked around to see if anybody was watching. Nobody was, since they knew this was happening at that time. Nevertheless, she didn't stop me. I pulled out her right tit and my other hand was getting her legs. This time she turned but she looked horrified. Then I knew the moment has come. I gave a low whistle for which she was bewildered. But she had not much to wait to clear her confusion, for there were all four of them staring down at her with my right hand on her exposed right tit and my left hand caressing her sexy legs. If she had not been dumb she would have screamed to death. Bill, initiated to replace my hands when I took charge of her left tit. I think she was too horrified to make a struggle. That made our job easy. We carried her into the master bedroom and places her on the center of the bed. It was then she started to struggle. Nonetheless we were prepared for that. While Bill and Pad held her (I had instructed them not to start yet), we three got out of our dress. She was silently crying tears rolling down her cheeks. I was in no position to drop the `operation'. Then we took turns and they undressed. It only remained for me to render my wife nude and present her to my guests. While Tim and John held her this time, I got down to remove her dress. Though she could not speak, I wanted to see her gaged. I rolled her dress and stuffed it into her mouth. When trying to do so, I must have tore a tissue as she started bleeding. Though I didn't mean to hurt her, it added to the effect.

When she was completely nude, I asked her captors to turn her around. For a moment all were speechless to see her perfect ass. Then each inturn patted her butt which tensed on touch. I pulled her hair aside(rather forcefully) to give a better view. We turned her around to take a closer look at the front. Then I gave the signal, another low whistle, and then all at once pounced on her like hungry beasts. Bill took to licking her cunt, John and Pat were at her tits, squeezing it, licking it, sucking it, nibbling it, extracting the maximum out of her. Bill shoved his tongue deep into her cunt and was milking her love juices. Tim having nothing to do looked at her face and looked at me. I gave a faint smile and I had it in my mind to see her serve five hard guys at once. I took her gag out and shoved Tim's cock into her mouth.

I said to her "Suck it!!!suck It!!! Suck it with all your might!". There was a drastic unexpected change at my command. She stopped her struggle!! At first, she choked a little, but then realising that she can do nothing took it without complain, I believe.

"You dirty little SLUT!!! You always dreamt of this, didn't you?" She looked into my eyes and nodded. I was suprised.

She started to suck Tim's cock, blood and precum running down her cheeks and Bill took his position to give her a hard fuck. His cock almost 8" long and 2" in thickness. I was for a moment hesistant to let him for the fear of hurting her. But then decided that it would be fun. I instructed my wife to take John's and Pad's cock in her hands and give them a blowjob. She found difficulty in finding them but they was `obliged' to adjust a little to give her the access.

Simultaneously I turned her to her side and took a quick look at her ass. I couldn't wait but shove my dick into her lovely ass. I licked it once or twice to make sure it was damp. It was of no avial, since my mouth was dry. But my penis had the lubricant. I carelessly shoved my dick into her ass and she jerked to my force and there was a far-fetched scream from her mouth mubbled by Tim's penis. I was driving hard at her and Bill, in turn caught up with me and we fucked both her sides in rythm. She was doing a good job at the her hand and I could see that both were climbing their heights. Then Pad quickly stopped her hand and took his dick to her tits to tit-fuck her. The thought of my wife being humiliated must have turned me off for I shuddered while I was caught in one of the best orgasms in my life. I injected shot after shot of cum inside her ass and it was leaking through her side. Then I saw that same happen to the other three. Tim unloaded himself in her mouth. Bill in her pussy and John and Pad on her breasts. I this chaos, I noticed late that my wife's body was also shuddering and giving orgasm after orgasm of pure ectasy. After that we all fell back into the bed and I looked at all of them and my cum covered body wife. I asked her clean everybody's penis with her `dirty' mouth. She quickly complied and started with John. She licked every drop of cum on his penis and went to Tim, Bill, Pad and then to me.

"Beg for my penis!! You slut!!! Lick my legs and work your way up to my penis."

She did so and licked my penis clean and fell back into the bed.

It was not over. It has just started.

I saw all our dicks were getting to harden again. I never even thought of giving my wife a rest. We again pounced on her. But this time Pad and John at her cunt and Tim at her ass. I and Bill took complete charge of her tits and mouth. By now the blood had clotted and there was a trace of dried blood on her cheek. She voluntarily took our penes and started caressing. But my wife didn't have much for it for Bill went for her mouth and I fucked her tits, having no other hole in her to fill. But I just happened get an idea. How exciting it would be for all the five of us to fuck the wife's ass and cunt at once. Already both Pad and John were fucking her cunt and Tim her ass. So I told my idea to Bill and he quickly chose my wife's ass and I, her cunt. There was difficulty accomodating all five of us, not in her holes (at least not that I cared), but in getting our place to shove it inside. Bill had little diffuclty going in for Tim was lean. John and Pad were almost one above the other to get better access to her cunt. I was about to join them getting some sapce in the middle when I caught something. I ran into my room took my camera with the stand. I fixed the camera focused on the wife and set the timer at 20 secs intervals for 32 photos. That would give us as much as 6 mins for us to complete the job. I set the timer start after 5 mins. I got back to the bed and replaced her gag and tied her hands behind.

"My dear slut wife!!! Wouldn't you smile at the camera for our pictures?"

But she couldn't. She only had a painful face. And for the pain I cared little, because I understood by then that she was enjoying this. By then I heard a click and I knew the timer has started.

I went to the bed and found the gap and shove my penis in when the second click went. On my entrace I could see a concorted look on her face which told me of the pain my wife was undergoing. Jesus!!! I was the utmost delight I could get from having my wife undergo such pain as a result of three of us, of which two were my friends and I was one, to fuck her cunt at once and two other of my friends to fuck her ass together and me capturing the scene on the camera. As the thought flowed through my head, I don't know how many minutes passed (but it was definitely less than six mins for I heard a click) , my wife's hand behind her back was grasping the bed sheet. I believe it must have been one of us who had started the orgasm and that had traveled like wave to all of us for all of us together underwent a giant orgasm and I heard a click. It never clicked again as if it knew it was over. When our orgasm subsided we all fell back into the bed and threw ourselves upside down giving her the job of licking us clean and giving ourselves the task of cleaning my wife's cunt, ass and body all at once. When we had milked every of essence from her cunt, she showed her to the bathroom to clean herself up. We all at once look at each other. We all knew what it was. We all had the urge to piss My God!!! Where I got that idea I don't know, but I got it and had every mind to do it just because I got that idea. I went to bathroom my wife had entered and tried the door. To our surprise, it was open and we entered the bathroom. She had just taken a mug of water and the looks on our faces told her the worse. I asked her to sit down and we all took positions above her head and pissed on her. And she, the very wife I loved, was there receiving each drop of our piss. She choked and coughed but dared not get up.

"Fucking Slut!!!Why don't you drink some of it?"

To everyone surprise, she opened her mouth and took a few drops inside and then started drinking the mixture of our urine and she went to the extent of scrubbing herself when we slowed down and eventually stopped. It was the first time in life that I wished there was more urine in my bladders. She quickly took a bath and we were there to help her. We waited for the smell of urine to go and then Tim took the soap and started rubbing it all over my wife's body. Then we all joined him and first every crevice in her with soap and wash her off. She looked at each one of us helplessly. I understood her look and knew that this would continue for at least some more years.

We all got into our dresses and my wife came out nude and went to take a new dress for the old one was soaked with our juices. I just shot a look at her and she understood the meaning. She came into the hall and we all being tired, she served us some breakfast(it was 4am) in the complete beauty of nudity. When she served us our breakfast we tickled her tits and laughed call her slut all the time. She was not annoyed but on the other hand she seemed pleased with that.

When she came near to give me a slice of bread, I dove my finger into her cunt that was already dripping smeared it across my bread and gobbled it down. Then her juice became the butter for all our slices. She smiled took a few slices and started to work on our dicks for her breakfast. When at last the breakfast was over we went into the bedroom again to start the game again for it was sunday and it was a holiday for us.

The end for now.

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